Author Topic: How a Meatless Town in California Made Turning 100 No Big Deal  (Read 756 times)

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...It's not uncommon for residents to celebrate their 106th birthdays or still work jobs well into their 90s.

That's because he lives in Loma Linda, California, a city where food and faith have worked hand in hand in cracking the code to a long life. Nestled among rugged hills in San Bernardino County, 59 miles east of Los Angeles, Loma Linda is home to one of the highest concentrations of Seventh-day Adventists in the world. Nearly half of the town's estimated population of over 24,000, identify as followers of the church. It is also America only's designated "Blue Zone," or, according to NPR, one of a handful of communities "across Europe, Latin America, Asia, and the US researchers have identified as having the highest concentrations of centenarians in the world."

The Seventh-day Adventists are known as America's "longevity all-stars" and they largely credit their long life spans to their vegetarian diets.

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