Author Topic: 2015 General Conference vote on Women's Ordination  (Read 51800 times)

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Re: 2015 General Conference vote on Women's Ordination
« Reply #80 on: August 18, 2015, 12:47:25 PM »
I can tell you one thing. Amazing Facts will receive a nice little present ( and a letter) from me as a result of their faithfulness. Thank you Mr. Knott for the reminder. 

However, Neil Biloff, the Dakota Conference president had already more or less boycotted Amazing Facts and others who dare to speak against the sacred cow. He went so far as to say, "watch the money trail" when Steven Bohr had a meeting discussing WO. As we expected would happen, the NAD is venting. What they do not realize is they are warring against God and they will not harm these faithful ministries.

Keep up the good work Amazing Facts and Secret's Unsealed !
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Re: 2015 General Conference vote on Women's Ordination
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I never thought I would see the day when a conference (outside of California, at least) would ban someone like Doug Batchelor. I had heard of other people being turned away from previously scheduled meetings, but never thought someone of DB's make up would be denied access to certain areas of the country. Our previous pastor has, without consulting any of the elders first, cancelled two scheduled speakers from coming. Our current pastor, however, is very good in most areas and genuinely loves the people (something that seemed to be missing with our previous pastor). Our current pastor is even tackling sticky issues in our church by talking one-on-one with offenders of different things like adultery, homosexuality, etc. I must speak in general terms, you understand.

Regarding the original topic, it is the NAD that is not squared away with GC policy. Doug Batchelor has always held that women are to have a prominent role in ministry. To say that he is any more polarizing than the SECC, for example, who is not boycotted, is unfair. If we have to put up with the apostasy coming from there, then they should have to put up with someone on the other side of the issue. But this has not, and will not be, the case.

I am so glad that the GC finally responded with a warning to these Unions pushing ahead with women's ordination. It should have been done sooner, imo, but it has been done nonetheless. They have no leg to stand on, and if they continue in their rebellion, the cancer must be rooted out.
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