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Re: "Mad" Deer and Elk--CWD
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New evidence about chronic wasting disease leads health officials to reconsider their advice

Canada’s leading pathologist on mad cow disease shook up the deer hunting world this year when she delivered to an international gathering of prion disease experts an alarming study with implications for human exposure to chronic wasting disease (CWD).

By feeding moderate amounts of diseased venison to macaques monkeys over a period of years, Dr. Stefanie Czub found what no one wanted her to find: CWD can be transmitted to non-human primates who are genetically close to humans.

No one wants to hear it, so no one will say it. There is no reason to believe it will not infect humans. It should have been told to hunters years ago. How many even know there is such a thing as Mas Sheep Disease? Very few. Yet, I am sure by now many have been infected by eating Mad Sheep (Scrapie).
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