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Re: The Desire of Ages--5--The Dedication
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    The priest went through the ceremony of his official work. He took the child in his arms, and held it up before the altar. After handing it back to its mother, he inscribed the name "Jesus" on the roll of the first-born. Little did he think, as the babe lay in his arms, that it was the Majesty of heaven, the King of glory. The priest did not think that this babe was the One of whom Moses had written, "A Prophet shall the Lord your God raise up unto you of your brethren, like unto me; Him shall ye hear in all things whatsoever He shall say unto you." Acts 3:22. He did not think that this babe was He whose glory Moses had asked to see. But One greater than Moses lay in the priest's arms; and when he enrolled the child's name, he was enrolling the name of One who was the foundation of the whole Jewish economy. That name was to be its death warrant; for the system of sacrifices and offerings was waxing old; the type had almost reached its antitype, the shadow its substance.

Do we go through our religious life the same way as the Priest did, walking along on automatic not stopping to dwell upon Christ, reading, praying, contemplating up Christ, establishing a close one on one relationship with Jesus?  This paragraph is striking to me, if we do not have a close relationship with Christ, we go through life on automatic, we become like the priest, and will not be ready for Christ 2nd Advent when He comes in the clouds of glory just as the priest were not ready for His 1st Advent. Let us take time every day to draw close to our Savior. 

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Re: The Desire of Ages--5--The Dedication
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Amen, Brother Beacon, Brother Richard, Sister Dorine and Brother Phil!

It is a choice. God chose to send His Son because He loves us, and we can choose to look to His greatest manifestation of the gift of Himself at the cross, and by beholding His love, we can be fully transformed in character! Look and live! All of the fruits of the Spirit will be manifest in our lives without one missing as long as we are fully surrendered to Christ and living up to all the light He has shown us!

  "At the cross of Calvary, love and selfishness stood face to face. Here was their crowning manifestation. Christ had lived only to comfort and bless, and in putting Him to death, Satan manifested the malignity of his hatred against God. He made it evident that the real purpose of his rebellion was to dethrone God, and to destroy Him through whom the love of God was shown." {The Desire of Ages, page 57, paragraph 2} 

Let us appreciate the great love manifested in Christ toward us and go forth to bless others as He has first blessed us! "We love Him, because He first loved us" (1 John 4:19). Would you be willing to let God use you to proclaim the everlasting gospel of His grace in the context of the Three Angels' Messages of Revelation 14 because of what Christ has done for you?
"When we live by faith on the Son of God, the fruits of the Spirit will be seen in our lives; not one will be missing." {The Desire of Ages, 676.4}