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A Battle on the Train - Satan Attacks Great Controversy
« on: February 15, 2024, 02:21:26 PM »

A Battle on the Train

After a long day of ministry, Roger settled into his seat on the commuter train. At this hour of the night, there weren't many passengers. He tried to ignore the young woman riding in the same cubicle facing him. At one glance, as he sat back to rest his weary body, he noticed her hardened, hateful face and that she was dressed entirely in black.

Roger drew out of his attaché case the book Great Controversy that he would study in the morning with his mentor. Reading this book had been like a roller coaster ride of emotion as he, with dismay, realized the evils perpetrated in the medieval period by the church of his youth that he had prepared to serve as a priest. Then joy soared as he read of the steadfastness to the truth of the martyrs.

As Roger opened the book to finish reading the chapter he had started earlier in the day, the strange woman glared at him, shouting in a raspy, unnatural voice, "If you read that book, I'll kill you!"

Had he heard right? His first inclination was to ignore her, but as he turned a page, she lunged at him with her long fingernails extended, trying to claw him. Her blood-red eyes now seemed to rotate in their sockets. Again, she angrily shouted, "If you ever read that book, I'll take you to Paris and kill both you and your teacher at the stake." Roger pulled back, realizing that she must be demon-possessed. He felt that there was an invisible shield protecting him. Yet, Roger instantly breathed a prayer for her deliverance from the bondage of Satan. It seemed that Satan even knew the very chapter he was reading that described the atrocities committed against God and all religions during the French Revolution.

As Roger prayed, the woman dropped back from her attack and slumped into what appeared to be an unconscious state. The other passengers, having witnessed the spectacular, shouted, "She wanted to kill you!”

Another affirmed, "We were all afraid for you!"

Roger tried to calm the frightened passengers and said, "I believe that we should ring the warning buzzer to inform the police at the next station that there is a problem. "

At the station, three uniformed police jumped on the train in response to the buzzer. Roger merely explained that the woman had appeared agitated and then had collapsed into an unconscious state. As they dragged her off, he explained that he would like to get off with them to be able to speak to the lady when she recovered consciousness. They tried to dissuade him, assuring him they would care for the problem. Roger explained his role as a preacher and that his only interest was her spiritual well-being. Finally, they consented to let him accompany them if he would keep a distance.

Soon she revived and the police were able to question her. She appeared to be oblivious to what had happened. Finally, they called Roger into the circle, explaining that the woman seemed in her right mind and didn't need medical attention, and they released her.
Now alone on the station landing, Roger could converse with her. He cautiously asked her why she had been so angry about the book he was reading. "What book?” she asked. She knew nothing about the particular book nor did she even remember the incident.

Next, Roger asked if she had ever played with an Ouija Board or spiritism. "Well, yes, a bit, I guess," she admitted. Before they parted, Roger took her phone number and told her how hazardous it is to play with Satan, the great enemy of our souls. He assured her that Jesus would be a real friend and comforter.

Later Roger followed up with this young woman and even talked to her mother, who confirmed that her daughter was involved in strange spiritistic activities. Marilyn, as he learned her name was, soon became an active member of one of Roger's many Bible study groups. Steps to Christ, under a concealed cover to hide its origin, became her favorite book.

Recently, she told Roger, "I don't know how I could have let my friends influence me to get involved with Satan when Jesus is such a wonderful friend and has such marvelous plans for us to be with Him throughout eternity."

Marilyn underwent a remarkable transformation as a participant in one of Roger's underground groups where Catholics are learning Bible truth for these last days.

And now, this week, Roger called again to share an update, "You'll never guess what happened just five minutes ago,” he exclaimed. “I just can't believe how God is working! Marilyn called to say that a friend named Ellen, an evangelical of some sort, had given her a book to read with the title The Great Controversy written by a woman also named Ellen."

"Do you know anything about the book, Roger? Do you think that as a Catholic, I should read it? asked Marilyn.

Roger was excited but cautious. "Why don't you finish the study of Steps to Christ first, and then we'll talk about it,” he added. He realized that perhaps she wasn't ready just yet to experience the heights and depths of emotions that he had known as he read the book.   

It seems that God is bringing Marilyn full circle. Perhaps the book that she, as Satan’s agent, so fiercely opposed will be the means God uses to reveal additional truths to her receptive mind. She and our nPraxis worker Roger need our prayers. We’ll share with you, our readers, as this miracle continues to unfold.
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Re: A Battle on the Train - Satan Attacks Great Controversy
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Great testimony, Brother Curt. Thanks for sharing. Have a blessed Sabbath my dear friend!
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