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Title: Standards and Operations
Post by: Richard Myers on March 05, 2000, 05:48:00 AM
Welcome to The Remnant Online (TRO) family!   :)

We desire to follow Biblical principle in all respects in the operation of this fellowship. We cannot command love for one another, but we pray for it. We ask that all who join our family consider the needs of others as we fellowship together. We seek a peaceful fellowship where there is no contention. We may (will) disagree, but let us do so in the Spirit of Jesus, in the Spirit of love. Let not one harsh word be uttered. Let not a judgment of the motive of one person be made.

When one errs, let us be loving and kind in dealing with him. Just as Jesus has dealt with each of our mistakes and sin. We do not ask that you compromise the truth, but that you be guided by the Spirit of our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ.

Below are some general rules which you should observe.

1. Please be polite when posting your messages. There will be new Christians joining with us. please be extra understanding and tolerant.

2.  When posting message subject titles, please be specific. Don't post vague message
titles. Others will be searching and reading many of these topics years later.

It is also common courtesy to reply when a question has been answered.

3. Please do not post promotional material or advertising, or anything unrelated to this board.

4. When posting an image, consider that it uses bandwidth and will slow the page loads. Please keep the image size small and the file size small. Please use images when they will provide some benefit to the membership. It will be greatly appreciated.


6. Please try to post your messages in the most appropriate forum.

7. Do not post the same message in multiple forums. The moderators may choose to do so if it appears to be important to do so.

8. Do not e-mail our membership with promotions or solicitations. The e-mail addresses when provided are not to be abused.

Again, welcome to our online family!

The Remnant Online

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Title: Standards and Operations
Post by: suresh on March 17, 2000, 07:24:00 PM
When I was visiting the Adventist Online forum, I came across a lot of criticism about the length of posts.  There were a few caustic remarks about some of us making very lengthy comments that ultimately serve no purpose and at the worst, keep people from coming in.  So in this new forum, I suggest we keep the posts brief, exactly to the point, and make them easy to read and understand.  If the message we want to post is too long, I suggest we split it into two or three posts.
I would like to see your opinions.


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Title: Standards and Operations
Post by: Richard Myers on March 18, 2000, 04:14:00 AM
Good morning and Happy Sabbath, and welcome, Dr. Suresh. We have established forum rules and are happy that you have an interest in them. We have guidelines for length of posts and have had a discussion on this subject some months ago.

We see no reason for very long posts, for chapters are for books, not for discussion forums. That is not to say we cannot make exceptions if need be. The nice thing about our fellowship forums is that there is never a reason to become rude or caustic, one only needs to scroll past the post if there is no substance or a lack of time.

There is a burden, but not on the members. It is upon the moderators who have to monitor the conversations. There is also a space consideration.

We pray there are no idle words and the Holy Spirit is leading in what is posted. We are very concerned that the content be Christ centered.

There is more we can discuss, but it would be good to leave it until after the Sabbath.

Welcome again, and we look forward to your participation here online!  :)

In His love and grace,    Richard

Title: Standards and Operations
Post by: Laurie Mosher on March 18, 2000, 04:56:00 AM
   Amen!~ Br. Richard and Dr Suresh!
     Keep "the" faith!
      Br. laurie    :)
Title: Standards and Operations
Post by: Dugald T Lewis MD on March 18, 2000, 07:18:00 PM
Dear Suresh,

I can reassure you that so far I have not detected any redundant or unnecessarily long posts here on this forum. We look forward to your input and you can be assured that post responses will demonstrate the fruits of the Spirit.



Title: Standards and Operations
Post by: LindaRS on March 25, 2000, 07:00:00 PM

I understand why the moderators forum is closed to all but the moderators, but I'm afraid I don't understand why the Education forum is also closed.  At least I have been unable to enter.  I get a screen telling me it is a private forum and of course it doesn't accept my password.  Just wondering.

Title: Standards and Operations
Post by: Richard Myers on March 25, 2000, 08:05:00 PM
Sister Linda, soon many of the forums will be private. We are converting them over slowly. According to the membership agreement, we need to screen members as to their affiliation with the Seventh-day Adventist Church.  If we have a personal phone number and local church address, we will allow members into the private forums.

The education forum is the first one because of the subject matter being discussed. There are some things that we are not to discuss in public. We have God's glory in mind.

An announcement will be made reminding members of the membership agreement requirement for phone numbers and church affiliation. There are considerations for some without current church membership. Sometimes the content of the membership agreement is read rather quickly and a few have overlooked the requirement of  being a Seventh-day Adventist.   :)

In His love and grace,   Richard

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Title: Standards and Operations
Post by: Joan Rügemer on September 07, 2000, 04:08:00 AM


 Since March there has been a steady flow of good christian respectful discourse in this place of Remnant Online. There is that holy fragrance of wanting to support and encourage one another. We are growing into unity and loving one another. I thank the Lord that no predominate thorn in the flesh is hurting anyone here.


Title: Standards and Operations
Post by: Leaves of Autumn on August 17, 2001, 01:07:00 AM
Hello Brethren

It's nice to find a moderated Forum such as this.

Just a thought - Many people are not so good with how to use such a place. It might be helpful to email not only the password to a new user, but also how to post a comment/reply.

May God bless you all, and protect this Forum.

Title: Standards and Operations
Post by: Joan on August 17, 2001, 10:17:00 AM

Hi Brother  :)

Now that is a good solution. I could go along with that. Sending the new member in one email three items :

* their new password
* a list of TRO's forum etiquette
* tips on ins and outs of fora usage

from the Joan
(who really likes the time of Autumn leaves)

Title: Standards and Operations
Post by: Richard Myers on August 17, 2001, 11:48:00 AM
That is an excellent suggestion. I will see if we can find some way to accomplish it. In the mean time; to make a post (reply) to a message, simply click  on the "post reply" icon at the top or bottom of the page. To begin a new subject, simply click on the "post new topic" icon.

One of the reasons we selected this software is because it is user friendly. I wish it were administrator friendly also.  :)  It does lack some of the more needed features on the back end. The password email is automatic and there is no provision to add information. But, I will work on it. I could go on and on about the difficulties, but suffice it to say not all simple things are simple.  :)

Welcome to the forum, Leaves of Autumn.  If you are connected to the mail order business, an extra welcome since I got quite of few of my most precious books from Leaves of Autumn. (Spirit of Prophecy).

We ask that our members use personal names, at least a first name. Please re-register and if you will email via the "contact us" at the bottom of the page,  a church affiliation and a phone number, we will get you into the SDA private forums.

We look forward to seeing you active in our fellowship!


Title: Standards and Operations
Post by: Richard Myers on February 19, 2007, 10:41:00 PM