Author Topic: Christian Orchard Owner Forceded Out of Farmer’s Market  (Read 1485 times)

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EAST LANSING—A Michigan farmer filed a lawsuit against the city of East Lansing yesterday, after being banned from the city’s farmer’s market because of his religious convictions.

Tennes said he has been excluded from the market because he expressed his religious beliefs regarding marriage on his business’s Facebook page.

“Our faith and beliefs on marriage and hosting weddings at our home and in our backyard of our farm have nothing to do with the City of East Lansing,” Tennes said at a press conference Wednesday. “Nor does it have anything to do with the produce that we sell to the people that attend the farmer’s markets, who are from all backgrounds and all beliefs.” officials tried to force Tennes out of the farmer’s market. They began pressuring him in late August, saying Country Mill was not wanted at the next scheduled market, and that they had received multiple complaints regarding Tennes’ post. They urged Tennes’s to withdraw Country Mill Farms entirely from the market.

Tennes refused to withdraw, however, and continued to serve the market’s customers. Tennes expressed his religious beliefs online again in December, and the city of East Lansing tried to expel Country Mill from the market. But because Country Mill is 20 miles outside of the city, well beyond East Lansing’s jurisdiction, city officials crafted a new policy that allowed them to bypass its jurisdictional limits.

This new policy required vendors to agree to and comply with the city’s “Human Relations Ordinance and its public policy against discrimination…while at the market and as a general business practice.” The Human Relations Ordinance makes it illegal for a business to make a statement that could be considered discriminatory.

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