Author Topic: "Be More Engaged in the Community," Urges Adventist Church President  (Read 1510 times)

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April 19, 2001 Silver Spring, Maryland, USA .... [Bettina Krause/ANN]
Seventh-day Adventist Church President Jan Paulsen has challenged church leaders to help raise the public profile of the Adventist Church, to be more concerned with issues of "every-day life," and to speak a message that resonates with the needs, fears, and dreams of secular people.

The Adventist Church is a part of the world of "mundane pain, suffering, and frustrations, as well as hopes and joys," said Paulsen in his opening address to international church leaders, who met April 18 and 19 for Spring Meeting at the church's world headquarters in Silver Spring, Maryland, United States.

"It is the world of education, health, and welfare; illness and hunger; equality and diversity; and the world of the environment," he added. "It is the world in which Christ placed us for mission."

Paulsen said the dramatic growth of the Adventist Church over the past decade means the church is no longer "a modest-sized community" that can afford to think and talk largely of internal church issues while making "occasional evangelistic ‘excursions' into the secular world."

"The extent to which we are a voice to the public on a variety of issues is in direct proportion to our visibility, our size, and our public interest in the secular society," he said.

Reflecting on the agenda of Spring Meeting, Paulsen said the work of church leaders is driven by a number of mission imperatives: "How do we finish the work? How do we strengthen the bonds which bind us together as a family in Christ? What do we want the coming generation of the Adventist family to look like? And what will be its ‘quality of life'?"

"It is our love for the Lord, and our sense of mission which drive all these," Paulsen said. Being "preoccupied with mission" is an integral part of the Adventist identity, he added. "Were there ever to come a day when that would no longer be the case, we would have ceased to be useful to God."

Spring Meeting is one of two annual meetings of the Adventist Church's executive committee. During the two-day business meeting, church leaders from around the world consider issues that impact the Adventist Church worldwide, discussing challenges, hearing financial reports, and approving new initiatives.

Taken from the Adventist News Network

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