Author Topic: Pippenger Prophesies the Nuking of Nashville (a false prophet)  (Read 168 times)

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Where does false teaching end up? We pointed out many years ago that Mr. Pippenger was incorrect in his teaching on the King of the North in the Daniel 11. Today we find that he has embarrased the largest newspaper in Tennessee, the Bible, and the Seventh-day Adventist Church where he used to have a membership, but does not anymore having been disfellowshipped. He has prophesied that Nashville will be nuked by Muslims on July 18 of this year. Like Harald Camping and Ernie Knoll source who have gone before him, he will be seen to be a false prophet and a bad Bible student when the 18th of July has come and gone....and Nashville remains untouched by an atomic  bomb.  I don't deny it will never happen, but it will not on the 18th  of July. We know the cities of the world will soon indeed be destroyed. We can name a long list of cities that will be long gone before Nashville.

"The Tennessean issued an apology Sunday after “a bizarre, pseudo-religious” full-page ad appeared in the newspaper’s Sunday edition claiming that “Islam” was planning a nuclear strike on the city of Nashville, Tennessee, on July 18, saying that the ad violated the paper’s standards forbidding hate speech and that it is investigating how the ad from a “fringe religious group” was able to be published in the Sunday paper." source

Jeff Pippenger, who identified himself as the speaker of the Ministry of Future for America, said the newspaper owed the group a full refund. He could not say how much the ad cost........“I stand by all the content in the ad and the content in the website...It seems to me the criticism is more aimed at the editorial staff at the newspaper, and the criticism about my religious convictions is simply what happens when you let your religious convictions out into the public arena.”

We had to contend with those who were following in Jeff Pippenger's footsteps.

I have for the last two years studied the working study by Jeff Pippenger regarding the last four verses of Daniel 11. I have tried to take apart everything that he has presented, yet it has not happened, if anything I see more foundations and applications from my word studies and the historical applications fitting very well.

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