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Windows Internet Explorer 7.0
« on: December 16, 2007, 10:24:56 AM »
In an automatic Windows update, I was sent IE 7.0. Before I could even begin to halt its installation, it began and I could not stop it short of shutting down the computer. So I let it go while I was working on other things. Rarely do I use IE since switching to Firefox.

After it finished installing, telling me to reboot, Outlook Express would not function properly with connections, stored passwords, and it consistently disconnected upon "send and receive", etc. It even gave me a new OE connection face that did not include sign-on name and double dutied itself by asking that I sign on through IE's connection face. After messing with it for about thirty minutes, I quit!

So ......... I uninstalled it and everything works beautifully once more.

Could it be that I have too many IM security packages that interfered with it?  :D

Nevermind ... inside joke ...  ;D
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