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Responding to Terrorist Crisis
« on: September 13, 2001, 10:23:00 PM »
How has your town reponded to the present "CRISIS"?
In Brisbane there has been much concern, many churches have opened during the week and prayer has been held in them. (non-SDA churches, do not know about SDA ones) On the radoi there has been a genuine concern for the families expressed by the hosts and those ringing through.
There also has been a darker side to what has happened isolated but still there. Some buses taking Islamic kids to school have been pelted with rocks and friut. Every where you ggo people are talking about it. Line up at the bank, in the shop and strangers ask "What do you think" seems easy to talk about what has happened. It may be a window of opportunity that we should not pass by.
Today I was in the local laundramat and was also asked "what I thought"? When I left I gave her two Signs of the Times and told her that these books were good reading material and I often read them when I was there. She took them and was happy enough to do so.
We have a Signs rack there for people to take as they like.


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Responding to Terrorist Crisis
« Reply #1 on: September 14, 2001, 01:14:00 AM »

"Signs of the Times" I such a great title !

It is sure catchy for this period of crisis.

I hope that a special edition going out goes deep into words revealing the soon coming of the Lord and for people to get ready.



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Responding to Terrorist Crisis
« Reply #2 on: September 14, 2001, 10:50:00 AM »
I hate to see innocent muslims being harrassed. While I think we need to punish the people who did this with a punishment as serious as the crime we need to be careful not to hurt people who had nothing to do with it and may be as upset about it as we are.

WendyL ~ Maranatha!:)

WendyL ~ Maranatha!:)