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Getting Doctrinal
« Reply #60 on: August 10, 2002, 06:32:00 AM »
I too believe that God inspired every person who wrote any of the 66 Books of the Bible.  But I also believe that not every writer had reached the same level of understanding about God.  

In the Old Testament, for instance, I find David's understanding about salvation as recorded in Psalm 51 and elsewhere to be much deeper than that of his son Solomon as recorded in Ecclesiastes.  I would say that Jeremiah's understanding of God is also much more advanced than Solomon's.

Likewise, in the New Testament, I believe that John's understanding of God is more developed than that of the other Gospel writers.  Not all writers had the same abilities and experiences, even though they were all inspired by God.  Nor did they all write at the same stage of life.  John wrote late in life, with the benefit of many years to reflect on his expereinces with Jesus, and with the benefit of seeing the development of the early Christian Church.  It seems clear to me that Bible writers wrote in their own words under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit rather than taking dictation.

Secondly, we have to be aware that we do not have original manuscripts and most of us do not read the original languages even if we did.  I believe that God has intervened to preserve his word and that there are no major errors in the Bible as we have it today.  Nevertheless, I have found it very helpful to have a Greek/Hebrew dictionary when studying certain passages so that I can grasp the meaning of the original words.  I never understood the proper meaning of Romans 3:25 and 26, which may be the best texts on why Jesus had to die in the entire Bible, until I had looked up the Greek in the dictionary.  In the KJV and virtually every other translation I have looked at, it is my opinion that some significant paraphrasing by the translators occurred in those texts, which significantly changed the meaning I get from those two verses for me, until I looked at the original Greek.

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Getting Doctrinal
« Reply #61 on: August 14, 2002, 10:35:00 AM »
"I too believe that God inspired every person who wrote any of the 66 Books of the Bible. But I also believe that not every writer had reached the same level of understanding about God."

That may be true. But, as I stated previously, because God knows all and sees all, I am thoroughly convinced that He is not unaware of your concerns and the concerns of others along this same line.

Each Bible writer has his own individual style, thereby emphasizing some aspects of Jesus Christ and the Gospel more than others. And we know that the Bible is not a perfect document from the standpoint of every word, comma, and semicolon. We are also aware of the discrepencies that exist in the various translations of the ancient manuscripts. Nonetheless, I am thoroughly convinced in my own mind that--in spite of these "imperfections"--THE GREAT PRINCIPLES OF SALVATION are there, are clear, and are unmistakable FOR ALL WHO WANT TO SEE THEM IN ORDER TO DO THEM!!

As I stated earlier, we will never be able to understand everything about the Bible. Nor do I believe we will all come into agreement on what It says and means where our salvation is concerned. Therefore, for those of us who expect to be saved, we must simply believe and trust in God and take Him at His Word. For without faith, it is impossible to please God (Heb. 11:6). Knowing that, although we might not be able to know and understand everything about the Bible, WE CAN KNOW AND UNDERSTAND ENOUGH in order to make an intelligent decision for eternal life if we would place ourselves in THE PROPER SPIRITUAL POSTURE to be taught of the Lord by way of His Holy Spirit.



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Re: Getting Doctrinal
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Jesus receives His reward when we reflect His character, the fruits of the Spirit......We deny Jesus His reward when we do not.