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Re: The Desire of Ages--20--Except Ye See Signs and Wonders
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Amen, Brother Beacon and Sister Dorine!!

We are so obvious to God. He reads us like an open book. He gets why we do what we do, even more fully than we can discern. That is why what He says is so important. When the nobleman came to Jesus desiring to have his son healed, he put conditions on whether he would accept Christ as the Messiah, and upon those conditions he based his faith. But Christ longed to give to him an unconditional faith that works by love--a faith that could trust that no matter what the outcome of the immediate situation, his faith would be anchored in Christ as Redeemer. May we learn from this our deep need of God's grace to have Him transform the reason we do things from being selfish to being founded upon God's unchanging character and believing fully all His word reveals!

"Like a flash of light, the Saviour's words to the nobleman laid bare his heart. He saw that his motives in seeking Jesus were selfish. His vacillating faith appeared to him in its true character. In deep distress he realized that his doubt might cost the life of his son. He knew that he was in the presence of One who could read the thoughts, and to whom all things were possible. In an agony of supplication he cried, 'Sir, come down ere my child die.' His faith took hold upon Christ as did Jacob, when, wrestling with the Angel, he cried, 'I will not let Thee go, except Thou bless me.' Genesis 32:26."{The Desire of Ages, page 198, paragraph 4}

When we see our sinfulness, we are not to despond as is we have no Savior; rather, we are to come to Him as we are, surrender fully to the Holy Spirit, and let Him fill us with all of the fruits of the Spirit without one missing as we are empowered to obey God affectionately because He first loved us! What goodness He lavishes upon us to lead us to repentance! Hallelujah!
"When we live by faith on the Son of God, the fruits of the Spirit will be seen in our lives; not one will be missing." {The Desire of Ages, 676.4}

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Re: The Desire of Ages--20--Except Ye See Signs and Wonders
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Do you feel badly, my friends when you are being shown so very much about God and His ways, when so very many do not seek to understand the wonderful gifts God wants to give to us all? Since we can do no good thing for the right reason until born of the Spirit, then how is it that anyone can be converted? We have the answer in today's reading. I know it was true with me, and I suspect we will find it true for all others since we are evil by nature and can do nothing good until born again.

   He who blessed the nobleman at Capernaum is just as desirous of blessing us. But like the afflicted father, we are often led to seek Jesus by the desire for some earthly good; and upon the granting of our request we rest our confidence in His love. The Saviour longs to give us a greater blessing than we ask; and He delays the answer to our request that He may show us the evil of our own hearts, and our deep need of His grace. He desires us to renounce the selfishness that leads us to seek Him. Confessing our helplessness and bitter need, we are to trust ourselves wholly to His love. 

Thus, we see His love and grace and we are converted. God allows the bad things to happen to "good" people who are open to truth. He then comes to our rescue and not only hears our plea for help, but when we see we have been wrong, we see we play a part in what happened to us, and we seek His help, and He gives it and then we are so very thankful to find a powerful and loving and forgiving God!!! How can we not love Him in return! Then, we have to learn it is a daily battle to remember how loving, kind, and powerful He is. How dull are our minds that we forget our continual need of Him and His great desire to bless us daily.

It would be good to copy the light God has given to us daily and share it with any who are open to truth. Not picking out the light, but our response to the light we have received. Seventh-day Adventists would especially be blessed. This is an open forum, so what we have written is in the public eye.
Jesus receives His reward when we reflect His character, the fruits of the Spirit......We deny Jesus His reward when we do not.