Author Topic: Lightning Strikes Rwandan Adventist Church-15 Dead, 130 Injured  (Read 909 times)

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Mar 19, 2018 | Kigali, Rwanda | Onesphore Yadusoneye, communication director, Rwanda Union Mission

On March 14, the two government officials in Rwanda visited the families of Adventists whose members died last week when lightning struck the church. The reason for the visit was to comfort and encourage the families and Church members impacted by the tragedy.

Jeanne d’Arc De Bonheur, the Minister of Ministry of Disaster Management and Refugee Affairs visited the families along with Alvera Mukabaramba, the Minister of State in Charge of Social Affairs and Community Development in the Ministry of Local Government. 

Mukabaramba said the Government of Rwanda felt the tragedy that befell the people from Nyaruguru District in Nyabimata Sector. “The Government of Rwanda has sent us to tell you that it is with you and that it commiserates with you in this calamity that befell Nyaruguru District,” said Mukabaramba. She added the Government of Rwanda will do its best to explain to many people as possible how to lessen the dangers of being struck by lightning.

Mukabaramba requested people who build churches and other facilities, be it public or private buildings, which accommodate many people like schools, hospital, markets and others to always install protection against lightning.

De Bonheur stressed the purpose of their visit was to comfort and support the families who lost their loved ones. They also to thank everyone who supported the families during the burial of the deceased and those who sent the injured ones to health facilities.

“We have brought but a small support to the families who lost theirs. Of course we cannot bring back the lives of those who died but we have come to support them. Be strong,” concluded De Bonheur.

15 people were killed and more than 130 were injured on March 10 when the lightning struck the church of Nyarunazi Adventist church, in South Rwanda Field. Now, only 7 people are still in hospitals and among with one was under special treatment.

The leadership of Rwanda Union Mission says they will have a special time to go to the site to support those affected by this traumatic event.
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