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Richard Myers:
It is that time of year, at least in California when we have beautiful roses beginning to bloom. Roses are generally pretty tough bushes. But, they like other plants have special needs. I thought we could discuss the blessings and curses of growing roses.

I used to be of the mind that if we could not eat a plant or its flowers, seeds, or something from it, we ought not plant it. But, when reading of the "pinks" Ellen White spoke of, I realized I was wrong, and started planting flowers and trees that provided a revelation of God's love for us. Roses, at least the old ones, have a fragrance that lifts the soul above the trials on this fallen planet. I am looking for roses that have not lost that wonderful smell I remember from my childhood.

Today, I have a number of rose bushes that have beautiful flowers, but only one that is really very fragrant. Is there anything that causes a particular bush to be more fragrant when caring for the plant? Does anyone have a rose that is extremely fragrant?


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