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Video~~ Herghelia Lifestyle Center-Romania
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When in Romania in 1991, I met a number of church members who were interested in establishing a "lifestyle center" similar to Weimar, Uchee Pines, etc. I saw that Romania was situated so that it could take the gospel and the "right arm" both to the East, the former Communist countries and the Arab world, and to the decadent West, Europe. Why the Romanian Church? Because they had not been infected with the false gospels that had overtaken Western Europe, North America, and Australia. My thoughts have proven to be true.

In this series of interviews, we shall see that the Romanian Church has been successful through the "right arm" to advance the gospel in both directions. One of the church members I met many years ago was Dan Nicolae MD.  Here is his report of how Herghelia began and where they are headed.

Origins of Herghelia

Living in America, my perspective was a little different than Dr. Dan's when it came to the soon coming of Jesus. Under Communism there was little hope of the soon coming because they knew that the United States would lead the world to make an image to the "beast".  Listen to Dr. Dan's evidence of the soon coming of Jesus.  

Evidence of the Soon Coming of Jesus

Dr. Dan was invited to bring the "right arm" into Israel to help with evangelism. Health Expos that were taken into Western Europe were taken to Israel. Like the Arab world, Israel can be a very difficult field to work.

The "Right Arm" into  Israel

Pastor Ion Lascu invited Dr. Dan Nicolae to help in Israel. Here is the pastor's comments on this work. Health Expo in Israel
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Re: Video~~ Herghelia Lifestyle Center-Romania
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That is so heartwarming! Thank you, Richard!
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