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Battles in the culture war
« on: April 28, 2000, 03:34:00 AM »
Conservative Christians are losing battles in the culture war, but winning some, too, Focus on the Family says. They have won a number of recent victories, the Colorado
pro-family group says.

More than 12,000 advertisers have withdrawn from sponsoring shock jock Howard Stern's show, Bill Johnson of the American
Decency Association, a Michigan group that
organized a grass-roots effort to oppose Stern, told Focus.

Ongoing boycotts against The Walt Disney Co. for its production of "offensive entertainment" remain effective, Johnson
said. "Disney's profits are consistently down quarter after quarter." quickly stopped selling a book that promoted pedophilia when Christian leaders, led by Chuck Colson of Prison
Fellowship, objected and severed relations with the online bookseller, Focus said.

Retailer Sears & Roebuck killed a contract with Benneton, a clothing company. Sears spokesman Tom Nicholson said a Benneton
ad campaign featuring death row inmates simply went too far.

These cultural victories are encouraging but "what we're seeing today is probably just child's play compared to what we're
going to see five and 10 years from now," Johnson said. Parents must be vigilant in preparing children for future cultural
battles, he said.