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Title: Personal Testimonies
Post by: Richard Myers on January 08, 2000, 11:35:00 AM
 The Signs of the Times 6-25-96
To Save Men's Lives

"The disciples of Christ, as Jews, had been educated to hate the Samaritans, and this was a lesson that would be of great benefit to them in their future experience. Jesus would have them understand that there were
many precious souls among the Samaritans who would not refuse to come to the Gospel feast. This Samaritan that had returned to give praise to God was no mean citizen, and he would prove an effective witness for Christ. After the resurrection and ascension of Christ, he would bear decided witness that
Christ was the Son of God. He would repeat the story of his restoration, and with a heart full of intense love and interest, he would say to those with whom he came in contact, "Will you believe in Jesus?" It was testimonies of this kind that turned men from the established teachings and endless
repetitions and worthless traditions of the scribes and Pharisees. Unlearned men testified to the power of Christ, and spoke boldly of the grace of God, and their glowing testimonies were placed in sharp contrast to the heartless, exacting ritual of the Pharisees. And the people were constrained to say that these men had been with Jesus, and had learned of him."

Our testimonies of how God has blessed us will encourage others to believe in Jesus Christ and His Word.


Title: Personal Testimonies
Post by: Avalee Lohman on January 09, 2000, 06:11:00 AM
The Lord has blessed me in so many ways. This past week has not been one of my better weeks. I let myself start feeling sorry for myself when three different incidents brought some very painful memories to my mind. Instead of praying and thanking God for seeing me through these times I dropped down into a condition of "giving up hope" for a "certain hope" I have always had. Never had I felt this bad. I was able to go to work and function but when I came home I just went to bed. Sabbath the sermon was on what do you think? "The Power of Hope". I praise the Lord for His wonderful love to me. I do not deserve it but God has always been there for me.
Title: Personal Testimonies
Post by: Richard Myers on January 09, 2000, 06:31:00 PM
Sister Avalee, welcome and thank you for sharing. God is good!  Let me encourage you with a testimony. A number of years ago I found myself in a very painful situation involving my young children. I would go to bed and trusting in the Lord I would go to sleep then awaken early with my mind racing as to what God would have me do for the day.

One night, I had no peace. I could not go to sleep. I knew it was wrong. I knew I should trust in the Lord and get my sleep. I knelt down beside my bed and prayed for faith to believe. My mind was directed to my Desire of Ages on the night stand. I opened the book to the chapter entitled Let Not Your Heart be Troubled. This is what I read. "'My Father is the husbandman. Every branch in Me that beareth not fruit He taketh away.' While the graft is outwardly united with the vine, there may be no vital connection. Then there will be no growth or fruitfulness. So there may be an apparent connection with Christ without a real union with Him by faith. A profession of religion places men in the church, but the character and conduct show whether they are in connection with Christ. If they bear no fruit, they are false branches. Their separation from Christ involves a ruin as complete as that represented by the dead branch. 'If a man abide not in Me,' said Christ, 'he is cast forth as a branch, and is withered; and men gather them, and cast them into the fire, and they are burned.'

'And every branch that beareth fruit, He purgeth pruneth it, that it may bring forth more fruit.' From the chosen twelve who had followed Jesus, one as a withered branch was about to be taken away; the rest were to pass under the pruning knife of bitter trial. Jesus with solemn tenderness explained the purpose of the husbandman. The pruning will cause pain, but it is the Father who applies the knife. He works with no wanton hand or indifferent heart. There are branches trailing upon the ground; these must be cut loose from the earthly supports to which their tendrils are fastening. They are to reach heavenward, and find their support in God. The excessive foliage that draws away the life current from the fruit must be pruned off. The overgrowth must be cut out, to give room for the healing beams of the Sun of Righteousness. The husbandman prunes away the harmful growth, that the fruit may be richer and more abundant."

His peace came upon me and I went to sleep trusting in my Saviour. May He strengthen you daily as you look to Him for grace in your time of need. Let us press together and He will add to our number. :)

In His love and grace, Richard

Title: Personal Testimonies
Post by: Allan F on January 14, 2000, 01:49:00 AM
Hello to all!
I just want to share a testimony and a song with you. For the last year, it has not been so easy for me. And for a period, I was quite "out of function" because of health problems. But during this period I experienced what a privilege it is to trust, and have faith in God. He comforts us in so many, different ways. During the worst period, I remember that very often a special song came to my mind. And this song helped me to keep focus on Jesus. "There is sunlight on the hilltop" was among several of Ellen White's favorite hymns. And in the introduction to this song there is a quotation from the Ministry of Healing: "Song is a weapon that we can always use against discouragement. As we thus open the heart to the sunlight of the Saviour's presence, we shall have health and his blessing" (p.254).
In the same introduction there is another quotation, which really opened my eyes and helped me to see the things in the right perspective: "On one occasion she (E.White) saw her granddaughter Ella looking quite downcast, she said to her: "Ella May, if you could think of a person who apparently had nothing to be thankful for - no friends, no money, perhaps was suffering from an incurable disease, and owned nothing of any material value in the world - yet the plan of salvation and the promise of a glorious future, aren't they sufficient to keep that person singing from morning 'til night?""

There is sunlight on the hilltop, there is sunlight on the sea;
And the golden beams are sleeping, on the soft and verdant lea;
But a richer light is filling all the chambers of my heart;
For thou dwellest there my Saviour, and 'tis sunlight where Thou art.

O the sunlight! beautiful sunlight! O the sunlight in the heart!
Jesus smile can banish sadness, it is sunlight in the heart.

Happy Sabbath!

Title: Personal Testimonies
Post by: charlene on January 14, 2000, 04:29:00 PM
Happy Sabbath,
Happy to see you here Avalee. God Bless.
Allen, thank you for the words and song.
Richard, thank you for this forum.

I think if we started writing all the blessings that our Saviour has given us, we would fill all the pages available. I don't even know where to start.  I think having a Christian husband is somewhere near the top of my list. He is a spiritual miracle,and a health miracle.  We both talk often how the Lord has many times preserved us through our years of ignorance. God is so good.

I have read recently how Praise to God Looses the Holy Spirit to work in our lives. Let us praise! Praise! and Praise our God. We have unending Blessings.  And He is coming soon.

God Bless,

Title: Personal Testimonies
Post by: charlene on January 19, 2000, 07:43:00 AM
This is not my testimony, but a story about my grandson. I have asked for prayer on his behalf as he completes his education and joins the ministy.  I believe he has been called to this work and this is why.

Ryan was born into a SDA home, his over active and high energy level pushed him to attain everything he tried to do. He excelled especially in sports af any kind but he became focused on golf in his high school years. He was so encouraged by pros and friends that he could have a great money making career, that his concentration became golf, golf, golf. The family could see a wandering away from spiritual things in his life and worldly tendencies taking their place. A visit west for me was painful when i sat and talked to him and found a proud, self centered, money mad youth. my prayer went up to God to 'do whatever was necesary to get his attention, bring him back to earth, and into the fold again'. Our whole family was praying the same thing,  'save our Ryan, Lord'. He enrolled in college, with golf his major. Most tournaments are on weekends, including sabbaths.

I returned home after my wonderful visit, with a heavy heart concerning my grandson. About three or four days later, the phone rang and a friend told me he had bad news..Ryan was okay but he had fallen in a basket ball game and had broken both wrists!!
One wrist needed surgery the next day. What mixed feelings I had.  Sorry for the accident and pain it surely was causing, and praise to the Lord for this happening, for I felt is was an answer to prayer and was wondering what God had planned for him now that He had slowed him down. I was sure that if anything else would have been broken...Ryan would have made an effort to play anyway, but with two broken wrists...?

When He returned from the Hospital to the family cabin by the lake, he was hand tied and needed help with everything. His childhood friend came to spend the summer with him and help him as long as he needed help.  Mom and Dad were ready to help but Ryan was a man of his own.

It is boreing to have no hands to do what you have always done. Sitting and doing nothing was not an option. 'I've been studying the bible,' his roomate said, 'would you like to study with me?'    'That would be better then doing nothing,'  Ryan agreed. so they started. His friend was not an SDA and had been studying with JWs. As they got into some theology that Ryan did not recognize..he became very eager to find the truth of the matter.  He called his granpa and grandma near by and asked for information.  The grandparents invited the boys over to listen to some tapes [Kenneth Cox] and assured them they would find the answers. Well they couldn't get enough, sometimes watching 5 hours at a time and sometimes tired and falling asleep while watching, but over and over they went to watch tapes. Changes were taking place in my grandson,s heart. conviction and conversion were happening and when the casts were removed, and life became normal, a young man was standing, just as determined to follow a humble, poor Christ as he was to become a millionaire in the world.

He enroled at PUC, his goal Dr. of divinity. His junior year he was volunteer assistant pastor in a little town near PUC. His senior year he became a paid assistant to the pastor. After graduation, He married the pastors daughter where he had assisted and they were given a church where he pastored for two years.  With that behind him he is now to finish his education for his higher degree at Andrews University, then to be sent/called to a permenant location to really start his ministy. He has one and a Half years to go. I have some sermon tapes and as his grandma...I think he will save the world. Ha!Ha!  Well, he will help. okay?

I've told this story at prayer meeting and When folks tell of discouragement over children and grandchildren, it is so comforting to know that God cares so much about our families that he will even 'break wrists' to get them to listen. God does answer prayer. God does change lives.

I hope this is not too long Richard...I made it as short as I could. God I good.

In His Name

Title: Personal Testimonies
Post by: Richard Myers on January 19, 2000, 09:04:00 AM
Our people don't need a sermon every Sabbath. A short sermon now then is good, but what they need is testimonies of how God is working in their lives.  

Thank you, Sister Charlene, for sharing. We not only are encouraged by God's faithfulness, but we now know better who it is we are praying for.

As for the length of our posts, let the Lord lead.  I don't have any fixed ideas. If someone doesn't want to read a whole post, they may ignore it. Why should the rest of us be denied the blessing?

We will have a file area where we can post long items, but not testimonies of the nature you have shared. These are the food that helps us make it through the day. Let us continue to point each other to Jesus as the author and finisher of our faith.

Dear heavenly Father, please put a hedge about Elder Ryan and protect him from the error that abounds. Make him a light to those around him and deepen his commitment to you and to the truth, we ask in Jesus precious name, amen.


Title: Personal Testimonies
Post by: Avalee Lohman on January 19, 2000, 01:31:00 PM
Charlene thank you for sharing you story of grandson Ryan. I will share your story and prayer request with others. Praise the Lord for His working in his life.


Title: Personal Testimonies
Post by: Laurie Mosher on January 19, 2000, 03:24:00 PM
  You have another "Peter" online. Like Peter of old, I keep opening my mouth, and exchanging feet.
  Thankfully, some of you have me in your prayers and know of my "hoof and mouth" disease. The last round with the question from the outsider really got carried away, as did I; BUT John and Craig and I are trying to "smooth things out". Mind you, I am not compromising on any of our doctrines. We are , subject by subject, trying to carry on an intelligent BIBLICAL conversation. I know there were some registered members who took great exception to my comments (I received their 'emails'-none very complimentary).
  Anyhow, I just hope that in these last conversations with the "boys", our Lord is glorified, and we , thru His Spirit will be edified.

  Richard mentioned my video tape ministry. If you look into my profile, you will find my homepage. I'm excited that I can have a part in giving the gospel thru 3ABN ministry.
"Keepers of the Faith" is God's ministry. To date we have had the opportunity of bringing in about 6 new members, with another 5 or 6 to be baptized soon.

  I would really like to thank Richard for getting THIS forum "off the ground". On the other form, I feel sometimes, like we "are spinning our wheels". There must be more people who believe as we do, but  maybe they are intimidated by the sometimes sarcastic comments and argumentive debates.

  I do hope that all of us are uplifted by our encouragment to each other. This forum is what I was hoping the other would be like.

  Thank you Richard, Avalee, Allan and Charlene for your testimonies. That is what we each need-- encouragment in place of discouragement, hope in place of defeat, and comfort in place of criticism. Already I value each of your comments, and pray that I will be able to give you a positive contribution.

  Keep "the" faith,

   Br.Laurie :)

Title: Personal Testimonies
Post by: charlene on January 19, 2000, 04:40:00 PM
Don't be so hard on yourself. Like you pointed out, they [john and craig] came into the SDA forum and were not very complimentary
to those on the forum...I too feel protective of our message. You were giving material they should have known from thier own books. I hadn't gone into that topic until you pointed it out and then read the whole thing..I think you have nothing to apologies for. God Bless you and your follow up.  His word will not return void.

I too am happy for this forum and hope it will bring those that can encourage and love one another even through a difference of opinion.

In His love,

Title: Personal Testimonies
Post by: Laurie Mosher on January 20, 2000, 04:12:00 PM
   "Thank you Charlene" for your kind words. Now if I could emulate Jesus Christ like you and Richard , I would be better pleased with myself...

  We need to be especially sensitive to the needs of others who DO NOT believe as we do, and I just pray continually that I will fall in line with you all here , and "Press Together".

 Br. Laurie   :)  

Title: Personal Testimonies
Post by: Richard Myers on January 21, 2000, 06:26:00 AM
Brother Laurie,      the closer we get to Jesus the less we see in ourselves that is good.   If there be any good thing in us it is Jesus and with Him we can do all good things.  Just encouraging you that as you see something that needs improvement in your own life, it is because you have your eyes focused in the right direction, upon Jesus.

Others will judge incorrectly without the knowledge of what they can't see and without the Spirit of Christ. Our concern is to move forward in love confessing our sin and errors as we go.  I know that if you have erred, you have confessed the error and moved forward in love. Let us not grow tired in this process of well doing. The Holy Spirit is moving upon all who are open and He is asking those who would not speak up to do so, in love.  It is incumbent upon us to follow His leading either way. To be silent or to speak. To do otherwise is to deny our Saviour.

As you labour with our brothers we cannot judge them to be closed to the truth, so we pray they are open to it and therefore we pray for your words to be an encouragement to them in their search for truth. Who knows, but that they may be here with us one day soon.  Do not be dissuaded by those that are ignorant of the power of grace upon the human heart. Many are called, but few are chosen. How sad that so few choose to serve our Lord.

Good to have you with us!
Title: Personal Testimonies
Post by: DugaldT Lewis MD on January 22, 2000, 02:14:00 PM
Dear Richard,

I am so happy to see the response so far on
this forum.

Through our personal difficulties and trials
we learn in a practical way the process of sanctification.

One of my favorite passages form the Lord's
messenger is:

"The Lord permits trials in order that we may be cleansed from earthliness, from selfishness, from harsh, unchristlike traits of character. He suffers the deep waters of affliction to go over our souls in order that we may know Him and Jesus Christ whom He has sent,in order that we may have deep
heart longings to be cleansed from defilement, and may come forth from the trial
purer, holier, happier. Often we enter the furnace of trial with our souls darkened with selfishness; but if patient under the crucial test, we shall come forth reflecting the divine character. When His purpose in the affliction is accomplished, "He shall bring forth thy righteousness as the light and thy judgement as the noonday." Ps 37:6"


Title: Personal Testimonies
Post by: Gerry C Wagoner on January 23, 2000, 04:28:00 PM
Hi all !!

What a privilege to fellowship with you "believers."  I have a testimony..

Last week I was invited to go to North Carolina with 25 German Baptist Brethren (my former people).  This was unusual because they generally sever ties with those who have left their fellowship.  

Similar to Mennonite or Amish, they were going to NC to offer a week of disaster relief for a small town damaged by Hurricane Floyd's floods.  I agreed to go along.

I also resolved to keep my mouth shut and be a friend to these people while listening and working.  The Lord had other plans...

Early in the week questions began to fly concerning my diet.  I answered them honestly.  God must have blessed my energy because I was able to meet or exceed the work output of the best of them.   They commented that my diet might be a good thing after all. Ha.

Then, later in the week questions began to come about the Second Coming, Spiritual Israel, State of the Dead etc...  One evening, a minister (dear Christian man) sat down beside me and asked me to tell him about the Adventist (Biblical) Second Coming (He had heard that my understanding was different than the usual Rapturist stuff).  I shared with him from start to finish the mighty Advent of Jesus (without all the dispensational ideas).  Shortly after I began, 9 other men sat down at the table with their Bibles and listened very carefully.  For 2 hours - they said hardly a word and listened intently.  These are people who know the Bible pretty well, and the Lord brought verses to my mind in a mighty way.  Praise Him..

On Friday they asked me to give the breakfast devotional before we left for work.  Wow!  (John 17 was my text).

On the way home to Ohio on Sabbath, I rode with 3 other men.  After a lively discussion for hours, things subsided.  Then, Dale Flora, turned to me as I drove the truck and said "Gerry, are we who keep Sunday in any danger because of it?"  Wow.

I thanked God for the question and asked Him to lead.  He led me through a long presentation on the Sabbath and divine Rest.  For 90 minutes, Dale and the 2 men in the back leaned forward to hear every word.  God put it all together.  Afterwards they raised only 2 questions (one about the validity of our calendar; and Colossians 2:16).  After I answered their questions, Keith spoke up and said "Well I guess if I ever have to choose for Jesus, I'll choose this way" (Sabbath). The other two agreed.  Praise the Lord.!

Normally, these people are not at all interested in any other doctrine.  Not at all.  But the Lord pricked their hearts to inquire.  He also filled me as I emptied myself every morning in prayer.  He is Good.

I believe this is only the beginning, dear ones.  God is at Work.

Gerry C. Wagoner

Title: Personal Testimonies
Post by: Avalee Lohman on January 24, 2000, 03:20:00 AM
Gerry what a wonderful testimony. Praise the Lord. Does bring back that verse about not being concerned what to say...The Holy Spirit will put the words in your mouth. And you were doing what Jesus would be doing...helping others and being a witness that way...they could see Jesus in you..they could even see your strength from your diet and commented it. Praise the Lord. You are right this is only the beginning. The seed has been planted.
Title: Personal Testimonies
Post by: Richard Myers on January 24, 2000, 05:19:00 AM
Amen! Brother Gerry. The Holy Spirit is moving upon the hearts of men and women around the world. Thank you for sharing. There are honest of heart that are seeking light, they hear His voice and follow. Let us prepare our churches to receive them.

Your discernment to know when to speak and when to be silent is a testimony to God's desire and ability to lead us. Not by power nor by might, but by His Spirit! While your experience was not that of medical missionary work it demonstrates the same principle, by ministering to the physical needs of others, hearts will be opened to hear the Word of God. In this case it was not those who received the direct benefit, but rather those you were working with. Very interesting. We could all learn an important lesson here. :)

Thank you again for sharing and good to have you with us, Brother Gerry. Let join together and pray for your friends and our brothers who have seen the light of the Sabbath truth, among others.
Title: Personal Testimonies
Post by: charlene on January 24, 2000, 07:59:00 AM
A hearty welcome from me too Gerry.

What an exciting story. Like Esther, you were placed at the right spot at the right time, Praise God.

My prayer is that we all may be witnesses for our Lord and Saviour. He does promise to give us words and guidance if we but submit to Him

Praise God
charlene  [chyvan]

Title: Personal Testimonies
Post by: Laurie Mosher on January 24, 2000, 05:24:00 PM
   Welcome Gerry,
    That's a powerful testimony!!
 I, too, had a chance to witness for "our" faith during the Christmas holidays, I sing in a community Christmas choir, and the music director one Sunday PM after choir practice  asked me what SDA's believe and what about "our diet"?

   I spent 1-1/2 hours visitng with this dear hobby is making Christian videos, and he asked me if I had any on origins of SDA'ism and diet. I made him a copy of "Keepers of the Flame and "Abundant Living" by Curtis and Paula Eakins. He thanked me profusely, and I have to get back to him and see how he is doing.

   Folks, God's people are "out there", and if we allow ourselves to become vessels used by God, He will direct people to us. Praise the Lord !!

 Just tonight, returning from another chorale practice, I had the privilege of driving 3 members home, because of snowy conditions, and I'm reminded that "in order to have friends, ONE must be friendly."

  Keep "the" faith, B & S.

      Br. Laurie

Title: Personal Testimonies
Post by: Laurie Mosher on January 25, 2000, 01:16:00 PM
   Dear All
    Approximately 7 years ago, I xrayed a fellow who became very interested in Revelation. I kindof lost contact with him for several years. Guess who I met today on the xray table?

   The first thing that "Don" said to me this morning was, "Laurie, remember our first Bible study about the beast of Rev. 13?"

 Don had asked me who the beast was, so I invited him over to my house the following Sunday. Thru reading the chapter and checking with history (prophecy fulfilled), Don said, "I know EXACTLY who the beast is."

  Well, today, Don, said that "all the churches (including his -Baptist) was following in the steps of Rome", and did I have any other video series that he could view?
 I believe Stephen Lewis (Pentecost 2000) is next on the agenda. Don,so far ,has  received, Joe Crews, Mark Finley, and Doug Batchelor, and checking everything very thoroughly .

  Please keep Don Purdy and his family (wife is RC) in YOUR prayers, and me too, as I continue to witness to him.

  And if there is a lesson to be learned in this experience, DON'T GIVE UP!!

   Yours in "the" faith,
     Br Laurie :)  

Title: Personal Testimonies
Post by: charlene on January 25, 2000, 04:15:00 PM
Laurie, How great!!
Yes! we can never give up...God will even
'break wrists' if he has to.

Steven Lewis would certainly give it to him straight as would the others you mentioned.
God Bless, you have my prayers.


Title: Personal Testimonies
Post by: Richard Myers on January 25, 2000, 07:07:00 PM
And mine!    Planting seed, seed, and more seed. Our prayers are united for the Holy Spirit to water them!


Title: Personal Testimonies
Post by: DugaldT Lewis MD on January 28, 2000, 05:56:00 PM
Listening to all these wonderful testimonies warms my heart and encourages me. Thanks Gerry for that encouragimg witness.  

We may never know how the world views us until experiences like these. Its the typical sermon in shoes.

Bro Laurie, keep witnessing. The funny thing is that we may never remember what we say to people, but most do remember our statements if we have made an impact on their lives.

Happy Sabbath to all.

Title: Personal Testimonies
Post by: Gerry C Wagoner on January 30, 2000, 01:20:00 PM
Charlene, thanks for the story of your nephew..

Also, let me take the opportunity to encourage you in your ministry.  Many are the times the Lord has used you to cast His light (words of inspiration) on the pathway of others.

Brother Gerry

Title: Personal Testimonies
Post by: Clive Nevell on February 02, 2000, 05:13:00 AM
What a blessing to read your testimonies.
I did not intend to write anything but feel impressed to do so.
About five years ago we were at church to look at the church role as we had many members but few attending. many had left the district but some had just stopped coming. My wife had only been baptised a few months and at the same time I had been rebaptised after being away from church for about ten years. We were all keen and as the names were read out there came a persons name that was familar. It was our next door nieghbor, not that we were real friends but just aquaintences being on a 17.5 hectare block we could not see their house. I said that I would make the enquiry and find out if it was the same people. When I rang I was a bit tongue tied and feeling a bit strange in case they were in fact Adventists. She said yes they had been SDA in Harrisville Church many years ago and to take her name off the church role. My reply was that we do not want to do that but just find out where every one is and let it wait for six months and then see how she felt. Sad but true no one had been to see her at all in the nearly twenty years since she had stopped coming and in fact had joined the Uniting Church. Then it was our turn to do something and at prayer meetings for the next year we prayed every night for her (Heather)and then one Sabbath morning the phone rang, two years ago last September and I answered it and I knew it was Heather on the line as we now had made sure that at least we became closer friends. She asked "can I come to church today and bring my grand children and youg boy as well" Of course, you do not have to ask permission you are welcome any time. She came and has hardly missed a Sabbath since even though her husband does not come or the three older children. Praise the Lord that He hears and answers prayer.
There is more, I hope I am not too long.
Twelve months after that took place our minister had an all Sabbath seminar on end time events in our church. It was full with over twenty non SDA coming along. Two ladies in particular came Robyn and Cathy. Sept.5th
1998. The following Friday night we were opening Sabbath with two other Adventist families and during the prayer the phone rang
I knew it was Cathy and she asked for my wife
I told her we were in the middle of a season of prayer but would get her, she said no that I may be able to answer her question, What time does Sabbath School start in the morning? I nearly dropped the phone. Going back to our season of prayer I stopped them and related to everyone what the phone conversation was about. we were actually praying for those people as the phone rang, not only that but it was Heather who was praying. It had been twelve months earlier that Heather had made the same phone call.
Cathy was in church the next day but has not been since. We are stil all friends. my wife goes to a ladies group which Cathy attends so we still have chances to talk and share with her.
Please pray for Robyn and Cathy, they know the Sabbath truth and most of our other doctrines and not only do they know them but have been convicted of the truth but just can not make the break from their church.
Title: Personal Testimonies
Post by: Richard Myers on February 04, 2000, 05:39:00 PM
Amen, Brother Clive!   Thank you for sharing. God is faithful to hear our prayers for the salvation of others.  We will add our prayers to yours for Robyn and Cathy.
Title: Personal Testimonies
Post by: Clive Nevell on February 06, 2000, 02:32:00 AM
Thankyou Richard and eveeryone who is praying for Robyn & Cathy
In our family worship this morning (Sunday) we prayed that God would make them feel uncomfortable as they worshiped on the first day of the week.
Thanks again
Title: Personal Testimonies
Post by: Laurie Mosher on February 06, 2000, 03:02:00 PM
  Yes Clive,
I'' add those two ladies to my prayer list as well, along with you and everyone else on this forum.

  Richard! Is it asking too much to have a list of all "our" forum members? I want to pray for each, and if I (or all of us) have all the names, I believe we, and they will have MORE of God's power working in our lives.

  Br. Laurie

Title: Personal Testimonies
Post by: Richard Myers on February 06, 2000, 06:39:00 PM
No problem, Laurie.  Good idea. I'll post it in the prayer topic.


Title: Personal Testimonies
Post by: Clive Nevell on February 07, 2000, 02:08:00 AM
Thanks for praying for our friends.
I will relate to you a short experence that our family had with tithe paying.
I had not paid tithe for many years and had not been to church for many as well. But down at Mt Edwards I had decided not to work on the Sabbath any more and to start paying tithe, at the time it was hard because we always think of money and providing for ourselves with our own means instead of trusting God. In fact one of our church memebers said to pay what we could afford, I new this to be wrong from my upbringing as an Adventist but took the easy option and followed his advice. Well one day I had the conviction that I should do the right thing and pay a full and proper tithe. We were in the middle of a big draught with very little rain. The paddocks were bare, no grass at all. This week it did not look like rain. Then come Friday night, The thunder roared, the lightning flashed and for over an hour it rained. Then back to the draught again. I stood looking out the window and could not stop gazing out at the rain, my wife even said "what was are you looking at." My answer was that God had taken notice of our commitment to pay tithe and He was letting us know that he even is intersted in our affairs and approves of things when we make a decision to obey Him. It was to me as if God was right in the middle of that storm. how else could He talk to us, we were in the middle of a big draught and He sent us the rain. Praise the Lord for hearing our prayers and thoughts and responding.
Title: Personal Testimonies
Post by: Gerry C Wagoner on February 13, 2000, 06:46:00 PM
This is a testimony I sent to Doug Batchelor & Amazing facts, friday.  

Doug had made an appeal to their supporters to make a contribution to their bold presentation of truth.  He told how they often come under criticism for their unwavering approach to truth.  But instead of softening their message, they continue to be bold for the Lord.

I wanted deeply to send Amazing facts a check to show our support, but this is the peak of our off-season and funds are tight right now (we have about 100k of work to complete, but no weather...)  So I prayed to the Lord about it...

Yes Doug!

We support the bold presentation of truth.  Praise Him!  Keep doing the job the Lord has called you to.

· In 1998 our immaculate diesel Suburban was stolen and severely vandalized.  The vandal was caught and ordered to make restitution.  My wife and I wrote it off mentally, confident that actually receiving restitution was a fantasy.  (The thief was 21, had no job, no diploma, no ambition, divorced parents, a long criminal record, and of course-no money).  The court may order these kinds of things, but they don't enforce it.  So, we forgot about it...

· When Nancy & I got your letter for assistance, we purposed in our hearts to express our support and appreciation for the Lord's work in your ministry. a roofing contractor in the peak of off-season, funds can be seasonally tight.  We asked the Lord to work for you-and lo & behold a check came in the mail for restitution payment from...guess whom?  The vandal!  Praise the Lord!  God wants you to have this.


Gerry  & Nancy Wagoner

Title: Personal Testimonies
Post by: Laurie Mosher on February 14, 2000, 11:22:00 AM
  Dear Gerry and Nancy,
    Thank you for that testimony!
 The Lord does work in mysterious ways doesn't He, and the power of prayer is awesome.

  I want to thank you too for your words of encouragement to me, when I was "down" on the other forum. I've noticed that now ,we, the conservatives, have been supporting each other more and more with  back-to back comments...this is bound to untrack those who are endeavoring to harass us.

   Keep giving us testimonies...they are very encouraging!

  Br. Laurie

Title: Personal Testimonies
Post by: charlene on February 14, 2000, 12:27:00 PM
Gerry and Nancy,
Thank you for sharing that testimony. It stengthens our faith and trust in our Lord and Saviour. He never fails.

Bob and I  are very blessed with the ministry of Doug B. We praise God there is 3ABN and we enjoy every broadcast.

We will also keep you in our prayers that your 'off season' may become an 'on season'

God Bless you with your ministry on the other Forum as well.


Title: Personal Testimonies
Post by: Gerry C Wagoner on February 16, 2000, 05:02:00 AM
Hello fellow believers!

I've noticed something interesting...  

The venom that is directed towards SOP is causing some folks to come off the fence and read her works with new interest!  Just as the enemy tried to slay Christianity in  Roman coliseums - she survived with greater strength.  

This will be the case with this message.  Great opposition will be met with great harvest.  Is this possible?

Gerry C. Wagoner
John 15:16

Title: Personal Testimonies
Post by: Richard Myers on February 16, 2000, 06:51:00 AM
Amen, Brother Gerry and Sister Nancy!  Amen to your thought regarding the Spirit of Prophesy opposition.  "Through the opposition that the disciples met, the message of truth gained great publicity; the Jews saw that their efforts to thwart the work of the new teachers resulted only in adding greater numbers to the new faith."
Title: Personal Testimonies
Post by: Daryl Fawcett on March 05, 2000, 11:34:00 AM
Seeing this is where testimonials are given I believe it is time for me so share how I came into the Seventh-day Adventist Church in the first place.

The events leading to that fateful and eventful day began unfolding when I was invited by my aunt to speak at a Women's Institute meeting in my home village of Anagance, NB Canada where I spent the first ten years of my life.   I was asked to speak, of all things, about Youth & Drugs.  The only reason I can think I was asked is because of my leadership involvement with  an Inter-School/Varsity Christian Fellowship group.

Anyway, I accepted the invitation after calling upon another person to assist me.  While speaking to a good group of women, I noticed a young person there.   She looked like she was only 14 years old.  She was actually in her 20s.   I was not married then and she wasn't wearing a wedding ring.  :)

Following the meeting, the ladies served coffee, tea, juice and finger foods.    I happened to sit behind her so I soon started up a conversation with her.    It wasn't long before I learned she was a Seventh-day Adventist.    I decided right then and there to save her from such a fate.    I had previously read a booklet about SDAs and knew a few things about them particularly their 10 Commandment keeping especially the 7th day Sabbath.  I then believed the Law had been done away with and the Lord's Day was Sunday.
  Anyway, I brought up these topics and we got into some really deep discussion.    Suddenly, we noticed that we were almost practically the only ones still sitting.   She invited me to go to her place and meet her husband.    So much for the other possible interest.   :(    By then, however, my interest was in saving her and now her husband from the false teachings of the SDA Church.    We left for her place where I met her husband and we continued the imprompu Bible study until 2:00 a.m.   As you can see, I had it in my mind to straighten them out.  You can see how well I succeeded.   :)

After work the next day, I tore open my Bible and searched the Scriptures to biblically refute what we discussed the previous evening.    I looked up all the references used to substantiate my side of things which people still use today when they fight against the truth.   That evening I went to see them again to continue the battle to win them away from the SDA cult which I believed it to be back then.   Night after night the studies continued until 2:00 a.m.   I searched the Scriptures in an attempt to counter everything they said.

One evening I challenged them to come and sit in on a church meeting that I was attending. They accepted the challenge. When I showed up to get them only one of them were able to come with me as her husband had another appointment.   So the fourteen year old looking young lady came with me to church.   As the pastor spoke she, the fourteen old looking young lady, drew something to my attention.   He spoke of the Bible but never really referred to any texts in the Bible. I listened and sure enough he wasn't and didn't. I never forgot that realization.

As time went on several nights later I found myself being drawn into what they presented to me as it was just too solid doctrine to refute.  In desperation I went to a minister friend of mine as I was now questioning whether they were in fact a cult.   To my surprise my minister friend said that they are a Christian group but stay away from them for they are very legalistic.    The word "legalistic" was like a ton of bricks crashing on my head.  I stayed away from them for a solid month as I pondered over that one. I had also read a book called, The Kingdom of the Cults" by Walter Martin who listed the SDA Church as a Christian group with doctrinal differences.  I finally came to the conclusion that since my minister friend  admitted to them being a Christian group and Walter Martin came to the same conclusion, I would continue my relationship and Bible discussions with them.

I paid them another visit.   They were pleasantly surprised to see me as they thought they had seen the last of me.   We continued our Bible based discussions.   New light was striking me in my heart.   I knew that new truth was being revealed to me not only from them but through a deeper study of the Scriptures.   Instead of me bringing them out of the SDA Church, I found myself being drawn into the SDA Church.    I went to their pray meetings, Sabbath Schools and church services and the Bible texts that were used extensively opened my eyes in a way that they had never been opened before.

What finally convinced me the most was the sanctity of the Sabbath.   They lived what they believed from sunset to sunset.   I saw the Sabbath observed in a way that I never ever saw observed on any Sunday.   That spoke to me more than anything else.   A few months later I was baptized into the Moncton, NB Canada Seventh-day Adventist Church in February 1976.   Praise the Lord!!!!

Like many of you, I have my struggles as I talk the talk and walk the walk so to speak.
I solicit your prayers that I will be found faithful to the very end.    The devil tempts me now more than he ever did before as he isn't happy in the decision I made.   He longs to use me to hurt God's church.    I pray that he will never succeed in doing that.   Pray for me.

Thank you for taking the time to read my story.


In His Love, Mercy & Grace,


Title: Personal Testimonies
Post by: charlene on March 05, 2000, 01:11:00 PM
Daryl, Thank you Brother for sharing your story. I believe the ones that are truly searching will be led to where they may 'find.'  And may this forum be used in this way.  God is Good Daryl and will finish the work He has started in you, I pray for the faithfulness of all of us. The devil does not want us to speak of Christ and uplift Him but may we prove satan the evil one that he is.
God Bless,


Title: Personal Testimonies
Post by: charlene on March 05, 2000, 01:16:00 PM
My conversion is posted in the "Answered Prayer" section. Part one and Part two. I will not type it over again but give Richard permission to place it here if he thinks it would be more appropiate in this thread. There was so much prayer involved that I placed it there.  All of your stories are an inspiration to me. Thank you.


Title: Personal Testimonies
Post by: Ivan on March 12, 2000, 06:51:00 PM
I have given a brief account of my conversion experience in the "Lesser Light.." thread of the "Bread of Life" forum.  The purpose of that post was to show the effect that EGW's writings had on me in bringing me back to God, after many years of aimless wandering in the world, seeking fulfillment in all the wrong places.  

There of course is a great deal more to be told concerning the miracles and answered prayer in my life.  I may share some of those details here, or in another thread, when it seems appropriate.

However, my case, as with the rest of the living, is an unfinished book.  More prayers and miracles are needed.  The only thing we have to fear is if we forget how God has led and blessed us in our past experience.  This is a weak spot in me.  It does me good to recount His blessings.  I'm hoping that the current chapter can find a happy ending soon.  

Ivan :)

Thank God for Jesus!  (Romans 7:24,25)

Title: Personal Testimonies
Post by: Dugald T Lewis MD on March 12, 2000, 08:05:00 PM
Dear Friends,

Just reading these testimonies is heart-warming and demonstrates the wonderful Love of God and the workings of the Holy Spirit in our lives.

I grew up in the SDA church all the way through. I came through the system from cradle roll, was baptized at age 11, and held almost every church office including serving as an elder over 12 years ago. I had a love, respect and admiration for Sister White who has always been like my spiritual mother as her writings motivated me to become a physician. (My father had become a SDA by reading the book Great Contorversy.)

I attended public University where I started a group for SDA's college kids called Advent Fellowship which had over 60 members. I later attended a SDA medical school where I was formally exposed to the SDA HEalth Message. Becasue of my practice as a General and Vascular Surgeon in a large academic institution I begun to trully appreciate the
value of the medical ministry as given to the Lord's Messenger.

Over the last two and one half years , I have engaged in serious study of her writings and her biography from a scientific perspective. I have faced many personal difficulties in my life, but they pale in comparison to the events that causes me to say "No one ever cared for me like Jesus" as as I daily see the hand of God working in my life.

My friends, I can't begin to explain to you how the truth of the inspired writings have come alive and are very clear and dear to me. Looking at the problems of the entire Health Care industry from the valuable background of information acquired from the SOP, I was able to see vividly that the Messenger of God who knew the correct practice of medicine had been rejected by the church she co-founded, and the institutions she personally initated were used in destroy the credibility of her work.

When I later saw many people who were profiting from denigrating and distorting the writings of Sister White, it was heartbreaking.

Just to be here on this forum where others share my joy is a clear signal to me that God is in control of His work, and TRUTH will TRIUMPH. Yes, God is GOOD. Its His work and we will never fear. I see the polarization in our church and am amazed sometimes when "exciting and tantalizing" activities are given preference over "Thus saith the Lord"  

Like many of you, I have proven in my life the value of the SOP. The Bible is made so much clearer to me and becasue of her writings, I am motivated to labor untiringly for the establishment of the medical ministry according to God's directives, as that Arm is the greatest avenue which will unfold for presenting the love of Jesus to hardened hearts that will otherwise not be reached.

This is my testimony tonight.!!


Title: Personal Testimonies
Post by: Gerry Buck on March 15, 2000, 06:08:00 AM
My story is not so exciting as others,but,I can see the hand of God guiding my life.
I was a truck driver for over 25 years,on a farm,and then after I got out of the service.
I had always been interested in the bible,especially thew book of Revelation, must understand that I was into science fiction,so,the beasts and the plagues are what caught my fancy.
In 1979,I started driving for an outfit out of Pontiac Michigan.
I moved my family north to a small town on the lake Huron shoreline so as not to worry about them while gone for long periods on the road.
I had asked God to show me the real way many times,but never paid much attention to His guidance.
One night in a drunken desperation,I asked Him to do what ever He had to do to save me.
Be careful what you ask for,you just might get it.
In Oct of '79,I was laid off,an oil embargo had hit and fuel prices went thru the roof,the vans I hauled quit selling,
I went home to Tawas,and in the spring of '80 an invitation for a bible study came,I answered it,and the rest,as they say,is history.
There is a lot more to the story,but it would take to long for these fumble fingers to type it.
Suffice it to say,God answered my prayer in a way I never expected,and over the last 20 years,I have had the pleasure of seeing my mother accept the advent message before she went to her rest,2 of my daughters have been baptized,and my youngest is even now studying for baptism.
The only hold out is my wife,she's catholic and sees no need to change.She is friendly towards the church.
Thank you for this forum.I need to remember how God has provided so I can trust Him to provide........I forgot that for a long tim e.
God Bless

He is LORD!

Title: Personal Testimonies
Post by: Richard Myers on March 15, 2000, 11:23:00 AM
Brothers Daryl and Gerry, thank you for sharing!  Amen, Brother Daryl to your desire to not hurt the church.  I feel the same way. We will keep you in our prayers.

Brother Gerry, we will pray for your family. As your wife sees the blessings that attend to her family because of your beliefs, it is leaving a strong impression upon her mind. The Holy Spirit has much to work with.  It is good to have your daughter online with us. Will try to get the family forum going with some topics that will be of interest to her.  :)

In His love and grace,    Richard

Title: Personal Testimonies
Post by: charlene on March 15, 2000, 11:52:00 AM
What great and encouraging testimonies. God will do anything to gain the loyalty of the earnest in Heart.  My prayers are with you all and thank you for these stories.

Bless His name,


Title: Personal Testimonies
Post by: Allan F on March 16, 2000, 11:56:00 AM
It is so encouraging to read your testimonies. As some of you have mentioned, it is easy to forget how God has blessed and helped us in the past. This part of the forum is therefor very valuable. Not only for those who write, but also for the readers.
I want to thank all of you who have been praying for the evangelic campaign in Kongsberg, Norway. The meetings were finished some few weeks ago, with baptism the following Sabbath. Praise God for that! It is not very easy to gather and to win people here in Norway. But even though the town is not big, there were about 100 people attending at every of the 16 meetings (3x a week). We were 6-7 young people working together with the preacher. Two of them were only 16 years old. And something which is really inspiring, is to work together with such young people, who are so sincerly and eagerly working for Christ. That makes impression on me. When we now have left Kongsberg, and the preacher has gone to Andrews U. to study further for his Ph.D, much work still remain for the local church.
We do not know how long we have the freedom to spread the gospel as we do it today. But we know that things will change. Let us therefor continually surrender to God, so that he may be able to use us in the most effective way for the time that still remains.

Allan F

Title: Personal Testimonies
Post by: James Saptenno on March 18, 2000, 10:28:00 AM
Dear Brothers and Sisters.

Allow me to share how I was called about 19 years ago.
     I was a Catholic raised in a mix Protestant and Catholic family. But since I was a kid I like to read my father books (he was a Protestant), and those books influenced my faith in the Catholic as I saw some doctrines which is human doctrines. Since young I like to read Spiritual books, and as my father has some collections including the Jehovah witnesses, so by reading those books I understand there was something wrong with Catholicism.
   I got to know SDA from my father in law, as my wife is an SDA. I really believe it was God’s way to have us met each other, as I was deep in my heart a God seeker even I am a seaman and a Catholic. When my wife will give birth to our first child, I took vacation to accompany her for the childbirth and stayed at her parents house in the village. I ignored the ritual morning prayer and Sabbath school study at home, just continue sleeping.
   After a stay of about 1 months, my just born baby was 2 weeks old, it happened I quarreled with my wife and had a fight. Soon after that I felt so bad and guilty as she was still weak. So I start looking for a remedy by reading the bible that was always ready on the shelf together with all other SOP books that I never give a glance. After reading the bible a view pages, I saw the translation mags of Adventist news, I took it and started reading carelessly. But my eyes stopped at the title in page 3 that said “ Pope is the beast and Sunday is the mark of the beast “(I never forget this moment, as this is my first direct contact with SDA faith that changed my life).
   I was really upset, and soon after my father in law arrived home I started to asked him questions about this title. And I wonder why I gave up my self so easily, I agreed and accepted what my father in law told me at that very moment. Sabbath, unclean foods, smoking etc. That was maybe because I have not a strong faith in Catholic as I saw many errors in their doctrines since I was a kid.
   Seven months later  I gave myself to be baptized to the wondering eyes of the Pastor because he never see me in his church. The elders questioned me, and I assured them that I believe in SDA doctrines, even I never take a course or Spiritual revivals events from the SDA’s church. The next Sabbath I was baptized in this church. And in the next week I sailed worldwide for one year but having prepared my self first with a lot of SOP books to study on board.
   And on board of this vessel I witnesses our faith, even as a beginner, but as I read and study the bible and comparing notes with the SOP 5-6 hours a day, I grew very fast. Three months on board and all the time witnessing and teaching our doctrines to my Chief Mate, he converted and accepted our faith (Soon after he got off from the boat he was baptized and a Captain now still loyal to our faith). During my stay on board this vessel that I attend every Sunday morning a congregation by collecting all the Christians crew in the saloon. I preached and gave them some idea’s of SDA faiths.
   There was such a strong desires within me to tell what I know to others. It was including my own parents when our boat enter my hometown (Surabaya). Even only 1 or 2 hours I tried my best to tell the truth to my old dear parents. And praise God, they converted and accept our faith in the same year.
   SDA’s faith have brought such a big changed in my life, what before  I didn’t know how to stop the desire of flesh (seaman life) even I fought my best to suppressed it. I know than the secret, it is be faithful over small matters (no smoking, drinking), that God will give power to over rule big matters (fornication) based on Matthew 25:21.
   Allright, this is the first part of my testimonies, and another time I will testify the 2nd part.

In His love

Capt. James S.

Title: Personal Testimonies
Post by: Richard Myers on March 18, 2000, 05:12:00 PM
Thank you, Bros. Allan and James!  :)   It is a joy to have you both sharing of your love for Christ. We look forward to hearing more and from those who have not shared and have the same love for our Saviour. This is a little taste of heaven!
Title: Personal Testimonies
Post by: Clive Nevell on March 27, 2000, 02:52:00 AM
I will share with you now something that happened to us as a family this past week. When we had computer problems at first I was not too concerned as I was sure it would be over in a day or so. Saturday night the 18th March I went into the local petrol station to get a few things. When I went to start the car, it would turn over but it would not fire up, after a few attempts I called the service attendant who did not have any success at all. Told me that an electrical modual had probably failed. how to get home, 7kms away and with me my 7 year old son. In comes a person who could see the problem and offered to take us home. But how was I going to pay for the repairs. All I could do was to pray and say "Lord I will need heaps of money, somehow I know you can send it if it is your will."
Next day (Sunday) came and no news about the car but one of my wifes relatives from PNG was passing through and wanted to call in. No problems, the family called and stayed for a while and upon leaving gave my wife $200, I could hardly stop myself from breaking down, I had said to the Lord I need some money, some how send it.
The next day my wife picked up the car, Costs $123.00
I am still in a state of shock to think that the Lord asnswers our prayers in such a real way.
My wfe & I just praise the Lord for His goodness.

With Theresa's mum coming down we needed some more money and I prayed again, Lord you answered my prayer for the car now what about this, Friday afternoon I picked up the mail, it had a cheque for $156.00 from a calf sale that we had sent in a few weeks ago. It will take a few days for it to clear but another answer to prayer.

I don't know why some prayers are answered and some not, some will say it is a fluke or lucky but I know I prayed and got answers, I do not consider it to be luck or chance but divine intervention.
God Bless you all

Title: Personal Testimonies
Post by: Richard Myers on March 27, 2000, 04:05:00 AM
God is good!  :)

Christ taught His disciples that the measure of divine attention bestowed on any of God's work is proportionate to the rank which that object occupies in the scale of creation. The little brown sparrow, apparently the most inferior of birds, is watched over by Providence. Not one falls to the ground without the notice of our heavenly Father. The flowers of the field, the grass which clothes the earth with verdure, all share the notice and care of our heavenly Father.

"Behold the fowls of the air," Christ said, "for they sow not, neither do they reap, nor gather into barns; yet your heavenly Father feedeth them. Are ye not much better than they? Which of you by taking thought can add one cubit unto his stature? And why take ye thought for raiment? Consider the lilies of the field, how they grow; they toil not, neither do they spin: and yet I say unto you, That even Solomon in all his glory was not arrayed like one of these" Matt. 6:26-29. If the lilies of the field are objects upon which the great Master Artist has bestowed care, making them so beautiful that they out-rival the glory of Solomon, the greatest king that ever wielded a sceptre; if the grass of the field is made into a beautiful carpet for the earth, can we form any idea of the regard which God bestows upon man, who was formed in His image? 

Sin has existed for 6000 years, seeking to counteract the merciful tide of love flowing from God to the human race, yet the love and care that God bestows upon the beings He has created in His own image has not ceased to increase in richness and abundance. "God so loved the world, that He gave His only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in Him should not perish, but have everlasting life" John 3:16. He crowned His benevolence by the inestimable gift of Jesus. By this sacrifice, a healing flood of life and heavenly grace was poured upon our world. This was God's gift to man, a gift that defies all computation. By giving His Son, God made it impossible for man to say that He could have done more; and the mind of man is put to the utmost stretch in the effort to comprehend this wonderful love.  Since He has given His Son, why would God not provide for our daily needs? He does, if we will look to Him each day believing He is who He says He is. Lord Jesus, I believe, take away my unbelief.
Title: Personal Testimonies
Post by: Gary K on March 27, 2000, 10:36:00 AM
Hi All,

I wrote this to post to the any other way to be saved thread on the SDA forum but when I asked Ralph for approval because of its length I was told that there wasn’t a place for this type of post on that forum. I am putting it here because it is also my testimony of some of what Jesus has done for me.

I was born and raised in a home full of anger and psychological abuse. Any independent thought was not only unwanted, but punished severely. I remember being thrown out of the house for the night when I was 7 years old, simply for being right and refusing to admit that wrong was right. Whippings for nothing more than making the same joke my dad made an hour earlier. I grew to hate the man. I learned to isolate my feelings and thoughts inside myself simply to survive.

The outworking of this was that by the time I was a teenager, I had no idea of who I was created to be. When I graduated from high school I had no idea what I wanted to do with my life so I went to work in the sawmills and got heavily involved in drugs to ease the pain that was then so deeply buried that I didn’t know where it came from. Drugs were like finding nirvana to me. I had found that which allowed me to function for a short period of time without pain. Unfortunately, all that glitters is not gold.

Ten years of staying high all my waking hours, multiple bad acid trips during which in some of them I watched my mind float out the window not to come back left me a total emotional and spiritual wreck. I was barely capable of holding down a menial job. I couldn’t even manage a working relationship with another human being. My world was one of anxiety, fear and paranoia.

During this time by older brother came by to see me and he tells me I didn’t even recognize him. Satan had completely destroyed someone that God had created to serve Him and be a blessing. I was held in chains of sin, which I could not break. I longed to have a life, but didn’t know how. I longed to be happy but didn’t know what it was.

I tore up my ankle playing basketball one Sabbath afternoon while high. I had no savings, and was unable to do the little I had been doing to support myself. I was forced to go live with my parents in the backwoods of northwestern Montana. I took what few drugs I had left with me and got high on the bus ride to Montana.

It was the dead of winter in Yaak, Montana. There was probable 4 feet of snow on the ground so there wasn’t much for a burned out hippie with torn ligaments in his ankle to do, so I began to do what I had done to escape before I had found drugs. I began to read. I read everything my parents had in the house that was secular. I even read the entire set of              World Book Encyclopedias that winter. I ran out secular things to read so I began to read the Conflict of the Ages Series. I remember thinking, I like the history that Ellen White always made come alive, so I’ll just read the stories. Needless to say, you can’t read her writings without being introduced to Jesus. I would read her books late at night so my parents wouldn’t know what I was reading. Funny thing was, by the time I got less than half way through the Desire of Ages I had found a God that I never knew existed. A personal God who loved me, just as I was, and called me to come to Him for healing and salvation.

I listened to that call and I was rebaptised that spring in the Libby, Montana church. I had the pleasure of introducing people to Jesus that very spring and summer. Oh what pleasure, greater than any high I had ever known!

There is a but to this story though. As I began to live this life, wonderful life that Jesus had opened my eyes to I found that the devil didn’t appreciate my newfound freedom from him. He came to me one night and told me I was his. I had told him, during the dark days of despair, that I would be his and he came to claim his property.

I was lying on the couch watching the clouds float across the moon, when all of a sudden I wasn’t lying in bed. I was in a long dark hall with a table down the center of it. The table stretched from my end of the room to a fireplace at the other end of the room. There were people with long dark robes with hoods on them, all facing away from me on either side of the table. At the opposite end of the table somebody else stood gazing into the fire. He turned around, locked eyes with me, crooked his finger and began saying, you’re mine, you’re mine. I began to float across that room right over the top of that table. I got within inches of his eyes and the realization flashed through me that this was a one time, no return experience. The devil was going to claim me as his if I didn’t object. I yelled NO and suddenly I was back in my parent’s living room lying on the couch again. The hair on my body was all standing on end. I have never known such fear. I rolled over and began praying. I told the Lord that I had gotten myself into this position, but I couldn’t get myself out of it. I don’t know how long I prayed that night, but as I did, I could feel wingtips brush against my back. Some were warm, some cold. Finally, that struggle was over and the presence of God filled that room and peace flooded my heart. With tears in my eyes and running down my face, I thanked God for His love and watch care over me.

But, there is another but. I found that the habits I had formed through long years of debauchery and addiction were still there. I found myself struggling with my desires and my actions. I seemed helpless to acknowledge the Savior and Lord that I loved so dearly and owed my very life and sanity to. No matter how I tried not to do what I didn’t want to do I did it. I didn’t understand what was happening. I lost my faith in the intervening days, weeks, months and years. I knew I loved my Lord, but my actions didn’t match my heart. I believed that my actions and my faith would naturally spring out of my heart from my love for Jesus. That the fruit of obedience was automatic. I was oh so sadly wrong.

But, there is another but here. My heavenly Father began to slowly teach me about myself. I began to understand that even though I loved my Lord, I, like Peter before me, trusted to myself to overcome my habits and actions. I was doomed to failure in that.

I met a woman who, for some strange reason, could see things in me, that I couldn’t see in me, and got married. During this whole time, I drifted in and out of active drug addiction. I couldn’t stay clean for more that 8 to 10 months at a time and I did this time after time.

Being married and seeing my wife with her kids and the love and compassion she showed to them began to bring back the memories of my growing up. The pain resurfaced and I spent many nights lying in bed with an almost unutterable pain in my heart. I began using again after about a year of no use. One of my friends, who was also had big dependency problems, and I used to get drunk and high together all the time. We would sit outside at night and talk about life and drugs. During those nights I began to realize that I was an addict. I remember telling him so and he just laughed and said, What’s the matter with addiction. He ended up going to jail for DWI’s and when he got out the courts said he had to go into an alcohol dependency, inpatient treatment program.

He told me that he could do thirty days standing on his head and he would see me in thirty days and we would go out and party when he got out. He got out and I went over with some drugs and said OK, lets get high. I was flabbergasted when he said no. I tried to talk him into it again and he still said no. I just couldn’t believe it. I would go over and visit him and he always said no, he didn’t choose to do that anymore.

I went to a NA meeting one Friday night with him out of curiosity. I wanted to see what it was that would make this guy, who had the worst drinking problem that I had known of, not drink or get high anymore. I sat in that meeting that night and heard what sounded like my own story come from at least 10 or 12 other people. I admitted in that room that night that I truly was an addict. I learned to work the steps. I learned to choose. I learned how to communicate my fears and hurts to another person. I learned the true power of the human will. I learned what real, basic, Christianity is all about. Not one based on feelings, but upon choice. I could want to use, feel like using, all of that, but if I chose not to and trusted to God for the power. I didn’t have to use. I learned to start doing what God asked me to do and then I found the power to obey. I had to learn to just choose to obey and then the power is mine. This was not an easy lesson to learn. My past failures hung around my neck like a millstone. But, and here is another one. I learned that God was to be trusted to keep His word. When I would choose, God would supply the power.

Addiction and sin are synonyms to me. Both lead on a downward path. Both end in death. Both are like cancers, eating you alive. Both will destroy you for this lifetime and the lifetime to come. Both destroy your relationships with others. Both can be overcome through the power of an indwelling God.

I can go to God and say, OK Lord, you promised me the power. Here are the promises you made to me. I know all I have is failure to look back on when I try to do it myself. I, can’t do it by myself. I can’t quit doing these sins alone. But, you promised that if I choose not to that you would help. And He does.

The choice is mine, to either choose not to sin or to choose to sin. The choice is mine to trust Him or not to trust Him to provide the power to obey. There are many times in the last few years where I have simply had to say, Lord, I don’t understand, I don’t see where you want me to go or why you want me to do this, but I will just because I trust you.

I have found by deep heart wrenching experience that my Heavenly Father is not like my earthly one was. My earthly one would not permit independent thought. He would not permit choice. His way of doing things was to take my choice and replace it with his choice. My Heavenly Father allows me to choose. He teaches me to think and wants me to.

My heart goes out in love to my Heavenly Father for the respect and love He shows me in allowing me the things that me earthly father would not. The way of one father led to destruction and humiliation. The way of the other leads to self respect, humility, and a deep, burning desire to serve Him who loves enough to allow and encourage, thought, choice, and growth. So when you tell me that my Heavenly Father wants to come in and take my choice away. That He wants make me into the automaton my earthly father wanted, I say NO.  Our Heavenly Father loves us too much, way too much to do that to us.

When you tell me that to follow on in sin after I met Jesus would not and does not affect my salvation, I say NO. Anybody who will tell me that does not know or understand the destructiveness of sin. That person also does not know the regeneration possible through the power of God.

Through the power of sin I went from a kid, who in the 8th grade with no special training was reading over a 1000 words a minute with 95% comprehension to somebody who could barely hold down a menial job.

Through the power of God I went from somebody who could barely hold down a menial job to someone who scores in the 90 to 95th percentile in all the tests I have taken from counselors looking to help me see what I am capable of doing in schooling and life. NEVER TELL ME WHAT CAN'T HAPPEN THROUGH THE POWER OF A LOVING, INDWELLING GOD.

Your brother in Christ, Gary

Title: Personal Testimonies
Post by: charlene on March 27, 2000, 12:42:00 PM
God Bless Gary and all,
Our God will never let us down.  He is our all in all our most loving Savior.


Title: Personal Testimonies
Post by: Avalee Lohman on March 27, 2000, 03:24:00 PM
Gary thank you for your testimony....It is wonderful what God can do in our lives when we let Him.

In The Blessed Hope


Title: Personal Testimonies
Post by: tami strand on March 27, 2000, 08:14:00 PM
Gary, thank you for your testimony. Sent shivers through my body as I felt the redemptive power of the Lord. You have given me much needed encouragment. My childhood was very much like yours, my two brothers are today, where you were. Alcohol, drugs and despondency. Thanks again Gary. Peace.



Title: Personal Testimonies
Post by: Richard Myers on March 27, 2000, 08:55:00 PM
Brother Gary, thank you for sharing your testimony. We may speak of the beautiful truths in the Bible and many will argue. We may point to the love and power of God that is seen in nature and yet many will still deny God. No one can deny your testimony of the power of God's love in your life. They cannot argue with a changed life. Oh, that we  would have thousands of such testimonies gracing the pages of this forum! Pray that many who love the Lord will find their way here that we may share in their joy as we have in yours!

Praise God for His love and grace! Thank you again, Brother Gary. It is good to have you online with us.  :) May your testimony encourage others of God's love and power.
Title: Personal Testimonies
Post by: Filipe Reis on March 30, 2000, 01:25:00 PM
  Dear forum members! I'd like to share with you my own experience, if I may.
 I was born in Sept. 1975 and my parents were already adventists so I grew up at church. Mostly my mother, gave me the christian education that I needed. I learned quickly all the beautifull stories the Bible tells us. At the age of 16 I began to work at a local factory, 'cause my father was hill and he couldn't work any more, so I had to help my mother. Then, I began to earn my own money and managed to buy a nice motorcycle. I get to meet new friends and join diferent groups than I was used to. Without checking myself well, I began to do things I shouldn't, and began to see places and persons who were not very recomendable. Satan was able to trick me in my youth days, because I didn't hanged on Jesus has I should. I gave more importance to the world's pleasures than to God's plans for my life. Sadly, I even went to discos, I smoked, I drank alchool, I had several mates unapropriate for a christian young man, I even worked on Sabbath day! This was very, very wrong, and I knew it, but didn't gave it the importance I should.
 Then one day I had a dream. I dreamed the second coming of Jesus! I saw Him coming from the clouds with all his angels. I clearly remind all of it! This, I believe, was His warning to me saying: "Hey, you don't have much time! You must regret your life and come to me right now!"
 At the same time, all my friends at church (fortunatly I never lost them) continued praying and praying for me.
 I began to join them again at campings and other activities and I felt Him calling me again. In March 1999 I was at a camping where I saw the testimony of a man who left church and was back few time ago. This ment a lot to me.
 In July 1999, my dear friends Jorge Silva and Joel Goncalves invited me to join them at church for Sabbath school. I couldn't say no! Neither to them or to HIM!
 I never left it again, and each day I pray to God, so He might take me always in the right track, and I also ask Him to help other friends of mine who are still off the church!
 Jesus has called me when I was a very bad person! He still wanted me for His kingdom!
 My wish is that we'll all join there one day! Amen.
 Filipe Reis, Portugal.
Title: Personal Testimonies
Post by: charlene on March 30, 2000, 01:41:00 PM
Felipe,   Isn't God wonderful?  He does everything He can to get our attention. He loves us so very much and want us to be forever with Him In Paradise. I praise God for your response to His calling.

Your sister in Christ,


Title: Personal Testimonies
Post by: Richard Myers on March 30, 2000, 02:39:00 PM
Brother Felipe, praise Jesus for the way He worked in your life!  The faithful prayers of a mother and friends, how much they move the arm of God! Yes, Jesus loves us when we are sinners! He will never sanction sin, yet He suffered and died so that we might be forgiven.   I pray there will be many others that read your testimony and that some will be moved to accept God's love for them.   :)

Thank you for sharing your love of Jesus.
Title: Personal Testimonies
Post by: Dugald T Lewis MD on March 31, 2000, 08:00:00 AM
Dear Felipe,

Praise God for your wonderful testimony. God must have a wonderful work for you to do. Having escaped a lifestyle that was fraught with destruction, I encourage you to continue praying for wisdom and guidance so your life that can continue be of great benefit to others as we prepare for our eternal home.



Title: Personal Testimonies
Post by: 2davidincalgary on April 01, 2000, 09:10:00 PM
Hello Avalee

One of the most meaningful texts to me in the Bible has been Micah 7:8: "Rejoice not against me, O mine enemy!  Yea; even WHILE I SIT IN DARKNESS: The Lord shall be a Light unto me."

We all have our "Elijah in the cave" experiences; and it is wonderful to see that we are not abnormal, or deficient in faith, just because we have a low moment or period of time occur in our life.

Actually, when Elijah was in that cave, cringing from an angry woman, after such a signal victory over all those prophets of Baal; he had expressed some very potent suicidal ideation.  He wanted to die in the worst way!

"May the Lord be your Light, is my prayer in Jesus' name.

God has said to me in the midst of my darkest night: "You must grow now.  I will help you grow."  (2 Pet.3;18).

Your brother in Christ


Title: Personal Testimonies
Post by: 2davidincalgary on April 02, 2000, 09:43:00 AM
Right now; I am happily engaged in some Bible study on how to study the Bible.  It is such a wonderful thing to be a SDA christian; and experience the blessings and the power of God's Word, as entrusted to His Remnant.

I appreciate this opportunity to fellowship online; and this week, I am using the following as my point of prayer, and study:


Thy Word is a lamp unto my feet, and a Light unto my path."

"What we all want, is not to see wonders that daze us, and to be rapt in ecstatic vision and splendors; but a little light on the dark and troubled path we have to tread: a lamp that will burn steadfastly and helpfully over the work we have to do.

The stars are infinitely more sublime, , meteors infinitely more dazzling; but the lamp shining ina dark place is infinitely closer to our practical needs."
- from The Bible Expositor, 1864.

May God's Word light the path we each are sent down.

Your brother in Christ


Title: Personal Testimonies
Post by: 2davidincalgary on April 04, 2000, 09:55:00 PM
Hello Gary

Thankyou for sharing your personal testimony about Christ in your life.  What you said hit me in a very personal way.

I also used to do a lot of dope, drink a lot of booze, and smoke 2 packs a day.  Six or so of us would often share the same needles; and if we couldn't get dope we would mainline vodka.  I shouldn't be alive to tell you this...But I know what it is like to have resolutions become ropes of sand.

We serve an awesome God; and we can claim the promise in Micah 7:8 when we are in the darkness of our experience:

"Rejoice not against me oh mine enemy!  Yea; even while I sit in darkness, the Lord shall be a Light unto me."

"The joy of the Lord will be your strength."

Now when I sit in a close little circle of friends; it is with Bibles open; and minds clear!

Your brother in Christ

David T. Battler

Title: Personal Testimonies
Post by: 2davidincalgary on April 04, 2000, 10:10:00 PM
Hello Daryl Fawcette

I hope I spelled your name right!  I'm going by memory as there are a lot of postings on this thread to scroll through before I can click on Reply.

I appreciated your testimony about how you became an SDA Christian.

Your prayer request at the end of your testimony made me think of Amos 9:9.  I thought you would find this meaningful.

Remember; "The joy of the Lord will be your strength."  (Neh.8:10).

Your brother in Christ

David T. Battler

Title: Personal Testimonies
Post by: Clive Nevell on April 05, 2000, 04:12:00 AM
We can discuss different points of doctrine but never argue about ones experiance with Christ and whta a blessing to read of so many who have found or even refound Christ. Inspirering to say the least.
Let me share with you a recent happening in my life.
Last Sunday morning we had a working bee at our church at Harrisville, Queensland, Australia. All turn up at 8.30am and start work on our project. One man in particular did not turn up and it was well past 9am and he was still not there. When he finally arrived, full of apologoes for being late, of which we all accepted and then continued work. He had washed his F100 ute and water had got into the electrics and then it refused to go. We were putting up the sattelite dish for our upcoming Jesus 2000 outreach, which Pr. Geoff Youlden is running out of Sydney and will be seen live in the SPD. When the dish was assembled and put into place we did not have a ladder long enough to stand on and adjust the centre receiver on the dish. This is where our man who was late comes in (Paddy). We were able to use his ute to put the ladder on to adjust the receiver. How the old devil tried to stop Paddy from coming, water in the ignition, these models hate water. He said himself it was a miricle that he had got it going. But the good Lord knew and was in control of things and made sure Paddy arrived so we could use his ute to do the adjustments.
Thanks again for your wonderful testimony Filipe.
"WE have nothing to fear for the future except we forget the way the Lord has led us in the past"
Title: Personal Testimonies
Post by: Laurie Mosher on April 05, 2000, 03:43:00 PM
  Well Forum family,
  What a wonderful blessing to come to "this city of refuge", where there is no debate and arguing!
  Praise the Lord for these terrific testimonies. Thank You Father God for providing an oasis for your people to share the workings of YOUR Spirit in our lives. I just pray that the He will come near to each one of us, and that all of us can rejoice in the sweet , sweet presence of Your Grace.
  Amen and Amen!
   Keep "the" faith!
    Br. Laurie
Title: Personal Testimonies
Post by: Dugald T Lewis MD on April 05, 2000, 04:54:00 PM
Dear David,

Your testimony speaks of the Love of Jesus. I rejoice with you that you have found peace and joy in living for HIM.

I am happy that you have joined us here on TRO. Never stop sharing your testimony.



Title: Personal Testimonies
Post by: Gerry Buck on April 19, 2000, 03:38:00 AM
Dear Clive,
Isn't it great when satan tries to mess things up how God puts a monkey wrench in his plans?
When I read it I had to laugh,I could just see satan turn red in the face and sputter about how it just wasn't fair........LOL  
Sorry,I have a strange sense of humor and laugh at a lot of things.It just tickled me,though.  :)

He is LORD!
May He come soon.

Title: Personal Testimonies
Post by: Liane H on May 11, 2000, 08:55:00 PM
Hello everyone:

This is my first real post.  I wish to share with you the blessing the Lord has shown me in the last two months.  Last year I had found out my glucose was 258 fasting.  I was a diabetic.  No one in my family on either side has it.  Now I must admit that I brought this on myself with very poor eating habits.
I had read all there was to know on healthful lifestyle, but not me.  I trugged along with my weight gaining each year until I was 200 pounds.  Ignoring all the warnings I went my merry way.

I came from a very abusive family background with all the types of abuse that there was.  I also have a moderate to severe hearing loss all of my life. My parents did not bring me up on any form of religious life.

I came into the church with very poor tools in life and unfortunately I continued in many of them.  

Well then last year I was diagnosed with diabetes.  I tried very hard with it coming down from 258 to 204 glucose level. My doctor was not happy with the results and requested that I go on medication.  I was devestated.  I went home and cried.  

But then a voice as clear as I could hear told me to forget about the medication, remember everything I have taught you from the Spirit of Prophecy of the health message and do it.

So for the first time I really started talking with God about this, re-read all that I had learned, made a few calls to places like Uchee Pines, Weimar and Wildwood and took to the road with His hand in my hand.

I have found that I have strength I have never known.  I have health that I have never experienced (only person in my office to not get sick during the whole flu season).  Tasting foods like I never have before in my life (gone were the potato chips, sodas, etc) I found I actually like food.  I use to eat for comfort, but now HE is my comfort.

My nutritionist told me today I am now a non diabetic person.  My readings are more normal. (she was extremely amazed, actually stuned with my progress)  I have lost 17 pounds in 6 weeks. I still have a long way to go on my weight, but the important part has happend, I have discovered a newer and better relationship with HIM instead of food. I have control of my life because of HIM that I never had before.  

I am grateful that HE lead me to this church. To the truths that the world needs to much.  A health message that should be proclaimed around the world.

I was told by a friend of mine that studies have been done on adventist and non adventist eating habits.  They found that meat eating adventist live longer than non adventist meat eaters.  Vegetarian eating Adventist live longer than non adventist vegetarians. I wonder what is the difference. It has to be the Sabbath.  There is something to this day.  

I should have been in much worse shape than I was, but because of HIM my days had been prolonged with fairly good health depite myself. Now I am reaping the blessings of very good health and the energy to enjoy my Sabbaths.  

We have a message that all should hear, but I realize from my own experience, people will not listen until they are willing to make a lifestyle change, but I hope as I tell people what He has done for me then perhaps even if only one person gains a blessing from it, it will have been worth it.


Title: Personal Testimonies
Post by: Dugald T Lewis MD on May 19, 2000, 07:59:00 PM
Dear Sister Liane,

Thanks for your very encouraging testimony.
God has certainly been guiding your steps.  Genuine Health can only be truly complete through a relationship with God.

I wish you the very best of Health in your continued walk with Jesus.  


Title: Personal Testimonies
Post by: Laurie Mosher on May 21, 2000, 05:49:00 PM
   Thank You Sr. Liane for that wonderful testimony. God is so good to us, and He blesses us abundantly more than we can ever ask or think.

  I wanted to share the following testimony with you from 1 week ago. I was scheduled to preach in another church 70 miles from where I now live. My sermon title was based on Matt.24:24  "The Marian Movement". You can imagine my surprise when I passed a sign identifying a New Marian Center featuring Prayer Trails..."The Rosary Trail", "The Stations of the Cross Trail", and the picture of "The Lady of Fatima" hanging above the bookstore entrance. No I didn't go in, but it certainly gave me "more ammunition" for my presentation.
  Well I arrived, and discovered that Jocelyn had the service. Jocelyn is a lady "preacher". This may be a real shocker to you who believe I am against women presentators. Well, the FACT IS, Jocelyn and her husband and I sing (I'm Tenor or Bass depending on who else is doing their part). Jocelyn said "Laurie, since you came here today, YOU preach". Jocelyn is a member of that church. Well, I thanked her for the opportunity and said, "Let's both preach." I went first, and Jocelyn closed with a condensed version  about Mother's (Mother's Day).

  As the elder and I were about to go up front, we were having prayer, and "a man walked in off the street". No one had seen him before to my knowledge.

After my presentation, he said to me. I really didn't know why I came here this morning UNTIL you stood up to preach. Now I know that God sent me to hear you." Well the tears came to my eyes, and I gave him a big hug. We had fellowship dinner together, and sat side-by-side comparing notes. I gave him my sermon notes, and said "Check out the preacher". (I always give my notes to new people). He thanked me and said his occupation was "A Trucker". He was married and had 4 small children. The man (can't think of his name) said, I've been keeping the Sabbath, and didn't know others kept it also. I invited him and his family to return to that church. Pray for this Trucker man. Pray for me too, please, that I will be faithful to God, and present His truth!
  Keep "the" faith!
 Br. Laurie  

Title: Personal Testimonies
Post by: Mr Jones on May 21, 2000, 08:53:00 PM
I think it is only right to share our testimonies. Revelation tells us we overcome by the blood of the Lamb AND the word of our testimony. It is kinda hard to rebuke someones own life story. Here is my story. I pray you are blessed.

I am an SDA because of many interesting circumstances that God has led me through. I was a adopted at a very young age.
The family I was staying with at this young age before my adoption were careless to say the least. My mum - the first time
she saw me was almost sick. I was in a pram, in my own vomit and dirtiness. It was obvious that no attempt had been
made to clean me up at all. That was the start of a lot of insane behaviour. I wasn't affectionate as you can imagine and it
was hard for my mum to try to cuddle me and have this wriggling, squirming child try to get away. I hated the attention.

I'm going to jump forward a few years. I was fostered out because I was very hard to control. Nothing has changed except
except I choose to let Christ take control of me (because nothing's too hard for Him) and let Him live His life of pure
thoughts, words and actions through me. I lived with a family that had a hard time controlling their anger and it was often
taken out on yours truly. (I pray for them now.) It was hard to live. I was hated and abused and a little slave at home and at
school and everything I seemed to touch was a complete disaster. It is hard for a 10-12 year old child to not be accepted.
Think of the impression it leaves on the poor child's mind. I used to wonder why there were so many suicides among
youth. I know why now. They don't like themselves because of their upbringing. I got sick of the abuse so I ran away from
them and was living on and off the street for 6 months. God protected me from 'the survival of the fittest.' Never in my whole
life have I had to defend myself in a 'boxing match.' I was ready too. The people I lived with had taught me many things.
They shouldn't have done that.

Well, because of this dislike I had for myself, I had to find some satisfaction so I started to smoke cigarettes and marijuana
to look 'cool.' Didn't work. If God wanted us to smoke we would have had a built-in chimney poking out of our back or head
or something.

These drugs stopped having an effect after a few years so I 'graduated' on to the heavy stuff. LSD, Ecstasy, Speed,
Cocaine but funnily enough wouldn't touch heroine.

Sex, drugs and raving was my lifestyle.

It is amazing what music does to your mind, too. If I wasn't into heavy hip-hop music, I don't think I would have been
interested in pot. If I didn't listen to techno music (oxymoron) I wouldn't have been interested in chemicals.

One weekend, however, I was invited to a revival series with Pr Louis Torres as the guest speaker. I was a little turned off
the church for many years because of the previous family that I had lived with. I don't blame them. I made the choices, but
the seeds were sown in my life.

This speaker said a few things that got right down into my heart and I 'heard' God calling me home. I asked the speaker if I
could speak to him in private. We walked out the back. I couldn't stop crying. I knew I had been running. It was time to
come home.

Not long after this, my father had a baptism at his church. He was the minister of the church at this time. He preached the
sermon, had the baptism, and made an appeal. Never have I fought so hard against the forces of darkness as I did
against that appeal. I don't remember the sermon. All I remember was the appeal. Every drug and every thing I had ever
done came to my mind to say to me "You're no good, God can't accept you." I almost believed those lies. But God is a
merciful God. He drove those forces back for a split-second. It was enough time to raise my hand to that appeal.

BANG. Everything stopped. I felt peace. I felt calmness. It felt good. I realised, I gotta know this God. I was baptised a year
later. That was two years ago. I have since drifted back into the world. But again, God is so good. He has brought me
back through a man by the name of Willard Santee. I was re-baptised on the 29th of February. Watching other people was what caused me to drift. If you have your eyes anywhere else other than on Christ, BEWARE!! Satan knows and will trap you in a way you least expect. You see I thought I had won over drugs, drinking, etc but Satan had some tricks up his sleeve. He drew me back to a friends house who was a heavy smoker and before you know it the old habits were back again. Don't evemn step on Satan's ground. You guardian angel cannot step onto that ground. Let alone protect you. One promise for you that I know you will love. And probably heard too.

"There hath no temptation taken you but that which is common to man, but God is faithful and WILL NOT LET you be tempted above that which you can handle, but will with the temptation also make a way to escape that you may be able to bear it." II Cor 10:13

I believe with all my heart also that God has called me to do His work and to minister to those who need to know Him. I
need your prayer in this as well. We need each other's support. It is time that we as a REMNANT church, God's CHOSEN
church, PULL together and lift the banner of Christ high for all to see. This is the work we are called to do.

Let me leave you with one thing I do remember from that sermon. It has never left me.
"Let the mind of the Master be the Master of your mind."
Read it again.

Yours in Christ Jesus
Forward on our Knees.

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Title: Personal Testimonies
Post by: charlene on May 22, 2000, 08:34:00 AM
Mr. Jones,

God Bless you for giving us a glimps of the Goodness God is willing to do for His wayward children. I praise God for your story and know that He will put His mind in you to do His will in your life, because of your commitment. I will be praying for you. The Devil does not like your determination to follow Christ, but Christ Jesus is greater and He Is Able To Keep YOu from falling..... ever again. Lean on Him.

Praise the Lord


Title: Personal Testimonies
Post by: Laurie Mosher on May 28, 2000, 04:52:00 AM
  Dear Br Paul (Mr.Jones),
  Thank YOU for that powerful testimony! and YES, God is able to do so much for us, IF we just allow Him to take control of ALL our being, then He can do "wonders" thru us.
  Keep on KEEPING "the' FAITH!
   Br. Laurie  
Title: Personal Testimonies
Post by: Liane H on May 28, 2000, 08:44:00 PM
To All my Brothers and Sisters:

I love to read these, because we see no matter where we have been and what we have done God can find us.  Satan finds so many ways to destroy us and yet God can find and  heal it all.  

This past week, my nutritionist told me that I was no longer a diabetic.  I should be getting confirmation again when I go for my three month ratio glucose test this Wednesday.

God is indeed Good.  His love knows no bounds.  We may falter, but He will lift us up again and again.  We can see this from the story of Mary Madgalene.  Again and again he forgave her and he loved her and she saw that love and it did change her.

I can't count the years that I sat eating my life away and saying I loved God.  It just did not go together.  The diabetes made me make a change that I never would have.  Satan probably thought I have her now, but he was  wrong.      

It made me reach every closer to Him and I remembered all that He gave us with the Health Message.  I was able to put it to practice and it has made a difference in my life.

praise God from whom all blessing flow.


Title: Personal Testimonies
Post by: Titus Asbury on May 28, 2000, 09:27:00 PM
"I praise the Lord for His wonderful love to me. I do not deserve it but God has always been there for me.

I know the feeling Avalee.  Many times I have felt down trodden, Depressed, and downright disgusted.  So much so that I left the church for 32 years.  Many a time I cried out to God "Where are you when I need you the most?" and His gentle sweet answer has always been "Right here, you just looked the wrong way.  You took your eyes off me and all this simply overwhelmed you.  I 'm here, I have never left your side nor will I ever forsake you, you can walk away from me but I'll follow.  You may push me away but even then I stand within reach."


Title: Personal Testimonies
Post by: M.A. Crawford on May 29, 2000, 02:49:00 PM
In reading the wonderful testimonies in this forum, I felt it was time to briefly add mine to the inspiring messages that make up this thread.

As a child, I grew up in the Baptist Church. My father was a Baptist minister and my mother was a loyal and faithful member of the Baptist Church. One day (in 1959 or 1960; I can't remember which one) a high school friend of mine (who is still to this day [so far as I know] not a member of the SDA Church) passed to me a magazine which had an article in it on the Sabbath which he wanted me to read (To show you how the Lord works in our lives, reading was, and still is, one of my favorite hobbies). I was not familiar with the idea of attending church on "Saturday," so I was intrigued by what I read, so much so until I subscribed to the magazine. It was the Plain Truth magazine whose editor and primary contributor (at that time) was Herbert W. Armstrong. I subscribed to the magazine for two or three years, and discontinued it after I entered college; BUT THE SEED HAD BEEN PLANTED!

During my freshman year, I noticed a brother and sister who dressed up every "Saturday" to go to the local SDA Church (Again, I was intrigued). This continued throughout my undergraduate years until one day a friend of my mother invited her to an evangelistic meeting one summer that was conducted under a tent. It was a six week meeting, and my mother wanted to go every night after she was impressed with its spirituality on the first night. She could not drive at the time, so I had to take her. I am always amazed at how God works. Although I sat in the car while she went under the tent, I could hear the messages very clearly as they were being presented night after night.

At the conclusion of the meeting, my mother was one of those individuals baptized into the church. But God was not through with me yet! After her conversion, my mother purchased several books of which the Great Controversy and Desire of Ages were among them. Being the avid reader I am, I was curious to learn what those books contained, so I read them and my life has never been the same since.

I, excitedly, began sharing these new found truths with others even before I became a member of the church. And, may I add, because I had to take my mother to church, I participated in Sabbath School and the Divine Worship Hour every Sabbath. I even began paying my tithes before I became a baptized member of the church. NOW THE LORD WAS READY FOR ME!

I eventually was baptized and have served the church in practically every capacity, from piano player to associate pastor of a three church district.

As I look back over that experience, I can see clearly how God has led me every step along the way. Some years later after baptism, the Lord presented me with my wife who was a young lady who had been raised up in the SDA Church. And we have been VERY HAPPILY married for nineteen years (this December), and have two teen-aged children who are also baptized members of the Seventh-day Adventist Church.  


Title: Personal Testimonies
Post by: Richard Myers on May 29, 2000, 09:48:00 PM
Thank you, brothers and sister for sharing what Jesus has been doing in your lives.  We are admonished to "tell of His power." How can we do otherwise when we contemplate what He has done for us.  This is my favorite forum. I love to read the testimonies of how God is working through His people to save a lost world. It is truly encouraging and we all have something to share.

I will share soon, but it seems that I am posting so much that I hesitate when I don't need to.  I will pray and ask the Lord what and when.  He is faithful to lead us exactly the best way for His honor and glory and our salvation. In the mean time, those of you who are being blessed by reading, you too, pray about sharing what Jesus has done for you. He will lead you also as you inquire.
Title: Personal Testimonies
Post by: Avalee Lohman on June 01, 2000, 02:55:00 PM
Received this by email today:

A gospel message written on toilet paper saved a condemned man. The man had been sentenced to die in a Chinese prison for
stealing money, Hong Kong-based Sowers Ministry said. His brother, worried about the impending execution, consulted a
Christian friend for advice -- and became a Christian when he learned about Jesus Christ, Sowers said.

When the man visited his brother in jail he handed him a note written on toilet paper, the only paper he had. It explained that
he must put his faith in Christ to be forgiven for his sins. The inmate professed faith in Christ that day, Sowers said.

The inmate's sentence was reduced because of the prayers of other Christians, Sowers said, and after serving some time he will be placed on probation. Many inmates in the prison have become Christians because of his preaching, Sowers said. His brother now leads a house church that ministers to prisoners.

From Religion Today


Title: Personal Testimonies
Post by: Avalee Lohman on June 13, 2000, 06:49:00 AM
To Know God is to Obey Him

If ye shall ask any thing in my name I will do it. If ye love me keep my commandments. John 14:14, 15

"In my name," Christ bade His disciples pray. In Christ's name His followers are to stand before God. Through the value of the sacrifice made for them, they are of value in the Lord's sight. Because of the imputed righteousness of Christ they are accounted precious. For Christ's sake the Lord pardons those that fear Him. He does not see in them the vileness of the sinner. He recognizes in them the likeness of His Son, in whom they believe.

The Lord is disappointed when His people place a low estimate upon themselves. He desires His chosen heritage to value themselves according to the price He has placed upon them. God wanted them, else He would not have sent His Son on such an expensive errand to redeem them. He has a use for them, and He is well pleased when they make the very highest demands upon Him, that they may glorify His name. They may expect larger things if they have faith in His promises. {LHU 178.3}

But to pray in Christ's name means much. It means that we are to accept His character, manifest His spirit, and work His works. The Saviour's promise is given on condition. "If ye love me," He says, "keep my commandments." He saves men, not in sin, but from sin; and those who love Him will show their love by obedience.

All true obedience comes from the heart. It was heart work with Christ. And if we consent, He will so identify Himself with our thoughts and aims, so blend our hearts and minds into conformity to His will, that when obeying Him we shall be but carrying out our own impulses. The will, refined and sanctified, will find its highest delight in doing His service. When we know God as it is our privilege to know Him, our life will be a life of continual obedience. Through an appreciation of the character of Christ, through communion with God, sin will become hateful to us.

As Christ lived the law in humanity, so we may do if we will take hold of the Strong for strength. But we are not to place the responsibility of our duty upon others, and wait for them to tell us what to do. We cannot depend for counsel upon humanity. The Lord will teach us our duty just as willingly as He will teach somebody else. If we come to Him in faith, He will speak His mysteries to us personally. Our hearts will often burn within us as One draws nigh to commune with us as He did with Enoch. Those who decide to do nothing in any line that will displease God will know, after presenting their case before Him, just what course to pursue. And they will receive not only wisdom, but strength. Power for obedience, for service, will be imparted to them, as Christ has promised (The Desire of Ages, pp. 667, 668).

---end of quote---

I received this as a devotional this morning and wanted to share it with all of my friens. I was blessed by the entire passage but this sentence really touched home:

"Through an appreciation of the character of Christ, through communion with God, sin will become hateful to us."

I did not really understand how true this is until recently. I work in an enviroment (warehouses and around truck drivers,etc.) where my co-workers think nothing of using swear words. I was not always a Christian so I too use to swear...Praise the Lord for the victory He has given me over this. But I have noticed in the last month how hearing the tamest swear word cuts at my heart, especially when I hear it from a professing Christian. I want to praise God for giving me the power to overcome in His name and for His continual working in me.

In The Blessed Hope


Title: Personal Testimonies
Post by: Laurie Mosher on June 15, 2000, 06:14:00 PM
 "Let all bear in mind that in every assembly of the saints below are angels of God listening to the testimonies, songs, and prayers. Let us remember that our praises are supplemented by the choirs of the angelic host above."

  "While we review , NOT the dark chapters in our experience, but the manifestations of God's great mercy and unfailing love, we shall praise far more than complain.
 We shall talk of the loving faithfulness of God as the true, tender, compassionate shepherd of His flock, which He has declared that NONE shall pluck out of His hand." Ibid.
(emphasis mine-LM)

  Isn't that beautiful?

The angels TOO love to hear these wonderful testimonies of God's love for His children!

 Keep "the" faith!

   Br. Laurie

Title: Personal Testimonies
Post by: loryn on June 16, 2000, 08:15:00 AM
Thanks for these testimonies. You've inspired me to post mine.


I grew up in a christian family, yet didn't know Christ until I was 24. My parents were strong in the faith, and lovely people. My Dad was a teacher and lay preacher. I was shown love and care as a child. I was baptized in my church when I was 13; but I didn't yet know Jesus Christ. I was baptized because my father wanted me to, and the minister wanted to meet his baptismal quota. In all probability, I didn't understand exactly what I was committing to.

I drifted along through my teen years. I knew the Bible. I could argue theological points. I taught the Bible. Once I even preached a sermon. When I was 17, I began to feel God might want me to enter the ministry. I certainly did not want to do that. I had just begun university, studying linguistics. I had recently begun courting a girlfriend, Tammy, whom I knew I would marry. I didn't want to complicate my life; nor extend the period of time till I was earning money. I ran from God. I shut Him out of my life. Tammy and I even stopped going to church for the social connection once our first child was born. I felt separated from Christians; strangely uncomfortable in talking about spiritual matters. I could not even communicate with my grandparents.

I was successful at university. I was successful at earning an income. I was motivated and driven. I graduated with a BA in Linguistics with 1st Class Honors; and I earned a six figure salary at age 21. But it took long, long hours. I earned lots of money; and spent most of it building my business. I worked from 2:00am till 6:00pm five days a week, and from 9:00am till 6:00pm on Sundays. Saturdays I slept. This lifestyle began extracting an excruciating toll on my life and marriage.

I became withdrawn from my wife. Completely uncommunicative. Robotic. She was there to serve me. I became increasingly self-centered. Little by little, the morality with which I had been socially imbued became degraded. My character looked inward. Unwittingly, I began destroying my wife's self-esteem, and began evaluating everyone on the basis of what they could do for me. My marriage was at a breaking point. When my wife begged for us to see a counselor, I told her to wait until I had finished my current project (3 months hence). Despite my self-obsession, she waited. The sin-sickness with which I was embroiled was destroying myself and my family. God could see I needed healing.

My company began moving me from Sydney, Australia, to Atlanta, Georgia. In Atlanta, I observed a Southern Baptist who loves God dearly. I saw that he prayed over his lunch in front colleagues. I began to feel a sense of shame: shame that this man loves God from the depths of his heart and I did not. God began to pull at my heart-strings. Gently.

I returned to Australia to assemble my household for the final move. While I was there, I found I was suddenly able to communicate with my grandparents again. I confided that God was drawing me. Grandpa told me to study Romans. I read through it. I forced myself through it. I had never read a complete book of the Bible before, and it was hard going. (Despite being extremely literate: reading hundreds of pages of other material with ease.) When I finished, I thought I understood Romans: "We accept Jesus Christ's gift by faith, and then we try really hard not to sin ... and where we fail, God makes up the difference."

I tried not to sin. I tried to beat the animalistic urges that I had indulged previously. I earnestly prayed that God would help me to beat this sin. I failed. And failed. And failed. I wondered why God wasn't making up the lack between my effort and obedience.

Then I happened to read a book called "Righteousness by Faith and Your Will" (by Morris Venden). I learned that justification, sanctification and even repentance are issued to us through God's grace; that they are activated in our life through a seed of faith that He places within us ... and that He can help us believe should we ask Him to (Mark 9:24). Suddenly, the scales fell from my eyes. Bible reading became a joy: I read book after book after book, becoming almost maniacally obsessed with reading the Bible and grasping at ideas and truths that I had never understood. Where before I had seen nothing but a tired old book written in a schematic and antiquated fashion, now I began to perceive current truth. Now, God began to speak to me through the Bible. (I found that sometimes, when reading a certain passage, God would make it jump out at me. Kind of like hitting me over the head with a two-by-four, saying, "This is for you.")

I learned the importance of daily devotions: to find God's will and His power. I learned how to achieve victory over sin: by giving over my desire to sin to God.

I began to see miracles. I made a bargain with God: "If You want me to spend time with You each morning, then You wake me up in time." He did. At first, He gave me only 15 minutes of worship time before my children woke. Then it stretched to to 30 minutes. Then 45. An hour. 90 minutes. God has woken me for devotions each morning for the last six months now.

Another miracle. I began praying for my two daughters: that God would impress them to follow Him. The second day after beginning that request, God showed Himself. My eldest daughter—completely without prompting—began to ask for us to say grace before a meal. (We had never prayed with her. We had never said grace in front of her.) The next week, she asked her mother to say "grace" before going to bed. (How did she know about that? It's a God thing.)

After a while, the intensely inspiring relationship with God began to mellow. You might use the word blase. Hey! I thought I was getting along OK. But I know I am meant to be riddled with sin-sickness. I know I am, yet I couldn't see it. One night, I lay awake asking God to show me His perception of me. I began to earnestly desire and plead and beg Him to show me who I am. Wish a rush of power I felt this feeling intensify. I was emotionally struggling with another power. I felt God's presence. He worked another miracle: Over the next 56 hours, God revealed to me my true motivations. Almost everything I was doing was tinged with selfishness. I felt aghast and horrified, yet praised God for drawing close to me. I have never felt closer to God. Eventually, I asked that God withdraw this perception from me. He graciously did so. I was humbled. Broken. Utterly dependent on God.

Now I am ready for healing. Now I am ready for God to change me. Now I am ready for God to heal the scars my sin-sick self-centeredness had caused. The seven long years of pursuing money, ideas and selfish desires had wreaked a toll. But now God has brought me to a point where He can heal me and those around me.

Now and then, during my devotional time, God presents a fault to me. Something He wants changed in my life. When I try really hard to change, I fail. When I ask God to change my desire completely, he does. He rescues me from the slavery of my habits, so that I am left on a level playing ground—where I can choose to obey or not. By depending on God, I can obey. Jesus grants me this power.

I could tell you a whole lot more about what has happened to me in the last six months. I have been invigorated, filled with joy, struggled with pain and grief, seen numerous miracles, had prayers answered, been rebuked and corrected—all with the arms of my Savior wrapped around me, lovingly empowering me. But the greatest miracle of all is this: Yesterday, my wife and I smiled and laughed and hugged and cried and truthfully laid out the hurts of our hearts. She is starting to live again, and we are being healed.

I beg you, If you don't yet know Jesus as your Savior, leader and personal friend, just talk to Him, then listen. My life had became hell without Him. Yet these last six months, I have begun to live. So can you.

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Title: Personal Testimonies
Post by: Gerry Buck on June 16, 2000, 09:20:00 AM
All I can say to that is........


Abstain from ALL  appearence of evil. 1Thess.5:22
Gerry B.

Title: Personal Testimonies
Post by: Richard Myers on June 16, 2000, 06:24:00 PM
Amazing grace, how sweet the sound! Praise God, Brother Loryn. He does not forsake us, but rather continues to speak to our hearts even when we run from Him! God is truly love. Thanks for sharing your testimony. It will be an encouragement to all who read it. 
Title: Personal Testimonies
Post by: Laurie Mosher on June 16, 2000, 06:32:00 PM
Well! Br. Loryn, I have to tell you.....I had shivers going up my arms while reading that powerful testimony. Surely the angels and our Lord in heaven are pleased when hearing such amazing and wonderful stories of God's grace.
 Keep "the" faith, and NEVER GIVE UP!
   Br. Laurie

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Title: Personal Testimonies
Post by: Gary K on June 16, 2000, 09:28:00 PM
Hi Loryn,

Nice to see you here and see you expressing your love and appreciation for what God has done for and through you. Glad you came and took a look.

Gary K

Title: Personal Testimonies
Post by: Richard Myers on June 17, 2000, 12:41:00 PM
Sister Joan, happy Sabbath, good to see you online again! You have missed the best forum. We encourage all to post their testimonies no matter where they have posted them. I can't imagine anyone objecting. This is why we are on this earth. Share with us, tell of His power in your life!  :)


Title: Personal Testimonies
Post by: Laurie Mosher on June 17, 2000, 04:33:00 PM
  Greetings Sister Joan! (Yes I am the "Bluenoser" from the other forum).

 We would all be blessed to hear your testimony on TRO.

It is a blessing to all who read of the wonderful things God has done AND IS DOING for His children.

  Our God is a wonderful God, and we, His children are privileged to be able to call him "Our Father"!

  Keep "the" faith!
Br. Laurie

Title: Personal Testimonies
Post by: Gerry C. Wagoner on June 17, 2000, 07:21:00 PM

I was raised in an Old German Baptist Brethren home, as were eight generations of my family before me.  I joined the church of my fathers in 1984, baptized in the chilly spring that flowed through my Uncle’s farm.  There was no heavenly phenomenon as I walked up out of the cold water, just the quiet realization that I was carrying the torch for yet another generation.  This was fully expected of me, and I began to fulfill my twentieth century Anabaptist role as best I could, relaxing in the approval of my peers.  Two and one half years went by.

In late 1986, a colorful brochure advertising a local Daniel & Revelation seminar showed up in the mailbox of a business partner. As we shared a meal with them that evening, Eric and I discussed the brochure.   Without knowing much about it, we committed ourselves to the opening night, along with the resolution that if it wasn’t good— we would not go back.    This we did quietly, knowing the suspicion our church had for anything outside it’s echelon.  And while I can’t speak for the rest of the audience that opening night, there were two German Baptist men riveted to their seats because of something powerful.  Jesus Christ had been lifted up and I found myself irresistibly drawn to him just as He had said it would be.

On the following Monday night we went back.  Early.  Got a good seat.  Night after night, I sat in that hall, while the Bible open itself to me under the supervision of the Holy Spirit.  And like the unnamed disciples on the Emmaues road, we said to each other   “Did not our hearts burn within he opened the Scriptures to us?”   The fire burned on...   I attended all twenty-one of the remaining meetings even after circumstance prevented my partner from returning.  By the close of the seminar I had learned three serious truths:  The Bible is held together by extraordinary power.  That power is a person.  That Person is Jesus the Christ.  
   This was enough to occupy my mind for years.  However, I had also been brought face to face with certain truths of Jesus,  like the conditional immortality of the soul, the Judgment confronting everyone, the Everlasting Gospel, the Sabbath rest, and the panoramic view of redemptive history.   Before I could slam the Book, Dr. Pieter Barkhuizen had directed my attention clearly to these eternal truths, and like water from the well, all of them pointed to Jesus and His unbelievable love.  Now I had a problem.   Where had these truths been for eight generations?  “Where were you, Jesus?  I’ve never seen you this clearly before.”  I was shaken.  To the core.  Revelation Seminar indeed.  There had been a “revelation.”

So I did the only thing I could think of.  I got my bible out and began to study it carefully.  Maybe I’d missed something.  Eight generations can’t be wrong, so I resolved to disprove this new message that had shaken my foundation.  I would learn in the next two years of intensive study that if a pillar of faith topples in Bible study, it is a false pillar. Jesus doesn’t fail.  
   At the end of two years of research I had earned the suspicion of my wife who silently watched her well respected husband  quietly confirm a message he had set out to rebut.  The day was fast approaching when I would go from well respected to complete idiot in the eyes of my erstwhile friends, and family.   But now I had to admit that I was prisoner of the very message I was researching, and no prisoner was held tighter than I by the chains of conviction that had settled around my neck.  The best was yet to come.  Intellectual determination alone was not enough!  

Finally, it came to a head in 1988.  Amidst the confusion I felt over the pull of my heritage against the power of  the Advent message, I fell to my knees one night and prayed perhaps as I never had before...  “Father, please help me.  You alone know the struggle within me.  Take it out of my hands and lead me by Your will...”  That did it.    When morning broke, my life began to reveal a startling series of events as if guided by a giant hand.  God had heard...He had been listening.  Now He was guiding.  Gethsemane was close behind me.

I took step after step in the direction of the Advent Movement.  Unable to hide it longer, word broke out among my childhood peers.  Rumors about me went from Ohio to California.  In two weeks time I went from well respected to complete idiot in the opinions of my fellow church members.  Through it all I clung to the Scriptures as I now understood them and the One to whom they pointed.  Vaguely, I remember thinking in late 1988  “This should really bother me: to walk away from the kind of heritage that is mine.  I’m here to tell you -- it didn’t.  Nothing mattered - except doing the will of my heavenly Father.  Nothing.  
   Walking away from tradition of that depth is neither easy nor casually done, but for me it was the only road to peace.  I surrendered to God in late 1988 and the peace He brought still warms my heart.  Without the support of my wife I was baptized into the Seventh-day Adventist Church on 1-7-1989.  Once again, there was no divine appearance,  however the Scriptures that I loved as a boy are permanently fixed in my heart as the great guide to Jesus.  And that kind of treasure is indeed a heavenly phenomenon.  

Gerry C. Wagoner

(PS. My wife also joined the Advent Movement in late `89). Praise Him!

Title: Personal Testimonies
Post by: Laurie Mosher on June 18, 2000, 04:07:00 AM
  Praise the Lord, Brother Wagoner! What a powerful testimony!
 Isn't our God WONDERFUL?

  My conversion experience was somewhat different. I was raised in a Christian home, my parents being SDA before I was born. Because of city influence, my parents moved to a remote rural community 30 miles from the nearest town and 90 miles away from the nearest city. Attending an organized  church happened about once every 5 years, so we were isolated members .
 There in a little rural community of Nova Scotia, I grew up. Being raised on a farm, we had the finer things in life..beans and potatoes, and potatoes and beans. I never missed a meal that I can recall, but the variety was limited. As my father had said, "being your own boss had its limitations."

  All my education was in the public school system, which for the most part in the 1950-60's could have been worse. Of course, Boy Scouts was out, as well as other "community activities" because of Sabbaths. But as community leaders later said, "We always knew where Oz's boys were", when there was questionable ruckus in town. Oz's boys were home whre they belonged.

  At the age of 18, I was baptized in the Atlantic Ocean at a camp meeting. No there were no flashing lights, or bells ringing, but what I do remember was that  one of my buddies invited me to a dance that very evening. R had been baptized with me that very afternoon. I didn't go, and R never attended church again.

  I then attended Oshawa Missionary College (now Kingsway) in Oshawa, Ontario and graduated from High School, attended college for 2 years, and then went on to take xray training at North York Branson Hospital, a wonderful SDA institution. (It has now closed).Beverly trained as a Registered Nurse there also, and the day after her graduation, we were married.
   We then moved to British Columbia, and I became chief technician of a small SDA hospital located on Vancouver Island-Rest Haven Hospital where we resided for nearly 3 years. While working on the lawns one day, I came down with a severe case of Asthma, which changed the course of my life.

  The treatment of Asthma in those days was broncho-dilators, and pills that made your head spin, and cause light-headedness, along with being drowsy nearly all the time. My Dr. suggested that I move to another climate, so back to college I went..this time in Alberta ,Can...Canadian Union College (CUC), and I will never forget what Elder Heimo Hegheson said one day when teaching "Life and Teachings of Jesus" (I majored in Religion):

"Laurie, IF YOU were the only person on this planet, Jesus would have died for you."

That "blew my mind". I went home a different person. This time the "bells rang, whistles blew", and life now had a real purpose. My goals changed, and now Bev's and my life became a life of service to others.

  Brothers and Sisters, when YOU find Jesus, don't ever look back. As I discovered, "we" can know all the doctrines, have all the right answers, eat healthy, etc., but if we don't have Jesus, we don't have anything!!!

Jesus Christ died because of my sins, and He wants me to acknowledge that without Him I have no hope.
  Is Jesus REAL to YOU? Only through the merits of the blood of Christ can any of us hope to have eternal life.

 My friends He is Coming Back to receive His subjects. Let us endeavor to belong to Jesus. Right now, Jesus is pleading with YOU and with me to get our act together for He's coming SOONER than we expect.

 Jesus Christ IN YOU, the HOPE OF GLORY (Colossians 1:27).

  Oh Lord, our Lord! How excellent thy Name is, How excellent is thy Name in all the earth!

 Dear Heavenly father! Thank You for the wonderful privilege we can have of being Your children. You have told us that we are Your sons and daughters (2 Cor.6:17). Father we just want to thank You and praise You for Your love and grace to each one.

  Father, please help us to "stand like a rock" in defense of Your truth. and as we go into these closing hours of earth's history, I just pray that Jesus Christ will become REAL to each and ALL of us, as we continue to give the 3 angel's messages to a dying world.

 Dear Father, may we "Keep the faith as it is in Jesus", and be ready when He comes again. This I ask through the Name of our Intercessor, Saviour, Redeemer and Friend,JESUS.. AMEN and AMEN.

 Brother Laurie

Title: Personal Testimonies
Post by: Joan Rügemer on June 18, 2000, 08:41:00 AM
Following is the first installment of Joan Rügemer's Testimony for God's miracles in her life.

    I get a warm sentimental feeling upon opening the green metal box taken from our bedroom closet. Among the treasured memories of documents there are also two Baptism certificates. One of them I hold in my hand and read it as a visual testimony to an unconscious event in my life. I was not consciously aware of making a commitment of my heart and soul to the living God as a baby at the age of one month. My christening baptism was to all points and purposes more an act of dedication. Yes, I would prefer to view it this way. My parents were dedicating me to God and thereby proclaiming they would be responsible to bring me up in the faith of our Church. And so it was. In the course of years I was indoctrinated into the teachings of 'The Church'.

   To reject or repute a teaching of The Church was tantamount almost to calling your own mother a whore. The Church and it's influence in my thinking was similar to the old fashion teaching methods when the school master told the kids dictatorish what they were to think and believe instead of leading them into situation experiences for them to gain their own insights.

   As I was much older and exercised accountability for my own thinking and commitments, I started to develop a more independent strong will of my own and was prepared to study other peoples point of view. I even dared to go outside 'The Church' to visit a youth meeting at the age of 15, being held in some lowly 'other' church. It was that moment of excitement being able to exercise my free will that kept my attention alert to what was going on up front. Someone stood and started reading from a large black book. It wasn't my choosing but I believe it was the choosing of God, at that moment something spiritual started happening.

   I had never heard this story before. This man read up to the part where the runaway son was going home to Pa with a really bad conscious. I then thought, Wow! ... this guy is really going to get it! ...and waited to hear how the father would rightly beat him and rub his nose in the dirt for having wasted all his inheritance money. But in that moment a miracle took place in my heart as to my astonishment I heard that the father, having seen him a long way off, told the servants to get a feast ready to eat high on the hog. I heard out of the reading from the book that the father hugged him, gave him a new covering, and a ring of some importance. He didnt scold him ( as odd and unexpected that was for me what with my earthly father being just the opposite of the one in question).

 Then came this telepathic type of communication in my head saying, "That is not a fairytale book (as I had been assuming up til then), it is the Bible and that is how God is". I was shook enough that tears flowed down as I sat there. I quickly composed myself but the message in my thoughts kept on repeating itself. 'God is a friendly God. He is not mad at you'. There was this sense in me saying that if I were to pray I would be walking toward God as a nice guy not to be afraid of. A God, who by approaching him is not mad with me. I had been confessing sin for years and years in my life. I know what penance is. I know what praying the 10 Hail Mary's and untold Lords Prayer for atonement means. But never did I believed it amounted to real forgiveness. There was always this area deep in me that made me feel I wasn't really making the grade before the great and mighty 'One' up there. I figured he was holding a sense of dissapointment toward me. But now I was becoming a conscious awareness of a fasinating unconditional forgiveness and acceptance He was offering me.

   A call to go forward was given for those who wanted to come and pray. Up I went. I was too choked up to pray. The man before me was sensitive enough to notice that and suggested that he should pray for me. I'm glad he did. No amount of talk and bible verses reading he gave me a remained consciously of worth for me at that time shortly afterwards. I had personally been confronted with the living God himself and was much to overwhelmed to think logically and couldn't pay attention to what he was on about.

   In the course of months I became active in a newly Chosen church fellowship different to what I had grown up in. After a few months I was asked if I would like to join the other Baptism candidates in the following week to be baptized. I was overwhelmed with what I saw in my 'quicker than the speed of light' inward spiritual check.I didn't trust myself. I was well aware of being a sinner. I wasn't going to commit myself to a holy God who expects me to lead a whole life with my present immature ambivalence wether or not what I had started in faith would pan out as being a way of life or not. As a I outwardly pressed my lips together I shook my head "no". Then they politely left me alone. I carried on in church fellowship.

   Singing in choir, taking part in Biblestudies on Wednesdays and real glad to be with the youth for social meetings twice a week. After one year I was asked again to join the baptism candidates. I felt free to say "Yes". Now why was it that I first said 'no' and then after a period of time I said 'yes'? It had to do with the values I carried in me at those time. By the first confrontation I quickly looked within myself and made assessment of who I was and what the value of Baptism was. 'Who' I was was in my eyes was pretty awful. Immature and incapable of being true to a serious commitment. I was convinced a Baptism is an open proclamation to an inward state of commitment. Faithfulness to an oath; to be true to a newly taken on set of values til death do you part. This is all that I saw at the time. My independableness opposing the seriousness of the Baptism ritual. After a year of church life and biblestudies, I was stable enough for what I considered a true commitment. Someone missed teaching me that I didn't need to make myself good enough in outward correct behavior to earn the right to be baptized. I just needed to confess my belief that Jesus Christ was the substitute Savior for my penalty that I deserved for having disregarded the Laws of God. Baptism is the outward sign of the new heart attitude given at the conversion of one's mindset about who Jesus is. Santification then carries on in the true converted one.  I could have been baptized sooner if I had understood that.    

   Baptism is then a public symbolic act in which I participated and showed thereby that as I went into the water I was going into a grave symbolically with my old selfish goals and acts. As I came up out of the water I was symbolically being raised to a new outlook in life. To a new purpose and aim in life. I was committed to let God be first in my life. I was committed to do His will.

   Now I hold in my hand the other Baptism certificate. I was 16 years old as I got it. It holds for me the same value as my Marriage certificate. An outward symbol of an inward decision. Look here, I can say pointing to the marriage paper, I have the right to bear my husbands name. That gives me witness to a legal status which is represented by this paper I can see and feel. Similarly with my Baptism certificate. With it I can show proof that there were witnesses to my symbolic death to another way of living, and to the raising up symbolicly from this water grave to the begining of living my life in a new way. I now have the name.... : Christian.


SDA membership happening follows in next installment

Title: Personal Testimonies
Post by: Richard Myers on June 18, 2000, 12:27:00 PM
Brothers and sisters, Jesus is real and the power of His grace is such that it transforms the motives of the human heart. Who can bring a clean out of an unclean thing? No one in and of himself, but the love of God can and does every day. As we read these personal testimonies of God's power to change lives please do not resist the drawing of Jesus upon your heart.

Don't stop with the reading of these testimonies, but rather learn of Jesus for in Him is this power of grace found. As Brother Laurie has shared, Jesus would have died for you alone. This is love. As Sister Joan has shared, do not wait until you have made yourself clean and respectable; it will never happen. Go to Jesus just as you are, today and give Him your heart.

Brother Gerry testified that the chains of tradition cannot hold one who is looking unto Jesus for truth. Make Jesus your pattern, feed upon the Word, study the life of Jesus and by beholding Him you will become changed into His image. Does He knock upon the door of your heart today? If so, let Him come in.

As you are contemplating His love and His call to you, listen to these words:

Just as I am, without one plea, but that Thy blood was shed for me, And that thou bid'st me come to Thee, O Lamb of God, I come.

Just as I am, poor, wretched, blind; Sight, riches, healing of the mind, Yea, all I need, in Thee I find, O Lamb of God, I come.

Just as I am, Thou wilt receive, Wilt welcome, pardon, cleanse, relieve; Because Thy promise I believe, O Lamb of God, I come.

Today is the day of salvation. Say yes to Jesus! Let Him into your heart and He will give you peace and joy that can only come through Him. Your life will be His responsibility as you follow Him. You will never be sorry and you too, will have a testimony of His love and power.

Say "YES" to Jesus, "I want you more than anything in this world. Take my heart for I can't give it. I believe take away my unbelief."    

Lord Jesus please send your Holy Spirit to touch the hearts of those that are making a decision to serve you today. Reveal your great love for them. Give them "new hearts" that love as you love that they may be channels that may work through to reveal your love to others, we pray in Jesus precious name, amen.

Title: Personal Testimonies
Post by: Dugald T Lewis MD on June 18, 2000, 08:29:00 PM
I can only say Thank You Lord!! for the heart warming testimonies I have just read tonight as I haven't been here for a while. Jesus is real and as the Holy Spirit hovers around us a wind, we can only truly experience the power when we position our "sails" to facilitate the propelling force of the Holy Spirit's power in our lives.

Brother Loryn,Brother Gerry,Elder Crawford, Sister Joan and Brother Laurie you all make me feel like a billion dollars tonight.

TRO is a true blessing from the Lord. I wish that many more would come here to dip in the fountain and to truly taste and see that the Lord is good.

Thank you brother Richard for your vision and your committment.

I look forward to posting my testimony soon.


Title: Personal Testimonies
Post by: Joan Rügemer on June 19, 2000, 12:58:00 PM
(Second installment of how Joan got to Germany and became member of SDA)

Leaving America for England in was the revealed will of God for me. I was there three and half years. After a bit of private schooling and hospital working there I became the offer to work in Germany as Au Pair girl.  The father in the family was a low profile worker in an insurance company. The mother, in her thirties, had the face and body proportions of a Hollywood star. Having just opened up a boutique (most probably in her self-realization-phase) she wanted to shake off the old tethers of "just a housewife“ and had hired me for her two kids who were needing a 'watchdog' on the set of various commercials and film making projects . These two kids were mini-German movie stars in a film studio. Children are not allowed to work in film business without an accompanying adult on the set so this was a part of my job to be with them on set (nothing romantic, quiet boring for me at the time).

Living in the family was no lollipop licking. She worked me liked a dog.  A work tempo that the German 'master-race' really understands. I was treated civily and polite but the demands went beyond what the Au Pair policy states. Nevertheless I was formed over the year into a great cook and household organizer.  And when it comes to'll never understand until you see it here in Germany what perfectionism is in clean and orderly houses. I was formed into a hard working pedandic cleaner and only in the last two years now of my life can I relax more and more to let my own house alone when dust is in the corner is, or a spill has left a spot.

I suffered a bit of loneliness as never before in my life. At the time I couln't speak German. This was totally against my nature not being able to talk like a waterfall as my custom was. Remember Jacob's hip-limp from the wrestling with the Angel being as a symbol for him in the breaking of his old carnal do-it-all-in your-own-strength nature? That exactly was happening to me at the time. It was hard to live with this woman's strict hard ways. It was hard for me to live in a secular Catholic family. And another real problem was nagging me. I had no Church contact. I knew no real Christian. I had been active in the Baptist church in America. Back then I was loved and wanted and 'somebody' in my former American circles.

But in Germany at that time I was a coal out of the fire, a branch broken off from the tree, a fish out of water, a sailor living inland away from the sea.  I was a 'nobody'. In other words I was a born-again Christian separated from fellowship with no useful profile. I was practicing no liturgy, no rituals. I had no Mission project, no prayer partner. I found little comfort in reading my bible. I could only pray. And all my prayers seemed to centered around 'me'. 'Help me, Help me' I kept crying up to Jesus. This life’s situation came to me as being so very strange. So very unusual for me not to have a group of people to boss around (patients in my hospital jobs) or to be giving advice or comfort (i.e to church members) or using and manipulating people for selfish ends. No, now God had me in a vice and He was really showing me what it meant to be subordinate and humble. He was really teaching me patience in waiting for the timing of the answers to my prayers according to His will.

Knowing that the will of The Lord was for me to remain in Germany for the rest of my life, the was this third big nagging problem besides getting the language learned and finding a church where I would be able to worship in truth, see the Lord clearly and to have a healthy social life... it was something else very crucial. I knew I needed to be led to an environment where my future
husband was to be found.

A church environment, Christian friends,  a public job offering me independence from where I was as Au Pair and the right to permanent working papers in Germany, plus meeting the future husband, yes, these were all the problems I kept rolling around and around the throne of God like a Tibetan prayer wheel.

How they were answered I will try to tell you in the next installment  

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Title: Personal Testimonies
Post by: Joan Rügemer on June 22, 2000, 02:44:00 AM
 (Third installment of how Joan became SDA)
 Now I was praying constantly for my release from being so lonely amongst worldly people what with not having any Christian contacts. I wasn't at that stage of maturity of being the missionary type who braves it all and lives from a warmth of spirituality deep down inside. I was just too civilization damaged.

  I had the good blessing of finding another Catholic family who took me on as an Au pair to look after their house and kids. When gathering the mail one morning for this nice new family I was working for, I noticed a colorful postcard size bit of advertisement. Contrary to my standard of respect for the privacy of the property of others, I started to read what was written. It was a series of lectures daily for four weeks being presented by the Seventh Day Adventists. I wrote down their given telephone number with the purpose of asking if the Adventists here were affiliated with the same SDA organization I knew about in Arizona.

  Later on in the afternoon, standing before the phone, I pondered if the person would be able to understand my English. I was in the last weeks of a six month block of German language night-school from Berlitz which had helped my passive understanding immensely, but my active use of German was still at elementary level. Instead I decided to attend at lest one lecture instead of phoning, with the test that if only one person could speak to me in English from that public meeting and thereby express his love for the Lord I would go back again the next night. (prejudice lingered in the back of my mind that SDA were doing good works to earn Salvation). That was my first 'Gideon's fleece'. The second part of the test was that if on the second night someone would convince me through a testimony that the Holy Spirit of God works among the Adventists to produce a born-again new creature in Christ, then I was willing to keep on coming back. That was the deal I made with Jesus in prayer about the matter.

  What was quite nice about the whole plan was that the meetings took place only a walk of eight minutes from where I lived. Anyway my language class had come to a close in the city so I started to attend the evening Adventist meetings around the corner to where I lived.

  The Minister was Helmut Haubeil. A lovely gentleman with a lovely Christen spirit who had had enough grips to learned English in the simple mode. The assistant minister was a charismatic type five years younger than me who spoke to me in excellent English. They both assured me that their main interest was to lead people to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ. Each evening after the short lecture a Moody Bible Institute film was shown. Now that capped my doubts completely that this was not some sect. So I started to attend all meetings and also, after a month, the public biblestudies which were held in the local SDA church.

  Then came a test of faith. Near to the end of the time of evangelistic lectures, I was told by the family I worked for as Au pair, that a cousin was coming to live with them and they didn’t have need of my services anymore. I went with a heavy heart to the meeting in the evening. My days were numbered. If I didn’t get a job and another place to stay soon I would have to leave the country because my residence permit was running out. It would only be renewed if I had a place of employment.


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Title: Personal Testimonies
Post by: LindaRS on June 22, 2000, 02:17:00 PM
When does a testimony get too old to be of value?  Hopefully, never.  In the early 80's I was a young wife and mother with two children and a life in shambles.  I had been born and raised in and Adventist home.  When I was 3 years old, living on the west coast, my father went to work one day and never came home again.  From that time on he was never a part of my life except on the extreme edges.  That wasn't my decision, but his.  I think, that in the years since then, he has had time to regret that decision.  His actions forced my mother to relocate back east to her parents in order to raise my sister and myself.  She did her best, but being a single mom in the 50's and 60's was very difficult, especially if you were undereducated as many women were.  There was no system in place to force deadbeat fathers to pay up, and mine certainly didn't.  Still, mom was able to realize her dream to be a nurse when she became an LPN while I was in my teens.  She retired from the field several years ago.

I finished high school, (I actually spent my senior year in academy) took the same LPN course my mother had taken, and went to work.  I worked for about a year then got fired from that job.  Looking back 30 years, I know that it was providential.  I had done nothing to deserve losing my job for, though I was told it was for insubordination.  The same nursing director who fired me then gave me a good recommendation that gave me a job at Madison Hospital, an Adventist hospital in Tennessee.  Poor mom.  In a two week period that summer she watched her oldest daughter pack and move to Tennessee and her other daughter head for Vienna, Austria to study music.  I guess it is little wonder that she applied for and took a job at Madison a few months later.  But I wasn't very happy at the time when she moved in with me.  I was just learning to be on my own and wanted to keep it that way.

The next summer, I left for Wildwood where I spent two years.  When I left there it was with both good and bad memories.  Needless to say, no institution is without problems.  At my young age, I guess I was looking for perfection and was greatly disappointed when I didn't find it.  However my time there would have a major impact on the rest of my life.  That is where I met Ed but it definitely not love at first sight or even second.  :o  No such thing as dating was allowed there which wouldn't have done me much good anyway.  Ed never had the foggiest notion that I was interested in him until someone put a bug in his ear a few months after we had left and gone in separate directions.  Ed still likes to tell people how he told people that he would NEVER
1)   marry a redhead
2)   live in Tennessee
3)   live in Alabama.

He never says never anymore, since he married this redhead, and has lived in both states.  I had returned to Tennessee when I left Wildwood and that is where Ed came calling some months later.  We married that summer.  This July we will celebrate our 25th wedding anniversary.  That is just the beginning of the story.

---------------Part one---------------


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Title: Personal Testimonies
Post by: Paul on June 23, 2000, 03:09:00 AM
Gerry, I learnt about a great word laely that I hink will appy to a lot of the testimonies here. WOW!!! [i'll even say it backwards] WOW!!!

Praise God for the light in each of our lives. Praise God for the TRUTH and different testimonies he has given us. [mine is already here so don't ask. I am Mr Jones] I can only humbly say amen. All glory to God for the many miracles I have read here. Lemme share a qoute SC from that I found just recently. Actually I found it a long time ago. It is found on page 21
"Oh, let us contemplate the amazing sacrifice that has been made for us! Let us try to appreciate the labor and energy that Heaven is expending to RECLAIM the lost, and BRING THEM BACK to the Father's home."

I hope you noticed the words I had in capital letters. God has not gone away from us. We are the ones who keep leaving Him. [I talk from experience sadly] Why do WE make it so difficult for God. WHy do we make life such a trial. Oh, that we would look to Jesus and se the sacrifice He made for us. I would drop everything I had if I saw for one fleeting SECOND the pain God has gone through for us. Oh, what a mission God has give us. Thank you all for your GREAT testimonies. All praises to God for bringing each of us home again. Let's bring more home now.


Title: Personal Testimonies
Post by: Joan Rügemer on June 23, 2000, 09:10:00 AM

(last installment )

At the SDA lecture meetings I tried hard every evening to figure out what was being said, still I’d missed an awful lot because of inadequate language skills.  Now with hinsight I acknowledge the working of the Spirit of God for my understanding that one special evening by the SDA meetings. Something happened that evening so that I was able to understand the message clearly. My faith was so hightened enough that when he began to ask the audience if there were those present wanting to request special prayer, I raised my hand. It wasn’t actually an altar call as we Americans know it but it was more or less a German way of getting the people open to letting God in on their needs. I raised my hand with a few others and Brother Haubeil prayed for us publicly. Afterwards, I can’t recall how it happened, but he found out that I was having personal existance problems. Two nights later he approached me and gave me the address of a Firm making  detectors for radioactivity.  And that was it ! I was accepted after the interview and had a job. Heaven had sent me a "son" beam. I was accepted, worked one week more with the family, then left after having found a furnished room in an apartment house, and walked into the warm rays of independence.

Speak about answered prayer !!  I was a doofus wasting my time worrying. The whole laws of the Kingdom have to do with patiently waiting on His revealed plan for one. My emotions get stirred up when I worry that 'my' will won't get done. And that 'my' will won't get done in the time I set for it to get done in. Then comes all sorts of negative emotional states of being. Thank you Jesus for the hidden message of 'relaxing' in the trust we put in you. You are Sovereign and know what needs to get down at what time.

I visited the youth group of the Adventist church and was I ever flabbergasted!! Not one of the young students in my age bracket gave any indication of being a born-again-new-creature-in-Christ experience. I could never team-up in deep friendship with someone who didn’t have Jesus as the center of his life. Finding a future partner in the SDA church seemed out of the question at the time.I started visiting on Sundays the Evangelical Alliance church for fellowshipping with young adults among whom were a good handful of them who had come out of the worldly ways, been converted to Jesus with true Holy Spirit touch in their lives, and with whom I could better communicate than the closed SDA religious clique of narrowmindedness I found with the group of SDA's.

So then came the two years of....
1)....going to the SDA meetings on Saturday 2).....after having gone to SDA prayer meeting on Friday evening
3)....and visiting the SDA youth meetings on Wednsday evenings.
But the flip of the coin was that ...
4).... I was attending this Alliance church (very suspicious of SDA sectarians) on Sundays
5)......and their young people's meetings on Tuesday evenings. Consequently two years long.
I went on week-end retreats with the Alliance youth in different parts of south Germany. I went on youth week-ends in the Alps with SDA youth as well. Weekly was only Monday after work free for me because on Thursday evenings came the Haubeil for his private campaign for getting me to sign up as SDA Church member.
I was figuring constantly the advantages of joining either one or the other church. There were three key experiences which swayed me to make the decision I choose. H. Haubeil got to getting quite firm about what proper commitment to the will of God means. He stopped beating around the bush as he presented me with the possibility of me being in rebellion to the will of God when I dishonor the fourth commandment as GOD WANTS US TO INTERPRET IT.  Such an attitude results in grieving the Holy Spirit that had seal me as a child of God already. I didn't want to grieve the one I loved. I didn't want to displease Him and go my own way like Cain...thinking that the offering I was bringing was good enough to please God. But being wrong in my assumption. Innocence doesn't protect the guilty. I knew already since a kid that Saturday is the weekly Sabbath of the Lord given to His people.

I knew during the first part of my Christian active life that the crowd of Protestant believers I moved along in called the first day of the week the New Testament's Lord's day. It being honored in rememberance of the resurrection from the dead as proof that Jesus's offering was accepted by God the father. It should be a day of not only remembrance but of joy and rejoicing. No shackles of do's and don't but no going after the rat-race of earning your keep or heavy labor. I kept telling Haubeil that if the keeping of the Restday of Saturday was so important for honoring Him, He would have protected the fourth commandment and he wouldn't have let it go over into a decree for Sunday worship as the great Constantine did without a group protesting. Ahhhh...then I got a history lesson of how Sabath honoring believers fared in the past. So now I knew it didn't all start again with EGW and her vision.

It was a spiritual key experience for me as I grew to realize that God wants us to honor his commandments as He gave them without putting a time element on them. Innvalidation to a godly command comes into effect only on those commands acting as a vorshadow of Christ's life, death and resurrection. When type meets anti-type, the valid substance takes precedence.

The second key experience was one Sunday morning I was getting ready for church and listening to a radio program offering me free bible studies to be sent to my home. I got to filling them out, sending them in, writing questions to the mentor, getting good answers back. That went on a few months. One lesson came all about the Sabbath. Wow, I thought. This writer says the same things that Haubeil has been teaching me about the Sabbath. After completing the series I was sent a certificate of attendance to their home Bible School. The whole time I had been getting it in my own English language (sent from England) bible studies from the Voice of Prophecy. I was proud of my accomplishment and showed Haubeil my certificate. He grinned ever so widely. Being real cool he told me that the institute belongs to the SDA's. I was wowed-out!! I had no idea !

The third key experience was me sharing all the things I was learning from my SDA church meetings and readings to Alfred, my best friend at the Alliance church. He in turned talked about them to the Pastor of the Alliance church who in turned tried to coax him away from having anything to do with me. The feeling of not being warmly accepted by the pastor (believing I was being duped by a cult) didn't bother me at the time. But after he preached on the 10 virgins as the five wise being true Christians and the five unprepared as being non-Christian worldly ones I just couldn't let that pass. I told Alfie that the proper interpretation of the text was clearly the mind of Christ in the parable as the SDA's presented it. The Parable of the 10 all being believers waiting for the Bridegroom but the ones not filled with the spirit of God in readiness won't get into the feast. So true to form Alfie went later and told the Pastor what I said. He in turn got really angry and told Alfred that I was dangerous in prattling ideas from a sect and had no idea what exegesis really was. Alfie in turn got really put off with him not being approachable or teachable and willing to test the bible from another viewpoint but instead stayed with his emotional stubborness. He then told me how mad the Pastor was with me.

I in turned stopped going to the Alliance church and joined the SDA's.    

Alfred finished University and left the big city  for a year of teaching practice in a small town. He didn't want to attend the Lutheran church there (there wasn't any Alliance church in the town) and wouldn't go to a Catholic church anymore so he accepted my suggestion and visited the SDA church in the town (Besides JW's there wasn't anything else). After a year with private bible studies he joined the Church. He then asked me to marry him.

We have now been members of the Seventh-day Adventists since 1977.

...that's it for now folks...thank you for mentally listening. May the Lord bless you with his miracle producing power in your life as he has in mine.  

~~~~~~~~~** from the Joan ** ~~~~~~~~~

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Title: Personal Testimonies
Post by: loryn on June 24, 2000, 11:34:00 AM
When is a testimony too old? When it is not being renewed by current experiences with God.
Title: Personal Testimonies
Post by: loryn on June 24, 2000, 11:58:00 AM
Dark Times

I’m experiencing a dark time now. A time when I seem distant from God. Moody. Adrift and not knowing why I am feeling the way I do. I have experienced emotional closeness with God, my Daddy Who loves me. And this darkness feels dreadful.

So many have been inspired by my amazing conversion story. The power of God working in my life has been unmistakable. Yet I do not want to deceive you about the experience of a converted Christian. I live through dark times too.

Being a Christian doesn’t stop human emotions. Christians still hurt. We still feel upset and alone. We still feel under pressure, annoyed, adrift and alone in the world—from time to time.

The swings of human emotion weren't suddenly suspended on the side of ecstasy when I became a Christian. Now, as before, I experience dark times. The difference is that now I can pour out my feelings to God, my Daddy. I cry out at night before I sleep, “Daddy, I am hurting. I’m feeling pain over XYZ. I feel lonely. I feel cut off from You. I know you love me. Daddy. Daddy, hold me close. Please let me experience closeness again with You. Daddy, thank You for loving me.”

Or sometimes, I just cry out, “Daddy, Daddy, why? What’s wrong? I love You. Hold me close.”

I still ache. But I have hope. Hope. Hope that I can grow and learn through this experience. Hope because I know I am still accepted by One Who loves me above anything else. Hope that I can again experience an ecstatic, joyful moment with my Daddy who loves me.

I am glad to say that my Daddy is just as real in the dark times as He is in the bright ones.

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Title: Personal Testimonies
Post by: loryn on June 24, 2000, 12:08:00 PM
I just wanted to let everyone who reads this thread know that a Christians' testimony is extended every week. Every experience lengthens our testimony about our relationship with God. Not all experiences are upbeat. Some are decidedly heart-breaking. Some experience the adriftness that I'm experienceing now. But it is all good and proper material for sharing our testimony.

Not all testimony material uplift. Some material evokes empathy, forgiveness, warmth, care.

We are not automatic joy machines. Not all the fruits of the spirit are present all the time. But I am grateful that at least some fruits are present all the time. There is at least hope during the dark times.

Title: Personal Testimonies
Post by: LindaRS on June 24, 2000, 02:25:00 PM
There have been a lot of ups and downs in the past quarter century. We became the parents of a son, then a daughter. We moved numerous times, living all over the southern US, finally settling in Alabama for several years. Both of us went to college, though at different times. As anyone who has ever done it can testify, raising a family and going to college is demanding on marriage, finances, and family. It was while Ed was in college that our lives nosedived. The problems mounted and I sank into a depression. I began to view God as someone way up there and I was way down here and if He cared so much why was my life such a mess?! My solution was to walk away from the church. I wanted to be free of restrictions that seemed to hang over me like a boulder just waiting to drop on my head. There didn't seem to be one person, at least in the church, who cared what was happening to me or my family, or who offered viable solutions to our problems.
We had started our son in the local church school, but he was not doing well. I can still remember the day he came home from school, pounding his fist on his head, saying, "I'm stupid, I'm stupid. I'm going to kill myself." He was only 8 and in the second grade. Two very terrified parents headed for the local mental health clinic to find a counselor. It turned out that he was being made fun of at school by his classmates (many the children of the church board members that I would soon face) because he was having trouble learning. I went to the principal begging him to get my son tested (it could have been done through the public school system), but, I realize now, he was as burned out on teaching as I was on nursing, and he wouldn't do anything. My son was enrolled in the local public school the next year who promptly tested him, found him dyslexic, and put him in the appropriate classes. He made excellent progress, but the damage was done. He never again liked school, and quit at 16. He did find out quickly that he couldn't get anywhere without a HS diploma and got his GED, then went on to diesel mechanics schooling.

My husband had gone to our church and asked for some financial help because we were in such a tight bind. In order to receive any help we were required to submit to questioning by the church board, a board made up of the proverbial doctors, lawyers, merchants, and chiefs, most of whom I was at least familiar with, having worked with some of them at the hospital. I have never completely forgotten that ordeal or the humiliation that I went through. I felt that I was raked over the coals by that board. They wanted to know why I didn't go back to school and become an RN. By then I was burned out and sick of nursing and wanted to do something else, yet they seemed to infer that something was wrong with me for not wanting to become an RN. That appearance before that church board was the straw that broke the camel's back for me. I went to church one more time, then I quit. I hold no grudges against those men (it was mostly men). I think they were so far removed from our particular plight they couldn't understand that discussing whether or not I became an RN was the farthest thing from my mind and worries. I had far more pressing concerns.

There were a few small efforts to draw us back by a couple of families, but I guess it was too little too late. They soon gave up. There is a lesson to be drawn from this. We don't always know just what someone else is going through, especially mentally and emotionally. We give up too easily if we don't see progress quickly to our efforts. We assume that they just don't want our help and we leave them alone. When someone is way down, and they feel like everything and everyone is against them, it takes more than an invitation for dinner and a coupon for a free portrait to show them the love of Jesus. No one ever came and asked me about my spiritual condition. No one ever tried to point us to the One who can heal all our diseases, sooth all our sorrows, cleanse all our wounds, and forgive all our sins. I needed to know that God was still hearing and answering, because I felt that He was so far away from me. I would have probably repulsed initial overtures of spiritual help at that point, but would have responded eventually. However those overtures never came. Brothers and sisters, that is why we cannot give up when we see people who are slipping away from the church. That is why we must have patience. Most of those who leave the Adventist church do not leave for theological reasons, but because they are hurting from one or more of a multitude of causes. We must show them God's love and point them to the only solution to their problems.


Title: Personal Testimonies
Post by: LindaRS on June 24, 2000, 02:31:00 PM
For the next six years we were out of the church. We were gone, we didn't even darken the doors. We moved twice, living in two different states, yet we were not contacted even once, nor were our names removed from the church books. Religious things were not part of our everyday conversation, but the strange thing was, we kept to the law of clean and unclean foods, we rejected alcohol, but breaking the Sabbath was no problem. We did it every week. If people asked me about a religious affiliation, I would say I had none. I would get upset with Ed if he told people we were Adventist, and assure those asking that we no longer practiced it. I couldn't claim to be something that I was not doing. God didn't forget about us, though we forgot about Him. I had taken our SOP library and our Bibles and packed them in boxes. My reasoning: if I ever came back to the church, I knew that we couldn't afford to replace all those books. So for six years we carted then around and stored them wherever we moved.
Things reached a climax between Ed and myself and we separated. I went to live with my mother and took the kids. (That was the only time during the years we were out that I went to church. I went less than half a dozen times.) I made sure that Ed talked to the kids frequently and saw them every other weekend. Even if my marriage was in a mess, I didn't want my kids to be cut off from their father as I was. We stayed separated for six months, then decided that we would rather try to work things out. We got back together which made the kids glad. We went back to marriage counseling (for the umpteenth time) which helped some. I had also seen doctors for problems I was having and was given prescriptions for antidepressants.

I had a terrible experience with one of them. It was about the time that I was finishing the prescription for Prozac that something frightening began to happen to me. I started having terrible thoughts of doing away with my family. It was like there were two voices in my head, one telling me to do the terrible deed, and another voice telling me that was not what I wanted to do, that it was irrational. It was so bad, that my son picked up an ax one day to defend himself because he thought I was coming after him. (I wasn't.) He was just 12 at the time. That scared me. Those episodes finally faded away. I did not know at the time what had brought them on. It was nearly two years later while watching an episode of Nightline about Prozac that I found out what had caused those terrifying weeks for my family and me. Today I warn people about Prozac, telling them not to take it. It is a dangerous drug. It may not affect everyone the way it affected me, but why take such a chance? Later I would come to realize that it must have opened a door into my mind that allowed Satan a wider entrance than he normally has, and he was putting those horrifying thoughts into my mind. But even then, God did not forget me, and He sent an angel to counteract the work of the devil. Today I am grateful that while I forgot God, He never forgot me and even cared for me when I didn't ask Him to, even when I tried to forget Him. Surely, there is no one who understands like Jesus. He has indeed been touched with the feeling of our infirmities.

We had hoped to move to Florida and had been job hunting there, but nothing came of the interviews that Ed went on. The only thing that opened up was a job in Mobile, AL so that is where we moved. We moved into a house about 6 miles from the ocean in a suburb of Mobile. It was there that my children, the oldest a teen, began asking questions. Questions that required Bible answers. I went to those boxes that we had been moving with us for six years and dug out my Bible. The covers were green with mold. After cleaning the Bible, I opened it for the first time in all those years and answered their questions. But I still had no desire to return to church. But God had only started to work. Other things would soon be working our hearts and minds.

It was 1990 and there were rumblings in the Middle East. Kuwait had been invaded by Iraq and President Bush was talking about a "new world order." My ears perked up and my mind began to go back to the prophecies that I had learned all those years that I was growing up. Things were clicking and there must have been a lot of angels whispering in my ear as well as the Holy Spirit. The more I read and saw, the more disturbed I became. One afternoon, while Ed and I were eating in a local fast food restaurant, we discussed what was happening. I was choking back tears as I told him that I believed that it was the beginning of the final events for this world. I still believe that. Nothing like this drawing together of the nations had ever happened before in history, not even in the world wars. More than that, I knew that I was not ready for Jesus to come, and I realized that I didn't really want to burn in the lake of fire. I didn't really know what Ed felt, but I knew what was going on in my mind. God was about to speak to me in a way that I would not be able to mistake.


Title: Personal Testimonies
Post by: Richard Myers on June 24, 2000, 05:19:00 PM
Praise Jesus for the power of His grace!

Brother Loryn, your testimony of what God has done for you in the past will always move the hearts of those that are open to the Lord's leading and there is no one that will be more influenced than yourself. Even if I am not walking with the Lord today, what He has done for me in the past is a revelation of His grace more so than all of the Bible accounts. This personal revelation of God's grace is most important.

I agree that without a testimony today, we are in danger of being deceived regarding our condition.

Heavenly Father, we ask you to encourage our brother in this dark day. Reveal yourself in a manner that will push back the dark clouds and lift Brother Loryn above the darkness of this world. Lead him to someone who wants to know of your love, I pray in the precious name of Jesus. Amen.

Title: Personal Testimonies
Post by: Richard Myers on July 05, 2000, 06:26:00 PM
Brothers and sisters, I want to share a short testimony of what God is doing in His church. Due to the lateness of the hour and the shortness of time I will only make it brief. It has been my blessing to meet many here in Toronto that love Jesus and endeavor to keep His commmandments.  I have not met any that are discouraged, yet there is much temptation. God's grace is sufficient and all that I have met and have been praying with are focused on Jesus and standing firm for Bible truth.  

We make our plans and God takes them and does the very best for us, sometimes ignoring what we have planned. Many times we are tempted to discouragement, but are not as we rest in Christ. We look for the blessing in the middle of the storm and we can find joy in knowing that all things work for good to those who love the Lord.

Early mornings, late nights, and long walks amid the continual distractions of a convention atmosphere weaken our humanity. As we look to Jesus for strength and wisdom, He does not fail us. I am looking forward to having time to review my notes and video tapes and sharing with you in detail what God is doing. He has taken my disappointments and turned them into blessings.

May He do this for you too, as you look to Him. There are those that are working in the health field and are moving forward doing medical missionary work. There are many from around the world that see the needs within our church and are moving to build up the crack in the wall. There are many that have been going through dark days, yet as they look to Jesus they come forth having been "tried in the fire."

Testimonies, my brothers and sisters, I am gathering testimonies and will be sharing them when I return home. Please continue to pray that the Lord will lead me to those that have a testimony to share, to His honor and glory.

In His love and grace,   Richard

Title: Personal Testimonies
Post by: Laurie Mosher on July 07, 2000, 02:52:00 AM
  AMen Brothers and Sisters. we need to continually EDIFY EACH OTHER , and uplift Jesus.
1 Peter 2:5 "You also as LIVELY (living) STONES, are built up a SPIRITUAL HOUSE, an holy priesthood, to offerup spiritual sacrifices, ACCEPTABLE to God BY Jesus Christ."

 Keep "the" faith!
  Bro. Laurie

Title: Personal Testimonies
Post by: Filipe Reis on July 07, 2000, 04:48:00 AM
Dear forum members! A special hello to dear Laurie, who I can never forget! It's such a pleasure posting again after so long time away! This happened due to several reasons, wich I'm going to tell you some.
As some of you might remember, during the first months of this year, I posted telling you my story with this girlfriend of mine, Susana who was not an adventist, and asking you to pray for us, so that God might show us the way He wanted dus to go. This, He as done, when I arrived to the conclusion that would be better for us to run each his own way. We done this very clearly, involving no discusions.
Meanwhile, I also decided that from now on, that best thing was to let God lead the way of my life. This way, I was sure that nothing bad would happen that He didn't wanted. I also asked you to pray for this friend Sofia. Me and her, naturaly, got to talk a lot, including in our mIRC adventist channel. This is kind of funny, bacause we only live about 12 Km distance! Well, what I didn't knew, was that also her was putting her lihe in His infallible hands. We love to talk, not only in the Net, but then also on the phone and at the church on Sabbaths.
During eastern weekend, each year, we have in Portugal our regional campings. Our was in Arouca, 50 from Oporto and 250 from Lisbon. There we got the chance of talking a lot, mostly about our lifes and God! We prayed together, wich was just incredible to feel that He was there!
The next week, we returned to Arouca, this time alone, to offer a few things to the local population who is very needed. In the return, we talked about us trying to put God driving our car, if you see what I mean.
After some confidences, wich don't come by the way here, obsiously, we started dating. After these first two months, it's delightfull to find that He is leading ud! We are doing well in our church responsabilities, and our lifes are beeing driven by the power that makes no mistakes.
For the last 8 years, I had a job, who was not bad. But lately, I was having some problems bacause they were wanting me to work on Sabbaths. I prayed asking Gos to fix things the best way for me. It took only a few weeks, for a church member who runs a car transformation factory, to ask me to join the store house of the factory, to work in the computer section. Thia is what God has done for me in such few time! See how gratefull I must be?
I'm joining night school beggining September to get a degree in computer science. I want to be a professional of this lovely mean of communication.
Our church in Canelas is getting bigger and bigger, so there was the need to build another one. This we couldn't do, but there is already a very nice place to begin the meetings there. And guess who is secretary there? Yes, me! And Sofia is part of the planing counsil.
God has made such wondefull things for us, that I'd realy like to say: ALWAYS LET HIM LEAD THE WAY!
I hope one day we'll all be smiling and laughing to each other in that land Jesus promissed  to give us! Amen!
Filipe Reis, Serzedo, Portugal.
Title: Personal Testimonies
Post by: charlene on July 07, 2000, 05:45:00 AM
Praise God for this wonderful report.  It is encouraging for all to hear your testimony how God will lead in our lives if we but trust Him. He opens doors for us when we ask, if it is His will and His will is always what is best for us.  Thank you for sharing this 'update' with us and God bless you.

Please send along more reports as time goes by and I will keep you in my prayers.

In His Love,


Title: Personal Testimonies
Post by: LindaRS on July 07, 2000, 08:54:00 AM
It's been a long time Filipe since we heard from you.  I am glad to hear of how the Lord is working in your life and leading you in paths you never knew about.  For that I praise the Lord.  Let us hear from you again soon.


Title: Personal Testimonies
Post by: Richard Myers on July 07, 2000, 11:16:00 AM
Brother Filipe, good to hear from you again!! God is blessing you abundantly as He has promised to. Thank you for sharing these blessings. We will continue to pray for you and Sofia, that God will be glorified in your lives.


Title: Personal Testimonies
Post by: Laurie Mosher on July 07, 2000, 05:36:00 PM
Bro. Felipe,
 So good to see you active online here again. And Yes, I well remember the first time I met you on the "chat line" on the 'old' AdvOL forum.
  You have always been in my prayers since that time, and also in the many emails sent to me. I treasure alot of the "attachements " you sent also, and am constantly reminded of you, whenever my screeen saver "kicks" on. Felipe sent me "The Ten Commandments" which automatically come on to the screen after so many minutes . Thank you again , Felipe.

 Isn't God wonderful? WHEN we allow Him to lead us, and WHEN we put Jesus Christ, FIRST AND BEST AND LAST IN OUR LIVES, WE WILL BE THE HAPPIEST PEOPLE IN THE WORLD." Thank you for your testimony, and we will continue to pray for you and Sofia.
 Keep "the" faith!
Bro. Laurie    :)

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Title: Personal Testimonies
Post by: Clive Nevell on July 18, 2000, 06:05:00 AM
This is a different type of testimony in that I am saying Happy Birthday to our little girl, Chantelle who turns seven tomorrow the 19th. She has not had an easy life or probably never have an easy life. She was born with a disability know as Achrondoplasia, Meaning short limbs. So at the moment she is only about 90cm high. At that height things become harder. But she has a lovely peronality and is always full of happiness inspite of her problems. I have had to pick her up at least twice as she was turning blue due to lack of oxygen, but she is still with us and is improving. We praise the Lord for her and ask that God will bless and be with her. Her arms and legs are so tiny, some how she gets most things done even at a slower pace. At school sports days she finds it very hard. The school is most helpful and goes out of their way to let her mix and participate in school activities. Last term they had a lap-a-thon where all the students went around the school oval. We got both records that day, one for most done, our youngest son of 8 (23 laps)and Chantelle for the least (11 laps) even that went far beyond what we had hoped she would do. The teachers were just great on the day.
Happy birthday Chantelle we all love you and God bless you and keep you. In heaven you are going to grow up tp your full height.
Mum, Dad, George, Clive Jnr, Fasheena, Raymond, Grandma, Uncle Ray. (We have a house full at the moment)
Title: Personal Testimonies
Post by: Richard Myers on July 18, 2000, 09:18:00 PM
That is a beautiful testimony, Brother Clive. We join with you in wishing Chantelle a very happy birthday. May the Lord use her life as a witness of His ways.


Title: Personal Testimonies
Post by: Laurie Mosher on July 19, 2000, 05:56:00 PM
   I too want to wish Chantelle a Happy Birthday.  :)   :)

 From Bro. Laurie (aka "The Friendly Giant"..Chantelle, I'm 6'10"....I kinda have a head-start on most people on this forum in regards to heights on earth!!)
 Keep "the" faith!
 Bro. Laurie

Title: Personal Testimonies
Post by: Gerry Buck on July 19, 2000, 07:30:00 PM
Happy birthday Chantelle, may God richly bless you on your special day.

I am reminded of another that was short in physical  stature, Zaccheus, though not tall like his neighbors, he didn't let that stop from dooing what he knew had to be done and what he was determined to do, see Jesus.

Hang in ther young lady, Jesus gave special attention to children and Zacheus, he held them in His lap(the children) and blessed them, and He went to Zaccheus home, ate with him and blessed him.

You are in GOOD company.....  and when Jesus comes to get us, you'll be a special jewel in His crown.

God bless you little one,
Gerry B.

Title: Personal Testimonies
Post by: Richard Myers on August 21, 2000, 06:45:00 PM
Somewhere, sometime ago I shared something in regards to the blessings of going to Romania the year after the revolution. I would like to share more regarding the providential leading of God in the aftermath.

The General Conference session in Toronto was painful as I saw the lack of unity, the politics, and the entertainment throughout the  event.  I knew God was present and I anticipated Him revealing Himself in a manner such as He did in 1990. Maybe He would give us a leader that would present Jesus and Him crucified and call for reform as he addressed the world church in session. Maybe He would have the angels sing with us as they did  in Indianapolis. Maybe He would do something really big that all would know He was there. It was not to be.  

God did not leave me dry and destitute, but gave me many blessings, but one especially good that came out of nowhere. He loves to work in one of a million ways that we know not. It was the last Sabbath night and I was in the press area watching the program and a brother walked in and asked if I knew if any Romanians were present. I looked and did not see any. He looked familiar, but I did not recognize him. We spoke with one another for a few minutes and left the viewing area to not disturb anyone and continued our visit. I am always wanting to know how things are in Romania. The Lord has placed a burden on my heart for the Romanian people.

He inquired as to why I should have a burden for Romania and I told him of the blessings received while traveling and preaching in our churches throughout the country. I was sharing an experience when the Holy Spirit had been poured out upon the church one evening and how I would not take credit for what God had done, but rather I attributed the great blessing to the work of the minister who had faithfully prepared his congregation so that the Holy Spirit could be poured out upon them.

My new friend asked if I knew who the pastor was and I said yes and I told the man's name. He looked rather shocked. He asked "Are you sure?" and I said yes. He asked how I could remember the name from almost 10 years ago and I told him I was so impressed by what had happened I would never forget. I really did attribute this most holy occasion to the work of the minister and not to my preaching.  He was so astonished that I thought maybe this was the minister so I looked again at his name tag and it was not. I was really perplexed as to why he should be so moved by what I was saying.

He looked me straight in the eye and said "I am that man."  Oh.....what a blessing! I rejoiced. I again looked at his name tag and saw that even though the first name was different and the last name which was much smaller, was in fact his name. I had never seen the name spelled out, so I had imagined it to be quite different. The first name I had known him by was a nickname. God is good! We hugged each other and shared what God was doing in our lives. I cannot go into detail, but I want to share with you all that the meeting was providential and much needed. After a season of prayer, we said good bye and knew that God had worked a miracle. I was refreshed and  I shall always remember one of the great blessings while at the General Conference session in Toronto.  I know that others who were watching and praying, were not left without being refreshed also! Thank you, Jesus!

In His love and grace,     Richard

Title: Personal Testimonies
Post by: Joan Rügemer on August 22, 2000, 10:30:00 AM
Finally I read something about your Rumania connection.Somehow or other I missed your first testimony. I had always wanted to ask about how the interest got going and how often your were there. I have contact to two Rumanish SDA families that are settled down here in Germany. A sincere, serious piety that is deep for non-higher-educated but loving believers.
Many are the documentaries on tv that portrays the poverty and misery in Rumania. I pain just thinking about the pictures they showed of horrible conditions in orphanages. The need of much help materially is still there.
During my teen years I had one great spiritual need to read biographies of believers who overcame and were living Christ centered lives. Richard Wurmbrand made an enormous impact on my mental world. His book  biography of prison years including also what happened to his wife Sabrina and son Micha, I identified with deep in my soul. The part where in some church meeting (perhaps it was a public meeting) he was sitting with his wife and the speaker up front said something totally unbiblical, which caused Sabrina to poke him and say in so many're not going to let him get away with that are you? ..was the start of his matryrdoom. He knew that if he was to stand up and contradict the speaker of communism propoganda he would get arrested. That would put his wife and son out on the street without money of any kind. But the uprightness of character that Jesus wanted from him demanded that a witness for truth stand up. He did so and spoke the truth. He began then the odessy of 14 years of suffering.

I have the book with me still. And I met him in England. I was sitting in the first row of a huge baptist church one evening who had him for a lecturer. The place was packed with hundreds. Not only was his message fasinating but what happened afterwards I never experienced before or after since. There came a time of open to the floor questioning of him. Sarcastic questions came, cynical questions came, ignorant questions were abundant in number, and only a few sounded well formed or thought out. In general the audience gave the impression of either being terribly uninformed or laconicly disinterested for more than a shallow answer for a shallow thought put in a question form. But this Richard W. wasn't at any point submitting to the crowd as it was in it's thinking or condition spiritually. He never let the crowd control his thinking. It was just fasinating for me to see how he controlled the crowd by the answers he gave. He was so sharp in discerment of the condition of the questioner and what that one was really aiming at, that he very adeptly formed his answer to lead the listeners along paths of higher values. Though his lecture was finished, he then through questions and answers, carried on teaching the wiles of the devil through false political systems like communism, despotism, or any of ruling over people to bring them to bondage and rob them of freedom of conscious. Robbing especially religious freedoms. Er war für mich absolute vorbildlich ! He was an example of christian maturity which I had not met yet up to that point.

I was just a new comer without money in my pocket in the town. I was living on the hospitality of others until I got my first job there. After the hour there was a book table where his wife was selling the Wurmbrand books. I had picked up her book and was looking through it. She was busy with talking to so many persons. Then she spied me. A small exchange between us came about so she heard my plight of why I couldn't afford to buy any books and the reason I was living in England. I was 24 at the time. She was the same size and form like me then, though perhaps 20 years my senior. She came around the table to me, gave me such a hug, then one of those typical European left cheek-to-left-cheek right-cheek-to-right-cheek type kiss and after signing the book she had written, she gave it to me as a gift. I was just so overwhelmed at the spontaneous act of that kindness that I now glow when I think of it.

Have they both been laid to rest or are they still on life ?

Title: Personal Testimonies
Post by: Clive Nevell on August 27, 2000, 03:37:00 AM
We arrived home from Regional day at 4.30pm to be greeted by brother ray telling us to get the chainsaw as a tree had fallen down and we could not feed the cows or calves. The size of the tree was ar least 12 inches in dia. and 30 feet long, it shared off about 12 feet above the ground. As it was still Sabbath I did not think it was urgent to get the saw out and cut the fallen tree. If the calves miss out one night it was not going to make that much difference. This morning I had a good look and now I could see what the damage was. Nothing at all. The tree fell between the shed and the fowl fence. the fence the tree fell across was not broken. the stay was not even broken. It looked bad but no damage. I was thinking that the fence would have been smashed, praise the Lord for His power to protect.
We went out last night to a BBQ with some church and non-church folk. As there is a total fire ban on we did not have a BBQ but cooked the meal indoors. After tea Amy suggested that we have a share time with each other. It was great to hear Adventist and non-Adventist give our Lord praise and thanks for His saving power. I am sure God's name was glorified.


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Title: Personal Testimonies
Post by: Clive Nevell on September 03, 2000, 06:49:00 PM
We had a wonderful church service last Sabbath, not so good Sabbath School lesson, church made up for it.
Dr. Cedric Taylor took the service and asked people if they had something to share. One lady spoke and told us about her daughter who suffers from a very bad disablity which changes her into a real nightmare at times,  becoming very aggressive. Then one of our older members spoke about how she became an Adventist. Ken spoke next, he had been in a bad car crash which left him in a bad way, but now can walk and talk and do most things, he just praise the Lord for his blessings.

Cedric then shared with us what has happened to him over the last year. His aged father had cancer and passed away a week before his daughter's wedding in December last year. The cost of the wedding with his further study program left him in a state of stress. On the day of the wedding as his daughter was coming to the church they had a major car crash with Laura's  head being run over and coming within a fraction of her brain. He did not go into all the details but today she is alive.

Last Sabbath she was orgainising a youth rally in Brisbane. Cedric talked about his faith and trust in the Lord and how he has come to rely on His strength for everything. At times he was close to breaking down and had to get himself together to be able to continue. It was a service where there was hardly a dry eye in the church. He knew us from our days in Brisbane, we went to the same church. For Sabbath School Clive jnr took the program which was most pleasing for Cedric to see young people leading out at church by people he new as young kids. He made mention of this in the service.
At the end and as we went out we could only say "Praise the Lord"

Title: Personal Testimonies
Post by: Liane H on September 08, 2000, 05:06:00 PM
The last several months have been very hard for me, but at the same time there have been many blessings.  

I had to struggle with Diabetes and other related health problems, God gave me the good news of His health message (again) and this time I grabbed hold of it and it forever changed my life.

If that was not enough, then I found out that the company I work for was closing the Home Health portion of the business and I was going to be out of a job. As I struggled with the fears and concerns of trying to find another job after 9 years and age 56, I shared my burdens with the fellow believers here and the support and comfort was overwhelming.  It lifted me and gave me peace.

Well last week a girl in the department that was still permanent found another job and her position became open.  Guess who they asked to fill it??

This past Tuesday I went to the County of L.A Human Resources for an application and possible job.  Filled out the forms. They told me it would be six to eight weeks before I would hear from them regarding the test.

I just got the letter today that next Friday I must come in for the test. The test is the last day of work for me before I go on my vacation. I was planning on leaving early anyway that day.  This is just three days later.    

I try to understand what this thing is called Trusting in the Lord is all about, and He teaches it to me every time.  

God truly loves His children.



Title: Personal Testimonies
Post by: Laurie Mosher on September 09, 2000, 06:39:00 AM
Thank You Sr. Liane for this testimony!

  Yes, God DOES care for His children, and aren't we priviliged to be numbered among them?

 Keep "the" faith, and SPREAD it around!
  Br. Laurie      :)

Title: Personal Testimonies
Post by: Richard Myers on September 09, 2000, 07:05:00 AM
We rejoice with you, dear Sister Liane!   :)

God is good is an understatement!  As we tell of His power and love, others will be likewise blessed. May all who come to this forum see of His great love for them.


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Title: Personal Testimonies
Post by: Joan Rügemer on September 09, 2000, 10:23:00 AM
Hey, there Liane

I'm blessed that you're blessed. Isn't that a load off ones thoughts when being offered two jobs to choose from.
We did pray for you. You talked yourself to the Lord that loves you. And indeed your answer is coming.

You haven't made a decision definitely yet. I will email you a few tips on questioning both offers to get the best deal according to your commitments. (meaning commitment of your free time in Online ministry)


Title: Personal Testimonies
Post by: Laurie Mosher on September 16, 2000, 11:56:00 AM
Dear Karen!
Thank YOU for that testimony! Today, I didn't go to church. (I usually do). My wife (Bev) moved her parents BACK to British Columbia 3 weeks ago from Nova Scotia (where I live). 4000 miles and 4 hours difference in time zone. I've been working quite steady, but in the time that has passed , Bev's dad is NOW in the hopsital (probably in surgery right now (11:30AM PT). He has been diagnosed with a bowel obstruction, and has been deteriorating for past 14 days. He probably will not survive THIS operation.
 I guess the point I am trying to make, is that in spite of our difficulties, there is ALWAYS someone who is in greater duress.

 The only time I can communicate with Bev is in the middle of the night (2AM AT-my time). So this morning I was very groggy, and opted to catch up on "my physical rest".
 I just got "called" to the hospital (where I am employed) to do an emergency xray. The patient has had an ongoing struggle with cancer, and NOW is in the final stages (I believe).
Friends!   When I see the various and MANY kinds of diseases, my heart aches for these poor folk who are dying on their feet. Yes, many are Christians, but do not have the  same hope that we(SDA) have. We have an awesome responsibility of telling the world the "Pure,undiluted 3 angel's messages", and brothers and sisters time is quickly running out on planet earth. While I look forward to Jesus 2nd Coming, I am fearful that I have not done my part in telling others.  Karen and Joan you have reminded me that everyone is a potential candidate for heaven. And it is my (our) responsibility to pracice the Golden Rule to all we meet.

Keep "the" faith, BUT tell others too!
 Br. Laurie

Title: Personal Testimonies
Post by: Filipe Reis on October 07, 2000, 05:42:00 PM
Dear brothers and sisters! It's a privilege to write some words again in this lovely forum. My only sadness it that I can't do it more often, dued to my very busy life, nowadays.
Let me tell you aal how He's been nice to me. Each day I feel Him trying to lead me, and blessing me, preparing me for the last days of the Earth's history. My life is going better and better. I've started a new job this late month, wich is proving to be very good for me, in all ways. I'm not gonna tell you why, that's not important. What relly matters here, is that I'm most sure that was God that led me to that place! I've done no big effort to be there, but He has worked for me. I only had to ask Him...
In these last day, God has showed me one more thing He can do: the youth group in our church is spiritually growing! We're starting now our project "Little Groups", (remember I told you about it?) and the results are already coming. In my group, some people cry when they pray! We feel His presence, and it was like we were flying in our way to heaven! This is good for all, and personaly it's just another blessing God has been giving me. And, these last weeks, came to the church a friend of ours, who didn't came for some years, to join our group. Plus, few weeks ago, I was talking to a friend, Jorge Sousa, who is about to be baptized soon. We were talking about Jesus coming is the clouds, holding us, showing us His hands, and he just said: "Hey, man! I can never see the time to be baptized! There's nothing I want more at the moment!" What a thrill to hear such words from a person I knew less thab two years ago, who is now a great friend! By the way, pray for Jorge Sousa. His family is not adventist. He might get some dificulties at home (the family's OK with him, but you know how it works...), but if we ask God to help him, it will be better for him. In our lovely friendship, me and Sofia (my girlfriend) use to call him son. You can see how deeply I want Jesus to hold him for the rest of his life. Beeing a witness to all this wonders God has been doing in my friend's life, is considered by me, another blessing!
When I think of you all, out there, far away from me, I think: Wow, how will it be when I get to hugh all these friends I could never see their faces, in this land? I remember dear Laurie lots of times. Sometimes I say to the ones I'm talking to: I know a very special person in Canada, who was very ill, but accepted Jesus for ever. He will be free from sin one day just like us! I can't imagine what I'll feel when I see you my brother. We will walk together in those garden, we'll worship our Father forever, and no one will keep us from seeing eachother...
I'd like to say to all the people who read this: you can not find a single promisse in the Bible that failled! Not even one! To me, this means that Jesus' promisse of coming to pick us up to His house won't miss to!
When you get a clear night, look up at the sky, far from your sight. Imagine a little gray hand sized cloud, coming closer and closer! The middle starts to shine more and more, and finnaly, you see Jesus telling you: Come on! It's time you join me forever! My pray is that we can all hear Him say that very soon. I'm sure He won't miss His word. No, He'll be there...
From Portugal, this little, sometimes unknown, country in western Europe, I can see a huge ocean separating us. In heaven there'll be no separations...  
I'll be going now. Tomorrow, sunday the 8th October, I'm joining my friends from church again. Soon, by the power of Jesus, I'll join you too, in New Jerusalem.
If you allow me, I'd like to make a little pray in portuguese.
Querido Jesus! Que bom foi escrever estas palavras aqui neste forum. Que alegria que sinto ao ver que continuas a dirigir Teu povo rumo a Canaa celestial. Em meio a problemas, dificuldades, ai estas tu agarrando-nos pela mao e dizendo: Eu vou-te salvar! Te quero agradecer por tudo de bom que nos das, e tantas coisas sao. Te suplico que abencoes muito os Teus filhos que aqui participam. Que seja este um meio de nos chagarmos mais junto de ti, e que almas honestas se entreguem a Ti enquanto ha tempo. Tudo Te peco no nome de Teu filho amado Jesus Cristo.
Dear friends, keep your faith in Jesus. I want to see you all, when He comes to pick us up...
Filipe Reis, Serzedo, Portugal.
Title: Personal Testimonies
Post by: Richard Myers on October 07, 2000, 07:45:00 PM
Brother Filipe, good to hear from you! And, to know that God is leading in your life.  :)

Your testimony will lift us all a little closer to heaven. Jesus is coming soon; His promises will not fail. We rejoice with you over our brother, Jorge. We send our love and our prayers and do look forward to meeting all in heaven, soon if not before.  All are not across the Atlantic. We have members in England, Germany, Norway and many reading from all around the world. know there are many faithful brothers and sisters even in the other churches who will soon be joining our happy throng as we prepare to receive Jesus!  :)

Keep us posted of your continued ministry there in Portugal, Brother Filipe.  :)

In His love and grace,    Richard

Title: Personal Testimonies
Post by: Joan Rügemer on October 08, 2000, 03:13:00 AM
 Blessings and love of our Lord Jesus to my Portugal Brother Filipe,

Originally born and raised American, I've been here in Germany for many decades now. Thank you for learning English language so well. Without it being the medium to reach out to one another I would not have had this wonderful joy seeing the Christ I love also in you. Do please take more time when you can to write more on this forum about what the believers are experiencing there in Portugal where you are.

Please give word of my love and heartfelt respect to Brother José Carlos Da Costa if you are at some meeting where he is in charge. He was our guest speaker on a Maranatha training week. He will remember me if you mentioned it was the meeting with Pastors Roberto Arnolds and Ernst Pala (from Austria). He stayed at Br. Arnolds house which was in walking distance to the daily meeting place.

Your sister in Christ....
Joan Rügemer

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Title: Personal Testimonies
Post by: Liane H on October 08, 2000, 08:45:00 AM
Dear Brother Filipe:

You will be in my prayers and for your friend as well.  

Reading your words, made we want to go home right now to be with Jesus. The words lifted my soul to heaven itself.

Someday we will be there, but there are so many souls, like your friend, that still need to learn of Jesus and the special truths He wants us to know, so that we can be with Him in heaven.

The days are numbered, but there is still time to tell the world of His love.  Please write more if you can, your words are so precious to my mind.


Title: Personal Testimonies
Post by: Allan F on October 13, 2000, 12:13:00 PM
I just want to thank God for my new job. For one year I will be working at the Norwegian Bible Institute (similar to the Voice of Prophecy in US). I am thankful to God that he has given me this opportunity to work for him. Every day I come in contact with people who are searching for God and truth. I really feel the need of Gods help in this job. Especially what to say, and how and when to say it. Our goal at NBI is to make the student take as many courses as possible, so that he has a good foundation to make a decission on. Often people start with taking courses in archeology or health- and familiy courses. Then we invite them to more bible related courses, such as Daniel, Revelation, and other courses that we offer.
In this way we may have students with us over a long period of time. And when a student decides to give his life to God, it is our "pay day" at the Institute. Nothing is more encouraging than this.
Many students have special experiences with God, and I would like to share some of this, later.
Today there are ca. 1000 students taking courses, but our goal is much higher.

Brothers and sisters. More and more people are searching for something they don't have. People are longing for love, peace and happiness. The world can (at best) only give us outward happiness. Only God can give us true love, true peace and true happiness. This is what the world need to know. And to experience!

Allan F

Title: Personal Testimonies
Post by: Richard Myers on October 14, 2000, 07:01:00 AM
Brother Allan, happy Sabbath!  Good to hear the great news!  :)

It is also good to know that the NBI has such men as you working there. It gives us all encouragement each time we hear of such blessings in our ministries around the world. There is so much more going on that we do not know of. God is preparing a people in ways we know not.

Please do share some of the blessings you witness. It will do much for us all as we hear of the power of God's grace upon the human heart. There are some who are ready to perish and these testimonies will be just what is needed to lift them above the temptations and sorrows of this world.

It is always good to hear from our brother in Norway. We share in your happiness with your new work and pray the Lord's blessing upon it!  :)

In His love and grace,    Richard

Title: Personal Testimonies
Post by: Allan F on October 14, 2000, 12:20:00 PM
Thank you so much, brother Richard  :)
Title: Personal Testimonies
Post by: Liane H on October 14, 2000, 12:41:00 PM
Dear Brother Allen:

I am so happy you have gotten your new job and it must be a very fulfilling and interesting work.

Teaching people about Jesus, watching them grow, seeing them understand the Word Of God and how it applies to their lives is most rewarding.  

Evangelism was the major work of our Saviour, and should be ours as well. We may not get the opportunity to do it as a living, but we all can find ways in our lives to tell people about Jesus.

You will bea added to my prayer list and your continued work for our Lord.


Title: Personal Testimonies
Post by: Laurie Mosher on October 14, 2000, 04:22:00 PM
Hi Brother Allen, I too am happy for your new job. Let's ALL lift each other UP in prayer. Brother Felipe, I pray for you daily, and thanks for being MY friend!

Keep "the" faith,BUT pass it around!

 Bro. Laurie

Title: Personal Testimonies
Post by: theo on November 08, 2000, 08:29:00 AM
Hello everyone. Since I am a new member, I thought I would post my testimony.      

This past Jan. I was rebaptized into the church. I had been out of the church for the past 20 years-since high school. I was raised as an adventist, my dad was an adventist pastor. The environment I was raised in was very dictatorial, lots of "adventist" rules and regulations, lots of EGW, but somehow very little genuine christian love. Naturally my image of God became misconstrued and I rebelled. I started using drugs and alcohol in high school(academy), that continued into my adult years. Along the way I married my wife who had been my college sweetheart. She has been truly a blessing from God as throughout all of my difficulties she remained faithful to God and to the church(God gives us what we need even when we don't deserve it).

Throughout all of this I never really questioned the existence of God but just figured he wasn't for me. I managed to quit using drugs in my 20's but continued using alcohol and tobacco. last fall someone in the church gave me a copy of the mill. of prophecy tapes by doug batchelor and I watched them and really enjoyed them. I felt I needed to make a firm decision one way or the other. I decided I wanted to know God and made the decision to commit my life to Him and get rebaptized.

At the time I was still chewing tobacco.  I had quit drinking some time before. stopping drinking was easy, I learned to hate it, but stopping tobacco had been impossible for me. I had tried for years to quit without success. I prayed to God and told him that I had been unsuccessful in stopping and in all honesty I knew I needed to quit but didn't really want to. Well, the next day a very amazing thing happened to me, I got amnesia about chewing. I know this sounds strange but I literally had no memory of using tobacco. That first day of trying to quit had always been my doom. I am convinced that God gave me amnesia that first day. I have not touched the stuff since(almost 1 year ago).

Well, needless to say I was excited and thanking God about Him giving me the power to quit but when God starts to work in your life the devil doesn't like it. The next week I started suffering from severe depression and anxiety-at a time when I had been looking forward with more hope than I had ever had. I was attacked with feelings and thoughts I had never had before. Thoughts like there is no God, This is all just a hoax, suicidal thoughts, feeling like it was too late for me. Sataan attacked me severely and I started fighting a spiritual battle that I cannot adequately describe to you. It was intense. I started praying like I have never prayed before, constantly, at times almost all day. It was a terrible experience, but I had nothing to hang on to but God. (I now have a new appreciation for the story of jacob wrestling with God). Towards the end of all this, at a time when I was really confused and wondering what I was supposed to do, something amazing happened. It was about 1am and I was having trouble sleeping, I had gotten up for a drink of water and when I got back in to bed and turned off the light I got an impression to read psalms 31. I got my bible and read it. Ps. 31 is a prayer for faith in difficult times. Amazing I thought, God is speaking to me. I thought this was pretty neat. I turned the light off and went back to bed. Immediatly  got an impression to read Ps. 51. I got up and read it, it is a prayer of repentance. I turned off the light to go back to bed and again I got an impression to read Matt.24. This is the chapter on the time of the end and the time of trouble. This puzzled me. I went back to bed and once more I got an impression to read Ez. 36. This is a chapter about israel coming home but specifically: v25. then I will sprinkle clean water upon you, and ye shall be clean: from all your filthiness, and from all your idols, will I cleanse you.v26. A new heart also will I give you: and a new spirit will I put within you: and I will take away the stony heart out of your flesh, and I will give you an heart of flesh. v27. and I will put my spirit within you, and cause   you to walk in my statutes, and ye shall keep my judgements and do them.

At first I didn't understand all of this but over the next several days I read these chapters over and over until I understood. God was telling me I needed to have faith and repentance, God would then bring me through my time of trouble and give me a new heart and a new spirit. And He has. I can't tell you how encouraging and powerful this experience has been for me. Over the next several weeks the same thing happened to me only with the book, Desire of Ages. I would be feeling discouraged and I would get an impression to read some page or pages in the DA. These pages would have direct answeres to what I was struggling with.(this answered my question as to whether or not the SOP is inspired). God gives us what we need.

Well God brought me through the tough times. Since then I have been through the bible twice and have been studying the SDA doctrines for myself(motivated by all the controversy in the church), and am convinced of the foundation of our movement. I feel that God is leading me and that I need to continue to be prayful and open to his leading. I feel time is very short and  we need to dig deeper and develop a spiritual base that is unshakable. I have personally felt the wrath of our adversary and what lies ahead I don't think any of us can imagine. I have also experienced the power and victory of our Master and as tough as what lies ahead he has assured us of victory if we continue in faith and repentance.

May God bless each one of us in the days ahead.


Title: Personal Testimonies
Post by: Joan Rügemer on November 08, 2000, 09:02:00 AM
Prayer :

"Thank you Jesus that Theo has come to this forum on your leading. I am so impressed with how You spoke to him, cleansed his mind by leading him to absorb the inspiration of the words of truth in bible readings, how you touched his mind that the habit of tabacco stopped, and how you put a new spirit of loving you whole heartly into his soul. I praise you for this possibility through this testimony of seeing the working of your victorious power in a person's life who submits to the wooing of Your Spirit and will.
God be praise and the Glory is His, for He is more powerful over all addiction and practices of sin !!


Title: Personal Testimonies
Post by: Richard Myers on November 08, 2000, 02:34:00 PM
Thank you for sharing your testimony of God's love and power in your life, Brother Theo!  :)

It is an encouragement to us who have read it. God is indeed GOOD!  :)  He loves us and draws us with cords of love. Hang on to Him and He will see you through. By reading The Desire of Ages daily we are beholding Jesus, and by beholding Him we are given power to obey Him.  :)

We look forward to more of your posts.


Title: Personal Testimonies
Post by: Dugald T Lewis MD on November 08, 2000, 07:22:00 PM
Dear Brother Theo,

I thank God tonight for your testimony of God's wonderful love. It will be an inspiration to others of His leading in your life. The more you talk of His love, the more there is to talk about. Welcome to TRO.


Title: Personal Testimonies
Post by: Richard Myers on November 11, 2000, 05:59:00 PM
The harvest field is white. Multitudes have never heard the message of God's love. Last week I had opportunity to talk about Jesus quite a bit. One individual in particular was a great blessing.  I had asked what he thought of the election results. He started conversing and it gave me the opportunity to agree with him about the condition of our nation and how things could change quite a bit if Bush won the presidency. We were getting along quite well on our "common ground".

I then decided to tell him I could not vote for Bush because of my concern over the push for breaking down the wall of separation between church and state. I asked if he read the Bible very much and he said no, but that he was a Jew. He was a very nice man and a very successful business man. I was discussing some business with him in his home. I decided that God was opening his heart to hear the truth about what was going on behind the scenes and I told him about Mrs. Dole expressing her husband's support for legislation banning work on Sunday four years ago. I told him the Bible spoke of the United States passing a national Sunday law. Being a Jew, he was interested. I told him I would bring him some reading material on the subject.  :) He was quite interested and would have continued the conversation, but I believed enough was said.

How many more are just like him? Waiting for the truth to be shared? Multitudes. May God lead us to them and may He open their hearts to receive the truth.

In His love and grace,    Richard

Title: Personal Testimonies
Post by: Liane H on November 11, 2000, 07:03:00 PM

Thank you for your testimony. Your victory over these things and the relationship that Jesus used to reach and touch you greatly touched me.  

God does talk to us.  Not always in the same way, but he does. God uses whatever Satan puts at our steps for His glory.  We just need to make the right choice.  You did. And a wonderful thing happened, it transformed you in ways you probably never dreamed of.

Your testimony is a witness of God and His goodness, that no matter where we are or what we have done, He wants us still.  

What a wonderful God we have. Thank you again and I look forward to seeing your words written throughout TRO. I know you will be a blessing to us all.


Title: Personal Testimonies
Post by: Filipe Reis on November 17, 2000, 09:16:00 AM
Hello dear friends! I'd like to salute you all, specialy because it's already Sabbath day in Portugal: 6.10 pm, 17th November!
After some time, here I am again to tell you more news about God's work in here. As you might remember, I asked you, along with other reasons, to pray for the new Pedroso church, programmed to start next year. We are working very hard to see everything ready. But, there were some important details to be furfiled.
Well, there is a big new: next 13th January, the portuguese adventist union president, Pastor Mario Brito, is coming with his staff, to our little church to establish it officialy as a new adventist church in Portugal! This is so good for us! We'll be able to open ths church just as planned!
here goes my appreciation for your prays, and God's answer to them. Thank you indeed! The new members were thrilled when it was anounced that through the world, there were brothers and sisters praying for our 40/50 people group.
Dispite many problems the enemy was able to cause, there's God's hand working again. No doubt, your prays have reached heaven!
We will most certainly work hard for the development of our church, and when we meet in heaven, I'll be very happy to hugh you all and be with you and Jesus forever!
From Portugal, Filipe Reis.
Title: Personal Testimonies
Post by: Wendy on November 17, 2000, 03:08:00 PM
That's wonderful!  :)


Title: Personal Testimonies
Post by: Liane H on November 17, 2000, 03:17:00 PM
Hello Filipe:

So good to hear from you again.  How exciting that the union president will be coming to your new church. I wish I could be there in person to see your wonderful new church.  God has blessed your effort and your congregation.  

Indeed prayers do work here in TRO, I know from experience.

Keep us posted as your church story procgresses.  I look forward to reading your posts.  

It will be Sabbath for me in about an hour. How our Lord has blessed us with such a wonderful day.  So many miss the true beauty of God's gift to us.  A space of time in which we can rest in Him and be blessed.

Thanks again for keeping us informed of your church.  



Title: Personal Testimonies
Post by: Richard Myers on November 17, 2000, 07:39:00 PM
Brother Filipe, happy Sabbath!  :)

It is good to hear from you! and that the Pedroso Church has been blessed by our Lord. We share in your joy! May God bless the work of our brothers and sisters in Portugal, that you all may be a light that will point all to Jesus Christ as the solution for ALL of our problems!  :)

Let us press together to hasten the SOON coming of our Lord!

In His love and grace,    Richard

Title: Personal Testimonies
Post by: Filipe Reis on December 10, 2000, 02:14:00 PM
Dear friends and future heavenly family! Also, a special hello to dear brother Laurie, who I remember lots of times! I cam never forget our first meeting at the old forum at!
I'm just arriving from our soon to come new Pedroso church, where we had our weekly meeting. It was very good, because we talked about the relation that there must be between all the members of the new church. In my way home, I've decided to come here to tell you some more details about it.
I had told you that Pastor Mario Brito will be coming next 13th january to officialize our new church. Well, there has been a change and he'll be here the 20th of January. It's just one more week.
When I entered the temple today, I saw how the work in been doing in that little house: the altar (don't know if this is the correct word...) is almost ready, the stained glass windows are all ready, the entrance is now very charming, and some other stuff is beeing well arranged.
I thought you might be happy to hear this: it means that your prayings are working! God is answering all our requests.
But, what I really wabt to tell you is this: we had our first visitor! Someone, who I don't know yet, came to hear Brother Fernando's sermon! Shouldn't this be a sign from God and a reason to thank Him? The church is not officially open yet, and we already had someone not adventist who came to join us!
Lets hope this man comes more times, and with him many others. I count on you prays, as always!
We feel to be working the way He wants us to do. Sure we will do mistakes, we're humans, but with His lead, the new Pedroso church will be a mean to put more souls in heaven. Then, we'll all join there.

I'll also take the chance to shortly tell you a little experience. Each week I help Canelas church's Comunications Director, Jorge Silva, to create our weekly Informative Bulletin. This makes me very happy, but the enemy doesn't like it. He's been trying to trick me, not allowing me to do this. Sometimes he gets my PC in trouble, other times it's the internet connection that fails with no reason, and so on. as he saw that he couldn't drag me out of God's work, Friday the 1st December, my Pc was hit by a flash of lightning. My scanner, my printer, my sound devices, all was spared except... my PC, it didn't worked. I saw clearly that is was the enemy who didn't wanted me to work for our Father. But, he does not scares me! I prayed, i trusted Him again, and nothing seems to be bad today! All my PC's functions are good! This week, I'll help Jorge again!
Dear brothers and sisters, I wish us to be all together when He comes to pick us up!
From Portugal, your brother Filipe Reis.

Title: Personal Testimonies
Post by: theo on December 14, 2000, 10:58:00 AM
I would like to share my testimony on how I came back in to the church. First let me say this is not "my" testimony but rather a testimony of the power of JESUS and His  working in my life.

I posted part of my testimony over on the addiction part of this site so if you have read it please bear with me.  That was only part of what JESUS has done for me.

I was raised an SDA, my dad was an adventist pastor. I was raised in a home and church environment that was very overbearing and personally degrading. Very little love and training but lots of discipline. because of this my image of GOD became one of a very severe and harsh, unforgiving god. Because of this I developed an image of myself as bad and unforgivable.  Sataan had me where he wanted me.

I went to SDA schools all the way through college. Along the way I learned to smoke, chew tobacco, drink(lots), and use drugs. I turned my back completely on GOD. As soon as I got out of school and no longer "had" to go to church, I left the church completely.

After college I quit using drugs but continued drinking heavily, partying pretty much at every opportunity I had. I know now that I was running, searching, looking for answeres but not knowing where to turn. My image of GOD was so bad that I refused  to look to Him but yet I was miserable. For anyone who has been in this position you know how miserable it is.

After about 10 years of this I quit drinking. Up to that point I loved drinking, but it was destroying me, I new I should quit and started trying to cut back but had not quit completely. one day I bought a 6 pak of beer, brought it home and took a swig. For some reason that day something happened to me.  As I started drinking it was as if someone flipped a switch. That beer was the worst thing I had ever had. I had this moment of clarity as to the destructive power of alcohol. From that day forward I have had an intense dislike for alcohol. This was 5 years before I gave my life to JESUS. I beleive He Knew it was time and gave me what I needed to quit even though I had not asked for it.

I continued chewing tobacco amd searching. About one year ago someone from the local church gave me a set of Doug Batchelor tapes.
I watched them and decided to honestly try GOD for myself. I started reading the bible and praying. I knew I needed to quit chewing but I had been unable to. I had tried many times over the years without success.Finally I prayed to GOD and told him I knew I needed to quit but that I couldn't. I told Him that in all honesty I liked chewing and deep down I didn't really want to quit and that if he wanted me to quit he would have to do something because I was powerless. The nicotine addiction is powerful, don't let anybody kid you about it.

Well the next day I literally had amnesia, I didn't remember that I chewed. All day I had no conscious thought of tobacco. This is very important because before I had never been able to get through the first day. GOD took my addiction away, it is as simple as that. That was one year ago.

Needless to say I was excited and thanking GOD. This was a powerful experience and made me believe in the power of GOD.

I decided to get rebaptized.

Have you ever heard of the calm before the storm? Once I made the decision to get baptized, things started going terribly bad. I started fighting a spiritual battle that I cannot describe adequately in words. I became severely depressed and was assulted with thoughts that the bible is a hoax, there really is no GOD, If there was a GOD it was too late for me, all sorts of powerful negative thoughts. I couldnt sleep, I couldnt work, I had to take a month off from work. It was miserable.

I started praying like never before. I learned that prayer is the key to surviving the attacks of sataan. I went ahead with my baptism in the middle of this even though it was a struggle to go ahead with it.

Several weeks after my baptism, one night about 1 am, I was unable to sleep and had gotten up for a drink of water. I had really been struggling spiritually. As I went back to bed I got an impression to read psalms 31. I got up and read it. It is a prayer of faith in difficult times. I was amazed at how much that chapter spoke to me. I turned the light out and went back to bed. Again I got an impression to read psalms 51. I got up and read it. It is a prayer of repentance. GOD was telling me I needed to have faith and repentance. I was amazed. I went back to bed. Again I got an impression to read matthew 24. I got up and read it. It is the discourse of JESUS on the time of the end/time of trouble. This kind of confused me. I couldn't figure it out so I went back to bed. Again I got an impresson to read Ezekiel 36. I got up and read it. At first I didn't understand what GOD was trying to tell me. It took me a while to figure out what GOD was telling me.Ezekiel 36:25 Then I will sprinkle clean water on you, and you shall be clean; I will cleanse you from all your filthiness and from all your idols. 26. I  will give you a new heart and put a new spirit within you; I will take the heart of stone out of your flesh and give you a heart of flesh. 27. I will put My spirit within you and cause you to walk in my statutes, and you will keep my judgements and do them.- GOD was telling me to have faith and repentance and he would bring me through my time of trouble and give me a new heart and a new spirit(born again).

I cannot begin to tell you how powerful this experience has been for me. I feel I was given a direct promise from GOD.Over the next several weeks the same thing happened to me but with the book Desire of Ages. I would be having a hard time and I would get an impression to read a certain page or pages in the book and it would be exactly what I needed to hear.(this also cleared up for me as to whether or not EGW is inspired).

Those were difficult days but the power of GOD prevailed. It has been tough coming back in to a church I had so much anger towards, but I have learned that my relationship with JESUS is not about the church. It is just me and HIM and that is all that matters.

We need to remember that without the power of the HOLY SPIRIT anything we say or do, even if it is truth, is powerless.

There are many people out there who like myself, have had a bad experience with the church. GOD can reach them if they let Him. His love and power is beyond our comprehension. We just need to be careful that people see CHRIST in our lives and not ourselves.

sorry this post is so long, I just wanted to share how GOD has worked in my life.

May GOD bless each of you in your lives and witness.


Title: Personal Testimonies
Post by: theo on December 14, 2000, 11:26:00 AM
I just figured out there are multiple pages on this section so it looks like I posted my testimony twice. I thought it never went through in Nov. when I first posted it.

Sorry folks, didn't mean for you to read it twice.

Title: Personal Testimonies
Post by: Richard Myers on December 14, 2000, 03:56:00 PM
Brother Theo,  no need to apologize. Sometimes God puts His hand over things so we cannot see them. It is His way of accomplishing something that would not otherwise be done.  It is good for you to have posted this testimony of God's love and power twice. It is not only good for you to tell it over and over, but for us to read it over and over. I would not have been blessed again if you had not done so.

Your blessings from the promises in Ezekiel 36 and The Desire of Ages is what Jesus wants each of us to experience. I have spent almost my entire Christian life repeating these blessings that God wants to bestow upon His people. The Desire of Ages was given that we might know our Saviour and thus our heavenly Father. The promises in Ezekiel 36 are greatly needed when we discover that we are under the condemnation of the broken law.

Thank you for submitting to the leading of the Holy Spirit and testifying to the goodness and power of our God. There are others besides me that need to hear just what you have shared. Let us continue in prayer that hearts will be moved and completely surrendered to Jesus. He is coming soon and we want all that can be saved to find this peace that passes understanding and the power that lifts us above earthly trials.

The devil is as a roaring lion, but our Saviour is more powerful. Where sin abounds grace does much more abound!  :)

Please join me in the King of Kings forum where you can continue to share what Jesus is revealing of Himself.

In His love and grace,     Richard

Title: Personal Testimonies
Post by: Laurie Mosher on December 18, 2000, 03:58:00 AM
Brother Theo,
 It is OBVIOUS that God is leading and controlling your life.Don't let anyone tell you otherwise. And it is important for allof us to realize the devil isn't going to let us get away from him, without a struggle. He's had a little more time to know the weak points of each of us, but ALWAYS REMEMBER God defeated Satan at every turn. Our ONLY hope to get thru is to TRUST IN JESUS.

Praise the Lord for His loving kindness and grace, and mercy!

Keep "the" faith,BUT pass it around!

 Bro. Laurie

Title: Personal Testimonies
Post by: Laurie Mosher on December 18, 2000, 04:01:00 AM
Brother Felipe!
  I haven't forgotten YOU, either. Thank You for updating us and telling of your church's revival. Would to God that ALL of us would experience a revival and reformation.
 Jesus is coming soon. I'm looking forward to meeting ALL of you there.

 It's really quite interesting!  There are probably very few posters in TRO, that I have actually met face to face, but someday SOON, we will see each other.   :)

 Let us remain faithful!!

Keep "the" faith,BUT pass it around!

 Bro. Laurie

Title: Personal Testimonies
Post by: Richard Myers on December 23, 2000, 08:37:00 PM
Seven or eight years ago I was in Washinton D.C. for a meeting on foodborne disease. I had just come out of the Senate building and was met by a well dressed young man who said he had lost his wallet and needed money to catch a bus home. He had a pair of "praying hands" pinned on his lapel.  I had my wallet out and was ready to give him the amount he had asked for when another well dressed business man from accross the street began yelling to me not to give him any money. He was very upset and he was very big also. He continued to come over and really laid into the young man. He had given him money and then found out from the guard that he had been ripped off. I thanked him and the Lord.

Last week I was getting fuel and a young man came up and asked me to buy a model motorcyle so he could get gas to take his baby to the hospital. I told him I did not want a model. He politely left. After I paid for my gas, he was still standing by his truck which was in front of my car. I walked up and asked him about the baby. His wife and children were in the truck and she told me about the need for the child. I told the family I would loan them money for the gas. I gave them my phone number and asked them to call me when they could repay the loan. I also gave them a copy of Steps to Christ. I prayed for them and went on my way.

Yesterday I got a phone call from the young man. He wanted to pay me back. I spoke with him and found out that the family was in real need and got their address. I was so pleased that the Holy Spirit could reach through my resistance to give money to those who stop me on the street. Generally, I will give food, but not money. This time, God wanted this family to know of His love for them. Please pray for them. His name is Duane and their baby has downs sydrome and was jaundiced.

God is good and we need to tell others in every way that we can. The Holy Spirit will open the doors as we ask Him to lead us to those that are open to the truth.   :)


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Title: Personal Testimonies
Post by: Laurie Mosher on December 25, 2000, 05:25:00 PM
Brother Richard! Thanks for sharing!
 I am very often placed in similar circumstances, and have /ongoing helping a Salvation Army family with food and medicine. God , I believe, keeps us humble when we work with Him in helping others!

Keep "the" faith,BUT pass it around!

 Bro. Laurie

Title: Personal Testimonies
Post by: WendyForsyth on December 26, 2000, 04:50:00 PM
I was born a Seventh day Adventist, the daughter of an Adventist minister. Over the course of my childhood we moved numerous times as my father was in great demand around the country. We even served as missionaries in Brazil. I just wish I'd been old enough to enjoy it. Growing up a PK was everything that the stereotypes portray it to be. I have been down every road I shouldn't have traveled, and hurt my parents in many ways. I can only imagine the pain I caused my Father in Heaven. When I was 25 I married a man who later turned out to be an extremely angry, aggresive and violent man. He beat me through two pregnancies and one week after my second C-section with my youngest son, he threw me down two flights of cement stairs and when I made it back up to make sure the babies were okay, he put my head into the wall. My 20 month old son was so terrified, he hid behind the television set in the corner. He could still remember that incident at four years old. At that time,I had no relationship with God whatsoever. No spiritual life, no study. But still He spoke to me and told me to leave or else my sons would grow up to be wife abusers as well. So with no real skills I ended up on welfare with a 2 year old and a six-week old baby. It was not an easy life. I spent the next two years in a haze of depression. One Sabbath, I felt strongly impressed to search out the local Adventist church. What I found there was such a sense of family and openness that I was completely overwhelmed. The minister was a terrific speaker, and after attending his Revelation seminar, I was moved to rededicate my life to the Lord. I won't say it has all been uphill since then, but with Jesus at my side, I can't go wrong. I am now remarried to the most wonderful man in the world who shares my desire and drive to work for the Lord. We have a daughter together, and as a family of five we have many adventures. Some good, some bad. But through it all we remain steady because Jesus is Lord of our family, and my husband is priest of our home. All things work together for good for them that serve the Lord and He truly has blessed us, and together we lift our eyes heavenward because our redemption draweth nigh!

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Title: Personal Testimonies
Post by: Dugald T Lewis MD on December 26, 2000, 06:18:00 PM
Dear Wendy,

Your testimony warms my heart and reminds me of the love of God that can bring his people
through the greatest of crisis that they may undergo. It will being encouragement to many.


Title: Personal Testimonies
Post by: theo on December 26, 2000, 06:43:00 PM
Dear wendy,

Thank you for your encouraging testimony.  It is good to hear how God does not give up on us even though we often are in situations that seem hopeless.

I too was raised a PK and left the church early on. It is only because of Gods persistant love that I have dedicated my life to Him.

I think the devil works overtime to seek to destroy the famalies of pastors. Praise God He led you to where you are today.

The past may have been difficult, but I know in my case, because of Gods grace, I am stronger for it and it sounds like you are too.

Thank you for your courage to share your testimony. May God continue to bless and lead you.


Title: Personal Testimonies
Post by: Richard Myers on December 26, 2000, 06:48:00 PM
Thanks for sharing, Sister Wendy. God is GOOD!  There are many times in life when we are not aware of God's presence, but He is there and working for us.  :)  His grace is far greater than our sins!


Title: Personal Testimonies
Post by: WendyForsyth on December 26, 2000, 10:36:00 PM
Thank you all for your support! Theo, I think you are right about Satan working to destroy Pastors. When he couldn't malign my father's character, he destroyed his health. He lives with a morphine implant because an orphan disease destroyed all the myelin sheath on his nerve endings. He is in constant pain even with morphine dripping directly into his spinal cord. Well, he can't preach now can he? Satan won out in the long run. But dad is getting his spirit back and finding other ways to serve the Lord. Praise God!


Title: Personal Testimonies
Post by: Richard Myers on December 27, 2000, 04:50:00 AM
Sister Wendy, Satan has lost the battle. Your father glorifies God in his suffering just as Jesus did. "We glory in our tribulation" for Jesus is seen within our hearts. Six thousand years the demonstration has continued, but the great controversy is seen for what it is. The character of Satan has been unmasked at the cross. It is left of us to see it. We must choose between good and evil.

It is not the health of your father that will reveal his success, but rather the salvation of his daughter.  :) Your testimony that you have shared is of more value to your father than his preaching. Christ heard his prayers for you and contended with the devil for your salvation. You are your father's greatest encouragement.  :)  Stay close to the Lord. We will be praying for your family and your father.  :)

In His love and grace,   Richard

Title: Personal Testimonies
Post by: WendyForsyth on December 27, 2000, 08:55:00 AM
Yes Brother Richard,
Sometimes my fingers don't keep up with my thoughts. What I meant was, Satan won the battle to remove my father from the ministry. Praise the Lord however, for he has found a way to continue serving the Lord even through years of depression.

Just a little side story. My dad was asked to preach in our little church(12 members,no pastor)With all the meds, he was a bit unstable, but a real trooper to get up there and preach with power. However, when he looked out over that small group of believers and saw, not only myself but my brother back in church for the first time in 10 years, he burst into tears. Bless his heart, he was so embarrassed. But the joy of seeing his family all together in church again was more than he could hold. He had not one dry eye in the church. It really was a blessed experience, and made me determine anew to always walk with the Lord.


Title: Personal Testimonies
Post by: Laurie Mosher on December 27, 2000, 01:47:00 PM
 Sister Wendy, I'm reminded of the saying, "There but for the grace of God go I." It's also true that "when the going gets tought, the tough get going."  My, you must have a tough constitution.

 You've literally been thru it all, and still bounced back. The devil must be some upset with you!! Well, Sister, let's continue to give him a headache! Satan knows his time is short, and pretty soon will be "pulling out ALL the stops". Let's not give him any vantage ground.

  AS Brother Richard , Dr Dugald, and Theo have put it, YOU are the fruit of the witness of your father. I believe if I were a member of that little congregation, I would have wept with him, just to see his family back. That's what we "remnant", need to do, Weep more, and PRAY MORE.I believe there is a quotation from SOP about "Those sighing and crying for the abomininations...sorry for their OWN sins, and others in the church.

  I have just finished reading AGAIN the chapter in "Desire of Ages"-Gethsemane...It's impossible to read that chapter without crying!

 Thank you for sharing with us.Testimonies like these give us ALL hope!   :)

Keep "the" faith,BUT pass it around!

 Bro. Laurie

Title: Personal Testimonies
Post by: WendyForsyth on December 27, 2000, 03:17:00 PM
Brother Laurie,

You made ME cry! :)

God bless,

Title: Personal Testimonies
Post by: Richard Myers on December 27, 2000, 07:57:00 PM
Well, pass around the tissues.  :)

The key to good preaching is reaching the heart as well as the brain. The Holy Spirit was able to speak through your father to the small congregation and reach many hearts including yours, Sister Wendy!  :)  And now, ours!  :)  Thanks again for sharing.

In His love and grace,    Richard

Title: Personal Testimonies
Post by: WendyForsyth on December 27, 2000, 10:19:00 PM
Title: Personal Testimonies
Post by: Dugald T Lewis MD on December 28, 2000, 05:21:00 PM
Dear Wendy,
You are a very special person. Its great having you here with us on TRO.  
Title: Personal Testimonies
Post by: WendyForsyth on January 08, 2001, 11:41:00 AM
Brother Dugald,

Satan is after me again, so I just now read the above. Thank you so much for those encouraging words. It feels like family here. I'm glad I'm finally back! I missed you all.

God bless,

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Title: Personal Testimonies
Post by: Dugald T Lewis MD on January 09, 2001, 07:57:00 PM
Dear Wendy,
Just remember to read Isaiah 43; 1-3.
Title: Personal Testimonies
Post by: Clive Nevell on January 22, 2001, 07:15:00 PM
During the recenr Xmas break we had some excess vegetables so we set up a small road side stall to sell them. One particular day a car came in and I thought it was someone I knew. A closer look I could tell it was not the person I thought it was. When the car stopped the driver called "Phil" I then knew it was the older brother of the person I had thought it to be.
We shook hands and was introduced to his friend, called my wife over and told her he was my brother-law's nephew. We asked them in and got talking and found out he was walking with the Lord again. Last time Ihad seen him was over 25 years ago . he was then in a very bad way having come off his motor bike, being on drugs and grog. Suffered brain damage aand was very badly knocked around. They told us a great story. Before setting out from Brisbane they had prayed for protection and guidence as they travelled. Coming into Aratula they went to the Hotel/Motel and asked for Phil Nevell. Being knew owners they did not know the name. They were after some farm fresh veges and we were the first one they had came across from Brisbane. That is what brought them into us.
The good Lord had answered their prayer in directing them to us. they told us it was the best day of all their holidays. They were with uis for 2 hours and after prayer went on their way to Sydney.
A real surprise for us and them.
Will tell more as time permits.

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Title: Personal Testimonies
Post by: Joan Rügemer on January 23, 2001, 12:03:00 AM
 I just love your stories, Clive  :) You are such a people loving person. With this one, and the other stories also, I get all smiles to see how the Lord just keeps sending people by to where you are for a touch of heavenly loving. And in ways beyound the control of people planning.

..oh, yes..I take it that 'grugs' is a form of Australian chemical substances for getting a 'high' (TIC.. ;D ) You'all sure do have ya own codes words for things, now don't chyah?  :)  :)


Title: Personal Testimonies
Post by: Edward F. Sutton on January 23, 2001, 12:36:00 AM
Hi Wendy

Perhaps this story from the 1940's will help as your Dad is currently handicapped.

Actually he is now better equiped to reach the healthcare people around him ,now than he has ever been before - as long a he focuses on what Jesus can do in him & through him.

Diamondola Keneties died of Typus in WW-2 Greece/Turkey area. Elder Paul Tharkian was called & he prayer & God raised her up again after three days dead. That is only the secondary part of the story. The primal part of the story is that she retained a huge spinal abcess from the typus. It took nine months to heal. During those nine months she quit asking "why" and started & continued focusing on God & her personal devotions ect.  She had a private (non christian ?) female nurse. She insisted on kneeling morning & evening for devotions & the nurse was always with her. At the end of her convalesence the nurse was a "born again converted SDA."

Your father is not out of the ministry, if he will turn to God and leave the "why's for God to answer someday & focus on God now and determine to keep focusing on God always; he will unconsciously minister to all his healthcare attendants & personel from MD's to housecall staff.

He will not be out of the ministry, his ministry will be refocused within a tighter harder to reach circle. God will be allowing him to represent Him through the vehicle of his sickness & suffering to a group he could never have reached. They will not listen to doctrines untill the character of Christ conqueres the slavery of chronic pain and the weaknesses of a human character and spirit tempted to give in to all the evils offering themselves to be focused on. as Jesus shines into your Dad, He will glow bright enough to get past the morphine and the old life and the pain of the present and reach inside that health care team one by one.

As medical personel work with suffering people, barriers are setup so the medical person can function. However this creats a certain kind of internal "unreachability" in that person. As those medical people work with someone over time the chronic nature of the illness affords opportunity for that worker and person to get attached and bypass that supposedly needed detachment. Here is where love and grace in suffering go to work to prepare the medical person to beging to believe and seek after what this patient has.

Bye for now.

Ed Sutton

Title: Personal Testimonies
Post by: M.A. Crawford on January 23, 2001, 08:20:00 AM
I have been greatly moved in a special way by the testimonies I have read. They have been a blessing to me and demonstrate how much God loves us and will give us what we stand in need of when He sees a willing heart in each of us to order our lives after His Word.

What I appreciate about salvation most is the fact that one can come to Jesus just as he/she is. One does not have to wait until one has "gotten right" or has cleaned oneself up because one cannot do either. It is the POWER OF GOD, when we accept Christ by way of the Holy Spirit, that causes us to grow in grace--with the key word being GROW. Just as one does not go from being a 140 lb. weakling to a 220 lb. "he-man" overnight, so it is with growing in grace and becoming what God would have us to be. It takes time! Mistakes will be made along the way. We will stumble and fall. Many tears will be shed. But through it all, just as "His eye is on the sparrow," if we will remain steadfast and determined to do God's Will, no thing or no one shall prevail against us, and we will be victorious in the end.  

May God continue to give us what we stand in need of as we honestly and faithfully seek to become more and more like Christ in our everyday living.


Title: Personal Testimonies
Post by: Clive Nevell on January 23, 2001, 09:47:00 AM
I have just had the time to read some of the testimonies, take courage Wendy, it is sure great to read your story, makes one humble when others are brought to the Lord in a special way.

It is 4.30 am here and no distraction yet and will continue on from yesterday.

An older couple came in and by their dress I could tell that they were (good) different. Didn't have the courage to ask them outright if they were SDA's but talked to them and found they were on the way to Stanthorpe, about 100 ks towards Sydney from us. I said to them we often have people from Stanthorpe call in and asked by chance if they knew the Enterman family. They said yes, knew both David and Allan from Stanthorpe. I was certain now that I could ask them if they were SDA's. No surprise that they were. Again I called my wife over and told her who they were. It just seems that when people come in that they look different when they are SDA's.
Another time a van pulled in very slowly and coming down the drive way I could reconize the passenger as a person who I had met at Big Camp a few years ago. She had come to our house to run a Branch Sabbath School when I was about 5 years old at Morisset near Avondale. She was student there and came out with other students to hold meetings at our place. That is just about 45 years ago and she still remembers the good times of coming out and teaching the kids in the area. Elva paints post cards now and calls into road side stalls and leaves small books and tracts about our work. She is a very good artist and left one with us. She paints an original and then colour photo copies them and sells them to help her in her ministry. Again we had prayer with them before they left.
The Lord has blessed abundantly even though I have been off line for some weeks.
Our dam is finished, Heather's dam is also finished (church member behind us)there are some clouds in the sky this morning as the sun comes up.
I even had door opened so I could talk to brother Ray last night about why there is suffering in the world today, pray that I will say the right things. He does not claim to be a Christian but in his acts he is kind and considerate. Suffers much pain with his medical problems, has had an ulcer on his leg for over 20 years and now it is causing some concern to the Drs. It may have to come off if it can not be cured. He needs our prayers.

Title: Personal Testimonies
Post by: WendyForsyth on January 23, 2001, 05:03:00 PM
Thank you so much Brothers Sutton, Crawford, and Nevill! What wonderful support. It is so encouraging to come back to this thread and find that people are still here supporting me in so many ways. I am going to pass this on to my father as well, as I believe he will be greatly blessed. God be with all of you.


Title: Personal Testimonies
Post by: Richard Myers on January 24, 2001, 08:51:00 AM
The Lord blessed me yesterday. I met a man who sells bicycles and tricycles for the handicapped. Some are made so that one can pedal with their hands rather than feet. What a blessing. I am going to help him get his work on the internet. It turns out that he is a JW. We have much in common in that we see our lives are blessed as labour to help others. He is greatly blessed as he helps those in need.

Pray for my new friend. His name is Dave.  :)


Title: Personal Testimonies
Post by: Joan Rügemer on January 24, 2001, 09:04:00 AM
Yes, I know those bikes. We had them more on the paths about ten years ago as they were first coming out. I don't see much of them now were I live.

Lovely of you to have made contact with a sprirtually sensitive type. I bet you'll be having the grandest time sharing with him as time goes by. Do tell later about the knots of perculiarities needing to get unraveled when openly sharing. My days with my JW's connections have come to and end. But I will pray that the communication remains rewarding for the both of you  :)

:) Joan  :)

Title: Personal Testimonies
Post by: Clive Nevell on January 24, 2001, 09:26:00 AM
If all SDA's worked as hard as the JW's we would have an army of workers to finish the work. God bless you Richard as you work with your new friend.
Last night brother Ray went to bed reading Great Controversy, If you knew him you would never thought such a thing would be possible. I gace him the book and asked him to read the chapter on the "Origins of Evil" page 492-504. When I called in later he was reading them. I pray that the Lord will be able to speak to him through these pages.
I hope that your father feels better when he knows that there are many people praying for him, Wendy.
Title: Personal Testimonies
Post by: Filipe Reis on February 15, 2001, 12:03:00 PM
  Dear friends all over the world!
 It's in great joy that I return here again after some time away. Once more, I'll tell you some more news about our work here in Portugal, and how the Lord is blessing us!
 As most of you might know, some of us here were planning to open a new church in a place called Pedroso. There was settled a date: 20th January as the great opening day. And so it was! Thank God that no matter what the enemy could find to delay us, His temple is now a reallity, that makes us very happy.
 If you had the chance to read one of my previous posts, you'll know that for some years, I was away from church. Jesus holded my hand and led me again on the right path. I returned to church and tryed each day to be more close to heaven. I felt Him calling me for this challenge: a new church rising from the begining! So, I went there. And our Pastor along with our Church Counsil decided that I should be Sabbath School Director! What a bless! Thank God for the way He's been running my life, and making me feel that I'm growing to be right on His side some day!
 We started last Sabbath morning. All was very good, and God is certainly pleased with us.
 I can't forget your answers to my praying requests concerning Pedroso's church. Thank you very much! I won't take much more time thanking you, because soon, when Jesus come to pick us up, I'll have the eternity to do it. But meanwhile, please pray for me, and for Raquel Almeida, Debora Ferreira and Joana Duarte, who are the three lovely gilrs who make part of my team.
 I'm also the communications director. If you like to contact our department, by any reason, please do. A word of encouragement, anything, I'll be happy to transmit it to the church. Thay'll be delighted to know that again, there are people from all over the world praying from them. Please write to:
 That's all for know. A special hi to dear friend Laurie Mosher, and if not here, see you all when Jesus comes to pick us!!
 He'll be here soon! Isn't that wonderfull?
 Filipe Reis, Portugal.
Title: Personal Testimonies
Post by: Liane H on February 15, 2001, 06:40:00 PM
It seems as if the windows of heaven are opening all over the world and I praise the Lord for all His blessings.

I too am overjoyed with the fact that I will be starting a health ministry in my own community in my church. It has been my dream for six months to start this ministry after I had gotten diabetes and asked the Lord to help me over come the diabetes and do something worth while in His name.

Starting in April of this year we will be opening our doors to the community in a health ministry work. The help of Laurie Mosher with the Abundant Living vidoes, and the help of Dr. Ludington's son for the books Dynamic Living with the reduced price we will have the books and workbooks to distribute to the people that come to our meetings.

Dreams do come true with the Lord and with His blessing I pray that I will be able to help others as He has helped me.

Liane  :)  

Title: Personal Testimonies
Post by: Joan Rügemer on February 15, 2001, 10:59:00 PM
I am so blessed to see how the love of Filepe has motivated him to lead the group of believers to a church building for corporate worship. May the grace of God continue in your fellowship and learning together.

Liane, you are really doing the right thing with this offer to others for a group meeting to talk about healthful living to avoid sickness or to gather more information to eliminate the the body ailment that's already there. Thank you for planning to give us more info as it progresses  :)


Title: Personal Testimonies
Post by: adventbeliever on February 16, 2001, 02:40:00 PM
Please accept the following as my personal testimony as to how, after many years of long and painful investigations, I was finally made able to better appreciate what inspiration identifies as "The true religion, the only religion of the bible." T.M.468.

In May of 1889, a few months after the 1888 Minneapolis Conference, the Lord sent a Testimony to His people saying that the matter of salvation, though simple, was still not understood: "The matter of salvation is just as simple as ABC. But we dont understand it." May 11,1889, Manuscript 1,1889. (F.W.64)

Then, in September of the same year, this Testimony was heard: "Not one in one hundred understands the Bible truth on this subject that is so necessary to our present and eternal welfare." RH Sept.3,1889 (1SM 360)

Sixty-one years later, Short and Wieland, in their first edition of their 1888 Message Re-Examined, 1950, p.242,243, made this astonishing declaration: "Many in the church today and even in the world are trying to discover the light which God revealed to His people in 1888. NO ONE HAS SO FAR BEEN SUCCESSFUL. Religious leaders are yearning for something no one clearly understands though it would seem that a few are on the verge of discovery."

Another thirty-seven years went by and Short and Wieland published their second edition of THE 1888 MESSAGE RE-EXAMINED. On page 184 is found the same, reiterated admission: "It would seem that 1888 presents a problem unique in the history of God's confrontations with His people. There seems to be a PRECIOUS LIGHT involved therein that seems MORE ELUSIVE THAN ANY in the history of past ages."

As for myself, I graduated as a theology student in 1981 being determined to search for this precious light. I worked as a pastor for about two years and then joined an independent ministry being convinced it was the sole expositor of this precious message only to prepare myself for a great disappointment. I learned many new and fascinating things while studying with this group of people until I began studying A.T. Jones's lectures given at the 1893 and 1895 General Conference Sessions. I then realized, to my dismay, that there was something definitely wrong with some of the claims of the movement I had joined and worked for as a Bible instructor for about four years.

I was left with no other choice but to return to the church I had left a few years before. I attended church sporadically concentrating on my studies at home. I spent much of my time digging into the writings of Jones and Waggoner and the SOP over the next twelve years. Finally, in January of 1999, my eyes were opened! All it took was one lone statement hidden away in a chapter of the book Patriarchs and Prophets. It was then that I realized for the first time, after all these years, how simple but precious was the 1888 message! I kept asking myself how such a simple message could have remained so elusive to the church for so long!

It was in January of 1999 that I decided to read Patriarchs and Prophets all over again. The precious light dawned on me while I was reading page 203. Shortly after, I was impressed with another statement from Testimonies to Ministers which would prove beyond any shadow of doubt that I had finally been made to begin to see and appreciate the 1888 message in all its simplicity and beauty. It is indeed the most precious message ever sent to God's people since the days of Pentecost.

The statement I read from Patriarchs and Prophets was this one: "As dangers surround them, and despair seizes upon the soul, they must DEPEND SOLELY UPON THE MERITS OF THE ATONEMENT. We can do nothing of ourselves. In all our helpless unworthiness we must TRUST IN THE MERITS OF THE CRUCIFIED AND RISEN SAVIOR. NONE WILL EVER PERISH WHILE THEY DO THIS." Notice how the emphasis is on trusting in the MERITS of Christ as our only hope for time and eternity!

And then the statement from Testimonies to Ministers: "How long will you hate and despise the messengers of God's righteousness. God has given them HIS MESSAGE. They bear THE WORD of the Lord: THERE IS SALVATION FOR YOU BUT ONLY THROUGH THE MERITS OF JESUS CHRIST." p.96,97.

Short and Wieland had stated that "The reception of the Holy Spirit was implicit in the reception of the message itself." What was the message? "THERE IS SALVATION FOR YOU BUT ONLY THROUGH THE MERITS OF JESUS CHRIST." This sentence was followed with these very words: "The Holy Spirit has been offered to you again and again." Ibid, 97.

Notice how is described the work of Christ in the sanctuary above: "The intercession of Christ in our behalf is that of PRESENTING HIS DIVINE MERITS in the offering of Himself before the Father as our Substitute and Surety... Christ added His intercession. He claimed the gift of the Spirit that He might pour it upon His people." F.W.105; A.A.37.

In an article of the Signs of the Times, July 4, 1892, Ellen White stated the matter of salvation in these simple words: "Present your case before God PLEADING THE MERITS OF THE BLOOD that was shed for you on Calvary's cross... THIS IS YOUR ONLY PLEA." We have no merit or goodness whereby we may claim salvation but it is our privilege to APPROPRIATE TO OURSELVES the ALL-SUFFICIENT MERITS of the ALL-ATONING BLOOD of the spotless Lamb of God. "Our door-post must be marked by the atoning blood, thus acknowledging our OWN INFEFFICIENCY and the MERITS of the LAMB OF GOD." 2 ST 228.

These statements make it crystal clear that "The ONLY FAITH that will BENEFIT us is that which embraces Him as a personal Savior: WHICH APPROPRIATES HIS MERITS TO OURSELVES." D.A.347.

In the book Steps to Christ this matter is, again, stated in these simple words: "The MERITS of His sacrifice are SUFFICIENT to present to the Father in our behalf." S.C. 35. It is court week with us. The merits of the blood of Christ is our only plea!

In the book Acts of the Apostles, this truth is stated in a most beautiful graphic way: "We see in the midst of the throne One bearing in hands and feet and side the marks of the suffering endured to reconcile man to God. We see a Father, infinite, dwelling in light unapproachable, yet RECEIVING US to Himself through the MERITS of His Son." A.A. 333.

Hence these words: "Unless he makes it his lifebusiness to BEHOLD the uplifted Savior and ACCEPT His MERITS which it is his PRIVILEGE TO CLAIM, the sinner CAN NO MORE BE SAVED than Peter could walk upon the water unless he kept his eyes fixed steadily upon Jesus." T.M.95.

Therefore "We must DAILY APPLY to the MERITS of the blood of a crucified and risen Savior that we may become vessels fit for the Master's use." F.W.86. "Looking unto Jesus, and trusting in His MERITS we appropriate the blessings of light and peace and joy in the Holy Spirit." 5 T 744; 2 Cor.3:18.

This message is based on Eph.4:5; Jude 3,20; Rom.3:25; 5:9; Eph.1:7; Col.1:20; Heb.13:12; 10:19; Rev.12:11.



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Title: Personal Testimonies
Post by: Dugald T Lewis MD on February 16, 2001, 04:20:00 PM
Dear felipe,

Your contagious enthusiasm for God's work is very much appreciated here on TRO. Please continue to move forward in Faith. The enemy cannot win, for this is God's work. My prayers and best wishes are with you and your team.


Title: Personal Testimonies
Post by: Wendy on February 16, 2001, 06:30:00 PM
I second that.  :)


Title: Personal Testimonies
Post by: Richard Myers on February 16, 2001, 06:56:00 PM
Brother Filipe, praise Jesus!  He answers prayer!  It is good to hear from you and that you will be leading out in Sabbath School. We continue to pray for the church at Pedroso. Jesus is indeed coming SOON!!  Let us hasten that day!

In His love and grace,   Richard

Title: Personal Testimonies
Post by: Richard Myers on February 16, 2001, 06:59:00 PM
Brother (AB), thank you for sharing your testimony of how God is leading you. It is a great blessing to know that God can lead us around those that come with a false message, if we will turn to Him and our Bibles.

The 1888 message is quite simple and yet so very powerful. If we would study for ourselves as you have done, Jesus would reveal Himself, then we would know.  :)

Have a good Sabbath!  :)

In His love and grace,  Richard

Title: Personal Testimonies
Post by: adventbeliever on February 16, 2001, 08:46:00 PM
Thanks Richard! Its good to be here! I am thankful for this forum. May the Lord hasten the day when His people will see eye to eye! "Your watchmen shall lift up their voices; with their voices they shall sing together; For they shall see eye to eye when the Lord brings back Zion." Isaiah 52:8.

This will take place as the Lord makes bare His holy arm! Isa.52:10. When a man rolls up his sleeves, he is about to do a work! When the Lord rolls us His sleeves He is about to do a work, a short work at that! "For He will finish the work and cut it short in   righteousness. Because the Lord will make a short work upon the earth." Rom.9:28.

God bless! ab

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Title: Personal Testimonies
Post by: adventbeliever on February 16, 2001, 08:53:00 PM
Hi Joan! Thanks for the invitation. Took me a while, didn't it! I think I am already enjoying this place! Should have joined much sooner! God bless! ab
Title: Personal Testimonies
Post by: Joan Rügemer on February 17, 2001, 12:02:00 AM
My friendly 'hi' back to you Ab  :)

I am very pleased you did sign up and are now part of the forums. I knew you'd fit in well here. Thank you for being a true supporter of the revitalized message of 1888. I am reading lots of messages written by Br. Wagoner at present.

:) Joan

My testimony is on page 3 of this sector.

Title: Personal Testimonies
Post by: adventbeliever on February 17, 2001, 10:15:00 AM
Hi Joan! By the way, I forgot to thank you for your kind an encouraging words in your e-mail. I am turning to page 3 right this minute. God bless! ab
I just finished going through the whole thread reading most of the testimonies. I should have done it before I posted mine!   :) They are all good testimonies though I was really moved by some of them. I had to fight back the tears! God is good and His mercy endures forever!  

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Title: Personal Testimonies
Post by: Dugald T Lewis MD on February 17, 2001, 01:54:00 PM
Dear AB,

Great to have to here with us. I believe that your testimony will be helpful to many who are trying to cut through the fog that the enemy has placed on the truth that God has entrusted to His church.

I am thankful that you are posting and look forward to your help with the fortification of truth among the remnant.


Title: Personal Testimonies
Post by: adventbeliever on February 17, 2001, 10:16:00 PM
Brother Dugald! I thank the Lord for your encouraging words. It thrills my soul to be able to see eye to eye with the brethren. Is.52:8. Its good to be here! God bless! ab
Title: Personal Testimonies
Post by: Filipe Reis on February 19, 2001, 11:21:00 AM
Dear friends!
I'll be quite short this time. Just to say hello, and that the e-mail address that i provided you, concerning our new Pedroso church, was wrong: the correct one is:
Please, feel free to e-mail us with your prayings and messages. Thank you.
From Portugal, Filipe Reis.
Title: Personal Testimonies
Post by: Richard Myers on February 20, 2001, 05:40:00 AM
Thank you, Brother Filipe!  May the Lord continue to bless your labours!  :)


Title: Personal Testimonies
Post by: DavidTBattler on March 06, 2001, 09:51:00 PM
A Little Thing That Meant A Lot!

Some would think this isn't such a big thing; but for my employment; I do handyman work such as drywall, tiling, carpentry, etc.

My finances are a bit shaky due to some hard times last year; and today as I was working on a commercial office project, I dropped my prize possession on the floor by accident, and it literally fell to pieces!  I had just bought this drill on sale for $100.00, and this was really unusual for such a short fall.

The tragedy lay in the fact that I really needed this drill, (it was a special kind), to do my job), and I couldn't afford to buy another one.

I was concerned that the store where I bought it would not want to replace it, as I had recently filed away the receipt and would not be able to produce it.

Well, I took this to the Lord in prayer, and at the end of the day; I decided to go to the store and speak with the manager about it to see if he could do anything.

I had my two sons with me, and I had explained the situation to them before I talked to the manager.  Can you imagine our surprise and delight when we were led to the drill section, and then handed a brand new drill worth $40.00 more than the old one?!  

It is a lovely machine, much better than the old one!  I will look forward to building a few walls with it tomorrow!

I don't know how God does what He does; but I am glad He does!    :)  (thankyou Lord for being concerned about all the "little things" that concern us).

"...We believe that through the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, we shall be saved..."  (Acts 15:11).

Your brother in Christ

David T. Battler

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Title: Personal Testimonies
Post by: DavidTBattler on March 06, 2001, 10:06:00 PM
Hello adventbeliever

I really appreciated your testimony particular, the quote from Patriarchs And Prophets...

You have identified one of the key concepts of evangelism/spiritual warfare:

"Gather up the strongest, affirmative statements, regarding the Atonement made by Christ for the sins of the world.  Show the necessity for this Atonement."  (Ev.187).

"...We believe that through the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, we shall be saved..."  (Acts 15:11).

Your brother in Christ

David T. Battler

Title: Personal Testimonies
Post by: Joan Rügemer on March 06, 2001, 10:32:00 PM
I rejoice with you David, that this replaced drill has come to you out of the kindness of the Lord's heart for you  :)  You knew what you couldn't afford a new one and trusted your God to take care of your need. Praise Him! He sure does use these moments of emergency to show how he supplies all our needs in His beloved.

I'm glad you shared

Title: Personal Testimonies
Post by: Richard Myers on March 07, 2001, 06:04:00 AM
God is GOOD!!  :)  He does provide for our needs as we wait upon Him.  Thanks for sharing, Brother David.


Title: Personal Testimonies
Post by: Howard on March 13, 2001, 09:53:00 AM
ok Joan, Richard, anyone else? I will be sober about this. First of all after scanning throughthis page, I can see evidence that God not only works on big miracles, but loves us enough to see the importance of little one as well. Get out your bibles. (Not the one Ellen White wrote, But the one God wrote) usually reprinted by Zondervan or someone. I am happy for those of you who have had inspirational miracles happen. Can anyone tell me about the first little miracle in the bible? After all I believe it is the little ones that add up to some pretty big numbers. Please post here when you know what it is. I have had a lot of miracles happen in my life, I could name a few but to name all of them?, Well let's say I'm sure you don't want to read at least a whole page on just me. The best miracle that ever happened to me was my wife. She is the epitamy of everything i wished for when I was growing up. I prayed all the time in my heart of hearts that if I didn't die before hand, that God would send me a woman who would keep me on the Christian path. A woman whom I could have children with, a good paying job to support them with, and a stable house in which we all could live. Honest. And God provided me with Wendy F. (L), two boys,and a little girl. Imagine that Seven little miracles that added up to a happpier life that i other wise would have never had if i hadn't come to Jesus with it all those years back.
Title: Personal Testimonies
Post by: Joan Rügemer on March 13, 2001, 10:21:00 AM
 Smiles from me to you Howard   :)

The banner of your love you hoisted for the woman to your side has brighten my eyes in wonderment that such men who write praise like you did are still being produced in USA.
Thank you...and may your tribe increase!

Your life in God, your wife and three kids, a job, and a home are the seven miracles come true. The Jehovah Jirah be praised !


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Title: Personal Testimonies
Post by: Richard Myers on March 13, 2001, 07:54:00 PM
Brother Howard, go ahead and make our day!  You can go for two pages if you like.  :) Testimonies of what God has done for His people will encourage us all!! And, some today are reading these that need a great blessing!


Title: Personal Testimonies
Post by: Howard on March 14, 2001, 09:38:00 AM
The Game: Did any of you figure out the answer?  It was Cain. Cain was the first little miracle. Then came Abel. Of course as with the good came the bad and Satan knowing Gods plan to populate the earth decided to try and populate it with his seeds. Abel could have done many wonders to rectify what And and Eve had done. I believe that because why else would Satan have convinced Cain to kill him? Sure there were a lot of percieved reasons for Cain to be jealous, but Cains anger came from not submitting to God's will in offering his sacrifice. He wanted to do it his way instead of God's way. (Sound familiar?) Satan took advantage of that and had him take pride and kill Abel. And again, God being the loving God that He is, took pity on Cain and instead of killing Him, sent him out from all that he knew to start somewhere else. And of course as God said, you meant it for evil, I meant it for good.What a payment for sin. Imagine what would have happened if Abel had ben able to have kids what they would have been like. I feel like Cain sometimes. I was born the last of four and felt the jealousy and bitterness toward my family growing up. God I'm sure withheld some of the potential reward because of some of the things that I did in my life. But........ the role is played out yet again because God still looked out for me much like He did for Cain. I should have died for some of the things I did, but instead God chose to remove me from all that I knew and planted me in a foreign land. Like Cain, I went through a lot of struggling in the new land, but ultimately God gave me something good. Read the story again if you have already read it. It is amazing.

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Title: Personal Testimonies
Post by: Sherri Hamann on March 15, 2001, 02:54:00 AM
Good morning to all!

I have to post a praise, because for the first time since last Thursday, my sweet Katie is waking up with NO fever.  Yesterday she did not 'get sick' one time...and God has kept all of us calm and sober, plus has helped us find two wonderful doctors who not only know medicine, they know that God is is in control...what a blessing!!

Even though the way is not yet clear, I praise God because HE is still God, NO MATTER what state of turmoil or joy my life happens to be in at any given moment.  He is sure and faithful.  I just continue to be amazed and blessed and comforted (right now really comforted) by that fact.  I am secure in His hand.  He IS, and will continue to be...

Thank you all for your prayers and concern!


Title: Personal Testimonies
Post by: Wendy on March 15, 2001, 02:20:00 PM
amen  :)

WendyL ~ Maranatha!:)

Title: Personal Testimonies
Post by: Howard on March 15, 2001, 03:08:00 PM
Sherri- I am new to this forum and hadn't read all the testimonies. I am yet humbled again by the wondrous nature our Lord has to commit miracles like this. Truly you are blessed.
Title: Personal Testimonies
Post by: Liane H on March 15, 2001, 06:24:00 PM
Hi Sherri:

Praise be to our God. It is a wonder that so few know, because they have not acted on their faith receive so few blessings. I am glad to hear the good news, but you will be on my mind and in my prayers.

I just got an e-mail from Clive about Tammy Jo. You all remember her. She is getting well, but still is in need of medical help and care. Her parents are quoted as knowing that it was the answer of all our prayers that has helped her the most and the family. Please remember this little girl.


Title: Personal Testimonies
Post by: Richard Myers on March 15, 2001, 08:33:00 PM
Sister Sherri, thank you for sharing that encouraging testimony!  :)  God is GOOD!!  You have been a blessing to us as you have shared your faith and God's blessing. Give our love to Katie, Jeff, and Doug.  :)


Title: Personal Testimonies
Post by: Wendy on March 16, 2001, 02:31:00 PM

That's good to know.  :)

WendyL ~ Maranatha!:)

Title: Personal Testimonies
Post by: Dugald T Lewis MD on March 16, 2001, 04:15:00 PM
Its always a joy to read of the goodness of our Lord.
Title: Personal Testimonies
Post by: DavidTBattler on March 19, 2001, 07:10:00 PM
Hello Brethren

I have enjoyed reading these testimonies.  Rev.12:11, and 1 Jo.1:1-3 comes to mind, as the Word's confirmation of threads like this.

I have been known to "brag" that "I always have something to say about Jesus, and now is no exception.

I have been hit very hard this last year, being viciously attacked by the enemy on every side, and I have had moments where all hope had vanished...but I have set my face like a flint to worship Jesus anyway; and one thing I have been trying lately, is to sing songs in my head, as soon as I start to feel hopeless.

I have been working in a commercial setting, with a few other contractors, this last week, and have had to endure long days of rock & roll on a radio there...but I have picked out one song to sing over and over in my mind, anytime things start happening, and it is amazing.

Today, one of the guys came up to me and was quite bold about it, I thought, and he said:  "You look so happy and peaceful.  You really look happy, calm and relaxed. I want to be like that someday."

What a shocker, after all I have been through lately...but hey, the name of the song I picked, was not by any group like The Rock Machine, but my "new song," is an old song, about a rock...actually, about THE Rock.  

The song is called: "Jesus Is The Cornerstone!"

After a work day like today; I am convinced more than ever that Jesus is the Cornerstone of the SDA Church!   :)

(please pray for this fellow, as he wants to keep in touch...this was my last day at that job).

"...We believe that through the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, we shall be saved..."  (Acts 15:11).

Your brother in Christ

David T. Battler

Title: Personal Testimonies
Post by: Liane H on March 20, 2001, 07:28:00 PM
Hi David:

Just one seed at a time, that is all we need.

He indeed will be in mine and as others read their prayers as well.


Title: Personal Testimonies
Post by: Richard Myers on March 20, 2001, 07:48:00 PM
Brother David, we will pray for him and you. Life is hard sometimes, but we can glory in our tribulation as we rest in Christ.  :)


Title: Personal Testimonies
Post by: DavidTBattler on March 24, 2001, 12:38:00 AM
Richard And Others

How on earth do we "glory in our tribulation?"  Is that possible?  Please enlighten.  If there is a thread dealing with this kind of thing, please let me know.

"...We believe that through the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, we shall be saved..."  (Acts 15:11).

Your brother in Christ

David T. Battler

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Title: Personal Testimonies
Post by: Richard Myers on March 24, 2001, 06:15:00 AM
Brother David, the topic has been started in the Bread of Life forum.  :) Happy Sabbath.


Title: Personal Testimonies
Post by: DavidTBattler on April 13, 2001, 11:25:00 AM
"And [David T Battler] called on the God of Israel, saying: 'O that Thou wouldest bless me indeed, and enlarge my coast, and that Thine hand might be with me, and that Thou wouldest keep me from the evil, that it may not grieve me!"  (1 Chron.4:10).

Hello everyone.  I have disappeared for a while.  I had to go into a deep, dark valley.  I was on two physician described drugs, (very poweful ones), for almost two years, and I decided that God was going to be the one to do what these drugs are purported to do.  The above Scripture was my constant prayer.

Today, it is my birthday; I am writing with a clear mind, and I am drug free!  I am praising the Lord all the way - even though the last few weeks has been tough; there has been a signal victory in Jesus here.

I know that brother Richard has been praying for me; and if anyone else was, I thank you for your prayers.

If anyone reading this is currently having a drug problem; know that there is victory in Jesus!  But you must give YOURSELF completely over to Him; that He might take charge of those dark recesses of the mind, which create the need for drugs of many kinds.

I'm glad to be back to TRO & will look forward to the Lord's work here.

And, isn't it fitting that the above Scripture I quoted ends thus: "And God granted [David T Battler] that which he requested."

Can we say "Amen!" loud enough people!   :)

"...We believe that through the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, we shall be saved..."  (Acts 15:11).

Your brother in Christ

David T. Battler

Title: Personal Testimonies
Post by: Wendy on April 13, 2001, 05:32:00 PM
Amen David  :)
Title: Personal Testimonies
Post by: Richard Myers on April 13, 2001, 09:42:00 PM
 :)  Amen!! and Happy Sabbath, my friend!  God is GOOD!   It is a spiritual battle.  In Him we find our all.  Thank you for sharing this powerful testimony, Brother David.  It will be an encouragement to us all!


Title: Personal Testimonies
Post by: Clive Nevell on May 03, 2001, 02:32:00 AM
Our youngest son Raymond turned 9 on the 2nd May. We praise the Lord for his life.
When he was 18 months old he had an accident that coul;d have changed his life for ever. After I finished feeding the animals on the 31st December 1993, Ray always came with me and helped as best he could. I went into the house and then asked my wife where was Ray? Things seemed to be still, no noise. She had not seen Ray and that made me to think that something may be wrong. Looking through the house he was not to be found. I sensed something was not right. Going down the front steps I heard a faint groan and looked towards the direction that I had heard it come from and seen Ray at the bottom of our back door way. The door had been left unlocked and with no back steps Ray went over. He landed on some dirt that was not very large, about 15" across. That was all the clear dirt  around about where he fell. I had been building the area up with broken bricks and concrete. All the damage he got was a small graze on his cheek bone.
I believe that it was a miracle to land where he did and have no real damage done to him. Nine years later there are no side effects from it at all.
Title: Personal Testimonies
Post by: Michelle on May 04, 2001, 05:28:00 AM
We were talking about miracles and angels' intervention on another thread, and Joan asked me to post mine here.

I was riding my horse (whom I later found out was
                  going blind) down a hill. I was riding bareback and running him down--a very small hill
                  and I had done this before. He stumbled and fell and off I went, in front of him. I
                  looked up and saw his foot coming straight for my face. I closed my eyes and
                  blacked out. When I came to, I was in a different place and my horse was below me
                  calmly eating grass. I had a concussion and had a difficult time getting back on him
                  because I was so woozy--basically held on to his mane with both hands and let him
                  go back home. But I've never forgotten that.  I'm convinced that my angel either moved me or got in between me and my horse's foot to keep me from being crushed.

                  Another horse experience--I was working for the summer at a training stable. There
                  was a stud colt I was afraid of, because he was spoiled and mean. he'd bite, kick, or
                  do whatever he could. The trainer was a big guy who intimidated the horse, but he's
                  the only one who could bluff the horse. I had to clean his stall once--I usually tied
                  him when I had to do this, but the trainer had told me to stop this, just to yell at the
                  horse. So I was trying this. I yelled at him to move over (just like the trainer did) and
                  instead he laid his ears back, bared his teeth, and started coming right at me. The
                  last thing I saw was those open teeth coming at my face. I closed my eyes, and
                  when I opened them, he was on the other side of the stall. I got out of there fast
                  and was shaking so hard I had to sit for a while. I have no doubt that was my angel
                  shutting his mouth.

The angels have always been with me with my horses and with other things I've been involved with.  I praise God for this.

Title: Personal Testimonies
Post by: Liane H on May 04, 2001, 08:24:00 PM
Hi Michelle:

There were two instances in driving my car  that I will never forget.

I was driving my car behind a pickup truck that had stacked hay in the back.

A voice said to move over. I listen to that little voice and just as I did, the hay starting falling off the truck onto the freeway, unfortunately the cars that were behind it crashed right into the hay.

The second time a voice said to get away from a stationwagon car that had several roles of carpet in the back. Again, just as I did it, the carpets starting falling on the freeway.
Other cars were lucky this time.



Title: Personal Testimonies
Post by: DavidTBattler on May 12, 2001, 04:29:00 PM
This has been quite the Sabbath.  Last night I was asked by a friend to look after their kids, and take them to church today.

At first I didn't want to do it, because it would "interupt my plans."

I couldn't seem to escape the impression that God wanted me to drop my plans, and do this favor for someone in need.  So my wife and I took these two children to church.

It was a really nice morning, and we felt very blessed by the Lord at church.  When we were back home, eating lunch; the three year old we were looking after had a very sudden, and very serious, life threatening emergency.

Twice, while waiting for the ambulance, and trying to do all the things I learned in nursing; I thought the little fellow was dead; but through the tears; I prayed and worked on him as best as I could...

Later, after I had located the parents, and I walked into the emergency department, and the little guy that we were all so worried about was yelling at the nurses to get the IV out of his arm!

The only thing I could think of to say was "Is it ever nice to hear you crying and screaming!"   :)

Had I not been willing to step out of my little comfort zone, and help out this friend, the little one would have been looked after by someone who wouldn't have known what to do.  It is frightening to think how many opportunities for God I may have missed, because of my unwillingness to listen to, and respond to Him.

I just want to praise the Lord for all He has done this Sabbath Day...for saving this little boy's life, and for being willing to drop everything; including His own Son, to save one such as I/you/us.   :)

"Know the grace of God in Truth."  (Col.1:6).

Your brother in Christ

David T. Battler

Title: Personal Testimonies
Post by: Wendy on May 12, 2001, 04:34:00 PM
Hi David, what an amazing story, my knees get wobbly just reading about something like that.

It truly was the intervention of God that you were there.   :)

WendyL ~ Maranatha! :)

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Title: Personal Testimonies
Post by: Richard Myers on May 12, 2001, 06:55:00 PM
Thank you for sharing, Brother David!  God is good!  :)  Not my will, but thine be done. We will always be thankful for obeying that still small voice.


Title: Personal Testimonies
Post by: D.B. Thomas on May 30, 2001, 11:56:00 PM
I want to take a moment to praise the Lord for the many miraculous ways He has provided for me in this last few weeks.

Truly, our God must be famous for His "last minute solutions!"

"I love the Lord, because He has heard my voice!"  (Ps.116:1).

"For surely, I shall command, and will sift the house of Israel; YET NOT THE SMALLEST GRAIN SHALL FALL TO THE GROUND!"  (Amos 9:9).

D.B. Thomas

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Title: Personal Testimonies
Post by: Richard Myers on June 01, 2001, 11:29:00 AM
Amen, Brother DB.  :)
Title: Personal Testimonies
Post by: Richard Myers on June 06, 2001, 10:22:00 AM
We are all guilty of not sharing more of our experiences that God gives us continually as we walk with Him. Forgive me. Time is precious, but a testimony of what God is doing in our lives is one of the most beneficial things we can do with our time.

Last night I received a call from a Mormon friend.  He has been visiting with me for the last six months or so and we have been blessed each visit. We always pray together before he leaves. He always brings another one or two of His brothers with him. He is a brother in the Lord and has been patient in allowing me to share.

He called last night to tell me that he will be leaving the area. He is a young man doing his missionary work.  I am continually reminded that we are to be out doing the same. Jesus sent His disciples out two by two. We, who have the truth, ought to be more excited to visit from door to door, as our Mormon friends are doing.

It has been a blessing to have the opportunity to witness to this young man. Please join me in praying for him, that the Holy Spirit will water the seed planted and that he will continue his search for truth and will one day help us to finish the work.  :)


Title: Personal Testimonies
Post by: jherbertthompson on June 18, 2001, 05:09:00 PM
Friend's.  I would like to testify to the power of God through witnessing...

This past weekend I was priviledged to attend a seminar at the Southern Adventist University with Elder Mark Finley.  This was the most electrifying seminar I have ever been to, and the most informative.

I think that the one thing which sticks in my mind is that we must start "where we are, and with that 'old, dirty stick' so-to-speak" and God will richly bless our efforts!

God bless all who share His Good Tidings, and our Blessed Hope with other's!

Title: Personal Testimonies
Post by: Richard Myers on June 24, 2001, 09:40:00 AM
One of the blessings this last Sabbath came from a lady who has been attending a Seventh-day Adventist church for a number of years. She and her son attended a health seminar we put on for one of our churches. We were visiting this church yesterday and she shared that her son is now discussing becoming a vegetarian. We need to always keep in mind that we are planting and the Holy Spirit will water. We shall not see in this world much of the fruit of our labours. Jesus saw little before His death.  Let us keep our eyes focused upon Christ and continue planting good seed, knowing His Word will not return void.  :)


Title: Personal Testimonies
Post by: Richard Myers on July 21, 2001, 08:17:00 PM
While spending some quiet time with Jesus today, I decided to drive down a road in the mountains where I had never been. The road led steeply down the mountain to the river far below. It appeared to be a very seldom traveled road. I saw only one car that trip. It was a young family that had a seven week old baby in the car. They had camped by the river last night and were headed home when they had a flat tire. With the baby and no one to turn to for help, they decided to drive the car out of the canyon on the flat tire. The tire and rim were ruined and the front end was soon to go when I came upon them. They were very delighted to find help and attributed it to God (before they knew I was a Christian).

We had quite a bit of time to spend together as they wanted me to help in finding a friend that could get a new rim and tire for them since the spare they had did not fit the car. I was able to develop a friendship with them and told them where my church was. I also told them that the chances of me being on that road today were very slim unless you believe in divine guidance, with which they agreed.  :) You see, it is the only time in my life when I have dropped my family off at church and then went for a Sabbath drive into the country. I had no responsibilities today and wanted to be alone with the Lord for a few hours in the majesty of His creation. Instead, I found myself getting an "ox out of a ditch."  :) How much more precious a family with a seven week old  baby!  :)

Let us pray for this family that needs Jesus and are especially open now that they have a newborn. The father's name is Chuck.


Title: Personal Testimonies
Post by: WendyForsyth on July 21, 2001, 08:52:00 PM
I love it when the Lord does that! :)

Praise the Lord Brother Richard!


Title: Personal Testimonies
Post by: Richard Myers on September 11, 2001, 08:25:00 PM
Mom was traveling in Europe and was happy that we would pick her up at San Francisco International at 11:55 am today, Tuesday, September 11.  We always call the airlines, this time United Airlines,  to make sure the flight is on time. We had worship, breakfast and readied for the two hour drive into the city. I called United and was told the flight would not land in San Francisco. I asked why. The attendant would not say, but asked if I had not heard the news. I said no. She said to turn my television on. I said I did not have one. She said the flight was diverted to Canada. I asked why. She would not say. I was concerned thinking the flight may have been hijacked.

I turned on the news and learned of the tragedy in New York and Washington D.C., and began to pray that Mom's United flight would not be hijacked as the other four had. We did not know where the plane was and if the pilot was in control. All domestic U.S. planes were soon accounted for and on the ground, but international flights were still in the air. Soon, we got word that her flight had landed safely in Canada.

Thank you dear Lord for your faithfulness to hear our earnest prayers.


Title: Personal Testimonies
Post by: Joan on September 12, 2001, 12:02:00 AM


Now that was a story showing how personally connected to the situation you were. The anxiety swelled up at the thought of possibly have a loss of your own come upon you. It was quite a feasible thought that the plane could be highjacked as well for another attack on some vital power icon of America.

But praise the Lord that your mother is safely landed in Canada. They'll fly her home in a few days when the ban is lifted. It's just a part of sitting tight and waiting it up.

My gentle smile to you, our dear purist, for not having a tv in the house  :) I have no kids to raise and have control over what I watch so my tv stays put for the time being at my place. So keep glued to your Forum board because I will be the first to inform you of the next coming USA calamity. Maybe I'll even email you swiftly so you'll be in the know.

Let us know when you get your mom back  :)


Title: Personal Testimonies
Post by: Dugald T Lewis MD on September 12, 2001, 09:14:00 AM
Dear Richard,

Great to hear that your Mom landed safely. I hope that she makes it easily across the border.

It is a good practice to call about flights before leaving home to pick up airline passengers. Another leson learned.


Title: Personal Testimonies
Post by: Wendy on September 13, 2001, 10:07:00 AM
Having your loved ones involved in something like what's happened is everyone's worst nightmare. I'm glad your mom was just delayed and not invloved.

Something else to thank God for.  :)

WendyL ~ Maranatha!:)

Title: Personal Testimonies
Post by: Joan on September 14, 2001, 07:18:00 AM
My Alfred is an Art teacher. He came home today with stories of how he had to comfort the kids in many of his hourly classes because they had this WTC attack on their minds with the possible World War III coming out of it. I told him how it might cause backlashes from the parents when they hear at the mealtable their kids relating that he had told them how God was behind it all in end effect. That might be twisted by the kids who have not read the Great Contoversy 4 times through like he had. Nor were they as kids Literature Evangelists like he was for ten years long and had sold 700 GC's, among other books, because he found the prophecy within to be so pertinent.

A radio program today interviewing teachers here was relating how kids are really affected by the whole America crisis. Knowing that as a NATO partner we in Germany will be pulled into any bit of the fighting if it goes public retaliation, the kids are fearing nuclear fall out, bio-chemical retalitation from the arabs if bombed in any way which effects will reach Germany and cause awful suffering.

The best help for the kids, the teachers noted, was a brief factual sober report and then going into lessons for helping get their minds of fantasy off in another field.


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Title: Personal Testimonies
Post by: Richard Myers on September 14, 2001, 12:43:00 PM
Counting our blessings makes it hard to complain about our trials.  Mom called at 1:30 am Thursday and said she was going to depart Canada for San Francisco at 9 am.  We tried to confirm the flight Thursday morning before driving to SFO, but all lines were busy to United Airlines (and stayed busy). We could not get through and their automated answering system said the flight was cancelled from London to SFO.  Mom did not call again and she had checked out of her hotel so we left for SFO. When arriving we were the only car there at the International terminal. It was going to be quite a day. I went to the United ticket window and the lady said she did not know anything about the flight. She left and came back in a little while and said the flight had been cancelled and would depart Canada at 4 pm. We listened to the radio reports. Many things happened that Thursday. Flights that had not been completed were granted permission to fly, but none were coming into SFO.  An airplane had flown close to the D.C. government buildings and this caused and uproar. Suspected terrorists had been arrested in N.Y. boarding a plane. Bomb scares were at N.Y. and SFO. A San Francisco television reporter did an interview with me and in it I was granted the opportunity to say how blessed I was even after a day of frustration. We truly are blessed in our greatest trial and in this case my mother was alive and well. She was not one of the thousands killed or injured. How could I complain? I could not. God blesses us daily even in the midst of our trials.

Mom arrived at 8pm that night and like us was thankful for God's protecting hand.


Title: Personal Testimonies
Post by: Wendy on September 14, 2001, 03:19:00 PM
That sounds like so many of the other people they were interviewing at airports. They kept saying, "How can I complain after what happened to others." The only person I heard complain was a Hollywood actress who got stuck in Canada.

We're glad she's home safe.  :)

WendyL ~ Maranatha! :)

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Title: Personal Testimonies
Post by: Joan on September 15, 2001, 12:06:00 AM

Yes, we are all grateful for seeing in print that your mother is safe. It is not easy for the country to get all this air traffic back to routine. As a matter of fact it must be a walking nightmare for many in management.

Well, Richard...  :) I'd look with loving interest at the newscast this coming evening to see if they show the interview but having no idea how you look in the flesh at present I guess you'd not be recognized by me  :)


Title: Personal Testimonies
Post by: Liane H on September 15, 2001, 09:17:00 AM

You were indeed blessed by our mother being safe. Yet we know now that each of these flights were starting from home base direct flights to Los Angeles on each one of them and not from Europe.

It is also known that these were all special executive flights, which is learned that very little was done in search and very lacking in security. These terrorists had done their homework and used our own weaknesses against us.

If I still go back east for the Thanksgiving Holiday to visit my friends at Uchee Pines, I will be watching and learning of the changes I will need to know in order to fly out there to see them.

I feel so sorry for those that are now traveling and learning what Europe has been doing for many years now. It had to come sooner or later.



Title: Personal Testimonies
Post by: Joan on September 28, 2001, 03:16:00 AM

Riding along in our nice small compact car, on a two lane suburban road,behind a freight truck on a semi-busy traffic day on the way to Holland, was what I was doing yesterday. Do you all get a feeling of being like an ant on the move when those big trucks are up front, behind and coming from the opposite direction ? I know they aren't four stories high but they sure give me that impression when they buzz by. Especially with the very narrowly measured roads we have here.

Thanks to the Lord I was way within the speed limit as the oncoming double rigged flatbed truck swerved out of track and heading for my car's position. With swift instinct I swerved a curve right to avoid the collision.

Thanks to the Lord that he didn't topple the rest of his rig on my car as he swerved a sharp left to avoid me.

Thanks to the Lord that I was able to right my car on four wheels and keep on driving.

Thanks to the Lord that no accident occured. It was hair-close to it.

Whoooo....I have not had such epinephrine output in my blood for years and years. Such near misses are most upsetting  :o !!


Title: Personal Testimonies
Post by: Liane H on September 28, 2001, 07:12:00 PM
Dear Joan:

I can imagine it all so well from your post. What an experience. But the Lord kept you safe and well. We can only count our blessings at such times.

It remind me of the time I was behind a truck with a load of hay. A little voice said get over, just get over.

I did, and all that hay started to come off the truck right after I moved over. Bales, one after another came down, cars going in all directions trying to avoid the hay on the freeway.    

No one was hurt, but I am sure many hearts pounding and minds in shock. I keep listening to that voice now.


Title: Personal Testimonies
Post by: Clive Nevell on October 16, 2001, 07:05:00 PM
Two Sabbaths ago we had a retired minister come and take our service at Harrisville. He used as his text Isaiah 43:2
"When you pass through the waters, I will be with you; And through the rivers, they shall not overflow you. When you walk through the fire, you shall not be burned, Nor shall the flame scorch you."
He told us how God does not promise that troubles will be gone. As we meet and go through them He has promised to be with us.
Last night I went out to our garden and all our beans had been eaten off. The wild ducks had got them.
He talked about the troubles he had went through as a minister and related how through it all God was with him.
Brother Ray told me this morning of a person who told him at the nurses headquarters in Boonah of how they lost 20 acres of beans to the ducks. My small amount was nothing compared to their loss.
I am glad I can look back on the service and see that God is still with us even though we do not have the beans and some other vegies they ate.
God has promised that He will be with us as we pass through the waters. Amen.

Last Sunday we had just under one inch of rain, today it is raining again. The best rain for over six months. We needed it so much as all the dams are getting low.
We have all been praying so much for it to rain. It does get people down when it is dry all the time. The main dam here is low and  the farmers have been stopped from using the water to irrigate as it is now below 15 percent capacity.
I think we should have enough water to last another six months. We do need more rain.
Living where we do it is so easy to relate to the stories of Jesus and the parables He told.
The seed falling on stony ground, the latter rain must be proceeded by the former rain, the lost sheep, the list is endless.
Jesus tells us how much He was willing to "gather the children together, as a hen gathers her chicks under her wings" We see that happening with the young chicks at our place.
Jesus is calling each of and is willing to have us be under His wing.
I am thankfull for the service we had a few weeks ago, more than ever with this drought and then what we grow getting eaten by wild ducks.

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Title: Personal Testimonies
Post by: Clive Nevell on November 19, 2001, 10:14:00 AM
I believe it is always good to tell others what God has done for them and how He has very patiently brought people to see the truth, I hope this will help someone, as I share God's leading in my life.

Being brought up an Adventist, going to Avondale High School at Cooranbong and the off to work at Sanitarian health Food Co. Everyone got baptised at School and so did I. The problem being there was no conversion. As years went by my Mum had a solid contribution to my life style. My father passed away when I was nine so it was Mum and myself and of cause younger brother.
Anything good in my life I can say thanks to my Mum and the Lord Jesus Christ. People do not live forever and she passed away when I was nearly thirty. She taught me the health message and praise the Lord I was able to stick with it through out my life. At least not drinking, smoking, or taking drugs. As far as I was concerned they were bad.

With Mum gone and it took me many years to get over that. I went to Papua New Guinea in 1982. I was a very competitive person. I had what all sportsman need, the killer instinct. I would train and play every hour I was not at work, of cause not Sabbath. Then in P.N.G. I really started to play well. Still not on Sabbath. Going to Church up there was very hard. Catch a bus, walk many miles, listen to a service not in English. It just got easier to stay in the single men's quarters. Bit by bit I slowly drifted out. But I still held onto the health message, vegetarian, no smoking, no drink, and no drugs. I was not even tempted to do them.
Never had any in my life. Now I started to climb up the rankings in P.N.G. and got asked to play in the national titles. Playing sport with such a killer instinct, meant that to play on Sabbath was now no big deal. From 1984 onwards I played on Sabbath and then if I could play why not work.

I got promoted and was in charge of the Pit Machine Shop, sometimes when acting as relieving supervisor I would look after over 35 men. I had the same desire to achieve at work as I did at sport. Often doing triple shifts to get the jobs out. Can you imagine even at first aid the same driven desire to succeed came through. I was picked to captain the P.N.G. First Aid & Rescue team to take part in the Australian championships.

I was club pres. and won many titles. I had some health scares along the way. At 17 my heart was diagnosed as having a murmur and was told to retire. My Mum helped me here and got me to keep going. Then I had malaria (in P.N.G.)very bad and was placed on a drip as they thought it had started to effect my brain. (may be it did). Now at this time the civil war was in full swing and sometimes I would wonder if we would get out of there alive as by now I was married with two young kids.

Things were starting to play on my mind, even if I was lost I did not want my kids to be lost.

We all came to Australia on Feb. 24, 1990. I knew that I had to get back to religion. Really I did not know Christianity. But I was determined not to work on the Sabbath. At this stage my wife was not at all convicted about religion. We wanted to go back to P.N.G. where the big money was. The job offers started coming in. We had shifted out of the city because we could see that it was no good and a bad influence on everyone. I was contacted by the same guy who hired me for P.N.G. and wanted me to work overseas for a mining company. My work in the Engineering Shop was world class, this great desire to succeed came through and again world records had been set, some jobs that had never been able to be done had been done with people from all over the world coming to see how they were done and ask question to me about the techniques and procedures that I had used. He new all this and was wanting me to go back and work overseas with my salary approaching close to $100,000.

Here I was determined not to work on Saturday and my wife wanting me to go and take up the jobs. This happened at least four times.
At our Church at Harrisville we had a minister who was on fire. He would preach like there was no tomorrow every time. My wife became convicted and wanted to get baptised and I knew that I also should get baptised again considering what I had done in regards to trampling upon the Sabbath.
We got baptised together six years ago.

Since then I have been the Evangelism-P/M leader at our Church and now I put the same desire to succeed into the Lord's work as I did into sport.

As I look back I see that much of what made me change was what I had remembered from my childhood days being taught by my Mum. I will have a big story to tell her one day.
Days like today make it all with while when we see people respond to the call of our Saviour.
I reckon it is just great to be back home. (in God's Church)


Title: Personal Testimonies
Post by: Clive Nevell on December 03, 2001, 12:53:00 PM

Sometimes there are experiences that take place in our lives that are very dramatic, may be even things that are just unexplainable. Then there are other times when you know that you have felt and heard the still small voice of God in a way that only you would discern.

Such an thing happened to me last Monday morning. I had misplaced the car keys and now I needed them in a hurry. The day before I had looked everywhere for them without finding them. getting up early I was going for one last look and before looking I stood an the bottom of the stairs and bowed my head and prayed to our Lord asking and pleading for an answer to my prayer, that I would be shown where the keys were. I opened my eyes and immediately shifted the coat near me and to my great surprise there were the keys that I had been looking for all the day before. I had not prayed for them the day before and now after exhausting all my effort I turned to the Lord. If only I could learn the lesson of turning to the Lord earlier and not trying to do things in my own strength.
It is in the small things of life where I see that God is there, just waiting for me to rely upon Him.
I came in and shared with the rest of the family my experience and all were that God is with us despite our unwillingness to reach out and put our hand in His all the time.


Title: Personal Testimonies
Post by: Joan on December 03, 2001, 11:11:00 PM

Now that's a lovely way of our Lord taking time to train our hearts to reach out to Him in those moments of helplessness over something important  :)

I figure the majority of us all, sad to say, have also had that moment of not finding the car keys   :(  :(

Your humble prayer of trusting Jesus in helping your thinking or movements,along with the happy answer, cheers us by showing how Jesus has this really intense interest in the trifling happenings of our lives.

thank you for encouraging me to Praise Him !

 :)  Joan

Title: Personal Testimonies
Post by: Clive Nevell on December 06, 2001, 03:51:00 AM
I believe we all have a story, or at least should have. Some are very dramatic and I praise the Lord for such stories. But most are like myself who have had no great turn around but have felt and heard the still small voice of God in our lives. We know He is with us by these small experiances that are given to us to show us that God is there.
I was never a drinker, smoker, or drug taker and as I hear these folk tell of their conversion I see that some in our midst feel that they do not relate to such things. I have often heard the comment "if only I had been a non-Adventist and came to know the truth like some have". Through these small things I see that God is real and with me. I do not need to have smoked or drank to know what damage it can do and am thankful I never went down that track.


Title: Personal Testimonies
Post by: Clive Nevell on February 01, 2002, 08:23:00 AM
Today at Sabbath School our Fasheena will be looking after the program. She said to me last week "dad what am I going to do" dads are always supposed to have all the answers. Thinking about it I suggested that she ask Henry to speak about how he became an Adventist. That is what will take place today. From what Henry told me it will be a very interesting Sabbath School. Henry comes from the Cook Islands, South Pacific. He grew up in New Zealand and fell into bad company and has some amazing experiances.
He is a big man. Once at a night club brawl a gun was pointed at him. We will find out the rest today and then I will try and put some more on here if I can remember it.
I had the welcome last Sabbath at Church and in the congregation were two folk who had been to our recent mission. The thought came to me while I was up the front that I should announce what will take place this Sabbath. While I was introducing the second hymn I said what would be happening this Sabbath with Sabbath School and invited all to come along and be early for Sabbath School.
Please pray that Ruth and Ken will be there.
Title: Personal Testimonies
Post by: Clive Nevell on February 03, 2002, 07:56:00 AM
It has been a very dry and hot summer, the creeks and gullies have long stopped running. The dam that supplies the valley with water for farming and towns for drinking is below nine percent. Our water tank is low and has only three inches of water in it before the weekend. By this you can see we are in need of urgent rain. We have been praying for rain. Last Sabbath afternoon we had 16mm and on Sunday another 18mm. We need much more but at least we have enough in our tank to stop it being blown away. Some parts of the valley had more and some less. On Sunday morning I was able to plant out some tomatoes and some flowers for Church. All of January I put nothing out as it was too dry and hot. There is more rain on the way according to the weather map and we pray that our Lord will send us some of it here. We praise His name for what we have already.
Title: Personal Testimonies
Post by: Joan on February 03, 2002, 09:49:00 AM
 :o 3" of water in your water tank  :o

You're part of six-headed family. That's hardly enough water to boil a kettle of tea! How ever do you get your kids clean ? Roll them around outside in the desert and hope the sand will scrub off their dirt ?

Well, Clive ole brother, I will cut my shower tomorrow morning to three minutes instead of four, in honor of your water shortage and then go out to my desk and pray in kneeling for rain to come to Queensland.


Title: Personal Testimonies
Post by: Clive Nevell on February 03, 2002, 01:47:00 PM
After the rain we now have about four inches in it. It is a bit ower than I would normally let it get but the chance of rain cominmg always looked good, until now it has not come. We use dam water for the rest of the house so we can all have good showers.
Title: Personal Testimonies
Post by: Liane H on February 03, 2002, 03:13:00 PM
Some of you may already be aware that I have a correspondence through Someone Cares to inmates in prisons. Next Sabbath I will be giving this testimony in my church.

How this works is that someone like me joins Someone Cares and fills out application to be a pen pal to a inmate in prison. The inmate never knows your address and you can use another name than your own in your correspondence with the inmates. You can be a child or an old persn, male or female.

All of this is for your potection. Everything is done through Someone Cares and is somewhat slow, but it works. When I started this program of writing, which I like to do, I asked for four names. I thought that out of four I would get perhaps two that might want to write me, maybe only one. Out of the first four I ended up with three that wrote back and I have continued to correspond with them now for six months.

Now the story of the fourth one is a story of a testimony of this inmate and how we got together. One of the names I was given was in a prison in Arizona. The guidelines says one should write at least three times before giving up because so many things could happen, which I did with no response back from this inmate.

I sent his information back to Someonce Cares to get another name so that I would have four inmates. Why four I cannot tell you, but a voice said four would be enough. Well Someone Cares sent me another name with his information and initial letter. I wrote to him to see what would happen. It turned out that he was a Seventh-day Adventist and was so glad to have another SDA to write to.

During this time I got a letter that was addressed to me through Someone Cares but I never got the application they are to fill out sent to me and his name was not familiar. Well it turned out that the former inmate that never wrote me gave my name and the address of Someone Cares to him and that was why he was writing.

He wrote a very nice letter but was a young man of looking for a long term mate relationship and that was not going to work with me as I was much older than him and not interested in any long term relationship (long story). So I wrote him back a polite letter explaining the rules and the conditions in which he would write. It was my expectation that I would never hear from him again and by that time I had my fourth inmate and felt complete.    

This is how the whole miracle of this story turns out.

The original inmate and the prison that he was in at the time had the program through Someone Cares. During my letter writing to him he was transferred to another prison and for some reason kept my name with the address of Someone Cares with him during the move.

When he got to the new prison he came across this young man finding out that he was interested in writing to someone gave my name and address to him. This prison does not have the Someone Cares program there.

He writes to me and I wrote him back stating he had to work with Someone Cares using their address and fill out the application form and agree to the rules. Also I made it clear that if he was looking for this long term mate relationship he needed to look elsewhere or if he wanted to continue writing I would try and help him find other pen pal groups that were for what he was looking for.

It was expected by me that I would never hear from him again. How wrong I was.

Not only did he write but sent me much information about him. It turns out that he took the Amazing Facts Bible Studies starting in April 2000, fullfilled his obligation and received his certificate of completion and became baptized into the SDA faith. Completed through the Chaplain program at his prison the changes he wanted in his diet as a SDA are part of his life now.

Just think how God worked this out for this young man. One inmate from another prison who had the Someone Cares program who is not SDA was sent to a prison that did not have the Someone Cares program and gave my name to this young SDA man.

Now I have two inmates that are SDA's. I also have five to write to now instead of four. Three of the others are not SDA, but one does keep the Sabbath, but believes very different from me, but we bless each other in our love for God.

Since partaking of this program I have found myself enjoying blessings from God and through these inmates that I never knew could be experienced. I did not realize how deep and caring some of these men can be and how much you can find to write about. What I thought what would become casual correspondence to fill my time I found myself longing for the letters to come and read what they have to say to me.

How they share their love for God and how God has transformed their lives in those dark places called prisons has touched my heart and soul, I have been blessed by their testimony of God working in their lives.

This is the testimony that God has given me to tell. Their testimony and my testimony of the blessings I have recieved from God from this wonderful experience.


25:35   For I was an hungered, and ye gave me meat: I was thirsty, and ye gave me drink: I was a stranger, and ye took me in:  
25:36   Naked, and ye clothed me: I was sick, and ye visited me: I was in PRISON, and ye came unto me.

Everyone should read the rest of this for themselves. It is the message of the judgment and of eternal life.



Title: Personal Testimonies
Post by: Allan F on March 01, 2002, 11:11:00 AM
I want to share a little story which happened one week ago, which showed me how God helps in small things. Last thursday I finished my winter semester at the Czech university where I am studying. With one week free I started the long journey home to Norway with my car. My plan was to drive through Germany up to Rostock and take the ferry over to Denmark and stay at some relatives for the weekend.

When I came to Rostock it was really bad weather, snowing and blowing. And the sigt was not very good. Because of the bad weather and the fact that I had never been in this big city before and had no map, and also had a time limit, I really wondered if I should find the right ferry to Denmark in time.
I sent a silent prayer to God and asked him to help me.

As I approached the city there were several signs to different harbours and ferry terminals, but which of them should I follow? Suddenly I saw that I was driving behind a norwegian truck, which I beleived was also going the same way as me. So I just followed after it and ended up on the right place, in right time.

I thank God that he helped me in that situation. He has so many different ways to help us out of problems.

Allan F

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Title: Personal Testimonies
Post by: Joan on March 02, 2002, 12:21:00 AM

Hi Allen  :)

Now that was so interesting to read. Great how you got behind a homeland truck leading you to the right harbor pier. Even then it was risky what with you not knowing if the guy could have had some reason to drive left over to the highway going to Hamburg  instead of to the harbor pier off to Denmark. It was good to see the outcome. Angel communication to you mind, surely. That was a walk in faith. Wow. I like stories like that  :)

I know all those highways from Czechei up through Berlin on to Rostock. It sure can get complicated finding the right road to anywhere in that city. We drove them not too long ago.

There's so much to see and learn from about the history attached to the region of towns and cities on that side of Germany. I'm way on the other side and hope to visit there in sommer again.

Denmark is sooooo expensive. You sure are lucky to have relatives living there otherwise you'd have had to sell an arm and leg to pay for food and overnighting there  :o


Title: Personal Testimonies
Post by: Allan F on March 02, 2002, 07:29:00 AM
Hello Joan
Thank you for the response. I guess you are quite familiar with this area in Germany. Maybe you also had the bad weather last week? It was terrible. It was blowing and snowing all the way from Berlin to Copenhagen.

As you say, there are a lot to see in the cities, which I don't see when just driving on the highways.


Title: Personal Testimonies
Post by: Clive Nevell on April 16, 2002, 04:59:00 AM
We all have a story to tell about what the Lord has done for us, some are very dramtic and others are less so. Tonight I had one of those experiances that are in the less so type. Our youngest son and only son at home now asked me to take him to bed after tea as he was very tired. I said yes but only if we could have our worship together. I picked up one of his small books on Joseph and read his life story before he went to sleep. As I read I would often make a comment about how God had looked after him and I could tell he was touched by the story, going into Egypt and then having his brothers come by and get grain and finally their father coming down to live there. I could see a tear in his eye as we went through the story. I hope and pray he will continue to want to hear God's Word.
Title: Personal Testimonies
Post by: Joan on May 05, 2002, 10:53:00 PM

(Marie H. Glass has asked me to post her Testimony. As soon as she learns the ropes around here as new member she'll post more herself )

"I Ain't Worth Nothin' "

This was my daily creed-this is what I believed, this is what was natural to believe. I just wanted to share with you a little bit of me. In my growing up years I was an only child and grew up in a home with a good mother in ways but mentally ill. My dad loved me but drank a lot. They did not love one another so I never learned from them about love. I grew up in the big Milwaukee Central Church and it was my second home. I loved the people there. But their children, my peers, treaded me like I wasn't much. I know now it was most likely because my mother was so different. But I did not know that then. I grew up without friends. I grew up feeling worthless. I married a man because at 18 I thought it would be my last chance; that no one would ever want me again. So I married a man that wanted a mother for his children, a maid and a lover-----but not someone to love. I looked on it as my only chance to have that baby I wanted so much, someone that would finely be mine to love and would love me. And that man tried to put me six feet under with his actions and words; his lack of love for me. I almost lost my children and my life because of him.

But praise God, Christ stepped in. Life went on...........and now, at 56, I have lost the one I truly love and want. He is mentally ill and can't see reality. And my dear daughter is also mentally ill and I care for her at home here. So why now, when I am older, do I appear to be so up? It is because His love finely got through. I am ashamed to admit that for 52 years of my life I looked at my pain and thought of the past till the pain became welcome, because I did not know how to live without it.

Now I don't ask why I have so many in my life with mental illness. I no I am ashamed to admit that for 52 years of my life I looked at my pain and thought of the past till the pain became welcome, because I did not know how to live without it. I no longer ask God why I have Epilepsy. I no longer ask why my beloved husband goes around telling lies about me. I could go on and on. But when I stopped looking to the past and problems in the present, I seen a different today, God was able to make today a good day. But as long as I allowed the past and daily problems to feed into my today, the day is filled with unhappiness and sorrow and doubt.

I am happy today, not because things are different, but because I am different; because I finely let go of the past and allowed God to control the present and the future. I know what it is like to think nothing of myself. I spent my life that way. But because of that, I know there is hope right around the corner. That hope is filled with the positive way of living in Christ. That hope is filled with a cleaned up mind that does not dwell on the past any longer. That hope is Christ!!!

My mind now dwells on Christ and not on the problems of life or on people in life. They say we are what we eat---we are also what we think about; what we watch and listen to, what we study and so on. It is our choice what we feed our mind, and what we feed our mind determines whether we are happy or sad. Someone told me years ago that I could change the way I thought, a little at a time. One needed to be aware of what they were thinking, and when doubt and sadness come in, to change it to good. The key is being aware of what is happening when it happens, before it gets a grip on us. God made us with the power to change our thoughts. Back then I just thought she did not understand. But today I see that she was 100% right. The years of sadness I could have saved myself had I listened to what she tried to tell me.

It really does work!!! Christ is the Answer and it is He that can help us make the change. Him and us working at it together!!!


Title: Personal Testimonies
Post by: Wendy on May 11, 2002, 02:29:00 PM

WendyL ~ Maranatha!:)

Title: Personal Testimonies
Post by: Richard Myers on May 12, 2002, 06:56:00 AM
Title: Personal Testimonies
Post by: Avalee on June 09, 2002, 09:50:00 AM
Hello all....the testimony I am going to relate here is from our "Family Sabbath School Time" we have at our church from 9:00 to about 10:40. It was given by Liz. I was so blessed by today's program I just had to try and get Liz to write the story down for me so I could put it here. Well praise God she did better than that, she gave me her notes. I am not going to write it all out...just the main points to get the story down. Here it is:

A Careless Word - A Lost Soul

How often in our daily life do we say something impulsively...carelessly and it effects people's lives...possibly their eternal life?

Matthew 12:36
But I say unto you, That every idle word that men shall speak, they shall give account thereof in the day of judgment.[/b]

James 3:5
Even so the tongue is a little member, and boasteth great things. Behold, how great a matter a little fire kindleth!

James 3:6
And the tongue is a fire, a world of iniquity: so is the tongue among our members, that it defileth the whole body, and setteth on fire the course of nature; and it is set on fire of hell.

About a year ago Pastor Art offered a class on "How to give a Bible Study, which I took. Last September he called me and asked me to give a Bible study to someone. The man was in a convalescent home. When Pastor Art and I met Donald, my heart went out to him. He was a 86 year old man who obviously loved the Lord and was in a great deal of pain, because he was convinced that he had grieved the Holy Spirit and there was no hope for him.

Twenty-five years ago someone in the church told Donald that he didn't deserve to be a Christian. for 25 years he daily suffered the agony of separation from Christ and the fear that he would go to hell. He believed that because he had grieved the Holy Spirit, that he would never be forgiven for his sins and his life was hopeless.

For most of the nine months when I went for my weekly visit with Donald I would find him crying over the fact that he would never be with Jesus. He wanted to be baptized, but he felt that his sins were too great to be forgiven and he smoked cigarettes.

He was 86 years old and had smoked since he was 12 years old. He has been an alcoholic and had given that up two years ago, but he couldn't overcome the smoking. I asked the Doctor to prescribe some medication that would cut down on the desire for nicotine. It only made him nauseous; we tried the Nicolette gum, it stuck to his dentures. Over the next few weeks he would stop for a few days and then he would become upset at someone or a situation at the convalescent home and he would start all over again. He went through deep valleys of depression. He just could not stop the cigarettes.

One day someone told me about something that they had developed at Loma Linda to stop the nicotine addiction. When I told Donald that I would get it for him, He said, "No, I'm going to stop the way that you did, by giving it to the Lord and asking Him to take it."

He had to totally surrender his addiction to the Lord and rely completely on Him. I found a picture of Peter sinking into the water, because he took his eyes off the Lord. I put it up on his wall. I said, "Every time you want a cigarette just look at the picture and say, 'Lord, save me." And remember that you are only that far away from being baptized." The length of a cigarette stands between you and God.

It wasn't just getting rid of the cigarettes. Donald prepared for his baptism by not only reading the Word, but also searching his heart. He tried to think of every person that he needed to call or write to. Anyone that he had had a problem with or felt that he had done something that he needed to ask him or her for forgiveness.

His niece Theresa had been the one who had called Pastor Art requesting someone to give Donald Bible Studies. She called me and we worked out the baptism. Between the two of us we contacted his family and friends to come to his baptism. He had a cousin who was a Seventh-day Adventist pastor. They had gone to a Seventh-day Adventist academy together. For over 70 years he had prayed for Donald to be baptized and now he was going to be the one to baptize him.

There was people all over California and Nevada that had prayed for him and wanted to come to his baptism, but we were a bit limited in space. You see, Donald is in a wheel chair and can't stand up. We had to solve the problem of immersing him in the water. Determined to not allow a small thing like that deter us, we finally decided to baptism him in the hot tub at the convalescent home. It resulted in a blessing for many of the members of the staff in the convalescent home, because they joined in and became part of the celebration. One of the men that helped has requested I give him Bible Studies.

If an 86 year old man can give his heart to the Lord and be baptized, there is hope for everyone. The Lord hears every prayer and wants every one of his children to be in the Kingdom with Him. Continue with your prayers, it took 70 years for Donald. It shouldn't take that long for you. Keep the faith.

Liz D.

I hope you receive a blessing from this. We also got to see the baptism. Since the space was limited someone taped it and she showed it to us this am. It was such a blessing to see the joy in this mans face and the joy in Donald's cousin's face as he baptized him. Praise God. Prayer does work. I was not always a Christian...I gave my life to Christ in 1980...I found out later that my wonderful Grandmother and a study group of people had been praying for me for years. I believe this actually saved me from being murdered. God is so good. Amen

In The Blessed Hope


Title: Personal Testimonies
Post by: WendyForsyth on October 09, 2002, 10:28:00 PM

Hi everyone!

Sorry for taking so long (again!) to update. Your prayers are definitely being heard and God is good! Howard is now able to use his hands and arms extensively. He is able to roll from back to stomach with very little assistance, maintain his balance sitting on a therapy mat, raise the head of his bed and then use his hands to bring each leg up in turn and put his own pants on and then his shirt, almost transfer himself from bed to wheelchair!!! God is so incredible! I had very low expectations in the beginning because you can't survive something like this expecting a full recovery. You just have to place your faith and your lives in God's hands and let Him do the work. So every miracle that occurs in Howard's recovery is icing on the cake. Please continue to keep us in your prayers. Howard does have a pressure ulcer so he is bed bound for a few days as to not exacerbate it. We pray that it heals cleanly and does not cause more damage.

We thank you all for your love and support. I will try to update again soon.

God bless,

Title: Personal Testimonies
Post by: Joan on October 10, 2002, 12:50:00 PM

What a nice uplift after reading your report. I am so glad you have been encouraged by his progress.

For many of us who have seen the progress of similar cases regaining more muscle use through threrapy after the initial swelling and shock has subsided, the miracle is just as wonderful to hear about. It is a matter of time, effort and pushing oneself to the limit in the exercises. But most of all to be consistant in the therapy. Getting his arms and wrists strengthen is important.

Give a wave and hello to Howard from me.


Title: Personal Testimonies
Post by: Liane H on October 12, 2002, 04:44:00 PM
It was requested of me to share my testimony here at the testimony forum, so here it is.  

October 2, 2002

For years I had been blessed with never having to deal with the Sabbath sunset issue. Every employer I worked with had one form
or another of flex time so I was able to leave way before sunset with time to spare, but no more. My company is currently in the
process of changing our hours of work. It will be from 8AM to 5PM starting in a few weeks.

My first test. Many have faced the issue of sunset time off with different experiences, but this was my first experience and that made all the difference in the world.

It was a struggling few days of e-mails back and forth with my boss, explaining the Seventh-day Sabbath with a lot of tension to say the least. They had agreed to let me leave work from the period when daylight savings ends and Sabbath sunset starts at 4:57PM through the end of February at 4PM.

The earliest sunset for Friday will be 4:43PM on December 2nd and that will be tight as it takes me 35 to 45 minutes to get home, just
enough time to get into the door of my home.

Then when February comes to an end I will leave work to 5PM to the next year. What could and might happen by then could change
all that.

My test had come and gone, but I knew this was probably going to be just the first of possibly more. What I did not realize was how soon that was going to be.  

October 10, 2002

It had been clear to me that the way our company was going that sooner or later there needed to be changes, so just when I thought all was settled at work regarding my Seventh-day Sabbath, we all got another big bang and I got another opportunity to witness.

Thursday, the three top bosses at our office plus the human recourse person were in meetings all day. The tension in our office was so very great as we all waited for the outcome. We all knew something was going to happen. It was bigger than we had expected.

October 11, 2002

The end results happened Friday. Four people were laid off in our building, the department was reorganized so th at we could absorb
their work. In the other building two more will be gone in December and the third person will come over to our building and she will be gone in June, 2003.

The person who had been my boss, who had hired me 12 years ago and I answered to through those years at my former company
and the almost three years of working at this Catholic organization that took over is no longer my boss. She was the person who I had
just settled the Seventh-day Sabbath with a week and a half as stated above.

My former boss now only has one person under her. There is no more billing department, but I still will be doing billing among other
new jobs projects. For the time being the CFO will be my boss on the clinical side which I am now part of until they hire a new clinical
office Director, then she will be my direct boss.

When the meeting was over as a group and the dust had settled my CFO boss and the director of both clinical offices called me into a
private office for a talk.

Unbelieving to me the topic of the Sabbath was brought up again. My new CFO boss said that she needed everyone to be in the office
from 8AM to 5PM. I said that was fine accept for when sunset starts after daylight savings time ends in November through end of February.

She said I was one of her best persons and she would hate to lose me, but I had to make this choice. That is when I spoke to them
both face to face from the Bible and why my Sabbath had to be kept. I do not remember the words, they came freely from my lips so if you ever wonder what you will say, never worry, as the words came out without any effort.

The closing words were the only words I do remember and I told her if it comes between my job and my faith, my commitment to my God is above everything. Then I said: now it is your choice.

They said that they would talk about it together and get back to me. Then they went on with my hearing service dog. They seemed
to think my having a dog was some kind of perk for me. I will not go into the games they played, but suffice to say whatever I said she ended up changing her mind.

I left when we had finished and then she called me back to talk alone and said that I can keep the previous arrangement that was had been set up with my previous boss. Now I have professed my faith to four people in less than two weeks.

Many times I had wondered over the years what this day would be like. So now I know and the spirit of peace that I feel is greater than I have felt in a long time.

It will never be known to me what motivated them regarding the time off early for my Seventh-day Sabbath. That in reality they
could not at this time afford to lose another person and I was needed, but could still be laid off at some future date. Or that
the legal ramifications regarding the laws respecting a person faith, which is far stronger in California than other states. That my former boss had already approved it. Or that the power of the words moved them.
Whatever it was it sure did not take them very long before I was called back in, so it was a quick decision.

This will at least give me time to prepare for the worse when and if that comes which is another blessing unlike those of yesterday that never saw it coming.

We never know of that day when we will need to stand for the Sabbath. Important to know is the words will come if you allow the
Spirit to move you, never fear. I never dreamed it would happen twice in such a short period of time, but it did.

We also need to remember that we never know when. We only must trust in Him and he will make the road smooth and the path sure.

In closing I wish for you to know that I was not sure that I would write this part here. I also want you to it was not easy for me to write this. I am a single woman, never married, no children and no extended family to fall back on. I have two friends that have said if worse comes to worse I could park my little trailer on their property until I got back on my feet. I am sure they are praying it does not come to that. I still owe on my car, two personal loans due to the illness of my previous hearing service dog who passed away last year. Also to find a new job as an older person, who is disabled that requires a hearing service dog would be infinetly hard.

So if any of you are struggling with the Seventh-day Sabbath issue there is a little book put together by Crystal Earnhardt called Trials and Triumph. I had just read the book a few weeks before. That is timing.

This book is a compilation of personal testimonies of people who have faced the very experienced I now shared. I must say it is one thing to read it in a book, but it is a whole other thing to experience yourself.  


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Title: Personal Testimonies
Post by: Joan on October 12, 2002, 09:25:00 PM

"Trials and Triumph"by Crystal Earnhardt.

I am so glad you mentioned this book, Liane. Many like me don't know that such a book about work and Sabbath honoring has already been written.

Thank you for being faithful to your Sabbath honoring convictions and taking the time to tell us all about your experience. It sure was a strong encouragement to me to see how now...even now...our God in the Holy Spirit gives the right words when we are brought before the inquisitors.

May you keep on seeing how our Lord is blessing, guiding and protecting you.

your Joan

Title: Personal Testimonies
Post by: karen on October 17, 2002, 10:24:00 AM
Thanks, Liane, for posting your experience. It is very uplifting to me. Our God is so wonderful to send His angels to be by our side when we go through things like this, to give us the words to say.


Title: Personal Testimonies
Post by: Clive Nevell on December 24, 2002, 11:08:00 AM
I could have put this in answers to prayer as well. God has been good even if life at times is hard. God is still in control.

Last Sabbath I had the prayer at our Church and I felt impressed to pray for the boys, Sonny, Karl, and George as they had left to go to South Australia to do some friut picking. Last weekend they were at my brothers place in Mildura for Sabbath. I did not have any reason to think that they were in any danger. I have been in Brisbane until last night and rang up Sonny who had sent an email to say that they had been involved in an accident. Talking to him I have found out Karl and himself were out driving on Sundau afternoon wheen a large kangaroo jumped out in front of them. Karl who was driving swerved to miss it and in doing so rolled the ute over. The ute had a bar across the back of it. It saved them from being squashed. I am sure our prayers protected them. We could have been going to a funeral this week. Thanks so much for your prayers at this time. The work they were going to do has also fallen through. Sonny has arranged other work in Sydney so hoping that will be OK.

The College results for Sonny was also in the mail. He made 4 credits and 3 passes. He does have the ability if he will focus and put in the effort.

I believe it has been an answer to prayer that we still have him. He walked away from the crash without a scratch on him, Karl has a sore knee, George was not in it.

It is Xmas day here and we have had 18.5 mm of rain during the past 24 hours. That is a wonderful blessing.


Title: Personal Testimonies
Post by: Sister Marie on December 24, 2002, 11:31:00 AM
God is so good. I am happy your boys are safe. Praise Jesus for His protecting Love and Care over them.

I backed up on my office chair (on the rug) Sabbath evening and the chair went backwards on me before I could stop it. We have a table with very sharp corners on it and my back (by the right kidney) smashed into the corner of the pull out seats hard enough to bust the wood part of that corner. I hurt so bad deep inside that my son took me to the hospital emergency to see if I broke a rib or injured myself. Thank the Lord that nothing is injured that is bad. I hurt really a lot, but I too am praiseing God every day that the fall was not more serious than it was.

But regardless of how things turn out, we have a wonderful and loving God, because even when things don't turn out so good, there is a good reason for it and in trusting God we see later on that it was for our own good in one way or the other. It is wonderful to have a Loving Father we can trust and have faith in, regardless.  :)

With Christian Love,
Sister Glass

Title: Personal Testimonies
Post by: Clive Nevell on December 25, 2002, 12:15:00 AM
Amen Sister Glass and may our Lord comfort and heal you at this time.


Title: Personal Testimonies
Post by: Sister Marie on December 25, 2002, 04:19:00 PM
Thank you. I hope everyone had a great day  and that your new year will be blessed fully.

With Christian Love,
Sister Glass

Title: Personal Testimonies
Post by: WendyForsyth on December 26, 2002, 01:36:00 PM
Praise the Lord for His protection!!!

Howard left for Rehab today praise the Lord!!! His wrist is fully healed. His bedsore by the time it was done had kept him bedbound for six weeks. Most know about the bleeding episode. All of these things are resolved and he is well enough to do his rehab and re enter the workforce in a few months when he comes home. Hallelujah!!! God is so good! He is actually strong enough to transfer himself from bed to wheelchair and back. It's incredible to watch when initially he had almost no use of his arms and hands and he was so very weak and frail. It is a complete miracle to see those arms strong again and bear the weight of his body. Thank you all for you prayers and for continuing to pray for him.

God bless,

Title: Personal Testimonies
Post by: Sister Marie on December 26, 2002, 05:36:00 PM
Praise God, we are all so happy for both of you. Yes, God does take care of us. We was shopping in Chico today and before starting home we prayed for protection. It has been raining all day and now fog too.

At the turn off for Corning on 99 east we was thankfully showing down to turn and a big truck coming the other way turned right in front of me, out of control. Thank the Lord I was then going slow enough to stop and not plow into him. I really thank God for His goodness and His love for us in taking care of us today and always.  :)

With Christian Love,
Sister Glass

Title: Personal Testimonies
Post by: Richard Myers on December 27, 2002, 11:43:00 AM
Two years ago while driving in a light rain on a mountain road we came upon an automobile accident. It had just happened and the car was upside down over an embankment. I ran down to the vehicle and found a young lady inside. It was a difficult situation because of the danger of fire and also the danger of moving a victim that might have a neck or back injury. She was conscious and able to slowly extricate herself from the car. She appeared to have no major injuries, but was in danger of going into shock and was very uncertain of the situation.

We called for an ambulance and comforted her until their arrival. I rode with her in the ambulance and called her family to let them know her condition. She was comforted and very appreciative of our help. I took the opportunity to share with her that God had kept her alive and had a purpose for her life. I asked if I could give her a book. She said most certainly. She was not a Christian. I explained that the book was on the life of Jesus and that it had been a great blessing to me.

She sent a thank you note soon afterwards. That was two years ago. A few days ago we received a Christmas card and again a note of thankfulness that her life had been spared. Please join with us in praying for her conversion. We do not know what is happening in her life, but we by faith believe God is working in answer to our prayers for her. We will be sending her the Great Controversy and hope that amid the events in the world that portray the end of all things, that it will answer some of her questions.


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Title: Personal Testimonies
Post by: Sister Marie on December 27, 2002, 08:37:00 PM
As I was reading your Testimony Brother Richard I said to myself, it's time for another book.  :) and then you said you sent her another book, and such a good one too. Prayer will bring her to Him. We will pray.

With Christian Love,
Sister Glass

Title: Personal Testimonies
Post by: Richard Myers on February 16, 2003, 08:07:00 PM
Have you ever had things go wrong? What is your first thought when things go bad? As Christians ought we not immediately recognize the unseen powers at play? We have so much to be thankful for and the Lord's promise is that "all things work together for good to those who love the Lord."

This morning we awoke while it was sitll dark and found we had no electricity. We took a look out the window and saw that our neighbor's porch light was on and other lights were on across the river. Not good. I got dressed and went outside to find a large branch from our very large ash tree had come down in the storm during the night and landed on our power line. The tree is an umbrella and cars are often parked under it and it reaches over part of the house.

We are very thankful that no damage was done to our home or cars. Our Lord's watchcare is continual. We do not take it for granted. This type of situation many times results in a fire. We see God's hand stretched out over us and His command to the evil one is "this far and no further." Thank you, Jesus!


Title: Personal Testimonies
Post by: Sister Marie on February 16, 2003, 10:58:00 PM
We Thank God for being with you and keeping you safe. Had satan had his way it would not have been that way, so we know God is at work for you and your home. Some day we will find out the thousands upon thousands of times the Lord has protected us in our life time that we know nothing about now.

With Christian Love,
Sister Glass

Title: Personal Testimonies
Post by: Sister Marie on February 17, 2003, 10:15:00 AM
How true Brother Richard,

I remember one time years ago when I was making a right hand turn and I looked to the left and it was all clear. But as I made the turn a car came up on us at high speed and as I seen him go into the other lane it appeared to me that I was seeing him literally go through the corner of my car like it was not even there. Talk about amazed!!! That took something to get over and realize the intense reality of God's protection.   :)

With Christian Love,
Sister Glass

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Title: Personal Testimonies
Post by: Liane H on February 22, 2003, 02:08:00 AM
Well I will add my event that happened to me as well.

In front of the house at one time that I rent there were two beautiful pine trees. Shortly thereafter the trees died for what reason I know not.

In my driveway is my little trailer that my friend's father sold to me. Further down in my driveway I park my car.

Not hearing or feeling anything the night of the storm went to go to work and found that one of these trees fell during the night.

One of these trees fell between my trailer and my car with only small branches over both.  I could not get out of the house due to the tree blocking my way to the car and had no way to get off the porch so the day was spent getting tree people to come and cut up the tree and bring the other one down as well since it was also dead.

One of the things I will want to review during those thousand years with Christ in heaven is the record book of events of my life of how many miracles that were unseen by us that kept us safe.


Title: Personal Testimonies
Post by: Liane H on February 22, 2003, 02:38:00 AM
"This world is the scene of our trials, our griefs, our sorrows. We are here to bear the test of God. The fire of the furnace is to kindle till our dross is consumed and we come forth as gold purified in the furnace of affliction. . . . Light will come out of this darkness which to you at times seems incomprehensible. "The Lord gave, and the Lord hath taken away; blessed be the name of the Lord" (Job 1:21).

Let this be the language of your heart. The cloud of mercy is hovering over your head even in the darkest hour. God's benefits to us are as numerous as the drops of rain falling from the clouds upon the parched earth to water and refresh it. The mercy of God is over you."  {HP 272.3}

Starting in October, 2002 became a change in the company I was working for. Overnight it was as if darkness overcame them. In how they were treating us, not just me we were seeing and experiencing a world far removed from what we had kown.

The company I had worked for nine years sold their business to the now company I had been working for three years. On October 15th, 2002 I was called into the office of my now new boss who was to oversee my work. I had been working with her along with my previous boss over these years.

She spoke to me of the changes that were to take place. One of those changes was the hours we could work. This was to affect one important situation in my life.

She said to me that I was going to have to choose between my job and my faith. That I had to work to 5PM even during the winter if I wanted to keep my job. That would mean that I would have to work during the beginning of my Sabbath on Friday for four months of the year.

I do not remember all I said at that meeting, but I do remember my closing words. I said: "I have no choice, I must keep the Sabbath of my God, it is you that must choose whether to keep me and let me keep my Sabbath or give me my pink slip."

Days followed and the situation at work got worse. They let me keep my Sabbath, they let me keep my hearing service dog Moshe with me at work, but these were not easy days for me.

The stress, the harassment that was to follow were days of darkness that I will never forget. On top of that illness set in from it all with the conclusion of more of my hearing to be lost in that even with a hearing aid voices sound muffled to me now.

I went on medical leave in hopes that I would recover enough to return to work. The hearing has not returned therefore making it impossible for me to communication in the manner I was able to before with the hearing I did have. Along with other medical issues rising I have not been able to return to work.

So my life has changed forever. As a disabled person I had pride myself for having worked all these years, but no more.

Yet events since the time I have stopped working have shown the hand of God working in my life. Years ago a friend came into my life that I would say we are closer than I am to my own blood sister in that we have loved each other as friends all these years.  

When she heard of my situation she asked me to move to where she lived and that she would put a new manufactured home on her property for me to live in. We have gone through that process and as I look back at all that has happened, how people have bent over backwards to help us make this possible I see the hand of God working through people in my behalf.

Soon I will be moving to a new place far from where I live now. With a new puppy along with my current hearing service dog, he will be trained as a hearing service dog as well.

There have been so many little blessings since that dark time I cannot even begin to write it all here. Joy fills my heart at the goodness of God.

I pray for the people who made such darkness come over my life. Perhaps the testimony of my faithfulness of the Sabbath will someday spark a light into their hearts that God's Law cannot be changed, altered or denied.


Title: Personal Testimonies
Post by: Richard Myers on February 22, 2003, 10:01:00 AM
Amen, Sister Glass!

Not too many years ago the tree landed on our house. Half a tree fell on it on the side with all glass. It was an amazing thing to see. God kept the house unhurt. The tree landed perfectly flat, thus spreading the force out equally rather than crushing the edge of the house. Also, a large branch hit the ground at the same time the tree hit the rood. It acted as a support to keep much of the weight off the roof. Amazing!! God is GOOD!!

It was only shortly before this that the river about took our house away.  God is indeed our protection. We could continue to speak of His untold mercies, but we would like to hear of God's working in the lives of others also.


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Title: Personal Testimonies
Post by: Richard Myers on June 07, 2003, 08:06:00 AM
I was contemplating the absence of testimonies being posted here for quite a period of time and asked the Lord what I could share. He reminded me of the working of His Spirit in answer to our prayers. How many times do we pray for help and then forget what great things God has done? Shame on us!

Tell of His power is the command! God wants us to share what He is doing that others may believe.

A simple blessing, but an important one came yesterday for me. I have been trying to get our bread makers to work. It is not an easy thing to get them to make whole wheat bread properly. God has blessed. Each machine is different. We made a sprouted wheat bread and it came out very nice. It was light and well cooked. It seems that with the bread machines it was either too heavy or would fall flat because it would raise too much.  The success with the sprouted wheat was a great blessing and one that we recognize as being from the Lord!  

Title: Personal Testimonies
Post by: Sister Marie on June 16, 2003, 12:47:00 PM
We are a Church the Lord is working through and for. We are a people with more blessings then I have ever seen given to a people. We should be a people of MANY Testimonies of Jeus workings in our life. I would like to encourage us to do so here. I see many things in the other forums that could be a wonderful blessing in the forum of a testimony here where all could be blessed by it. When we have heard of ways the Lord has blessed others, or how He is blessing us, let us share it here together. It will give encouragement to others who visit here and don't visit in many other forums. We are here to be a blessing to others, there is no better way then through sharing Testimonies with others. Let us lift Christ High and share what He is doing in our lives.   :)

Say to the church members that there is need of thorough consecration to God. Let all understand that they must make a covenant with God by sacrifice. We need the blessings of the gospel every day and every hour. Every proof of the Lord's power, His presence, and His love, is to be recognized with grateful thanks. Happiness is to be achieved by the right action of the soul toward God. I thank the Lord for this precious thought. Let Him be glorified by the sentiments expressed and by the actions performed....{1SM 56.3}

With Christian Love,
Sister Marie

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Title: Personal Testimonies
Post by: WendyForsyth on June 16, 2003, 07:38:00 PM
My father has been asked to be president of a missionary college. I can't speak of any details yet, but God is so very good!!! My father has been crippled with pain and depression issues and was too the point of discouragement I don't even want to speak of. But God is eternally faithful and the harvest will not wait! This is also a possible way for me to serve in the mission field! My father is in prayer reg. this position and I ask you all to join us in prayer to confirm God's will in this.

Praise the Lord!!! HE IS COMING SOON!!!

Soon and very soon, we are going to see the KING......


Title: Personal Testimonies
Post by: Sister Marie on June 17, 2003, 05:54:00 AM
We are so happy for this happening to your dad and for you too Sister Wendy. Thank you for sharing this with us.

I have been trying to get up early. I mean like 4am. I wake up with the birds, but the birds go right on singing and I go back to sleep. This morning the Lord not only woke me up but got me up and kept me up. At times I feel this is not going to work. But then I get to doing something else and make it a little longer. I really like getting up so much earlier then the rest of the family. I have time for everything I want in length. Prayer and Bible study and exercising. The two main ones that suffer the later I get up. I always say I will go back and do it, but either don't get it done or it is never done like it would have been done much earlier. There is no pleasure then to get things done so fast either. Just the sweet music of the birds singing their hearts out. I want to thank You Jesus for getting me up and help me to make this a daily thing.
Sister Marie

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Title: Personal Testimonies
Post by: Sister Marie on June 17, 2003, 06:54:00 AM
Happiness is a perfume which you cannot pour on someone without getting some on yourself.
- Ralph Waldo Emerson

Smiles are not the only thing that is spread around so easily,
Attitude is too.

How we come to enjoy a good attitude is something we can share in  Testimonies that can help others.

Title: Personal Testimonies
Post by: Richard Myers on June 17, 2003, 08:34:00 AM
As a new Seventh-day Adventist many years ago, I was very excited as I discovered these very special books that contained precious truths. I would put my chidren to bed and clean up the house. At 11pm I would get in bed with my books and read until I fell asleep around 1am. Then I would drag myself out of bed around 7am. It was not fun in the morning.

Then as I was reading around mid-night, I ran across a statement that said the hours of sleep before mid-night were more valuable. The Holy Spirit spoke to my mind and I saw that 1, I had lost my valuable sleep because it was past mid-night. And 2, if I wanted to have more time in my life, I had a way to get it. If I would go to bed early, I would need less sleep!

That was it. I fell to my knees knowing I needed God's help. I was a "night person". Or so I thought. Years of going to bed at 11pm or later would not be easy to reverse. I knew that I needed God's help. I prayed that God would help me follow His counsel. What  do you think happened? Would God give me a rock instead of bread? No! He answered my prayer immediately.

The next night, I read one chapter in the Great Controversy and closed the book, prayed and went to sleep. God is so very good! He woke me at 3am! What a blessing! I now began my studies with a sharp mind, unlike it's condition at 11 pm. What studies I had after that! In one moment, I became a "morning person"! You know that by 9pm that night I was ready for bed. But, it did not come without a temptation.


Title: Personal Testimonies
Post by: Sister Marie on June 23, 2003, 03:22:00 PM
Some time ago I lost the horses that were in my field. I needed some to eat the grass down. That is a lot to mow by hand. I prayed. Finely some people started answering the ad. But I was not happy with them and for some reason they never showed either. I continued to pray. I told the Lord that whereas it was important that we find horses to put in, that it was also important to me to find the one that God wanted here. After a long time this nice lady called. We hit it right off the bat. She was a Christian and had been praying too, so she could find a place to put her horses. They are very expensive high class horse with champion history. She wanted a good place but people she was comfortable with also. When we did meet we almost cried because we both seen how God had worked. How everything both of us tried did not work till we meet one another.
She has helped me put up a fence for my Susie and her pups. She sold me her moms freezer. She has also helped me learn how to sell on EBay.
We are getting to be good friends and I hope that the Lord helps me witness to her in His time and ways.

Does God answer prayers? Yes He does. In this case, not right away or even close to it. But I did not care because I knew He would ans. it in His own time. I share this as a testimony because I feel one can never say too many times how wonderful it is to be able to trust in God. To put it all (even daily things) in His lap and let Him lead. How much pressure and stress it takes off the mind.
Thank you Lord that we can Trust you with everything.

With Christian Love,
Sister Marie

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Title: Personal Testimonies
Post by: Joan on June 24, 2003, 11:51:00 AM
Nevertheless that it has only 1PS, A horse is really a pretty big lawnmower.

Wouldn't a cuddly, wooly sheep done the job just as well?

Nevermind  :) , I loved how you prayed in faith and got just the answer to fit your need.

love from me to you,
the joan

Title: Personal Testimonies
Post by: Joan on June 24, 2003, 11:55:00 AM

Just yesterday I sat with a dear middle-aged Catholic lady for a good time of talk.We talked about so many subjects pertinent to her life.Then she wanted to know how I keep myself active. Sharing with her my quest to have peace in my heart with God, and what pertains to eternal soul salvation, I told her I do much study in theology subjects.

She listened politely and very intensely as I described the development and effects of the political man-power of early growth in Roman Catholicism. Emphasizing in telling how forces evolved renouncing anything denoting Judiasm by moving away from the seventh-day that God hallowed to the first day for church services. She was noticiably astounished as she declared her ignorance of the historical happenings. With a bit of cynicism she mentioned that the acts back then are typical of power greed shown today in her church leaders.

I tried to draw her attention to the 4th commandment as being part of the whole decalogue. The eternal unchangeable God has rules that are also unchangeable for the governing of the human race living on this earth. Then I shared with her that keeping the fourth 'C' has no effect morally for us if we have not experienced the fulfillment of the first commandment in our lives.To love God with our whole mind, soul, and strength. This she said never before occured to her as possible,i.e. loving God. She would have to think about it.

Our time together slowly came to an end. She, being a very secular person with little grounded christian teaching, should not be pressed upon to rapidly, I thought. I pray that the next time we get together we will then be able to discuss how God showed himself to us in Jesus. Getting to know Jesus is the best way to learn to love God. Loving God puts a natural desire to please him in our hearts. With faith it is possible to please Him when we show our love to him by keeping his commandments.


Title: Personal Testimonies
Post by: Sister Marie on June 24, 2003, 01:40:00 PM
What a wonderful testimony Joan. I really enjoyed it.

P.S. God sent me more horses with the right owners. What a blessing? If the right person had come with sheep, that would have been good. But what God sent is wonderful. Smile. Isen't He wonderful!!!


Title: Personal Testimonies
Post by: Liane H on July 01, 2003, 06:27:00 AM
Testimonies are wonderful things to lift our hearts and bring hope to all. It shows the hand of God working in our lives.

This testimony is about one friend that has endured 27 years relationship with ups and downs and by all standards should have passed away years ago, but did not.

I met Carolyn 27 years ago through a card that I had placed on a board that was outside a Vons store. I advertized baby sitting with big red letters NO BOYS.

What motivated Carolyn to take my card anyway I do not know, but one late afternoon I received a call from her asking for me to baby sit as her regular person had an emergency and this was the last night of her class she was attending with her husband and needed someone to baby sit her three boys.

She sold me that they were good boys and there would be no problem so I said ok. The boys were good for the most part accept her husband brought home from his job this abandoned black kitten. Keeping the boys from killing this thing was a job in of itself.

She called me again to take care of her youngest son from her second marriage. His name was James and he was a wonderful boy. All boy in activity, but with a heart as gentle as a lamb. So our friendship grew over the years.

In that first year I stumbled onto the Seventh-day Adventist Church and became a member, but not without protest by Carolyn with books about cult and fellow pentecostal friends trying to deture me which did not work and I was baptized into the church on December 7, 1976.

She became sold on the Adventist faith and six months later became member along wth her then husband and oldest son. She was to live in the same area for about another nine years and then she and her family moved away.

Carolyn stayed with the Adventist church for about a year and went back to her Pentecostal churches never to return to our church. Yet our relationship and friendship continued.

I saw her go through things that Job would not even want to endure. It seems like Satan keeps staying at her feet in ways that one would not wish even to an enemy. Yet she held on with her love for God.

For years Carolyn had wanted me to move near her and time after time I would say no. With my hearing loss it was hard enough to keep a job no less find one and being in the big city I felt I had a better chance to do so.

So last October things changed in my own life with my job. There was a downsizing and people laid off, but I was not one of them. The job had turned into a nightmare right from the first day after the lay off of five people. I was called in for two reasons. One was my hearing service dog and their feelings about her. The next was the change in office hours was about to affect my ability to worship on Sabbath.

My boss told me that I was going to have to choose between my job and my faith. These days became stressful days for me and illness insued. I developed ear infections that took away 10 to 15 percent of my hearing from an already bad hearing loss situation.

I developed sores in my ears that made it impossible for me to wear the ear mole so I could hear. So on December of last year I took a medical leave of absence in hopes that I could heal both in body and mind.

The big turning point came when I no longer could understand words on the phone and I had to make the big choice to go to the TTD type of phone. When I called Carolyn for the first time on the TTD phone I did not realize what impact this would have on her.

The next day she called me back and said that she had talked to her husband and son James and they agreed that I should move out of Los Angeles and move up with her. By this time the doctors and I agreed that I was not going to be able to work with the more severly hearing loss that I had acquired and now was applying for SSDI.

So I said yes to Carolyn and it took five months before I was able to move there. Why? Because she was putting on her property a new mobile for me to live in.  

Looking back I could see how God went from 27 years ago that brought a friendship together to a friend who was going to help me have a safe place to live. Not even my own family was willing to do that. Her love for me was gentler, kinder than any human could be and I have been blessed with a new life for myself and my hearing service dogs.

Well last week I got an interesting turn of events. My new pastor came over to visit me and we talked. He knew of Carolyn from his wife who works at the same place that she does. They had become friends.

My pastor now knowing that Carolyn had been a former Seventh-day Adventist member because of me asked if she would let him have some Bible studies with her only about Jesus. I told  him I did not think she would, but he could ask her.

Well the next day Carolyn came over to my place and we talked. For some reason I felt the urge to bring up the pastor and what he wanted to do. At first she was against the idea, but as we talked Carolyn started opening up and things I did not know started coming out in tears.

I learned she was not going to church and the pain she was in was far worse than I had realized. We kept talking, crying and holding each other. The threads of abuse by Satan had taken its toll on her.

It now dawned on me that God did not do all this for me, but for Carolyn. She was in need of someone to be close to her. To talk to her of Jesus and His love. She needed someone to keep her close to Jesus and to support her in love and help her get through her pain.

Yes Jesus knew what He was doing 27 years ago. His love for us transends time and space and brings about relationships that reach far into our future.  

I do not know if she will come back to the church, time will tell that, but I do know that my hatred for Satan has reached the point that there can be no pity for him.

The way he destroys lives and causes so much pain in this world is going to end and so will he.


Title: Personal Testimonies
Post by: Sister Marie on July 01, 2003, 09:04:00 AM
Dear Sister Liane,

Thank you so much for your testimony. It made me feel so good to read it. You indeed are there for her sake. But it turn it is a great blessing for you also. Smile Thanks for sharing it with all of us.

With Christian Love,
Sister Marie

Title: Personal Testimonies
Post by: Dugald T Lewis MD on July 12, 2003, 11:24:00 AM
God has a way of doing things that goes above and beyond our greatest imaginations.
Title: Personal Testimonies
Post by: JimB on July 24, 2003, 06:37:00 AM
I recently shared with someone else but I felt impressed to share it here also. Please, please don't think I'm trying to brag about myself. Trust me I am no one you should look up to. I have a long road ahead of me to be where the Lord would have me. Anyway here it goes...

Years ago when I was 7 years old. I came to within "inches" of being mauled to death by a dog. This landed me in the hospital for 5 weeks.

Anyway a couple of years later an extended family member who I respect and consider a very spiritual person said to me... "God saved you for a reason. He is going to do something wonderful with your life". For the most part of my childhood and young-adult life I completely forgot about what she told me until just a couple of years ago. For the last three or four years this memory keeps comeing back to me. This along with a couple of other things has fueled my search to find out what the Lord's will is for my life. I don't mean just to be a "good christian" I believe HE has something more specific in mind.

I have made some changes in my life and since then HE has started to give me more and more responsibility. It started out very simple like assistanting in teaching a Sabbath school class at church. Now I'm involved in the church and doing things that I never thought of. Last weekend I found myself up front of 300 people. And I am a person who has refused to get up front for any reason. In highschool I gladly took lower letter grades in certain classes because I refused get up front. I didn't give a sermon or anything. I just gave a short report about the progress of a committee that I am serving on.

If you happen to be also searching all I can say is don't stop your search. Keep praying and talking to Him. If the Spirit brings to your mind something in your life that you need to eliminate or change don't resist, ask HIM for strength to do it. HE will start making known HIS will for your life.

I still don't know where HE is leading me. Frankly it scares me in big way. HE keeps taking me out of my comfort zones!!   :o

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Title: Personal Testimonies
Post by: Clive Nevell on July 24, 2003, 12:48:00 PM
Thanks Jim, I can relate to what you are saying. The more a person will do for God the more responsibility God will place on your shoulders. When I came to our present Church I had never even taken the lesson in Sabbath School. I believe God will reward your faithfulness Jim, and you will be blessed. I am sure the blessings will be eternal.

Here is something that happened to me yesterday and I have been asked to share it here. Not that it is so dramatic but we have the promise from SOP that says "We have nothing to fear for the future except we forget the way the Lord has led us in the past"

Driving down the highway this afternoon I was overtaken by a vehicle.
It must have been doing more than the speed limit which is 100 kph or about 60 mph. I continued to follow it although it was gaining distance between us. Then it veered off and crossed the road directly in front of a truck that was going in the opposite direction. The truck stopped, I stopped, and the men got out of the ute and were all smiles. They must have been stoned to react the way they did. The truck driver let them know if he had of hit them they would have been killed. I asked if they had a blow out and they told me "no". They did not seem to want help so I went on my way thinking how close they had come to their grave. Believe me it was too close for comfort. Perhaps they were on drugs as the road was straight and flat. There should have been no reason to lose control where they did.
I am glad that this morning when we had prayer I asked for protection as the way they drove was dangerous to anyone on the roads.


Title: Personal Testimonies
Post by: Sister Marie on July 24, 2003, 02:57:00 PM
Thank you brother Jim and Brother Clive for your Testimonies. They are special to God and to us also. I agree, God keeps us going for a reason, and that reason so often seems to be "out" of our comfort zone. I relate with you brother Jim, as I have a real personal problem with this.  Since I became ill I have become "very much" a stay at home person. I know God is taking me out of this little by little.
May God bless both of you and all the rest with testimonies here and those reading them.

With Christian Love,
Sister Marie

Title: Personal Testimonies
Post by: Liane H on September 20, 2003, 10:56:00 AM
Our God gives us an opportunity to witness in the strangest situations and brings people into our lives during the strangest of situations.

My baby, my Australian Shepherd Hearing Service Dog developed some skin problems of either ringworm or mange on the face around her beauty blue eye and I took her to the vet to find out what was going on.

We did test to determine if it was ringworm or mange. As I was sitting in the waiting room with her, she always has her vest which states she is a hearing service dog a lady came out from the back who also was there for her dog and she saw the vest.

The lady asked me what kind of service dog she was and I said hearing dog. She asked me if I knew sign language and I said just a little.

Well it turns out that both her husband and her are going deaf and there is a sign language class for the next 14 weeks and would I like to go. Being severly hearing impaired and in need of learning sign language I said yes.

God is indeed good. If Moshe did not have this skin problem that brought me to the vet I would not have learned about the sign language class from this lady.

As it turns out Moshe did not have ringworm, praise be to God, but does have demodectic mange which is not contagious and treatable and she has gained three and half pounds to 35 1/2 which is the best she has every been as most Standard Aussies are between 40 to 50 pounds.

I have a little list group for disabled people with service dogs that are Christians of all faiths.

When I revealed all that happens in my life one members said how do you always find good in your life situations?

Satan may try to hurt us all he can I said, but God is always there bringing light and goodness into my life. I feel blessed.


Title: Personal Testimonies
Post by: WendyForsyth on September 20, 2003, 11:14:00 PM
Praise the Lord Liane!

I'm sorry I haven't posted this sooner, but someone has donated $500 which is enough to register the kids in church school and they have all three started school!!! Praise the Lord! They are all so very happy. So is the teacher and all their friends. God is so very good! It is such a burden lifted to have them there. It is even a joy to drive them the hour each way to school every day! I don't mind it a bit! I'm so excited for them and I'm so happy to see them so happy!  :) Thank you all for your prayers and I know God will continue to bless and the pennies from heaven will continue to fall!

Thank you Jesus!


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Title: Personal Testimonies
Post by: Sister Marie on September 21, 2003, 12:10:00 AM
Thank you both for your testimonies for the Lord. He is greatly at work in our lives helping us in ways to help others. It is so good to read the testimony stories that others go through. If YOU have a testimony please share it with us.  :)

With Christian Love,
Sister Marie

Title: Personal Testimonies
Post by: Richard Myers on September 21, 2003, 07:22:00 AM
It is not by power nor by might, but by my Spirit saith the Lord!  God loves our children more than we do. And there are those that respond to the Holy Spirit. We rejoice with you, dear sister!
Title: Personal Testimonies
Post by: Liane H on October 17, 2003, 03:23:00 PM
One think I have learned about testimonies, they are food for the soul. Real life events that spring the joy that God does live and is there in our lives.

One of my friends told me a story who came to her home when she was very ill and said she was from the church and wanted to help her until she was better. My friend had not belonged to this church very long and did not know the lady, but her kindness was a welcome with young children and no one to come to help her.

When my friend was well and went back to her church she never found this lady. She described her to everyone she asked and not one person knew of her and my friend never found her.

We never know when we might be entertaining Angels unaware?



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Title: Personal Testimonies
Post by: Sister Marie on October 19, 2003, 09:52:00 AM
Thank you Sister Liane, we never do know do we? It shows that God is truly with His own and helping even when we can't see it. I know that in heaven I will be amazed at all the times our angels have protected us or helped us when we was not aware of it at all. What joy to look forward to.  :)

With Christian Love,
Sister Marie

Title: Personal Testimonies
Post by: Liane H on October 30, 2003, 07:45:00 AM
We were only about 10 miles from Yosemite National Park for a nice day trip which would be the first time I have ever been there only to have the trip cancelled by falling rocks on the last leg of the drive and one of those rocks cutting a hole into the transmission pan.

Transmission fluid coming out with smoke we were able to find a turn off very close. Then we were blessed within about five minutes of a Cal Tran Van coming by and the driver going back down the mountain to make a call for us to AAA as the mountains would not let us make a cell call out.

All in all it could have been far worse as some people have lost control of their cars and died from such incidents.

There always will be another day for Yosemite unless I get to see a greater event before then, the coming of Jesus.


Title: Personal Testimonies
Post by: Liane H on November 11, 2003, 09:14:00 AM
Sometimes I believe that many of us take for granted the little blessings in life and think them not worth the testimony to write. Every blessing, experience  no matter how great or small come from God.

A testimoney is our way of praising God for His goodness and blessings in our lives.

I had been told it would be months of medication before Moshe my Aussie would get rid of this mange. How blessed I was to learn that her last test came out negative.

We have two more weeks of medication and another test and if that is negative then she has been cured. Many a person has had to put down their dog due to mange.

It is a testimony that we wake up each morning to another day is a gift from our God. Let us be thankful for each and every gift that comes our way.


Title: Personal Testimonies
Post by: Sister Marie on November 11, 2003, 11:22:00 PM
We are so happy for you Sister Liane. Smile

I am happy tonight, a bit confused but with joy. My daughter Carol told me that she felt, (really felt) her spine being straightened. She has such a bad sping that they wanted to operate on it when she was younger. Because of Carol's illness, she can think some things or someone is doing or saying something when they are not. But I am feeling this time, it is really true. Her spine has always been so bad and when I looked at it, her spine is not almost straight. It hurt her for two days afterwords but it is still straight. Now I have to say it has been some time since I checked her sping. But I know how it was the last time I did and all her life from childhood on as well. I do believe what she felt was real and true. Smile

With Christian Love,
Sister Marie

Title: Personal Testimonies
Post by: Richard Myers on November 24, 2003, 08:25:00 AM
Ever go through a short period of time when a great number of trials come one right after another? These last two weeks have been that way for me. It has been a blessing. In each trial I see God's hand. He has given me a mind that looks for the reality beyond the sight. Each  trial is for my own good and Satan at each step has been limited to how far he can go. God always provides for His child and if we will look unto Christ, we shall receive the good God intends from our trials.

Trials are for the strengthening of our faith. The greater our faith, the greater the trials. It is called "carrrying our cross". It brings honor and glory to our Maker. I know there are others who understand and I thank God for your trials also, brothers and sisters.

We do glory in these trials, for they not only work for our good, but for the glory of God.

Title: Personal Testimonies
Post by: Liane H on December 01, 2003, 11:17:00 AM
A man has past from our mist, but his works do follow him.

It was a great privilege to have known Dr. Dugald T. Lewis our moderator in the health forums.

His testimony will continue to live for all of us that find ourselves in his forums that in which he gave so much for us to learn and grown in health and evangelism for God.


Title: Personal Testimonies
Post by: Richard Myers on December 01, 2003, 12:29:00 PM
Amen. Who besides the Lord could have known that my trials would extend to the loss of such a dear friend?
Title: Personal Testimonies
Post by: Sister Marie on December 01, 2003, 04:04:00 PM
What a pain to suffer!! We don't know why, but we trust that it was somehow best in the long run. We will see and be with him again, and not on computer either. We will have the pleasure of seeing and talking to him face to face. We will never need to say goodby then. Smile

With Christian Love,
Sister Marie

Title: Personal Testimonies
Post by: Clive Nevell on January 14, 2004, 08:25:00 PM
Yesterday I took my daughter to look for accommodation as she has been accepted into University to study nursing. We found something suitable but a costing more than she wanted to pay. Even so it is better to be happy where you are staying than to be concerned about others on campus. She will have her own room and food is included in her board. That took nearly all the day. There is just so much for her to see and find out.

On the way home I drove and it is about 150 kms from home and as we were leaving town the car missed a few beats. It missed them again so I pulled over and turned around to go back into town. It then cut right out at the intersection. We pushed it through once everything was clear. The battery was dead.

I am a member of RACQ which is a call out for road service. They came and told us the alternator was the problem. My problem is by now it is after 5 pm and the repair shops are shut.

To cut a long story short because I am a member of RACQ I am entitled to a replacement car. That was arranged and we went home.

We went back this morning to pick up the car and just on entering the town we had a phone call to ask what was wrong with the car. When I told him what had happened he said I could pick it up at 3 pm. My daughter starts work at 3 pm and it take 1.5 hours to drive home so I wanted it long before 3 pm. He said he would do his best. He rang back at half twelve to say we can pick it up.

On the way over the road was clear. Coming back because of the drought we have had and now some rain it has made the sides of the road very unstable. There were rocks on the road over two feet through. They were right across the other side of the road from where they had come from.

The last few days I see many times where the Lord has blessed us. We could have cut out on the way up. It could have been half way home. More rocks could have come down and we may not have been able to even get home today. It has happened before, not to us but to many others on the range.

But none of that happened. We broke down in town and had a clear run home.

Praise the Lord for His blessings.


Title: Personal Testimonies
Post by: Sister Marie on January 14, 2004, 11:24:00 PM
God is so good. I have often had it happen that I would get the car just in the drive and it would go out. How blessed of the Lord to think that He looks out for us in our daily life. Praise His Name.

With Christian Love,
Sister Marie

Title: Personal Testimonies
Post by: Ele Holmes on January 15, 2004, 05:53:00 PM
Clive and Marie, Yes God is sooo good....I have to tell you this story.  My son, his 8 years and myself drove from the tip of Baja to San Diego (about 1032 miles) in a 1978 motor home which we thought runs pretty good for it's age.  There are mountains, and narrow roads, and speeding trucks amd many curves, and more moutains----The last twenty or thirty miles my son felt something was wrong, it was running o-k and the brakes were usable, especially on that last steep hill before the border, before entering San Diego.  We crossed the border and it wans't 2 minutes of driving on highway 5 when my son says, OH! my brakes don't work, I mean, mom, they don't work at all....  They went completely out. Thank God our motel was only a few more miles, so slowly we creeped into the curb of the motel.  If my son would only believe what could have happened, God tries to tell him in so many ways, but he still doesn't believe in Divine Providence....I praised the Lord right there and then.  I sure would appreciate a prayer or two for him, Asking our Saviour to send His Holy Spirit to work on his heart.  Thank you....and thank you Lord for all your protection, guidance and love.  In Jesus name I pray...Ele
Title: Personal Testimonies
Post by: Sister Marie on January 15, 2004, 09:02:00 PM
Dear Father in Heaven,

We wish tonight to ask Your blessing of belief to fall upon Sister Ele's son. You have sent him several warnings of proof that YOu are there to guide and protect his life. But he don't seem to be able to see Lord. Please open His eyes that he may see Thee in his life. I pray this in Jesus Holy Name and for His sake and glory. Amen

Title: Personal Testimonies
Post by: Sister Marie on January 29, 2004, 05:59:00 AM
I want to thank God first of all, for His protection in our daily life. I know there are many many times He protects us that we do not see. But yesterday it was driven home in a visable way.

We had been coming out of Chico on 99 east heading toward Corning/Redbluff area. My daughter and I had just done our shopping for the month at Winco's. We were tired and glad to be on our way home. As we came on the on-ramp to get on 99 a huge bus was coming (non-comerical) and it refused to get over or slow down. I had to stay on the shoulder or get hit. But that was ok, there was room.

The on ramp coming up is hyw. 32 and one can't do that there because there is a bridge up-coming very close. As we passed it cars were stopped and backed up some, and a few people out to help. As we went by I seen a car had been hit and went into the trees. It was deep ditch there and the car was held up by the trees, it could have amd may have, fallen down. How I prayed for those people. So many times I have gotten on to 99 by way of hyw. 32 off ramp and had to be so careful. I Knew the danger there.

Soon it came to my understanding, that had I gotten on before that bus, that car in the ditch could have been us. (it had happened just before we drove by) God proved safty by holding us back. Thank You Dear Father, Son and Holy Spirit, for taking care of us.

It reminds me of the thought that often in life we are held back, and we should not complain. Often there are un-known reasons for it. Let us Praise God in ALL things.

With Christian Love,
Sister Marie

Title: Personal Testimonies
Post by: Richard Myers on January 29, 2004, 07:57:00 AM
Title: Personal Testimonies
Post by: Brad on February 07, 2004, 03:46:00 PM
Sister Glass thats a wonderful example of God's loving watch care.
Title: Personal Testimonies
Post by: ~maddy on February 28, 2004, 05:36:00 PM
I just want to praise our merciful Saviour.  He is so good to us, isn't He?  He is so kind and compassionate toward us, so tender with us in our weakness.  When we fall we can go right to Him and He will lift us up.  He doesn't hold us off sternly at arms' length but restores us right back to fellowship with Himself.  His forgiveness is REAL!  I hear people say (as they wag their fingers smugly) "God is not soft on sin, you know."  Well you know what?  God may not be soft on sin, but He is not hard on sinners either!!  AMEN?!!  He expressed His wrath against sin upon His precious Son  so that you and I don't have to experience that.  We get His mercy instead, which we do not deserve.  What wondrous love is this!!!
Title: Personal Testimonies
Post by: Richard Myers on February 28, 2004, 07:32:00 PM
Amen, Maddy!

One of my favorite examples of God's grace is found in the sin of Moses when he struck the Rock. (Num. 20:10. Many overlook this sin as being small or not even sin. But, God did not see it that way. Moses was an example of God to the people he led. When he went contrary to the law he taught and enforced, it was a great sin and one that brought much reproach upon God.

God had to lay Moses to rest to teach a lesson to Israel, but Moses was repentant for his pride and his anger. His sorrow was quick and very deep. God laid him to rest, did not allow him to enter the promised land Canaan, BUT...  :) that's right He raised him from the dead and took him to the real Promised land!!

Like Elijah who sinned at the end of a faithful ministry and caused difficulty for God's plans, and God took to heaven in a chariot of fire, Moses was forgiven by God's grace and then rewarded for his faithfulness.

We serve a God that does not wait to quash us when we sin, but rather after we sin, is there drawing us back and holding out His hand as He did to Peter when in the water. Praise God for His amazing grace!!

Thank you, Maddy for that testimony!! We pray it will bless many in the years to come. Short as time may be!  :)

Title: Personal Testimonies
Post by: Richard Myers on June 17, 2004, 07:31:00 AM
God is trying to get our attention, just as He was with those who lived just before the flood. Each day He blesses us. Many times we take these blessings for granted. How thankful we should be each day as we count our blessings!  Even in our distress, we can find much to be thankful for.

While driving over a very rocky road one of my car's tires was punctured. It ruined the tire. I drove for a week or so without a spare and when I got to the tire store to buy a used tire, they told me the price and I said ok. When I went to pay for it, the manager said he would give it to me without cost. It was much appreciated and I recognized my Father's hand in the blessing!  :)

Title: Personal Testimonies
Post by: Liane H on July 08, 2004, 12:52:00 PM
The testimonies of God's help comes in many forms and each one shows just what a loving and wonderful God we have.

Today was a close to over a month of prayer and work bringing two horses from Florida to California.

This reflects on the kind of people Seventh-day Adventists are. Not knowing my friend Jane and not really knowing me as I am a new member here in the Bishop church I found support and money to help us make the trip of these two Polish Arabian Horses across this country a reality.

The whole experience is a miracle going back to 26 years ago when I first met my friend Carolyn in Sunland, CA. Though miles and years never ended this friendship that when the day that I became disabled she requested that I move up to Bishop and live on her property in my own home that she would build, so here I am.

That a year later to the date a friend would come into my life named Jane because she was looking for a service dog. My vet Dr. Lind gave her my phone number and the events that transpired of Jane finding out that she needed to get the horses off the property back in Florida and my friend Carolyn having the room and willingness to board these horses at the same price that Jane's friend in Florida was charging, which is far less than what most people would charge out here.

I know my Father's hand has been in all of this, that He even notices when a sparrow falls and hears the cry of a lonely disabled women of the need of all that she has left in this world are her two Polish Arabian horses.

His hand was in the chain of events that started many years ago when I took the job of babysitting for Carolyn one night in an emergency. It is wonderful to look back and see the power of His love and promises which testify of His character and will for us.

I give thanks to my Father for the little farm I have of three goats, two dogs and two cats. The wonderful home and view that one would only dream of snow capped mountains and beautiful sunsets.

Last of all God gave me a new friend in my life in which we will share much in the enjoyment of her two beautiful and loved horses.



Title: Personal Testimonies
Post by: Sister Marie on July 08, 2004, 01:39:00 PM
Amen! Isn't God good!!! That is not a question.  :) It is a STATEMENT!!

With Christian Love,
Sister Marie

Title: Personal Testimonies
Post by: Liane H on July 31, 2004, 05:00:00 AM
There are two ways one could look at this situation that happened two days ago.

One could look at the bad side or one could look at the good side. Let me share what had happened.

My friend Jane and I along with my friend Carolyn's husband Jake were putting on a body mesh to keep the flies away from her horse All Roses. All went well as we put it on her. She was calm and seemed o.k. with the mesh.

Then they backed away and her horse went crazy. I suspect trying to get away from what was on her body. She started running around and around in the corral until she got to a point that she decided that she would jump the fence.

As she went over the fence the mesh caught on the metal post and broke her jump. She went tumbling over and landed on her back. I never felt so helpless in my whole life. You see it happen yet you know there was nothing you could do.

All Roses got up and continued her running around the pasture area. It took them about 10 minutes to get her to calm down and get a hold on her. It was only then that we were able to see the gash she had on her upper left leg. It was bleeding.

If Jane and I had put this on when Carolyn and Jake were not home it would have been a nightmare. So the first thing I was thankful for was that they were home to help and Carolyn is a nurse and had supplies to help clean the wound and bandage it.

I was thankful that All Roses had not been caught to the point that the post went somewhere in her body, that would have killed her.

I was thankful for the fenced in pasture area so that All Roses did not run away.

It could have been so much worse. Bad things are going to happen in our lives, but even when they do if we look at them we still can see God's hand still in it.

Because we live in an imperfect world we will make mistakes. The good that we thought we were doing turned into a terrible accident, but it could have been so much worse that one can be thankful that it did not turn out some other way.

Some people call this the Pollyanna Syndrome, but I call it the new mind that God has given us that shows us how to look at things in a way that not only blesses us, but those around you as they see God working in your life.

Bad things are going to happen to good people. God allows the rain to fall on the just and the unjust. As long as satan is the prince of this earth we will have to deal with this imperfect life. The bottom line is will we live it with God on our side.

Be thankful and bring glory to our Father who loves us.



Title: Personal Testimonies
Post by: Sister Marie on August 02, 2004, 07:38:00 AM
Thank you for your Testimony Sister Liane. It is so good to hear of how the Lord helps and saves us from more serious happenings. We can always be grateful, for we have no idea of what could have happened had we not asked God to take care of us.  :)

With Christian Love,
Sister Marie

Title: Personal Testimonies
Post by: Cop on January 12, 2005, 02:45:00 PM
[This was written over a week’s time, due to my health. If because of that it is somewhat confusing, please forgive. If it is posted in the wrong place, please correct. I just feel I must tell others.]

1 Timothy 1:14 & 16
“And the grace of our Lord was exceeding abundant with faith and love which is in Christ Jesus. Howbeit for this cause I obtained mercy, that in me first Jesus Christ might shew forth all longsuffering, for a pattern to them which should hereafter believe on him to life everlasting.”

I never cease to be amazed by the longsuffering, mercy, and love of our Father. I stand ashamed of the fact that I once turned my back upon my sweet Savior Jesus and walked away from Him because of threats made against my family.  I never like to hear people ‘boast’ of how wicked they were before accepting Christ. Most of the time, it appears they are bragging about how evil they were, as if it is some kind of merit to salvation. I am ashamed of what I was and what I did. But as I think of the forgiveness given me by Jesus, I am overcome by love to Him. I just can not comprehend such mercy and love towards me! He has blessed me more than I could ever deserve. In my life, I have seen true miracles take place within my sight. Through the past few weeks, much has taken place and I want to tell others of it.

My best friend (a police officer) had surgery for a knee replacement. Shortly before this, I had the joy of seeing him give his heart to Christ. He, like I, has faced death many times as others attempted to kill us. An infection set in after his surgery. The doctors operated again and had to remove the knee replacement. As the infection continued to spread, he was told that if he lived, he would lose his leg. Together we have faced much and, as his body began to shut down and die, he wanted me with him. We prayed together for God’s will to be done. We laughed and cried together and praised God that He forgave us and gave us both time to come to Him for forgiveness. As I left the hospital that night, we neither expected to see the other in this life again. O glorious and loving God! My friend was healed, did not lose a leg and has a new knee! What a wonderful Lord we have! Thank you Jesus!

My wife, who was also once a Christian, has been quietly opposed to my returning to Christ and the Church. She has a desire to come back, but fears what is required if she is to be totally Christ’s. She was in what could have been a deadly vehicle accident. Another officer friend saw it take place on the freeway as it was raining. She was stopped in heavy traffic and a large delivery truck approached her from the rear at a high rate of speed. The truck hit and knocked her into another vehicle that was about 30 feet in front of her. The delivery truck was traveling so fast that, as my wife’s vehicle came to a stop, it rammed into her again. The delivery truck was heavily damaged, as was the truck my wife was pushed into. My wife’s truck was ‘totaled’ by the impact with its rear and front buckled and the steering wheel bent from the force of my wife striking it. The officer told me he expected to find her dead or dying. But praise our merciful God! She survived with only bruises and some pain. No serious injuries! Last week, she attended church with me for the first time. Thank you Jesus!

My 24-year-old son recently came to me. We have been talking about Christ, His love and the forgiveness He has to offer for some time. We talked again and I prayed for him. Two days later, he came to me with tears pouring down his face and unable to speak. I did not know what was wrong and fear something was wrong, helped him to sit and waited for him to calm down enough to talk. O dear loving merciful God! My son began talking and, sobbing told me he had just given his heart to Christ. He said he could now understand a little what I have been telling him about the love Christ has for us and the love that flows into our hearts from Him. Thank you Jesus!

My son-in-law (another cop) recently drove onto a scene where he saw a SUV run-down another officer. He knew the vehicle was stolen by two triple murders and saw two men in it. It turned around to run over him also and he fired at the driver. As it swerved away, the other man began firing a shotgun out the window at my son-in-law. He returned fire, the vehicle crashed through the wall of a business and the murders jumped out. After many shots being exchanged, the wounded killers were arrested. Praise our Holy God! My son-in-law did not receive any injuries. He and I are now discussing Christ and His love for us. Thank you Jesus.

My health is not very good and I had to retire because of it. I’ve had many doctors tell that I am not suppose to be alive, that they know of no one who has lived through what I have. I was supposed to go into the hospital this week for several days of observation before surgery. My primary doctor cancelled it because my health is too poor to go through with it. But I thank my LORD for it all. What love He has for me! He has brought this all upon me because of His wonderful love and desire for me to give myself totally and completely to Him. “I know, O LORD, that thy judgments are right, and that thou in faithfulness hast afflicted me.” (Psalm 119:75).

From this sickness, which is a result of my past way of living, He has given me the opportunity to return to Him. Would I choose to remain as I was, in health without Him, or ill and with Him…there is no choice to make! With my whole heart I thank Him for what has come upon me. I am so very thankful for what He has brought upon me. I have grown closer every day to my LORD. I have never known such love could even exist and it grows and grows more so each day. Whether I live or die, it is His will and I trust Him completely. “It is good for me that I have been afflicted; that I might learn thy statutes.” (Psalm 119:71). O thank you Jesus!

The enjoyment, the love of God is the only happiness with which our souls can truly be satisfied. To go to heaven, to be with He who I long to see, fully to enjoy God, is infinitely better than the greatest pleasures here on earth. Christ rightly known is most surely Christ rightly beloved. No sooner did I discern what He truly is, behold His glories, and partake of His bounties, than my heart was at once moved with love towards Him. He spoke pardon to my guilty soul and I could not long delay to speak words of love to His most adorable person. It is utterly impossible for a man to know himself to be complete in Christ, and to be lacking in love towards Christ Jesus. Love is most surely in his bosom. Has your breast never heaved with love to Jesus, are you yet a stranger to the blood of sprinkling? He that loves not has not seen Christ, neither known him I love Him!O, how I love Him!  “As the hart panteth after the water brooks, so panteth my soul after thee, O God. My soul thirsteth for God, for the living God: when shall I come and appear before God?” (Psalm 42:1-2).

“According to my earnest expectation and my hope, that in nothing I shall be ashamed, but that with all boldness, as always, so now also Christ shall be magnified in my body, whether it be by life, or by death. For to me to live is Christ, and to die is gain.” (Philippians 1:20-22)

God Bless…

The reason why God's people are not more spiritual minded, and have no more faith, I have been shown, is because they are narrowed up with selfishness. . . . It is not the abundance of your meetings that God accepts. It is not the numerous prayers, but the right-doing, doing the right thing, and at the right time.--Testimonies, vol. 2, p. 36

Title: Personal Testimonies
Post by: WendyForsyth on January 13, 2005, 03:55:00 PM
Your testimony brought me to tears dear Cop. I am sure it will do the same for many. I know that the Lord will use it to touch many lives in many ways and He will use it to His glory.
Title: Personal Testimonies
Post by: Richard Myers on January 13, 2005, 06:55:00 PM
Brother Cop, I enjoy preaching the truth. Long ago I became convinced that preaching the truth is not nearly as effective at touching hearts as is a heart felt testimony of the power of God's grace. Thank you! As our sister has said, many will be blessed as they read of your love for Christ and what it has done in your life and the lives of your family members. None can argue with the blessings received and testified to.

The love of Christ constraineth us to give such testimonies!! How could we remain quiet being in receipt of such unmerited love! You remain in our prayers.

Title: Personal Testimonies
Post by: JimB on January 14, 2005, 04:30:00 AM
Brother Cop, it was wonderful to read your testimony. You're in my prayers.
Title: Personal Testimonies
Post by: Ele Holmes on January 14, 2005, 08:02:00 AM
Dear Brother Cop,  I feel like Richard.  I love a very inspiring sermon, but when a person in great humility, gives a testimony of how their trials had brought them to their knees, in thanksgiving, proving God's love through miracles, turning the trials into  miraculous cures, it makes my faith and love so much stronger.  He is there for us with such assurance, such love, giving us such strength to cope in our hardest times.   Thank you Cop for your testimony.
May God  continue to bless you in your walk with Him.  
Title: Personal Testimonies
Post by: Sister Marie on January 18, 2005, 10:25:00 AM
Dear Brother Cop,
I was so moved in reading your testimony because I can see God's love in your live in-flowing and out-going. If by some choice of God you do not make it you can be assured that through you death (as in the dark ages) more will come to the Lord. But if more will come by your life you can be sure you will live. We all must be where you are and make God first and last and formost. I so agree with you that life or death is not the issue, but whether we are ready, that is the issue. Thank you for your wonderful Testimony for us to read. May God bless and be with you in the days ahead and keep you strong for Him.  :)

With Christian Love,
Sister Marie

Title: Personal Testimonies
Post by: Cop on January 18, 2005, 07:12:00 PM
"And we know that all things work together for good to them that LOVE God, to them who are the called according to his purpose."(Romans 8:28)

Thank you all for your love and prayers. I am doing better now and look forward to taking part in our discussions again soon. I am sometimes 'down' from my illness, but for whatever reasons my LORD has, He raises me back up.

"As the Father hath loved me, so have I loved you:" (John 15:9). His great love for is too deep for my finite mind to understand. But how I love to allow my mind dwell upon it. The depth, length, and power of His love can not be comprehended by weak, corrupt human minds. I can never find or imagine an end to it as I can of man's love to another. I can never measure it or compare it to any other love I have known. It has no beginning or ending. Its power has led many to gladly surrender their lives that they may receive ever deeper portions of it.

The more I receive of His love to me, the more I desire to love Him. The more I see what His love for me cost Him and all Heaven, the more I despise and hate the sin that is within me which caused Him to suffer. Can I ever doubt His love? His love calls to my heart and draws me ever closer to Him. The love of Christ causes me to desire only to please Him, to walk ever closer to Him, to be more like Him.

God loved you and I before time began, and when in eternity he dwelt alone. He thought of me before I had a being and had existance. When as yet the sun and the moon did not exist and shine their light. When the sun, the moon, and the stars slept in the mind of God, and their being were only in His plan for eternity, when the forests had no existance,  when the oceans of earth were not yet born, long before this earth had been was then that God had written your and my name upon the heart and upon the hands of Christ permantly, to remain for ever. Does this not make you love God? Does this not make you long to be with Him?

God Bless

Title: Personal Testimonies
Post by: Richard Myers on January 18, 2005, 07:32:00 PM
Amen, dear brother, amen!!

To know God is to love Him! If we would only spend the time to get to know Him we would all be saved, eternally saved!

The greatest blessing in my life came when God showed me personally that He was willing to lose His Son to give me chance to live. He did this while I was yet a sinner. When I dropped to my knees asking for forgiveness for my sins, the answer came before my request had left my lips. Our heavenly Father does not wait to destroy us, but rather sent His Son to save us while we yet far from Him!! Such love!! Such an expensive ransom!! We are so unworthy, but so loved!!!

Dear Brother Cop, the Lord keeps you around so that you may testify of His love. Who can argue with such things!!!  There are many who can do so, but so few compared to what there could be. The harvest field is white and there will be a multitude who will respond to the grace that surrounds us all.

Come soon, Lord Jesus!

Title: Personal Testimonies
Post by: Richard Myers on February 04, 2005, 08:53:00 PM
In thinking about the blessings God gives I felt the need to post something to give glory to Him. I receive so much from Jesus that I must tell others.

When I was called into ministry, I took to heart the promises of God to provide for our needs. The disciples left their fishing boats and depended upon the Lord for whatever they needed. God is faithful and gives us more than what we need. He longs to make us happy!

I have never lacked. We live a sacrificial life. We are truly blessed, more so than most in the world. But, we do not spend money on things that we don't need. We live from day to day and have done so for many years. It is a great blessing to know that God is at our side day by day. He really is. Just as He was at the right hand of Moses, He is with you and me, as we walk with Him.

Today, I needed some help. My time is very pressed and as I asked for help with a specific problem, God heard my prayer and brought the people at just the right time. I am so very thankful!

It is also a great blessing to know that God works through people in providing for our needs. I want to thank all who have responded to the Holy Spirit and have helped in so many ways. Many of these precious souls read here at TRO and I feel the need to express publicly my gratitude on this Sabbath night. Thank you. The Remnant Online is here because so many others have helped in so many ways. Other ministry projects that I was or am involved in have been supported by faithful Christians. Thank you to all who have been there through the years and thank you Dear Lord! You are all that men say you are and even more!

Title: Personal Testimonies
Post by: Liane H on December 24, 2005, 10:26:00 AM
It all started back in October 20th of this year. It was another doctor appointment well overdue regarding my health. The blood test were not good and the doctor was stressing to start the medication once again.


4:17   Therefore to him that knoweth to do good, and doeth [it] not, to him it is sin.  

I went home and prayed. Help me Lord, I know the way, but please forgive me my willful ignoring of your ways that I know that are right.

So I went to my computer and with prayer set up the correct way to heal my body and soul. First there was Daniels 10 day test, then the 21 days for your body to develop new paths in the brain, then came 30 days and then came 60 day and then the doctor visit with “no more talk of medication” if you continue this.

Was it hard” Strangely not. Why? Because I allowed God to be at the head of it all. New ways of doing things, like making my own bread turned me into a person that actually was liking to be in the kitchen. Me? Of all people. Don’t believe me ask my friends they will tell you how much I hated the kitchen.

Actually it was all going so good I could not believe the changes myself, no less my friends who have known me for years and my poor eating and physical activity past. But it was and continues to do so. God is good. I felt blessed and so much more at peace with myself and life through this new relationship with my Father.

Little did I realize that all this was to prepare me for a time of trial that was about to take place.  The first was the leg pain that brought me back to the doctor. It was getting worse and I could hardly walk. There was a possibility of a blood clot in my leg so off to the hospital for an ultra sound. In the meantime I had a mammogram done. It showed marked change on my right breast so another test was scheduled of a nuclear medicine breast scan needed to be done. Along with the above I had been living with shoulder pain for over a year and it was getting worse as well. So between my left leg and arm and shoulder was putting stress on my right side as well.  

God blessed me with peace dealing with these issue. The changes I made with God regarding my eating and lifestyle helped me to no longer have the bad mood swings that I had been dealing with in my previous poor diet.  I was loosing weight and most important my spiritual walk with God had grown in ways I had not known before. This was between Him and me and the growth in our relationship had given me a way of life that is blessing me still.

First the news of he blood clot. I had done what I could to learn of what I might expect if there was one and settled it with God that whatever the outcome He would be leading me through the next step just as he had been doing now. It turned out there was no clot. Praise God.
From that was more days of waiting for the next test. Trusting in God and giving it all to Him. How I dealt with it I allowed the Lord to be my guide and helper. The test though not something would like to have a shot of radiation put into turned out to be quite easy and the technician was so caring. I knew the next step would be a biopsy if the test came out negative. I prayed with my Father to help me through it if it was to come to pass.

The second test came out negative.

Now all I have to deal is with the leg and shoulder pain through physical therapy.  I have learned much in dealing with this physical pain daily. It has brought me closer to God and taught me that even in adversity and pain you cane still walk in hope and joy. Showing others that no matter the situation in your life God is still with you.

2 Corinthians:

4:17   For our light affliction, which is but for a moment, worketh for us a far more exceeding and eternal weight of glory;  
4:18   While we look not at the things which are seen, but at the things which are not seen: for the things which are seen are temporal; but the things which are not seen are eternal.  

I have learned much during this time. God has been good to me in preparing me for what was to come and what is yet to come. My battles with satan are far form over and know that the continued warfare will continue, but now I am far better off for having gone through this than I would have had I not made the good changes that drew Christ into my life and the Holy Spirit into my being so much more deeply than I had before.

Let us give thanks that God is a patient being and will work with you as long as you will work with Him. He knows my frame. He knows that I am like grass. He knows what I can deal with. He had prepared me for yet another valley in my life.

I gave thanks to Him through it all and I would have even if it all had to go another step. For I know that He walks with me and I am not alone.    

Liane, the Zoo Mama  

Title: Personal Testimonies
Post by: Sister Marie on December 24, 2005, 01:48:00 PM
That is such a beautiful testimony dear Sister Liane. Thank God for your following in His way. I want so much to do the same. I just don't seem to be able to remember to do it all and forget along the way. The worst part is that it takes weeks for me to recall that I am not doing certian things I should. But God can make it possible for me too. Please share with me the steps you took in more detail. I know there has to be a way for me to do it too.

I'm so happy for you Liane.   :) Marie

With Christian Love,
Sister Marie

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Title: Personal Testimonies
Post by: Richard Myers on January 31, 2007, 05:22:00 PM
Title: Personal Testimonies
Post by: Richard Myers on August 27, 2007, 08:31:00 AM
I don't have time at the moment, but I want to say that the light God has given to His people works!  Unbelief is a very dangerous thing. There is no greater sin than "unbelief".

The "right arm" is alive and well in the church. Jesus spent more time healing than preaching. He is our example and His ways are best.  I continue to find open minds to the light God has given in the area of health reform. There are many honest and sincere in the world that are looking for the light of truth. They will make good Christians.

God is leading them to us and us to them. We need to pray about this so that it will be our method of labor. God is blessing and will continue to do so.

Title: Personal Testimonies
Post by: Mimi on September 13, 2007, 02:53:00 PM
Sister Linda Sutton: You had several installments of your testimony beginning in the year 2000 but never finished it. Do you mind finishing it? Your work on Dress and Deportment has spawned some interest in "the rest of the story."

Thank you!


Title: Personal Testimonies
Post by: LindaRS on September 14, 2007, 06:43:00 PM
I remember when I was posting. When there were no replies, I figured no one was reading and just never posted anymore. Bro. Richard sent me a link to this topic, where I had to search for the reason why.  :| After finding Sis. Sybil's post, then I had to start hunting for that original file starting back with my zip drive. But I found it. So here is the rest of the story that I had written in 2000.

It was a school day.  I got up and got the kids off to school, watching to make sure that Suzanne had gotten on the bus.  She had been walking home from school until the day she came home and said that a car had followed her.  I called up a local bus service that transported kids to school for a fee and sent her to school in safety.

As usual, I went back to bed, since I tended to be a late night person.  Ed had been off the night before and was still in bed.  I lay back down and was soon asleep.  I began to dream.  I found myself in a large house.  In my dream I knew that it was my house.  In the middle of the house was an office full of people working with all the usual office machines and equipment.  There was a heavy set man in a pinstripe three piece suit with a gold watch chain who seemed to be the boss.  As I looked at him I knew that he was a demon, an evil angel.  I saw an old woman in a frilly pink dress, heavy shoes and a blond wig with a scowl on her face pushing a mail cart used for interoffice mail.  I knew as I looked at her that it was Satan himself.  They were running an office in my house.  I told them to leave, but they only laughed at me.  I couldn't understand why they wouldn't leave even when I told them to go in Jesus' name.

I found myself in a living room and there was a knock at the front door.  When I opened it, two tall man stood there dressed in a light brown, windowpane plaid suits.  Then came in, but they were so tall they had to duck their heads to come in the door.  I didn't see much of the second man, but the first man had brown hair that just touched his collar, an average looking man.  He asked me if I needed help and I told him yes.  Indicating the office, I told him they wouldn't leave even when I told them to.  He took off his suit coat and handed it to me and I put it over my arm.  He then went around the corner into the office.  

I found myself at the door of the office with the man standing just inside the door of the office with his arms outstretched and his hands facing them.  He turned his head and looked back over his shoulder at me with the kindest look I have ever seen.  I knew that it was Jesus.  No one has ever looked at me with such love and understanding.  Next he was showing me his hand.  My dream ended and I awoke.  I began telling my husband what had happened, but I couldn't finish without sobbing.  Jesus cared that much for me, so much that He made a special effort to let me know in a dream.  What had I ever done to deserve such attention from Him?  For the first time in years I knew that He really did care what happened to me.  He had been watching out for me and for my family.  Writing this story even ten years later still brings tears to my eyes.  I will never understand that kind of love, but I want it to be a part of my life.

After telling Ed, I called my mother, who had been praying for years for us, and told her.  God had turned us around, put us on the narrow path and we were on our way home to Abraham's farm.  God had turned us around.  What wondrous love, that Jesus took time to reveal Himself in such a manner to one of His wayward children.  I didn't deserve it, but He came and took what I deserve that I might receive what He deserves.  So much would happen in the next few weeks.  Satan doesn't like to loose his prey, and I had been much more his prey than I had thought I was.  But God is omnipotent, and He wasn't about to let Satan win.

A few days after my dream, I had to have (same day) surgery which left me fairly sore.  I had already pulled my boxes of SOP books out and began cleaning them up.  I began studying in earnest.  But things weren't peaceful.  At night as I would lay down to sleep, Satan would come to bother me.  He would stand at the foot of my bed.  One night I heard our front door open and close but it was still locked the next morning.  There were bumps and other noises.  One night the back door opened and closed.  It too was locked.  I lay in bed at night and claimed any Bible promise that I could remember.  My favorite was Isaiah 41:10. "Fear thou not; for I am with thee: be not dismayed; for I am thy God: I will strengthen thee; yea, I will help thee; yea, I will uphold thee with the right hand of my righteousness."  I would sing the hymns that I still knew by heart and finally I would get a little sleep.

One night I was exhausted.  I knew that I needed some rest.  That was the night that the I heard the front door open and close.  I could feel the evil presence of Satan as he came down the hall to my room and paused outside the door.  "Lord," I prayed, "I really need some rest tonight.  Please make him leave me alone."  The presence was gone.  Another night, God answered my prayer in a striking manner.

If Satan or one of his demons has ever made their presence known to you, you can feel the evil presence.  You may not be able to see it, but you know without doubt who it is and just where it is.  Night after night Satan had made his presence known, hoping to frighten me into giving up my newfound faith in Jesus Christ, but I wasn't about to give up the sweetest thing that I had ever known.  As he tormented me one night I was praying and singing and claiming promises.  I remembered that somewhere there was a promise that said something about God would empty heaven of all the angels to save even one person.  I couldn't remember exactly what it said but I claimed it anyway and God answered.  He opened my spiritual eyesight.  God willing, I will never forget what I saw that night.  I was in a king-sized waterbed, and as I looked all around the bed I saw tall warriors dressed in tunics standing shoulder to shoulder.  They surrounded the bed.  They looked like bodybuilders.  Their hands were clasped in front of them on the hilt of the sword that stood upright in front of them.  Those swords were broad and came up to the middle of the chest.  There was one angel warrior who was standing by my head and I sensed that he was my guardian angel.  Outside those warriors I glimpsed the demons trying to throw their fiery darts at me, but they couldn't get past the guard that had been set around me.  I lay there for awhile marveling at this wonderful manifestation of God's love.  I finally got up to study for a couple of hours.  

When I went back to bed, I no longer saw the warriors, but my guardian angel was there.  I could still see him as I pulled the covers up over me that he reached down and pulled them up with me and "tucked me in" as it were.  I guess that when God enlightens your vision, it takes awhile for it to fade away.  For about 3 days, I was aware of my guardian angel.  When I would kneel to pray, he would kneel with me.  I never want to forget what God privileged me to see.  Why me, I don't know.  I have no way to show my gratitude except to remain faithful to Him, and to review frequently how He has led me in my past history and tell my story if it might help someone else.

How little we understand the love that the angels have for us, how they share in our battles and wage war for us against the foe of all souls.  We have so little sense of what these majestic beings really are like, how they care for us.  I wonder if it thrills them when they are given permission to reveal a glimpse of themselves to a human for whom they have been working?  That they can give a glimpse to man of how much they care and carry out the will of their Heavenly Master and Ours must give them joy.  A decade has only very faintly affected my memories of those days in January 1991.  God used dramatic means to brings this wayward family back into the fold.  We started back to church.  It was a shock to our children.  Our daughter couldn't remember going to church since she had been so young when we quit.  Difficulties lay ahead, but I know that my Redeemer liveth, and that He is soon coming to take us home.  He has trod the way before me, and He will lead me all the way.

Father, help me to never forget what you have done for me.  Help me to tell others that You love them as much as You love me.  May I keep growing until self is so hidden that when others see me that are seeing Jesus.  Thank-you.

God has also worked some miracles in my life.  I had been married about a year when something happened that I will never understand until I get to heaven.  Ed was working and I had driven up to campmeeting (Kentucky-Tennessee) to attend the evening meeting.  The drive took about an hour over some fairly curvy two-lane roads.  It was dark when I started home.  While traveling through some of the up and down curves, I came up behind a slow moving vehicle which I finally decided to pass.  Since it was dark it was easy to tell if another car was coming.  I saw no lights, nothing at all in the other lane, and I had a broken line, so I pulled out.  As soon as I was in the other lane beside the car I was passing, I saw headlights coming straight at me and they were close.  I don't know where they came from, for they hadn't been there just a moment earlier.  I had no idea what I was going to do for it didn't look like I had time to pull in front of the other car and get back in my lane.  I didn't even have time to think or pray, yet God knew.  The next instant I was back in my own lane and there was nothing in sight, no lights of cars behind or in front of me, no retreating taillights.  Twenty-four years have passed and I still don't understand what happened. I don't how I got back into my lane.  I have no memory of getting past the car and pulling back in.  It was instantaneous.  One second I was beside the other car expecting a head-on collision, the next I was back in my lane.  God saved two lives that night, because I was sure that I was going to have a head-on collision and I and the baby I carried would both die.  Why did God work such a miracle for us?  I'll only find out in heaven.

There's more, but it isn't written yet.

Title: Personal Testimonies
Post by: Mimi on September 15, 2007, 04:11:00 AM
God bless you!

Write ... write!

xox Sybil

Title: Personal Testimonies
Post by: Richard Myers on September 15, 2007, 12:20:00 PM
Sister Linda, thank you for the continued testimony. The blessing of having these testimonies is that they are indeed read and will be read for some time to come. God leads people to such things. We do not know who reads them or when they read them or what the ultimate effect will be.  We are short of moderators to reply to all posts, so some go without replies. I try, but with so many forums, it is impossible to reply to each post. But, as you can see, the word of your testimony does not go out without purpose and without a harvest. One day we will better understand how God used our words and our efforts. Until then, we continue to plant seed!  Thanks again for testifying to God's love and power in your life. We look forward to reading more of how God is leading in your life.

This is the most important forum we have. That is why it has always been at the top of the forums summary page.

Title: Personal Testimonies
Post by: Adina on September 15, 2007, 06:41:00 PM
Thank you  for sharing, sister Linda. What a wonderful and caring God! It's so uplifting to read testimonies from our days, to see that the God of the Bible is the same yesterday, today and forever. I know your testimony will be a blessing for many readers in years to come.
Title: Personal Testimonies
Post by: Adina on September 15, 2007, 06:44:00 PM
I'd like to share my testimony. God works in a special way with every person. Here is the first part.

I was blessed to be born in an Adventist family. Being an Adventist in a communist country wasn’t easy. Before telling you more about myself I’d like to share with you  the special way God used to let my parents know Him. They married pretty young. My father was 23 and my mom 18. He was still in college and she was in high school. They were both Orthodox  like the majority  of the people there.

Being an Orthodox means they knew  the Lord ‘s prayer by heart, they knew to pray in the morning and at night time, to go at the church on Sunday  to light up candles and kiss icons. My dad  used to have a Bible and  had read  the Gospels and Revelation, but couldn’t understand too much. But for my mom she didn’t even know such a book existed.

They both liked to read so one day they went together to the library of the university  to borrow some books. I don’t remember what book did my mom take, but my father found something interesting: a book named Revelation Explained, written by Jean Vuilleumier, one of the Adventist pioneers in Europe. My wonder is  he could find such a book in the 1949, in the first years of communism.

Reading the book he discovered the Sabbath and the fact that you have to keep it if you want to be saved. They learned later you are saved by grace, not by deeds. Salvation  and Sabbath were words without meaning for my mom, but her young husband was very worried. Asking him the reason, he said he would go to war and die there without being saved. (Years after WW II people there waited for the Americans to come and  send the Russians back in their  country so he expected a new war soon).

My mom is a person very quick in taking decisions, so trying to help her young husband, not knowing anything about this subject  she said quickly: “you have no reason to be worried. We are going to keep the Sabbath.” He couldn’t believe his ears, but she kept reassuring him she meant what she said.

We have such a wonderful God who takes care of every detail. They never heard about Adventists. At the moment of their decision they didn’t know  there were people keeping the Sabbath. But God knew them. So the same week my grandmother came to visit them. Traveling by train was and is a common thing in Europe. And our Adventist colporteurs used to sell books in the train. My grandmother received some magazines and a card having all the information about the Adventist church in their hometown. She wasn’t interested at all, but gave them  the magazines and the card.

So next Saturday morning, at 7am (!)  my father was in the front of the church. So early in the morning the church was closed so he started pacing back and forth. The pastor’s house was in the church yard, and they watched him a little frightened. They didn’t know him, and being so early they assumed it was somebody from the security.  I don’t know how much you know about the security services in Romania, but it was something to be scared about. They used to spy on citizens and to take them to jail for minor reasons, so everybody feared them.

Finally somebody came out and talked to my father  telling him to come back at 9.30 am. Till noon he watched everything, looking strait ahead and hungry to learn more. When the service was over they learned the reason he was there and were relieved. In the meanwhile my mom came there too. Many people from the church didn’t go home and till late at night they kept answering to his non-stop questions.

Coming back from church, the first thing they did was to throw away the pie they had, because it was made with lard. At that time they were living with my mom's parents so they started to explain the new things they have learned.

In my country to be Orthodox is similar to be a good citizen. Giving up the religion you inherited is similar to be unpatriotic. So my grandparents were so worried. It was such a shame! They talked with the priest. His answer:  “Cut them with a blade and put salt on the wounds!” What a good shepherd.

My parents started to go to church every Saturday. My grandma was so worried that her hair started to turn white. So she started to go with them to see what was going on. Two months later, the day my mom turned 19 both of them were baptized.

My grandmother and grandfather participated at the ceremony. My grandpa was helping the priest every Sunday at church. So on Saturdays he would come at the Adventist church and on Sundays he would go help the priest asking questions. Most of the times the priest would dismiss his questions telling him to hold on the traditions he inherited. But my grandpa discovered  something better than tradition, something that brought hope and made him a better person. So after studying two years he got baptized too. My grandma was already baptized, soon after her daughter.

I’ll continue later about growing up in an Adventist family  during communism years. The only thing I’d like to add now is that God had always the first place in my parents life. They made mistakes like every human being, but  we always knew that in  every situation the first question was: What does God say about this? And following what God said we didn’t have to worry about the consequences. They belonged to God.

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Title: Personal Testimonies
Post by: Cop on September 17, 2007, 08:51:00 PM
The SDA President in Romania was one of the first Protestant leaders to cave in to the Communists when they came to power in that nation. While the Communists where taking control of the churches and suppressing Christianity, God had His people that were hidden: "I have reserved to myself seven thousand men, who have not bowed the knee to the image of Baal."

Our LORD led these dear people to His Truth while it was going underground in order to survive. "I was found of them that sought me not; I was made manifest unto them that asked not after me." This is a wonderful testimony to the power of God to give strength and courage to obey and follow Him. He raised up many to take the place of those who loved the world more than they loved Christ.

These people placed all they had, even their very lives, on the line when they accepted Christ and the Three Angels Message. There are few today, especially in America, that would be willing to take such a stand today.

"My religious belief teaches me to feel as safe in battle as in bed. God has fixed the time for my death. I do not concern myself about that, but to be always ready, no matter when it may overtake me. That is the way all men should live, and then all would be equally brave" - Gen. Thomas 'Stonewall' Jackson

Title: Personal Testimonies
Post by: Richard Myers on September 18, 2007, 05:39:00 AM

Thank you Sister Adina for that beautiful testimony of how God led your grandparents and mother. God loves us and seeks us out! We await the second part!    :)

Title: Personal Testimonies
Post by: Liane H on September 20, 2007, 09:32:00 AM
Dear Adina:

Thank you for such a moving and beautiful testimony of your family. Truth always brings the best of each person and your family is a shinning example of that.

We must never bow the knee to Baal. No matter what happens. Your family knew that in their hearts first and acted upon it and gave you a rich blessing of truth.

As Richard I look forward to the part of this wonderful testimony.

God bless,

Liane, the Zoo Mama
Romans 8:19   For the earnest expectation of the creature waiteth for the manifestation of the sons of God.

Title: Personal Testimonies
Post by: Adina on September 20, 2007, 10:33:00 AM
Thank you Liane and Richard

I hope to have some time this weekend to write more.

Title: Personal Testimonies
Post by: Adina on October 12, 2007, 08:34:00 PM
So finally the time has come to continue my testimony.

As I said before being an Adventist in the communism years wasn’t easy. In school we were taught there is not such a thing as God and the evolutionist theory was the only one I heard about in school.

But I better start with the beginning. I remember being a little child and going to Sabbath School that had a big sand box. I also remember my mom and my aunt preparing tiny dolls for teaching us the lesson. But as I grew up all these were not allowed anymore. And we were not permitted to have Sabbath School in small groups anymore. Everybody was supposed to be in the sanctuary and the Sabbath school teacher will stay in the pulpit to ask questions and make comments. Sometimes it will be necessary for him/her to repeat the answer so everybody could hear.

At that time  we didn’t have anything but public schools.  The authorities forced the pastors to teach people that going to school on Sabbath was not a sin, because it was not working. The best they could do was to say it’s  a problem where a person has to listen to his own conscience. With six working days, having a job and going to school was challenging for a Sabbath keeper.

I don’t know how it was possible to have Bibles because you couldn’t buy them anywhere. But we had them. SOP wasn’t easy to find. Most of the time pastors were the only ones having them. So we used to borrow them and handwrite the most important thing so we could re-read them later. Sometimes people would type them, but it was a risky thing. Every typing machine had to be registered at the police so they could recognize the owner when they found a book multiplied this way.

We couldn’t have a prayer meeting on Wednesday nights at church. But we use to have one in my parents house. At that time the headquarters of the conference were in our city. So every Wednesday night 3-4 pastors and their families would come for prayer meeting. For half of hour or so we, the kids, were playing together outside while our parents were talking about their problems, then we were invited to participate. Sometimes there were testimonies in the beginning then one of the pastors will have a short devotional followed by prayers.

These families decided to obey God and let God take care of the consequences. They taught us Sabbath was a special day, a holy one when we spend special time with God. So it wasn’t appropriate to go to school on that day. But we were taught this had to be our decision. Because every Monday, going back to school we were asked about our motivation. Telling the teachers that it was our decision gave us the opportunity to be God’s witnesses and helped us to grow up in our personal relationship with God. We were taught that our behavior was to be blameless and we were supposed to have good marks, so they couldn’t find us any other blame, but  not going to school on Saturdays.

This  was available for the elementary and middle school years. The first 8 grades were compulsory. They could be mean to us, forcing some of us to do some grades twice, but finally we graduated.

High school, on the other hand wasn’t compulsory, so after 3 missing days we got off school. They wouldn’t accept us anymore. The only possibility to continue our studies was to accept  to go to those so called  “high school without frequency”

That meant you learn half of every single book for that year and  go to an examination session for two weeks I think  in February and the other half in June. Sometimes our exams were scheduled on Saturdays and we had to negotiate and to obtain another chance to give our exams. Nobody from church or our parents would go with us, but they would pray with us, teaching us to trust and put God to test. The strong support from our families I think was very important in forming us in having a personal relationship with Jesus and staying strong on “Thus says the Lord”

I was baptized at 16. Preparing for baptize was and it is different there. We have an hour on Sabbath afternoon dedicated especially for those interested to learn more about our religion. So it’s not a personal Bible study, but more like a Bible class. But during communism, it wasn’t possible to have official baptisms. So I talked with our pastor and I was invited to have a talk with the church board. As I grew up in that church, everybody knew me, still they asked me questions  to make sure it was my decision and I knew what I was doing. As they  approved my decision, the baptism was scheduled. It took place on September 8, 1968 in the bathtub of one of the pastor’s home. No baptism certificate, no official welcome in the church. I still have a picture made after the baptism.: four teenagers and the pastor. One of them is Lucian’s wife ( this information is for you Richard – it was in her family’s bathtub I was baptized).

The only way people would know there new members baptized was at Lord’s supper. They didn’t and still do not practice the open style like I saw here. If you are not an Adventist member you don’t participate.

What was interesting for me, as I look back at those years was the unspoken influence of our example.  I remember other teenagers coming in contact with our little group of teenagers trying to be good Christians and Sabbath keepers. They decided to join us in obeying God’s Word and I can see them now being dedicated to serve God and His church.

I think I’ll stop here. Maybe later I’ll tell more about my college years far from home in a big city, but having the same special Friend guiding me all those years.

Have a happy Sabbath everybody!

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Title: Personal Testimonies
Post by: Sister Marie on October 12, 2007, 11:16:00 PM
This is a wonderful testimony my brother. We are indeed enjoying your story with us. It is amazing what so many had to go through. We have not "real" idea here in the U.S. It has been so easy for us. But I don't see that as lasting forever either. God was truly with you and your family.  :)

With Christian Love,
Sister Marie

Title: Re: Personal Testimonies
Post by: John Erickson on July 13, 2009, 07:45:13 AM
Last summer, I entered my second summer of literature evangelism in the Rocky Mountain Conference. I was very much into my rock, pop, country, and other genres of music. However, I had a thought towards the beginning of the summer that I should refrain from listening to my secular music on the nights when I had work the next day. I just figured that I didn't need that influencing me or going through my head while doing the Lord's work. Anyway, I generally stuck with this rule, but it was like the Holy Spirit was gently pricking my conscience by saying in essence, "Isn't it strange that you work for me during the week but you listen to your music on the other days?" But I wasn't yet ready to give it up.

At the conclusion of the summer, Pastor Joe Martin (our L.E. director), gave all of us who were over 18 a DVD with 2 sermons by David Gates. The sermons were entitled The Coming Crisis and the other one was something having to do with faith. Anyway, that Friday when I arrived home in North Dakota, I watched both of them. My mind was blown away as I watched the messages. Gates talked about how Christians are like Olympians. They don't train, eat, sleep, or go about life in the way that average people do. No, they are striving for the prize--the gold medal, and they will let nothing get in their way of getting it. The parallel was obvious. He talked about giving up things that are holding us back in our walk with God. He didn't even talk about music very much, but I was extremely convicted that if I was to gain heaven, I must give up this great idol.

I got on my knees and prayed an earnest prayer and told the Lord that if He wanted me to give up my music, I would. I didn't throw it out that night, even though I knew it was all but inevitable that I would get rid of my music. But I didn't want to delete all of it in a state of frazzled emotions and then later begin building up my music library later. That would be a waste of money. I also had a ton of emotions in those songs. It really was a drug for me...I could artificially jack my emotions up or down through my music.

The next day, I couldn't shake the conviction from the night before. I watched the message again on the way up to Lake Metigoshe with  my parents. That afternoon, I took the plunge. I went to the car, fired up my laptop, and prayed for the Lord to help me and that I was doing it for Him. I went to work and less than 10 minutes later, I had successfully deleted all of the secular songs that I knew about from my computer. I also threw them out of the recycle bin so I couldn't possibly get them back. No prisoners were taken, because you see, I have a very hard time doing something half-way when I am passionate about it. I knew the power that music had over me and that I would have to be unyielding in my opposition to it. At the time, getting rid of my music wasn't so much about the content as it was about the huge idol I had made it.

Praise the Lord, He gave me the power to delete all $400-500+ worth of music! I have not slipped back into this lifestyle, although I still remember the words to many songs and sometimes will sing them, but the Lord is still working with me. I've been clean for over 11 months and I don't plan on going back.

The music was the biggest pillar in the temple of idolatry that I had set up. After that, the Lord convinced me to get rid of my DVDs, my computer and video games, and to start eating better.

My television was the last thing to go. I hung onto it until late Spring. But one day, I had nothing to do on a Sunday and so I watched TV for 7 hours. It was then that I decided enough was enough--I unplugged it and carried it to the dorm dump. Haha! Take that devil!

I feel like before I gave up all these things that I was drunk with a "flood of dissipation." But now I feel sober, far from perfect, but now I can think clearly and I genuinely want the Lord to continue working in my life. Praise the Lord for His longsuffering mercy and grace to this old sinner! I am no longer shackled to sin, Jesus has broken the chains that held me down!
Title: Re: Personal Testimonies
Post by: Lewis on July 13, 2009, 08:19:51 AM
Amen John. Praise God!

I went through some similar experiences with music, drinking and competing in sports. I was planning, training and hoping during several different points in my life to get on a cycling team to do the Tour De France, and then later on in life to run for a professional mountain running team. God changed my lifestyle, goals, likes, dislikes, tastes and perspectives on life.

Satan stands there and presents luring temptation still to this day with those things that crowded out Christ back then. But Jesus gives victory daily while abiding in Him. Because of this continual walk with Jesus, those things that I use to do become less and less appealing when Satan comes around with his temptations.
Title: Re: Personal Testimonies
Post by: colporteur on July 13, 2009, 11:22:08 AM
That's great John. I'm jumping up and down in side for you. Nothing like burning those bridges. I remember how I did similarly with my deep freeze full of pork, ( a whole hog) then a few months later my beef, pheasant ,deer, and fish. Then a few years late it was the cheddar and milk etc.. I remember when I sold all my guns and then a few years later a few hundred $$ worth of fishing equipment. Who would have ever dreamed we could be so much changed.  I too remember ditching the tv. Of course my mother bought me a another one. This time though it was/ is hooked to nothing and plays only Walter Veith, Inspirational and nature videos and such and then only sparingly.

    I believe when we burn those bridges the waters part before us.
Title: Re: Personal Testimonies
Post by: Colleenhf on March 19, 2010, 06:36:28 PM
Its a bit scary to share ones testimony...I praise God for what he has done for me and yet I  wonder why he hasn't answered my one specific prayer.  I ask for prayer for my husband and now I begin my testimony:
My mother and father and extended family were all SDA's.   My father died when I was 5 and it emotionally traumatized me so much that I have amnesia for the time of age 7 and under.  I have emotional difficulties in regards to being left...I am terrified of being left by friends, family, etc.  I remember nothing of my father except for what family tell me and pictures I see of him.  My mother married again within a year of my father passing...she married a non SDA...he was an alcoholic catholic who promised to study and become an SDA which he did...but he never gave up his drinking.  As a little girl I remember him to be kind when he didn't drink but before my teens things changed.  He'd drink and hide it and as time progessed into my teens he'd try to be sexual with me but never forced himself and I praise God for it...I only have memories of sexual but not "intimate" things.   He would kick holes in walls of our home.  I was always on edge if he would hit someone or try to come into my room for other reasons.   He held my mother down on the floor one day and she screamed for me to go get help from the neighbor and he said if I left the house I could never come back.  I was still in high school....I went to the neighbors and they helped my mom.   My mother stayed with this man who I had to call father.
I was so happy when I could leave home for college.
I met my husband Ray in high school...and SDA "day" school in Portland.  Ray was exciting...and took me away from things at home and he understood and empathized with my home problems.   His mother had committed suicide a year or so before I met him.  We clicked.   We both went to WWC.
One day my mom got a phone call asking if I was home...that Ray had crashed a plane and they thought I was with him.   Fortunately I had not flown with him that time and he escaped without injury.....the plane totaled but never caught on fire after being feuled for flight back to WWC.  At that time Ray believed it was a miracle...and so did I.   Ray is a wonderful caring guy who rescued me from my situation and eventually in college we married.   I became an RN and Ray an MD.
Ray taught Junior division in college at LLUMC church...but eventually he came to no longer believe in the SDA philosophy and quit church....even to the point of asking to have his membership removed from church records...despite my request for him to leave it on the books.. as he may change his mind.
We had 2 sons...Ray was always and continues to be very good to me...never unkind in any manner.
When we had our sons and Ray had set up practice in MT..he told me if I took the kids to church he would teach them atheism.    I went to church but no one there seemed to care, they would criticize my children for being rambunctious.  I tried to "connect" with someone there but just could find no one.
I begged the pastor to come give bible studies to my boys as I would like them baptised but he never came.  the pastor never visited and I eventually just faded away from church.
I do remember however events where I believe God helped me divinely and I cling to these of which I went to Glacier Park to pick up my oldest son from "camp". He was about 11   I had the younger boy, 7 in tow and on our way home...the truck just wouldn't work right...I would put on the gas and the engine would get slower and slower til it seemed like I could only go about 10 miles/hr.   I told the boys I we needed to pray that God would get us someplace safe because there are miles and miles between cities in MT.  I was terrified of being stuck alone with 2 small boys out on the prairie.    I continued driving slowly and the vehicle made it into a small town and basically stopped in front of a auto mechanic!  I praised God and the mechanic even happened to have the part the vehicle needed which was a miracle in itself!!  A few hours later I was headed on home to GT Falls with a good engine!  My oldest boy remembers this still.
But I was having problems at home, not with physical issues or love...but because I couldn't or seemed to not be able to practice my SDA upbringing which I believed.  And I felt and continue to feel a distance from my husband since we no longer believed the same philosophy of religion.
My husbands brother committed suicide at this time in Canada and strangely I was the one to fall into deep depression.  I was begun on prozac and I too felt as Linda that I might harm my children...I felt a voice telling me to.  I talked with my psychiatrist about this but he felt it was due to my deep depression not being controlled yet and he wanted to put me into the hospital for monitoring but my husband said he would watch me 1:1 which he did and those feelings/thoughts passed.   But I was still in deep dispair.
I pleaded with God if he would spare me I would teach the boys the SDA beliefs.  I pleaded my life for theirs....I "bargained with God" and to this day I ask forgiveness for this.
I got better and I taught my sons the best I could alone but they were also taught atheism, agnostic, diestic beliefs by their dad.
I feel I let God down, I didn't keep my end of the bargain to raise my boys as SDA's and have had depression all my life.
I toyed with divorce but don't and didn't believe a non believing spouse is grounds for divorce.
In college my eldest son was reached by a campus crusade that came through college and he told me he believed what I had taught him was correct...that Saturday is the Biblical Sabbath and he wanted to be baptized.    So late in later life he was baptised in his 20's and was on fire until a friend he met asked him if he paid tithe and then yelled at him for not paying tithe.  Now my older son doesn't go to church despite my discussions with him on tithe.
My younger son believes as my husband does now which I'm not sure what it is but I think Diesm is close.   I continue to feel I let my "end of the bargain" down with God.
When the kids were teens we drove from MT to Oregon for family visit and went by way of scenic route through Idaho.  And on a winding road, very winding, we were going back home when on our right side was the river with embankment down to the river and on the left side was cliff going up.   Here comes 2 semi trucks down this winding road.  My husband says they are going way too fast....the first one passed and the 2nd jackknifed into our lane and it was so fast...but we swerved to the the R, the river side where there was no road and the semi was in our lane but never hit us.
My husband continued a bit til there was road to pull over and he was so shaken he could not drive.
I looked back and said there was no road there for us to go on...and it brings tears still to me...
God had upheld our vehicle somehow as there was nothing for it to be on other than the river.
I said Ray....that was a miracle!   My boys witnessed this.   My husband could not drive for at least 15 minutes regrouping ourselves as we were both physically shaking.   I said again...don't you think that was a miracle...look there is no side or road we could have been on.   He said yes..maybe.
So life continues on..he a non believer and I finally in my 40's said to him I am going to church whether you want me to or not.    He softened and agreed to this but by this time our boys were not home anymore.   I am active now in our church....
I talk to Ray about end times..and how I believe we are in them.   I plan on getting a greenhouse and a woodstove/cooking stove installed this summer.   He agrees its a good thing to do...not because of
religious beliefs but because this country could be in a financial crisis soon and it would be good to be able to be self sufficient if we have to be.
I asked him...if the Sunday Laws came in would you believe then?   He says he'd have to re evaluate all he believes if that happened.   
Please please pray for him and my younger son.
I have so many "little" things that have happened over my lifetime that Ray has witnessed that Ray now calls me the "protected" one.   He sees how God has done such simple things as provide front row parking when there is nothing available...because I say we will go around again and God will provide and he does!
I have been pleading with God to give Ray a personal life changing encounter via dreams or whatever God knows will work.  But times continues and Ray still does not believe.
But I believe and know my God is with me and I know my God forgives me for the stupid things I have done in the past and asked forgiveness for.

Title: Re: Personal Testimonies
Post by: Mimi on March 19, 2010, 06:49:45 PM
Oh, Colleen! What trials. Your presence in your home has a sanctifying effect on your husband. Never forget it. Cling to Jesus, dear sister. Don't let go of Him even when the most discouraging things appear on your door. Your dear Ray will see more and more end-time events and he will remember the things of his childhood. He will remember Sabbath School and the prophetic studies that were taught all around him. It may be the Sunday Law or it may be something else that pierces these memories in his mind, but they will be brought to his remembrance.

Colleen, you have a group of committed friends here and I know you have them where you are. Pray earnestly with them - those you trust. Take hold of their faith when yours is weak - it will strengthen you. Thank you for sharing your testimony. It gives all of us hope. Jesus will never, ever forsake us. 
Title: Re: Personal Testimonies
Post by: Kelsy on March 19, 2010, 07:03:54 PM
Colleen what Sybil has said is so true...regardless of what your husband vocalizes, you do not know the turmoil his mind is suffering...he is slowly being convicted...ask the Lord to give you the kind of love that Jesus has for him...that you may express it to him....sometimes the spouse is secretly jealous of the faith of the other they do not understand why their spouse has it...and they did not experience it the same way...I cannot adequately express....what I mean......he may have a feeling that you were favored...
Title: Re: Personal Testimonies
Post by: Vicki on March 19, 2010, 07:29:56 PM
Colleen, my prayers are added to yours. God hears and will do all in His power to save your loved ones. Stay strong, dear sister, all those prayers He has answered already are also working on convicting your husband.
Title: Re: Personal Testimonies
Post by: Richard Myers on March 19, 2010, 09:18:23 PM
Thank you for sharing, dear Sister Colleen. God is indeed with you and He does forgive you.

I have so many "little" things that have happened over my lifetime that Ray has witnessed that Ray now calls me the "protected" one. 

Such a blessing to know that God has protected you so many times, and that your husband knows it also. What he has not figured out is that he too, is protected. God has kept him alive for a reason. We will add Ray to our prayers, dear sister. And your son. God knows what happened when he was young. He will contend with him that is contending with you and save your child as you abide in Him and pray for his salvation. He has free will, but God has so much that He can do when we pray. It allows Him to do what He otherwise would not do.

You have been through a lot, but we can see that it has brought you closer to Jesus. We truly can glory in our tribulation! What is your younger son's name? If we may pray for him by name.

Title: Re: Personal Testimonies
Post by: Colleenhf on March 19, 2010, 10:41:47 PM
Thank you all for your comments and prayers.  My younger son is Daniel and my older son is Ryan.   Truly, you don't know how much I appreciate your prayers on behalf of my family.
And knowing God will never leave me is so comforting...Colleen
Title: Re: Personal Testimonies
Post by: Sister Dee on March 20, 2010, 02:38:31 PM
I will be praying for your family as well, Colleen. 
Title: Re: Personal Testimonies
Post by: Cop on September 26, 2016, 06:12:29 AM
Often when I am alone with my wonderful LORD, I meditate upon His perfections, upon His unmatched character. Very few of those who only occasionally read the Bible are aware of the awe-inspiring and worship-provoking grandeur of His divine character. That God is great in wisdom, wondrous in power, yet full of mercy, by many it is thought to be almost common knowledge of what His character is like. But, to grasp anything approaching a true ideal of His being, His nature, and His attributes, as these are revealed in Holy Scripture, is something which very, very few people in these degenerate times have attained unto. God is solitary in His excellency. “Who is like unto Thee, O LORD, among the gods? who is like Thee, glorious in holiness, fearful in praises, doing wonders?” (Exo 15:11).

"Before the mountains were brought forth, or ever Thou hast formed the earth and the world, even from everlasting to everlasting, Thou art God." (Ps. 90:2).  Before there was anything in existance in the whole universe, before any star burned in space, there was God...HE existed. “In the beginning God” (Gen 1:1). There was a time when God in the unity of His nature (though subsisting equally in three divine persons), dwelt all alone. “In the beginning God.” There was no heaven, where His glory is now revealed to all of the unfallen universe. There was no earth to engage His attention. There were no angels to sing His praises; no universe to be upheld by the word of His power. There was nothing, no one, but God; and that, “from everlasting.” During eternity past, God was alone: self-contained, self-sufficient, self-satisfied,; in need of nothing. Had a universe, had angels, had human beings been necessary to Him in any way, they also would have been called into existence from all eternity. The creating of them when He did so, added nothing to God. He had no need of anything else. He was complete in Himself. Though He alone was in existance, He was complete in love. He changes not (Mal 3:6), therefore His glory can be neither added to, nor diminished.

Why did God create anything...especially sinful, unfaithfull Man? He tells us: "for I have created him for My glory. I have formed him; yea I have made him." (Isa. 43:7). For His glory do we exist! God was under no constraint, no obligation, no necessity to create. That He chose to do so was purely a sovereign act on His part, caused by nothing outside Himself, determined by nothing but His own mere good pleasure; for He “worketh all things after the counsel of His own will” (Eph 1:11). That He did create was simply for His glory. “Stand up and bless the LORD your God for ever and ever: and blessed be Thy glorious name, which is exalted above all blessing and praise” (Neh 9:5). God gains nothing even from our worship. He was in no need of that external glory of His grace which arises from His redeemed on earth or from all the unfallen worlds, for He is glorious enough in Himself without that. What was it that moved Him to predestinate His elect to the praise of the glory of His grace? It was, as Ephesians 1:5 tells us, “according to the good pleasure of His will.”

 At the end of Romans 11, where the Paul brings to a close his long argument on salvation by pure and sovereign grace, he asks, “For who hath known the mind of the Lord? Or who hath been His counselor? Or who hath first given to Him, and it shall be recompensed unto him again?” (vv. 34-35). The truth of this is, it is impossible to bring the Almighty under obligations to the creature; God gains nothing from us. “If thou be righteous, what givest thou Him? Or what receiveth He of thine hand? Thy wickedness may hurt a man as thou art; and thy righteousness may profit the son of man” (Job 35:7-8), but it certainly cannot affect God, who is all-blessed in Himself. “When ye shall have done all those things which are commanded you, say, We are unprofitable servants” (Luke 17:10)—our obedience has profited God nothing.

Our Lord Jesus Christ added nothing to God in His human existance on earth, either by what He did or suffered. True, blessedly and gloriously true, He manifested the glory of God to us, but He added nothing to God. He Himself declares so, and there is no appeal from His words: “My goodness extendeth not to Thee” (Psa 16:2). The whole of that Psalm is a Psalm of Christ. Christ’s goodness or righteousness reached unto His saints in the earth (v.3), but God was high above and beyond it all. God only is “the Blessed" One (Mark 14:61).

It is true that God is both honored and dishonored by men; not in His being, but in His  character. It is also true that God has been “glorified” by creation, by providence, and by redemption. This we can not and dare not dispute in the least. But all of this has to do with His manifest glory and the recognition of it by us. Yet had God so pleased He might have continued alone for all eternity, without making known His glory unto creatures. Whether He should do so or not was determined solely by His own will. He was perfectly blessed in Himself before the first creature was called into being. "Behold, the nations are as a drop of a bucket, and are counted as the small dust of the balance: behold, He taketh up the isles as a very little thing. And Lebanon is not sufficient to burn, nor the beasts thereof sufficient for a burnt offering. All nations before Him are as nothing ; and they are counted to Him less than nothing, and vanity. To whom then will ye liken God? or what likeness will ye compare unto Him? (Isa 40:15-18). This is the God of Holy Scripture; but, He is still “the unknown God” (Acts 17:23) to the multitudes who reject or deny Him.
"It is He that sitteth upon the circle of the earth, and the inhabitants thereof are as grasshoppers; that stretcheth out the heavens as a curtain, and spreadeth them out as a tent to dwell in: that bringeth the princes to nothing; He maketh the judges of the earth as vanity (Isa 40:22,23). In the New Testament we read, “Which in His times He shall shew, who is the blessed and only Potentate, the King of kings, and Lord of lords: Who only hath immortality, dwelling in the light which no man can approach unto; whom no man hath seen, nor can see: to whom be honour and power everlasting. Amen” (I Tim 6:15,16). Such an One is to be revered, worshipped, adored. He is solitary in His majesty, unique in His excellency, peerless in His perfections. He sustains all, but is Himself independent of all. He gives to all, but is enriched by none.
In the widest thoughts of Man, could we ever invent a god like unto the LORD? He is far beyond all imagination! "O God, who is like unto Thee!"  He had no need of us or our weak, sin tainted devotions and worship to make Himself complete. Yet, He gave us existance and grace that we should be able to become like Him in character through faith in the righteousness of Christ. O, how I love Him! How can we all not love Him with our deepest devotion?  Let us praise Him with all heavenly creatures! "Thou art worthy, O Lord, to receive glory and honour and power: for thou hast created all things, and for thy pleasure they are and were created." (Re. 4:11).  Let us strive to please Him in all that we do.

If God has our love, he has our all; and God never has what he deserves from us, until He has our love. True love withholds nothing from Christ, when it is sincerely set upon Him. If we actually love him, he will have our everything, our very lives, whenever he calls for them. In the same way, when God loves any of us, he will withhold nothing from us that is good for us. He does not hold back his own only begotten Son, Rom.8:32. When Christ loves us, he gives us everything we need-- his merits to justify us, his Spirit to sanctify us, his grace to adorn us, and his glory to crown us. Therefore, when any of us love God sincerely, we lay everything down at his feet, and give up all to be at his command and service: "And they loved not their lives unto the death," Rev. 12:11.

Come soon, dear LORD...O please come soon!