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[Excerpts] Rollins College, a private, four-year institution in Florida.  Marshall Polston, a 20 year-old sophomore, is a self-described Christian and an honors student.  Not long ago, he had been suspended from school upon having had a few unpleasant experiences with the Islamic professor of his Middle Eastern Humanities class.

Polston [stated] that his professor, Areej Zufari, insisted in class that Jesus’s disciples did not believe that He was divine.  She also reportedly said that He was never actually crucified. 

In other words, Zufari allegedly expressed the standard Islamic viewpoint on Jesus. Polston’s problem with his instructor, however, was not primarily with her position.  It’s that she asserted it as “academic fact” when it is anything but that. And he let Zufari know as much during class.

Shortly afterwards, though, the student received a shock when he received a 52% on one of his assignments.  Suspecting that his uncharacteristically low grade was retribution for the challenges that he posed to Zufari’s depiction of Christianity, Polston fired off a lengthy email to her—an email that she turned over to administrators and that resulted in his suspension. This penalty was felt all that much more acutely when Polston considered that, during class discussion, an Islamic student faced not so much as a verbal warning when he remarked that under Sharia law adulterers and gays deserved decapitation.  Polston told The Fix that “the conservative Muslim student” aroused “such fear by some” of the students by his remark that one of them contacted the FBI about it.
But it was Polston who Professor Zufari reported to the Dean of Campus Safety. Zufari didn’t let the matter rest at that, however. Via Facebook, she posted to the ACLU her complaint regarding Polston—even though she didn’t identify him by name. Zufari described him as someone who was “making my life hell this semester.” Polston, she said, “is spewing hatred at me, de-railing class, and just sent me a hateful email threatening me.” Zufari concluded by inquiring as to whether “there is a way to hold the individual responsible for his harassment and hate speech.”

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The obvious answer - look to see what the Quran says or does not say - ending all opinions and focusing upon the declarations of the document.     crucifixion according to Quran ?

Son Of God - Quran  declarations   part-1    part-2

Maybe most muslims do not know for them selves what their relegious documents say ?  It's a common problem.
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Maybe most muslims do not know for them selves what their relegious documents say ?  It's a common problem.

That could be , Ed. It is true of professed Christians.
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That a professor in today's "higher education" would speak a lie is shocking! To punish a student when the lie is exposed is shocking.  Well, maybe not to some of us who know justice is fallen in the street and he who departs from evil is made a prey.
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