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Bible Memory & Revival
« on: June 22, 2008, 04:37:09 PM »
Is it obvious to you that we are living in the last days? Do we all need to have our minds fortified with the Word of God? Is your mind filled with the Words of scripture?

Take advantage of this opportunity to participate in the Wordkeeping program, which is designed to help you hide God's Word in your heart. For 21 days, starting July 1, you are invited to Fast from the World, and Feast on the Word. This is for all: the young, the busy workers, the busy stay-at-home moms, the retired elderly, the brand new Christians, and the seasoned soldiers in the Lord's army. All of us need the power of God's Word in our hearts.

Go to to learn more, and to sign up. There is NO CHARGE for this program. Those who have already participated may join again if they'd like. Please forward this email to all your friends who may be interested in this program.

As you read the following inspired counsel, why not make a determination to avail yourself of the help and strength God has provided in His Word:

We live in an age when to resist evil calls for constant watchfulness and prayer. God's precious Word is the standard for youth [and older people] who would be loyal to the King of heaven. Let them study the Scriptures. Let them commit text after text to memory, and acquire a knowledge of what the Lord has said. Sons and Daughters of God, p. 316

We must be better acquainted with our Bibles. We might close the door to many temptations, if we would commit to memory passages of Scripture.  The Faith I Live By, page 8

My dear child, keep your mind stayed upon your Saviour, whose property you are. Tell Him all about your trials, and arm yourself with His promises. Commit His words to memory.  Manuscript Releases Volume 3, page 133

Several times each day precious, golden moments should be consecrated to prayer and the study of the Scriptures, if it is only to commit a text to memory, that spiritual life may exist in the soul. 4T 459

Keep a pocket Bible with you as you work, and improve every opportunity to commit to memory its precious promises. RH April 27, 1905.

Wordkeeping is a program that will help you to do just what this inspired counsel encourages us all to do.

Jesus is coming soon! Let's get ready to meet Him!

May the Lord bless you abundantly,