Author Topic: NAD Suggests "Punitive Punishment" for Two Unions in Rebellion?  (Read 4115 times)

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It is now being reported by the organization that often receives "leaks" from the NAD, that the NAD has attempted to get the GC to accept a "punitive" measure while allowing the two unions in rebellion in the NAD to continue on with their ordination of women elders.

The public article says that the NAD acknowledges "the unions are out of policy and then goes so far as to suggest possible punitive actions against the unions that the NAD might be willing to accept." The article says that some who have reviewed the letter say it names the two unions that are out of "compliance".

We don't like to refer our readers to web sites that promote error, but in this case we believe the reporting to be accurate and will publish the source since it is public. source
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