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Re-election of Elder Wilson as GC President
« on: July 04, 2015, 06:37:04 PM »
We praise and thank God for the election of Elder Ted Wilson as the GC President for the next five years, if time should last that long. I might add that there has been a definite change in what is being said about how long we shall be here. This is the first Session where I have heard from the pulpit that this may be the last Session. What a blessing to now have world church leaders who can see the handwriting on the wall. Prophecies are being fulfilled, the last steps shall be rapid ones.

There were some disturbing events taking place in the election process. The church manual states the principles for election of church officers. The General Conference Session election of officer varies a little from the election of other conference and  church officials. The General Conference is the constituency for the divisions, thus they elect the division officers. The process involves a division caucus which will recommend names to the General Conference nominating committee.  The committee then decides who shall be nominated. The committee may add names in addition to the names submitted by the division caucus.

For the election of General Conference officers, there is no caucus at the division level, it is up to the GC nominating committee to forward names or name to the delegates at large. Early Friday morning the nominating committee began its work of selecting a president. As I understand, Elder Ted's Wilson's name was presented as the only nominee for the office of GC president. Therefore, it was to be voted on by the delegates. But, there were a couple of objections which are allowed in cases where the nominee is not fit for the office, as in the normal church elections. There is no public discussion of the matter. It is sent back to the nominating committee to hear the case and to judge the matter. There was no basis for objecting to the nomination of Elder Wilson, it was a political maneuver which is not allowed by the church manual or the General Conference Working Policy.

There was also an attempt to delay the vote until the electronic voting could be fixed. It was not working. If the vote were to happen when scheduled it would be holding the yellow cards up which would identify the vote of each delegate. Some apparently did not want to be seen to be voting against Elder Wilson and attempted to delay the vote until it could be done electronically. 

These maneuvers do not bode well for those who were seen to be very antagonistic towards the administration of Elder Wilson. The "elephant" in the room was of course the upcoming vote on women's ordination and the North American Division's leadership in the rebellion against the world church's decision to not make women leaders over men. Three quarters of the NAD leadership revealed their rebellion when they voted at a year end meeting to modify their bylaws to allow for women conference presidents. Daniel Jackson has been the "Korah" of the rebellion while insisting he is a loyal General Conference employee. He and his fellow leaders have been promoting women's ordination and have supported the election of a woman president in the Southeastern California Conference.

The election of General Conference Division officers will begin soon. The world church is praying for the Spirit of God to lead in the selection of consecrated officers at the division level. Please join with us in this most important prayer. As we have seen with the election of Elder Wilson, it was estimated that he garnered 90 percent of the votes, God does indeed answer prayers!!
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