Author Topic: Angry Atheist Harasses Senior Citizens’ Bible Studies, Worship  (Read 1565 times)

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A California court has upheld a legal challenge brought against a homeowners’ association for an elderly community, after they forced residents to shut down their Bible studies and a Sunday worship service.

...The retirement community is home to numerous interest groups like book clubs and a water aerobics team, according to PJI.

Residents formed a men’s Bible study ten years ago, and soon two different women’s Bible studies followed. In 2014 the same residents began to offer an informal worship service on Sundays for those who had difficulty with physically leaving the retirement community.

Those services quickly became the most popular weekly meeting in the community, with many from outside the retirement community attending. The worship service did not take offerings, and it was led by a retired pastor who did not receive a salary.

Late last year an anti-religious resident demanded the groups be shut down, claiming they were offensive. He even went so far as to suggest that the Romans should have “finished the Christians off while they had the chance,” according to PJI’s press release.

In response, the homeowner’s association Board ordered all four groups to stop meeting in the community’s clubhouse indefinitely.

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