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Military Shake Down
« on: May 18, 2014, 08:38:40 AM »
 At least 16 top ranking military commanders were fired last October. This was announced publically on ABC News by Diane Sawyer and others as they reported "the military shakedown".   Some of those fired were veteran generals. Either there was a sinister plan ( as reported by the European Press as well as Dr. James Garrow PhD and 45 year USA Federal undercover agent and Nobel Peace Prize nominee in 2009) by the current administration that failed and therefore some of the highest military men in charge of nuclear weapons were fired or else it is as the president said that there was incompetence. Either there was a sinister plan against American people that failed or else there is gross incompetence in the military. Since the president has been commander in charge for several years , either way it is a reflection on the current administration.

Google: Dr. James Garrow and military shake down and a good deal of information will present itself. We may be living on borrowed time right now. God is in control.
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