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God Works In Closed Countries - The Man In White Appears Again
« on: November 16, 2022, 08:47:23 AM »
The story below is being shared to show that God is closing His work in seemingly unreachable and difficult mission fields. He is speaking directly to the hearts of people is high positions, the right places or in deep need to know more about the true God and His son Jesus Christ.
The Man in White Appears Again

In another country in the same general area, a young evangelist walked the streets one day hoping to find someone he could speak to about Jesus. He tried to make eye contact with passing strangers. As he passed a certain individual, the Holy Spirit seemed to say, "Go back to talk to that man."

The young evangelist swung around and joined the stranger saying, "Someone just told me to turn around to talk to you."
That’s all it took. The stranger was eager to talk to someone. “Just last night, I had a most remarkable dream of a man dressed in pure white clothes," he explained. "This man showed so much interest in me, and I could feel He sincerely loved me. This dream has troubled me all day, and I want to know what that was all about."
Our young evangelist was happy to tell his new acquaintance about the Man in White, who has appeared to many Muslims. "That man is Jesus, the Messiah," he shared.  "He loved all of us so much that He was willing to die for us to be able to forgive our sins."
After a long period of sharing that very day, the two young men embraced with joy as they prayed, praising God for His great sacrifice and for having brought them together.

More mission stories on YouTube Channel, Down To Earth that (DTE7tv):

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