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The World Church Responds to Unions in Rebellion
« on: August 19, 2015, 09:07:00 AM »
Many in the church have wondered what will be done to maintain order in God's church. With rebellion on the rise, if not met, it will continue to divide the church. Some have been greatly disappointed by what has appeared to be a lack of response. But, as we consider the 6,000 years of patient labor by our Savior, we ought not become impatient in regards to the present rebellion. Elder Wilson and the leaders of the World Church have been patient and have done a good work dealing with the rebellion. We have been given much evidence that God is in control. Each message Elder Wilson has delivered to the church has been centered in Christ and based upon His Word, not on tradition or culture. If one is predisposed to find error, he will find it, but who has not erred? The  church remains in a Laodicean condition, thus many have not only erred, but continue in sin. May God grant to His people an extra measure of His Spirit that we might reflect His character and bring an end to the sin and suffering in this world.

In His time, the General Conference has responded to the unions in rebellion and those who are contemplating joining it. The General Conference Secretariat presented a document to the church entitled "Unions and Ordination to the Gospel Ministry-----Comprehensive Working Policy Explanation". It answers the heresy being widely circulated in the church that unions have the ultimate authority in deciding who shall be ordained to the gospel ministry. It is true they have the authority to make that decision as long as it is  in harmony with their constitution and bylaws which  must be in harmony with the World Church  if they wish to remain in the world church.

The church structure is not a kingly structure, it is a representative democracy giving power to the church members to select their leaders. That power does not mean they may violate the laws their leaders legislate at the General Conference Sessions. If it were so, the church would not be able to walk together since there would be no  united foundation to stand upon. The World Church is not one man, nor one group of men. It is the whole church. If the church is not converted, then the leaders of the church will in most cases reflect the condition of the church members. If we have godly men in high places in the church today, it is the work of God.

We see God's leading in the statement prepared  by the GC Secretariat. There is an explanation of the limitation on the authority of unions when it comes to ordaining ministers in the church. Their decisions as to who to ordain must be in harmony with their  constitution and bylaws, and those must be in harmony  with the decisions made by the General Conference when in session. The statement has come in a timely manner, just as some unions are having to deal with the vote at San Antonio. We think of the executive committee meeting to take place today in the North Pacific Union where the subject of women's ordination is on the agenda. Other unions such as the Pacific Union which is in rebellion against the world church and their own bylaws has not yet acted on the need to undo what they have done. Also, the Netherlands Union that acted contrary to the vote of their own constituency must now undo their rebellious act as must others who have participated in the rebellion.

It is our prayer that the conferences who have caused this division within the church will cease their rebellion and come into line with Scripture and the sisterhood of churches to which they belong.
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