Author Topic: Leaked Pentagon Doc: Most COVID Deaths, Hospitalizations Are Vaxxed Individuals  (Read 789 times)

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A leaked document approved by the Department of Defense affirmed what many have speculated—that the COVID-19 vaccines have caused more hospitalizations than the virus itself in 2020, the Maga Institute reported.

The Left for many months has promulgated the lie that unvaccinated citizens are causing the coronavirus to continue its devastating global rampage.

Now, it turns out that the opposite might be true.

According to the document, certified with a stamp from the Department of Defense, vaccinated individuals have caused caused the majority of hospitalizations since the release of the vaccine to the public.

“It is the VACCINATED who have been harmed the most by these experimental jabs,” wrote the Maga Institute. “This document verifies that this is indeed what has been happening.”

Making matters worse, serious epidemiologists warned over a year ago that producing a vaccine in the midst of a pandemic leads to viral mutation and the creation of more variants.

This revelation further reveals the fraudulence behind the Biden administration’s push to mandate vaccines, which has already had drastic effects on American life.

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so sad that people were not warned ahead of time......  :'(