Author Topic: Evolutionary thought, Spiritualism and the End of Time - Kwabena Donkor  (Read 31457 times)

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This is a talk from the GC Session in Atlanta. I just listened to it and know you will find it beneficial considering our SS lesson and the topic in Laodicea, Spiritualism in the church.

Evolutionary thought, Spiritualism and the End of Time
Kwabena Donkor Kwabena Donkor is an associate director of the Biblical Research Institute at the General Conference of Seventh-day Adventists in Silver Spring, Maryland.

Below is the longer version given at the BRI conference held in Israel:
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When people become too confused by their culturally adaptive emergent pastors, they can not be fed from God through those pastors, they become convinced this illusionary counterfeit is the actual product of Scripture and they turn away in heart, mind, life from the Bible.

They need the Divine glasses and hearing aides for the heart, mind, conscience, and life; they need the SOP books written to be passed out among the public like the leaves of autumn on a very windy day.

I know a former warlock who exemplified all these things the speaker spoke about, and could not make the decision to come to Christ in classic conversion through the 20+ weeks of Bible study alone.   It took the voice of the SOP, designed for such occasion, to penetrate such a demon built worldview and open the mind, heart, and conscience to let the Bible in. 

Without what SOP was saying ,  the doctrines of the Bible did not matter because they were disconnected things with no common reach to the soul, they were interesting but seemingly disjointed facts.

Desire of Ages & Great Controversy and Patriarchs and Prophets were read and re-read and re read over and over again and during those repeated readings the darkness was dispelled by what they said and Who was speaking through them.

SOP connected the Bible studies and the reader, with the literal personal real Christ as the Divine Person seeking the reader, and His call, and His offered invitation to the heart of the reader.  The presenting, explaining, setting it forth of the "27" Church doctrines, was not creating that personal touch from the Divine to the human, that was sought and yearned for, but not yet understood by the reader.

More and more it will be seen that the people will need those SOP books to break through the emergent mentality that the demons have cultivated and are cultivating in this era. 

SOP makes Christ personal and real to the mind, heart, imagination, the hope, those SOP books are His diary across the centuries from Him, to them as the readers.
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