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Re: Mad Cows and People
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As we look for causes of diseases, we often are ignorant of ways in which infective agents can be transmitted to humans. There are some who are strict vegetarians that come down with cancer, Creutzfeldt–Jakob Disease (CJD, or Alzheimer's and therefore they do not think the cause of the disease was an infective agent such as a cancer virus or a prion. There are others ways to be infected other than through eating food.

We know that there is cross contamination in food preparation. E-coli in meat infects salads when the cutting board used to prepare infected meat is used to cut tomatoes for a salad. I have often warned pet owners to be careful in handling pet food which is not inspected as is human food. And, it is adulterated with materials that is unfit for human consumption making it more likely to spread virus and prions.

Here is an example of how easy it is to infect a human with a very dangerous bacteria or virus that can kill. Recently there was a "milk fest" where 25 were infected with e-coli. Notice the caution being presented and where they found high concentrations of the deadly bacteria, in the barn area where cattle were held. Notice also how easy it is to become infected if one is not very careful about hygiene.  source

It is important that we consider the diseases in animals to be more of a concern that just in eating them. The articled listed some recommendations to prevent such transmissions. "Consider any environment where animals have been kept, such as barns, to be contaminated with bacteria or viruses that can make people ill." Another important bit of information ought to be considered when seeking to understand what may be causing some of the diseases that have reached epidemic proportions. Cancer, CJD, and Alzheimer's can have a very long incubation periiod, thus seeking to know the method of infection can be very difficult after 40 years. On the other hand the leading cause of death  by disease to the young under age 15 is cancer. One of the leading cancers causing this is Leukemia which now infects much of the dairy supply.
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