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Re: Abomination of Desolation
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3 additional examples of abominations:

In Leviticus 11 to eat the things God has told us not to eat is an abomination.

In the story of Noah is Gensis 6:1-6 a description of an abomination of desolation - that Christians and Non-Christians married together creating a mingling of truth and error, thoughts of evil were continually (a false form of the daily?), to the point that it repented God that He had made man, and it grieved Him at His heart. Gen 6:5-6.

Solomon's abominations - his rebellion against the prophecy of Deut 17:14-20; his return to Egypt to get horses, chariots, and linen, increasing of Gold and Silver without corresponding thoughts of evangelism or taking care of the poor (666), his ecumenical movement, and his attacking the Lord's anointed in the form of Jereboam the son of Nebat in I Kings 11:26-40. This abomination was punished with the dividing of the kingdom.

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Re: Abomination of Desolation
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We had the abominations that Israel did and they were made desolate when the temple and the city destroyed. Then we had the abomination of rejecting Jesus in the time of the Jews and the desolation was pronounced by Jesus in Matthew 23:38. Then we had the Roman armies invade the holy ground and set up their abominable standards and eventually desolate the city. Then we had the Papal Roman standards set up and to corrupt the minds of men by attempting to interfere with the intercessory ministry of Jesus. Then we had the Blair Bill introduce the sunday laws in the late 1800s and this will be followed by the sunday laws in the end.

We see the US rapdily rejecting Jesus, and true Protestantism, and accepting spiritualism and Catholicism as the moral standards. These abominations on the part of the US will lead to forced worship and the desolations that will come from violating the laws of God in a systematic manner. This will produce national ruin/desolaton.

Amen! When the US rejects her Protestant heritage and her republican form of government and enforces a national Sunday law, this is the "abomination" that will not only produce national ruin, but will lead to the destruction of the whole world.  In AD 70 it was Jerusalem, but it was only a shadow of the destruction of the earth.
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