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Title: 6.0 Earthquake Shakes China
Post by: Richard Myers on October 28, 2001, 05:40:00 AM

Reuters is reporting an earthquake in southern China measuring 6.0 on the Richter scale toppled more than 3,400 buildings and killed at least one person, the official Xinhua news agency reported Sunday.

Title: 6.0 Earthquake Shakes China
Post by: Joan on October 28, 2001, 06:52:00 AM

The statistics of dead was conflicting. But all reportage from China makes me suspicious anyway. They are in the race to save face and look the 'strong power' for political edge. Nothing was calculated as to how many are homeless because of this quake. What with not knowing how acurate they keep census books it is hard to know the extent of the homeless even though the figure for population of the area was given.

Suffering just does not let up in this age.


Title: 6.0 Earthquake Shakes China
Post by: WendyForsyth on October 28, 2001, 10:04:00 AM
There have been swarming earthquakes in Los Angeles all morning. They had 25 in one hour and the major one was 3.7 with an immediate 3.0 aftershock. I think things are heating up.


Title: 6.0 Earthquake Shakes China
Post by: Suzanne on November 01, 2001, 07:32:00 AM
Earthquakes in divers places....


New York--A minor earthquake shook the New York City area early Saturday (10-28-01), rattling the nerves of the residents still jumpy in the wake of the Sept. 11 World Trade Center attack.

While some slept through the 2.6-magnitude quake, others flooded the Police Dept. with frantic calls. No injuries or damages were reported.

The temblor occurred around 1:42 a.m., according to the U.S. Geological survey. The epicenter was located 10 milies east of Newark, N.J.

The last mildly significant natural seimic event to strike N.Y. city was a magnitude-2.4 earthquake on January 17, 2001. --adapted from the Riverside Calif. Press-Enterprise, Oct. 26, 2001.


Title: 6.0 Earthquake Shakes China
Post by: Joan on November 01, 2001, 09:41:00 AM
Pondering your posts, I got to thinking that something is missing. Then it came to me that we can't really think in terms of 'alarm' as a turn in life's events until we have a comparison. So I checked in on one of 'disaster-doug's' well loved website  and saw that hundreds of small quakes are in the norm there around the south of California. I haven't the nerves to study the charts to give better information and can't say that what is going on now in the last week of Cal. Earthquakes is a rise on activities or not. I only know that when things are getting scary on the verge of panic like what the atmosphere is in the US nowadays is, the press gets richer by posting what sells.

Kamikaze attackings, new security laws restricting personal freedoms, bio-virulent attacks, recession threatening the economy, prices going up and increase in nature disasters sure can make any American jittery in seeing death behind anything out of the ordinary.

How can we get our minds in a peaceful stable God-fearing but trusting state of mind if our eyes are forever being jerked to attention by these negative fear-inciting reports ?


Title: 6.0 Earthquake Shakes China
Post by: Brad on November 01, 2001, 06:30:00 PM
Didn't LA just have a 5.1 earthquake?

I can't imagine being an athiest and watching or being involved in these terrible scenes without any hope.

Title: 6.0 Earthquake Shakes China
Post by: Joan on November 01, 2001, 10:33:00 PM


10 miles ESE of Anza, California
(ID 9718013) OCT 30 2001 23:56:16 PST 5.1

3 miles NE of Gardena, California
(ID 9716861)  OCT 28 2001 08:29:54 PST 3.0

3 miles NW of Compton, California
(ID 9716853)  OCT 28 2001 08:27:45 PST 3.7

Title: 6.0 Earthquake Shakes China
Post by: Clive Nevell on November 02, 2001, 01:43:00 AM

Living in PNG for eight years I experienced many minor earthquakes, it was a daily occurrence. Then we had some bigger ones. I was in the mess one evening and about 7.00 pm the building started to shake. It was a building of saw tooth design roof made of 4x 1/4 angle iron. At first the plates on the servery started to dance and that cleared the room of all the nationals as they are scared of earthquakes and what seemed like minutes but must have only been seconds the girders above our heads twisted like blades of grass. At that point my mate and myself were just starting to move our chairs and then it stopped. The next morning we were told it was 5.5 on the Richter Scale. If there are small shocks continually it seems to be OK. But when there is nothing it usually means a big one is building up. At least that was the case on Bougainville.