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Re: Matthew 24
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Amen! I am so glad you shared that particular truth. It places a priority, not on warning of the end approaching, as does Matthew 24, but on the danger we face of being deceived on the foundation of our faith, the gospel of grace. That is the great danger facing the church today. Moving beyond that back to Matthew 24, there are other dangers that the church and the world face. Because sinners are deceived, because they have not accepted the truth of God's offer of forgiveness and eternal life with Jesus, they are facing eternal death. We are instructed to save some by fear. "And others save with fear..." Jude 1:23.  Of course we cannot be saved by fear, but it has its place for some, in that when the bombs are falling and the soldier in the foxhole sees his life is not in his own hands, some will turn to God for help. Fear does not save, but it does indeed cause some to re-examine their beliefs. So, it is with the "trumpets" in Scripture, they warn of impending danger in hopes that the fear of danger will cause some to turn to God that their sins may be forgiven.

Matthew 24 brings into our vision the end of time on this earth. It is given to us that we might know that life does not continue on and on as it is. That sin will cause this earth to be destroyed along with sin and sinners. Time is running out. Jesus wants us to know that the end is near. He presents to us things that indicate the time of His second coming is near at hand. It is important that we know this. My question to our Bible scholars is where in the Bible are we given more information on the things that indicate the end of all things is drawing nigh? Jesus opened the discussion on this important subject, is there more that He wants us to know about where we stand at this moment in time? Has He warned us of other events that are either transpiring today or are soon to happen? Is there a trumpet blowing that we have not discerned? Is the world facing a danger that will not be escaped except we be found abiding in Christ? Has the apostate church been warned in the past of the danger it has faced? Is the apostate church being warned that judgments are in the land today?
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