Author Topic: Italian Air Force to fly idol of Mary over Italy for protection  (Read 260 times)

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Italy, a deeply catholic nation, is falling back to catholic traditions in her battle against the novel coronavirus, and this time, the Air Force is helping.

Italian Air Force is flying a statute of Mary over the airspace of Italy in their efforts to combat the virus that has hit the European country the hardest, making it the second to China in terms of infections and deaths.

The Italian Air Force has deep ties with Mary, the catholic symbolism of the earthly mother of Jesus Christ. The Virgin of Loreto, one of many names attributed to the Virgin Mary, is the Patron Saint of the Air Force. And they have annual events to renew their devotion to her.

So it appears this time, Italy is finally turning back to the Virgin Mary for protection. The Catholic church has at least 7 invocations to invite Mary at the hour of need.
In videos that have been shared on social media, a statute of what they believe to be the virgin Mary and baby Jesus are seen to be given military protection and escort as they are loaded onto planes that fly over Italy. A Catholic Church priest is in charge of the process chanting invocations to call on Mary.

Little is known if Mary has responded, but Italy as of today remains to be the most heavily hit country in Europe from the coronavirus.


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