Author Topic: The 'BABY ROBIN Object Lesson!'  (Read 3164 times)

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The 'BABY ROBIN Object Lesson!'
« on: June 20, 2000, 05:23:00 PM »
   About 4 weeks ago,  2 Robin's nests appeared in a row of trees not too far from my garden space, and only 4 feet off the ground.

  Well I decided to "help" these two families out. I had some left-over fence, and proceeded to wrap it around their nesting trees.
 While I rototilled, the parents in both nests kept a watchful eye over my actions. Within a week 4 blue eggs appeared in each of the nests, and have since hatched.

  You should see the parent birds "on the hop" for food...They (momma and poppa robins) have been very busy feeding their young. Well the garden tilling was an immense success, and food is aplenty.

  However, 4 baby robins 'have flown the nest" so to speak. My I didn't think they could grow that fast. The second nest, has some "overgrown" youngsters also. One baby robin ventured out on his own, but when "he" saw me kind of just sat and looked. Maybe he thot I was a tree. I got up to about 3 feet from him...looks like he's still missing a few feathers, but quite handsome otherwise.

  What have I learned? Well, the parent robins, must have known that I would protect them and their young. and as I plowed the garden, they maintained a constant vigil against danger for their children.

  Perhaps, we all can learn from God's little "feathered friends" that He not only looks out for the robin, but also for His children. God is EVER keeping a watchful eye on us, and shows us danger too.

     Keep "the" faith!
   Br. Laurie

Keep "the" Faith,  Brother Laurie