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The Desire of Ages / Re: The Desire of Ages--66--Controversy
« Last post by JimB on Today at 05:21:51 AM »
Their ideas of God molded their own character.

I find this a most interesting statement. Their own ideas of God changed who they were. Which applies to us today. So then how important is it that we get the correct understanding and correct ideas of God since these will in turn mold our character. I personally know someone who believes in and defends the idea that God burns people forever in hell. What I've also noticed about this man is that he seems to be ever ready to make sure that people get their punishment and sometimes more and you don't hear much about mercy or forgiveness from him. Why would he be this way? It appears to me that his idea about God has made him this way.

No wonder it's a good idea to read about the life of Christ every day and see for yourself who exactly is Christ who also reveals to us who God the Father is. This one thing we need to have correct.
Signs of the Times / Re: Billy Graham Passes
« Last post by colporteur on Today at 04:55:57 AM »
Only God knows his eternal destiny, of course, but one commentator said today that he may have been the only prominent televangelist who did not publicly disgrace himself.  He may have been off theologically, but he was sincere in his beliefs and did not preach a "prosperity gospel," or a "social gospel."

Yes, we hope he is saved.  I have had people tell me he had people even in his ministry that have tried to reach him regarding the Sabbath. He was also very tight with the RCC. We do not know just how much light he perceived. This is what the 1,000 years is all about.
Signs of the Times / Re: Billy Graham Passes
« Last post by Wally on February 21, 2018, 04:46:19 PM »
Only God knows his eternal destiny, of course, but one commentator said today that he may have been the only prominent televangelist who did not publicly disgrace himself.  He may have been off theologically, but he was sincere in his beliefs and did not preach a "prosperity gospel," or a "social gospel."
Signs of the Times / Billy Graham Passes
« Last post by Richard Myers on February 21, 2018, 11:06:33 AM »
Evangelist Billy Graham passed into death at age 99. No other evangelist has reached as many people as did Billy Graham. His influence reached into the hearts of American presidents. President Donald Trump tweeted: "The GREAT Billy Graham is dead. There was nobody like him! He will be missed by Christians and all religions. A very special man." 

When people place their faith in the hands of mortal man, they will suffer loss.

Wednesday February  21

The Storehouse

God has a storehouse for wind (Jer. 10:13), water (Ps. 33:7), and snow and hail (Job 38:22), over all of which He has total control. But God’s most precious storehouse is the one involving tithe. “And, behold, I have given the children of Levi all the tenth in Israel for an inheritance, for their service which they serve, [even] the service of the tabernacle of the congregation.” Num. 18:21. This verse is the first mention of where the tithe is kept and is known today as “the storehouse principle.” God further instructed the Israelites to bring the tithe to a place of His choosing (Deut. 12:5, 6). During the time of Solomon, tithe was returned to the Jerusalem temple. The Israelites easily understood what and where the “storehouse” was when the prophet Malachi said to them: “Bring ye all the tithes into the storehouse” (Mal. 3:10). The storehouse represented the location from where religious services took place and where the Levites were supported.

What other names are used in Scripture to identify the storehouse? 1 Chron. 26:20, 2 Chron. 31:11-13, Neh. 10:38.

Bringing the sacred tithe to the storehouse is the model presented in Scripture. In every dispensation, God has had a central storehouse to manage the tithe.

Where was that "central" storehouse for Enoch, and for Abel?

 Seventh-day Adventists make up a worldwide religion/church in which the storehouse principle is accepted and practiced. Members are encouraged to return their tithe to the conference/mission through the local church where they hold membership. That conference/mission treasury is where pastors receive their salary.

The storehouse is broader than the local conference. We are a world-wide church with a central treasury that supports the gospel ministry around the world, not just in the local conference where I pay tithe. This needs to be considered when paying tithe.

“As God’s work extends, calls for help will come more and more frequently. That these calls may be answered, Christians should heed the command, ‘Bring ye all the tithes into the storehouse, that there may be meat in mine house.’ Malachi 3:10. If professing Christians would faithfully bring to God their tithes and offerings, His treasury would be full. There would then be no occasion to resort to fairs, lotteries, or parties of pleasure to secure funds for the support of the gospel.” - Ellen G. White, The Acts of the Apostles, p. 338.

Think what would happen if people were to send their tithe to wherever they wanted. If everyone did that, what would happen to God’s work? Hence, why is it important that we send our tithe to where it belongs?

In some places it would prosper, and others, it may die. God has an organized church to do world-wide missionary work. If some do not understand this, then they need to see this truth. On the other hand, it is impossible to discuss this subject without understanding that the tithe is holy and given for a holy work. When the tithe is misused for an unholy purpose, spreading a false gospel around the world, then it would be sin to tithe into that storehouse without attempting to correct the problem.

Many will not attempt to correct the problem, but will withhold tithe from the church in an effort to direct it to those who are doing the work. There is great danger here, especially in a Laodicean church. Many are not converted, thus they have no spiritual discernment to know who is teaching the truth and who is not. To make that decision involves much. If wrong, then God is displeased and the work is injured.

If the tithe is placed in the church, and an effort is made to correct the problem, the individual is not responsible for the misuse of the tithe, any more than was the widow who placed her two mites into hands of an apostate priesthood. What is important here and is often overlooked is that there is a responsibility of the one paying tithe to say something when they understand the tithe is being misused. Again, I say that the tithe is often being used to support ministers in the church that are preaching "another gospel." That is a misuse of the tithe since it is holy and is to be used for a holy purpose. In saying this, I am attempting to correct the problem. Thus, I am not responsible for the misuse of the tithe I send into the conference. Those who misuse the tithe are responsible.

If your conference is misusing the tithe, then pray about correcting the matter by going to the conference. The Holy Spirit will use your words in an attempt to convict the conference leader of the truth. We are not responsible for convincing anyone of anything. We are to be tools in the hand of God to lead others into the truth. It is the work of the Spirit to open minds to the truth. There is another option of paying tithe to another conference that is doing the work if the local conference continues to misuse the tithe.
Yes, for some it will be important. But, for others, it will be a snare. Is that not why it is to not be made public?
The Desire of Ages / Re: The Desire of Ages--65--The Temple Cleansed Again
« Last post by Richard Myers on February 21, 2018, 09:16:39 AM »
Amen, Pastor Sean. There is no greater sin than unbelief. And, we can learn to believe with the whole heart. We must feed upon Jesus. He is drawing all to Himself, but we must cease resisting that drawing. And, we will if we will learn of Him. It would be well to spend a thoughtful hour a day contemplating His love. For beholding we shall become changed. But, more pointedly, to answer Sister Dorine's question, there are two reasons why many will not go to Jesus. They are unwilling to make the sacrifice they know is required, and they are unwilling to give up their pride. Self does not give up easily. Satan is there to tempt and bless in order to achieve his purpose. And, our fallen nature is strong and grows stronger with sin.

What is to be gained by giving up pride and making a sacrifice? A sin polluted heart is exchanged for eternal life and a life in which there is love, joy, peace, long-suffering. gentleness, goodness, faith, meekness, and temperance.

In this reading today we find a revelation of God that many do not want to see. God is not only merciful, but He is just. Being just does not do away with mercy. Mercy has its end when the heart is hardened to the point of not being able to hear the Spirit any longer. Many believe we ought not fear God. But, our message includes "fear God". Why would anyone fear such a loving God?

     He who had Himself given these prophecies now for the last time repeated the warning. In fulfillment of prophecy the people had proclaimed Jesus king of Israel. He had received their homage, and accepted the office of king. In this character He must act. He knew that His efforts to reform a corrupt priesthood would be in vain; nevertheless His work must be done; to an unbelieving people the evidence of His divine mission must be given.
     Again the piercing look of Jesus swept over the desecrated court of the temple. All eyes were turned toward Him. Priest and ruler, Pharisee and Gentile, looked with astonishment and awe upon Him who stood before them with the majesty of heaven's King. Divinity flashed through humanity, investing Christ with a dignity and glory He had never manifested before. Those standing nearest Him drew as far away as the crowd would permit. Except for a few of His disciples, the Saviour stood alone. Every sound was hushed. The deep silence seemed unbearable. Christ spoke with a power that swayed the people like a mighty tempest: "It is written, My house shall be called the house of prayer; but ye have made it a den of thieves." His voice sounded like a trumpet through the temple. The displeasure of His countenance seemed like consuming fire. With authority He commanded, "Take these things hence." John 2:16. 

For those who love Him supremely, there is nothing to fear, lest we forget how God has led us in the past. The meek and lowly ones will be used by God to finish the work and hasten the soon coming of Christ. Moses when being educated in Egypt had much he had to unlearn. It took time for him to give up self and to mature into the leader that God could use. It was through trials and hardship that he was prepared to lead Israel out of Egypt.

     It was not God’s will to deliver His people by warfare, as Moses thought, but by His own mighty power, that the glory might be ascribed to Him alone. Moses was not prepared for his great work. He had yet to learn the same lesson of faith that Abraham and Jacob had been taught—not to rely upon human strength or wisdom but upon the power of God for the fulfillment of His promises. In the school of self-denial and hardship he was to learn patience, to temper his passions. His own heart must be fully in harmony with God before he could teach the knowledge of His will to Israel and exercise a fatherly care over all who needed his help.  EP 171.

Thus we have been given a map for preparing a people to receive Jesus at His second coming. We have yet lessons to learn. Not the least of which are that our sacrifice is so very little compared to that which Jesus has made, and that there can be no hidden pride in the heart. We must give the whole heart to Jesus so He can cleanse it from all selfishness. He has promised us new hearts on which is written the law of  God. What a promise!!
Why would anyone reject Jesus? I appreciate your questions, Dorine. We see time and again that the answer is always the same--it is because of unbelief (which is manifest in all the other types of sin). Unbelief hardens the heart that should respond; unbelief keeps us from realizing our present privileges and opportunities in God's plan for us. But unbelief can be overcome. If we come to Christ as we are with a willingness to be made willing, beholding the loveliness of Jesus and surrendering all we have and are to Him, He can uproot our unbelief and give us a new heart.

I, too, was impressed by the thought of Christ as our Cornerstone:

"To those who believe, Christ is the sure foundation. These are they who fall upon the Rock and are broken. Submission to Christ and faith in Him are here represented. To fall upon the Rock and be broken is to give up our self-righteousness and to go to Christ with the humility of a child, repenting of our transgressions, and believing in His forgiving love. And so also it is by faith and obedience that we build on Christ as our foundation."  {The Desire of Ages, page 599, paragraph 3}

As I was reflecting more on this passage, the Holy Spirit impressed my mind with the realization that the experience repeats in each of our lives who repent and turn to Christ. Maybe before our family and friends accepted us because of our similarity to them, or our complicity with the sins they were akin to. But when we turn to Christ, our very presence can at times be a "stone of stumbling" to those who once knew us before we were converted, because now our unwillingness to engage in what is sinful becomes a rebuke to them. We are seeking to bless others and live selflessly, which runs counter to the entire tenor of the world and those whom we may love who are still of its spirit. Let us not be discouraged. Let us look to Christ and the way He was treated, and remember that we are treated better than was He. It is as we realize the privilege of being able to be partakers of His sufferings that we will gladly bear the reproach that comes to us on account of us becoming living stones in His temple, souls who are imbued with all of the fruits of the Spirit (not one missing), for this is the unmistakable evidence that we are partakers of the divine nature. We need Jesus continually, and it is only by a continual faith experience with Christ that we may bless others, even though many may choose to reject us, as Jesus also faced rejection. Glory in tribulations, because through them God is working out His purpose in our lives and revealing His character to those around us. Praise God for His love for us in Christ!
The Desire of Ages / Re: The Desire of Ages--65--The Temple Cleansed Again
« Last post by Dorine on February 21, 2018, 07:42:55 AM »
Whenever I read scripture or SOP I ask myself the question, “What message does this reading have for the church today and for me in particular? I was impressed again with the prophecy of the rejected stone in reference to the building of the first temple yet has application for every generation.

"To those who believe, Christ is the sure foundation. These are they who fall upon the Rock and are broken. Submission to Christ and faith in Him are here represented. To fall upon the Rock and be broken is to give up our self-righteousness and to go to Christ with the humility of a child, repenting of our transgressions, and believing in His forgiving love. And so also it is by faith and obedience that we build on Christ as our foundation.”

But this same Rock will have a different effect on another group.

“To them which stumble at the word, being disobedient. “ “Christ is a rock of offense………And on ‘whomsoever it shall fall, it will grind him to powder.” “The people who rejected Christ were soon to see their city and their nation destroyed.”

“So it will be in the great final day, when judgment shall fall upon the rejecters of God’s grace. Christ, their rock of offense will then appear to them as an avenging mountain. The glory of His countenance, which to the righteous is life, will be to the wicked a consuming fire. Because of love rejected, grace despised, the sinner will be destroyed.”

Why would anyone choose to be found in the second group? Why would anyone reject such love as is portrayed in the life of Jesus?
The Watson Letter

My brother, I wish to say to you, Be careful how you move. You are not moving wisely. The least you have to speak about the tithe that has been appropriated to the most needy and the most discouraging field in the world, the more sensible you will be......
 Manuscript Releases, vol. 2, #109

Interesting letter

cp, she said the same to the Colorado Conference president. She did not make this letter public for good reason. That reason still exists today. Notice the closing sentence of the letter. It does not take a genius to understand what would be the result in a Laodicean church. Those who take it upon themselves will be responsible to God for their decision. Again, in a Laodicean church many will be wrong if they think their wisdom is sufficient. Notice also that some did not use their wisdom, but turned to the prophet for wisdom.

Yes, I understand why she did not make the letter public. I consider posting it here as getting little exposure. I also believe that some of us have seen this letter for a reason.
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