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More Ads in N.Y. and Washington D.C.
« on: October 03, 2001, 06:29:00 AM »
                      October 2, 2001 Washington, D.C., USA    Celeste Ryan/ANN

                     The September 28 edition of the Washington Post carried a
                     full-page message from the Seventh-day Adventist Church
                     expressing solidarity in prayer for those people affected by the
                     September 11 terrorist attack on the Pentagon. The
                     advertisement mirrored the church's New York Times
                     advertisement, which ran September 24.

                     "Praying--for the families, for our leaders, for our cities, for our
                     world," read the advertisement, which appeared on page A31 of
                     the newspaper. Larry Colburn, assistant to the president of the
                     Adventist Church worldwide, has called the advertisement "an
                     unadorned, no-strings-attached message of caring from the
                     worldwide Adventist faith community." (See the ANN report and
                     view the New York Times and Washington Post advertisements

                     Three regional offices of the Adventist Church in North
                     America--the Greater New York Conference, the Northeastern
                     Conference, and the Atlantic Union Conference--have also
                     placed advertisements that appeared October 1 in the New York
                     Times, Daily News, and New York Newsday: "In the aftermath of
                     September 11, 2001, we too feel the horror, we too feel the pain,
                     we too have lost loved ones, we too have cried...And we are
                     praying...for the families of those lost to terrorism, for our heroic
                     police, firemen, and rescue workers. We are the Seventh-day
                     Adventist Church. Our doors are open. We're here for you."

                     Copyright 2001 Adventist News Network .

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