Author Topic: Adventist Health Forms Joint Operations with Roman Hospital System  (Read 4748 times)

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 It has just been announced that Adventist Health  has formed a joint operating agreement with St. Joseph in which its operations in the counties of Humboldt, Mendocino, Sonoma, Lake, Napa and Solano in Northern California will be involved. This includes St. Helena Hospital (Sanitarium). This is very sad indeed. We wonder why the hospitals do not walk in the light we have been given. They reject it.
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Re: Adventist Health Forms Joint Operations with Roman Hospital System
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This is indeed so sad. But it is not a surprise. We know that in many ways those of us who seek different ways to run our Church, different from the way we have been led, will also clasp hands across the gulf with the rest of the churches, and unite with piece at a time.
The rest of us must keep strong in our belief of everything that the Bible teaches and will always teach....for it, like God, does not change. Neither is the "Way" we understand it, how we intreprete Scriptures.... it does not change. But many of us have changed, thinking that the Culture has changed, therefore the Church must also change in order to keep up with the times.
The big thing we have been hearing and that the Mother Church (so to speak) has changed, and is not a against God's Way anymore and is more friendly than in the past. But this is all outward show to get the world on their platform. We are seeing this happen strongly today. But God's true people must remember that the prophecies will be true to its meaning all the way to Jesus coming. What we see and hear we can not believe for prophecy was given to protect us from the very changes we are seeing today.
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