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Digital Resource Center @ The White Estate:

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Re: The Ellen White Estate Web Sites
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I was doing some searching today and ran across this. I thought some might find these stats interesting. Especially if you understand how much data is involved here. Incredible!

You can find the whole article here...

EGW WRITINGS APPS AND WEBSITES makes available for free the complete published writings of Ellen G. White, including all her previously unpublished letters and manuscript files. It also contains at least one Ellen White book in 131 languages. We continually digitize non-English books as they become available to us.

    18 months ago, the White Estate stepped out in faith and migrated the hosting of our online services from our main office at the General Conference to a new Global Cloud Delivery Network (GCDN). The result: users of grew from 30,000 unique visitors per month to 1.2 million worldwide!

    We currently average 70 million “online only” search and book requests per month from our EGW Writings apps and Websites.

    To keep up with this unforeseen phenomenal growth, we have had to increase our cloud capacity four times during those 18 months, and the demand is forcing us increase that capacity again.

    In October 2018, users downloaded 1.4 million books to their EGW Writings apps.

    We currently have 1.8 million EGW Writings users of our Android apps, plus another 750,000 users of our Apple iOS apps.

    Let’s not forget CD-ROM users of EGW Writings. We still have more than 500,000 of them, and 60,000 users access the EGW Writings apps on their Windows and macOS platforms.

    Users currently download on average 50 Terabytes of data per month from the EGW Writings apps and websites.

    Links are provided where users can order books from official Adventist publishing houses. (New compilations and translations are not posted on our websites for two years following their publication to allow publishing houses to recoup their initial printing costs.)

WHITEESTATE AND ELLENWHITE WEBSITES is our legacy Website which hundreds of users and websites still reference. is a website for researchers to access tens of thousands of historical resources.

    We currently average 125,000 monthly and website visitors.

    The White Estate sends out 130,000 in-app subscriptions daily and 69,000 daily devotional and daily thought emails.

    At peak times during the day we are delivering 50 subscriptions per second to our subscribers.

    To assist users, a revised and updated Website launched in November 2018.

    Thanks to our use of GCDN servers, users receive responses to their queries in less than half-a-second on average—worldwide! (Previously, if someone tried to download something from one of our servers in many parts of the world, it was very delayed and in many cases totally impossible.)
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Re: The Ellen White Estate Web Sites
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