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Title: The State of Society and the Entertainment Industry
Post by: Richard Myers on November 28, 2012, 08:56:02 PM
It is not a surprise to see some rebel against the programing that is now on television. It has become more vile as the days go by. Society continues to fall lower and lower.  The United States is quickly following in the path of decadent Europe. Nations that once walked in the path of the Protestant Reformation now reject God and His Word. Even in professing Christian churches we find a rejection of Bible morality.

While we do not wish to see Angus suffer needlessly, we appreciate his honesty in acknowledging what he has seen up close. If one has seen a glimpse of what is broadcast via television, it is shocking to us who have lived in a previous generation.

Than you, Angus for helping some to awake to the dangers they face.