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Israel, Islam, and Babylon
« on: June 02, 2019, 05:08:13 AM »
I awoke this morning with a warning on my mind. The seven trumpets in the Book of Revelation are warnings to false religion. The great deception in our day and over the last 2,000 years is Rome. But, Rome is not the only false religion that is nearing her end. Those who reject Isaiah 53, those who hate them, and those who have joined hands with Rome, Babylon are all nearing their end. How shall they know? The Bible tells them so.

But, there is a people who have been entrusted with this truth, and who have been granted the privilege of warning the world that the end is near and that all may find safety in Jesus Christ. The seven trumpets are not only a warning to apostate religion, but also a timeline that reveals the time is near when the heavenly Sanctuary will have completed her work and the Mediator will cease mediating for sinners. He will stand up having cleansed it and there will be no more forgiveness of sin. He who is filthy will remain filthy. He who is holy will remain holy (Rev 22:11).

The Books of Daniel and Revelation are one Book speaking of the same thing. Daniel 11:45 involves the time of the end. It explains what will happen to Islam and Israel and when this happens, it is a warning to Christians that they have little time to make things right with God, for Michael is about to "stand up" (Dan. 12:1). The seventh trumpet and Daniel 11:45 are speaking of the same time period.

It would be well for us to share the light with those in Islam and those who for 2,000 years were God's chosen people. There are many in both religions who are sincerely seeking to follow God, but need to understand that they need to come out of where they are and prepare for an eternity where there will be no sorrow, no tears, no death, and no sin.
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