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Re: The Desire of Ages--40--A Night on the Lake
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"It was painful to Jesus that their ( His Disciples ) conceptions of His kingdom were, to so great a degree, limited to worldly aggrandizement and honor. For them the burden was heavy upon His heart, and He poured out His supplications with bitter agony and tears."

"Those who fail to realize their constant dependence upon God will be overcome by temptation. We may now suppose that our feet stand secure, and that we shall never be moved. We may say with confidence, "I know in whom I have believed; and by His grace nothing can shake my faith in God and in His word." But Satan is planning to take advantage of our hereditary and cultivated traits of character, and to blind our eyes to our own necessities and defects. Only through realizing our own weakness and looking steadfastly unto Jesus can we walk securely."

Not I, but Christ be honored, loved, exalted,
Not I, but Christ be seen, be known and heard;
Not I, but Christ in every look and action,
Not I, but Christ in every thought and word.
Oh, to be saved from myself, dear Lord,
Oh, to be lost in Thee,
Oh, that it may be no more I,
But Christ that lives in me.

Not I, but Christ to gently soothe in sorrow,
Not I, but Christ to wipe the falling tear;
Not I, but Christ to lift the weary burden,
Not I, but Christ to hush away all fear.
Christ, only Christ, no idle word eer falling,
Christ, only Christ, no needless bustling sound;
Christ, only Christ, no self-important bearing,
Christ, only Christ, no trace of I be found.
Not I, but Christ my every need supplying,
Not I, but Christ my strength and health to be;
Christ, only Christ, for spirit, soul, and body,
Christ, only Christ, live then Thy life in me.

Today let us make renewed commitment to make our Saviour, Jesus Christ,  That He may be First and Last in all our thoughts and actions. 

Look up and listen for the shout.

Pastor Sean Brizendine

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Re: The Desire of Ages--40--A Night on the Lake
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Jesus knows our characters better than we know ourselves. He sees where we need to grow and the areas where we tend to think "I can do this" rather than to realize, "I can do all things through Christ who strengtheneth me" (Philippians 4:13). Will we learn the lesson that Peter's experience on the sea can teach us? Will we not for a moment think that we can live a life of Christian purity and consistency without constant union and communion with Christ? Oh, let us look away from self to Jesus and walk securely as in utter self-distrust we surrender all we have and are to Christ!!

May the whole experience with Covid-19 teach us to trust to Christ for our health and protection, and how quickly events in our world can change.

And may the tragic events surrounding the murder of George Floyd teach us that true justice and mercy is not consistently experienced by people in our world, and that we need to cry out to God Him to help guide all to act in harmony with true justice and faithfulness. May we realize that great changes are soon to take place in our world and that we need to learn to treat everyone now with the compassion of Christ and not think that we can do so without Jesus in our hearts. Even our "enemies" who may try to kill us are those we should pray for and show the greatest love, Jesus Himself modeling this at Calvary when He prayed, "Father, forgive them; for they know not what they do" (Luke 23:34).

May this forgiving love of Christ flow through your heart today as we seek to do our part to be lights in a dark, stormy world needing each person to experience the power of grace that leads to conversion in a new heart and a new mind filled with all the fruits of the Spirit without one missing, thus being in readiness for the soon coming of Jesus--for this is our troubled world's only ULTIMATE solution!

"Jesus read the character of His disciples. He knew how sorely their faith was to be tried. In this incident on the sea He desired to reveal to Peter his own weakness,--to show that his safety was in constant dependence upon divine power. Amid the storms of temptation he could walk safely only as in utter self-distrust he should rely upon the Saviour. It was on the point where he thought himself strong that Peter was weak; and not until he discerned his weakness could he realize his need of dependence upon Christ. Had he learned the lesson that Jesus sought to teach him in that experience on the sea, he would not have failed when the great test came upon him." {The Desire of Ages, page 382, paragraph 2}

Jesus does not want us to come up to the time of trouble to fall flat on our face in fear, unbelief, and discouragement. He wants us to learn here in the daily experiences He is offering us to depend on Him for the vital union and communion that alone can give us the wisdom to know how to walk securely in the storms of life as we look upon Jesus and let the Holy Spirit transform us from glory to glory, from character to character, to become ever more like our Savior!
"When we live by faith on the Son of God, the fruits of the Spirit will be seen in our lives; not one will be missing." {The Desire of Ages, 676.4}