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Dear Sisters and Brothers,

it`s my great desire to reach people in dark areas without or small SDA presence. This dreams was born if first refugees from countries like Syria or Afghanistan came to my country. There where no literature available in their languages and we worked step for steps.
Since this time we started small projects to reach people with Kurdish, Azeri, Farsi background. Next year I want to made small literature evangelism project in Marocco and/or Turkemnistan. In both countries are only some Adventist, most of them are`nt native speakers and it`s very difficult to distribute any literature there. We have translation of SOP-books in Arabic and Berberian language ( but not in Turkmen. Do you have any of you expiriences? Please pray that he should open doors.

Richard Myers

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Re: Morocco/Turkeministan
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Hello brother/ sister. Welcome to our online family!

Your desire is that of us all who love Jesus and want to reach the world with the gospel of grace. Yes, in some countries it is not easy to do evangelism. I was in Turkey for awhile when things were better than they are now, we need to be wise in how we work where it is against the law to preach the truth. We have a lot in common with Muslims which give us an opportunity to share common truth.

I believe God has given us the ability to reach into these areas with the internet. It is not possible to reach all, but we can reach some who then will extend the truth to those they can reach. We have been reaching into China. We do not know who has been reading, but we know many have. We continue to plant Seed and pray that God will water it.

It is our prayer that God will send workers into His vineyard, for it is white and ready for harvest.

It is most important that those who do evangelism be grounded in the true gospel. Many, so many are not. Thus, how shall those we are seeking to know the truth find it if their teachers are as deceived as were the Jews when Christ came to His own and His own knew Him not? Sharing Spirit of Prophecy books is a great idea!
Jesus receives His reward when we reflect His character, the fruits of the Spirit......We deny Jesus His reward when we do not.