Author Topic: New Scheme to Single Out Churches Opposed to Gay Marriage  (Read 517 times)

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New Scheme to Single Out Churches Opposed to Gay Marriage
« on: December 17, 2017, 07:54:12 AM »

An online database launched Wednesday singles out churches opposed to homosexuality ostensibly to encourage clarity in whether various churches support LGBT lifestyles.

The database, called Church Clarity, scores churches on whether they are “clear” or “unclear” in their message of being “affirming” or “non-affirming” toward LGBT relationships. Church Clarity takes aim specifically at evangelical churches and accuses them of having a dangerous “capitalist mindset” and of being purposefully unclear in their policies toward LGBT relationships .

The database’s website emphasizes the fact that churches are tax exempt organizations that receive public subsidies, and says that the perceived lack of clarity in church policy means “there is very little accountability to demonstrate that they are earning that subsidy.”

The organization states that it seeks to pressure church leaders to clarify their church’s “actively enforced policy” concerning the participation of LGBT individuals, but is not interested in clarifying the theology, reasons, and possible nuances behind those policies. The organization poses an “Are you with us, or against us” style of question regarding policy despite acknowledging that the issue of a church’s stance toward LGBT persons and lifestyles is often fraught with nuance.

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Re: New Scheme to Single Out Churches Opposed to Gay Marriage
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As it was at the time of Noah, so it is just before the second coming. We ought not be surprised.
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