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An Afghanistan Muslim
« on: May 20, 2017, 10:41:52 AM »
In the last ten or so years, I have had the opportunity to make friends with a few Muslims. And when in Turkey I shared with a number of young men from the Bible. What I have found it that many Muslims are not blood thirsty killers as we see in ISIS and other terrorist organizations. Like in the Roman Church, there are many who love God and keep His ways to the degree they know them.

Last week I met a young lady who has been in America four years. She was an attorney in Afghanistan before coming here. She was doing house cleaning for my brother and I was helping her. But, most of our time was spent on discussing God, Christianity and Islam. Like my other encounters with Muslims, I found her love for God to  be honest and heartfelt. Despite the religion, she was open to hearing about God and my understanding. The Holy Spirit was working with her and me. Like many professing Christians, and even some who very near to the kingdom, she kept saying that she was human and therefore was excusing her little sins. By the end of our visit, she understood there was something wrong with her believing this, for she knew God has power to keep her from sinning, even the "little sins."

As we talked, I could see her love for God and her commitment to Him was real. Yes, there are misunderstanding, but then so did Peter not even understand the Lamb had to die, yet he loved Jesus with the whole heart off and on before the cross.  We acknowledge this situation with Catholics, therefore we ought to also acknowledge this with Islam. Both Catholics and Muslims have murdered faithful Christians in cold blood....and so have Protestants in the past. But, this does not mean there are not faithful believers in these faith groups. Muslims have much in common with Seventh-day Adventist teaching. The things we share give us great opportunity to reach them with the truth of who Jesus is and why Abraham was asked to sacrifice his own son. While Islam has the wrong son in their teaching, they also, like the Jews, do not understand why the lambs were being slain.

Pray that God will give you wisdom and grace to reach out to the Muslims who come into your path. He is leading them to you so that they might understand the character of our God in a more correct and complete manner.
Jesus receives His reward when we reflect His character, the fruits of the Spirit......We deny Jesus His reward when we do not.