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Vitamin D
« on: December 04, 2017, 07:33:41 AM »

I tested on the low side with vitamin D. As I do research it seems one has to become a rocket scientist and Sherlock Holmes in order to know the story on this subject. There is 1000 opinions on this by experts. Some say vitamin D is critical. Others say the concern is overstated. And some state that D !2 supplement is not absorbed by the body as it is fat soluble  and it calcifies in the arteries. Some say that it takes as little as 10 minutes of sun per day even in the winter and others say you canno9t get enough sun unless you live by the equator. Some state that  D 3 is vegan and others say that only D 2 is vegan. Some are stating that one should take 50,000 units a week if you are low and your body will flush out the excess. Others state that his is a no no.  A naturalist SDA doctor says you can use a tanning bed and get your vitamin D back up. Yet, I read that a tanning bed is entirely the wrong approach and is useless because the wrong rays are emitted . Right now the only thing I am convinced of is that I need to try to get more sun. Has anyone sorted through all of this ?
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Re: Vitamin D
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My wife and I always recommend going as natural as possible. What God created in the garden of Eden will be your best source and I don't recall that He created supplements. We also remind people that God knows the end from the beginning and that we are not living in a day and age that has caught God off guard. Remembering these basic principles will help weed out many of the questions that may arise with any health/nutritional issue.

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Re: Vitamin D
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There were no supplements in the Garden of Eden, but also no sin.

It seems practical to consider a tiered approach -- (1) the application of natural principles, such as diet, exercise, sun exposure and so on, (2) nutritional supplements if necessary, and (3) more heroic measures.  An example of the last of these would be getting into a car accident, and being rushed to the ER, where all the latest drugs and technologies are applied to save one's life.

It's interesting to note the experience of Ellen White and Dr. Kress.  She was given a vision, in which she observed the deathly pallor of his hands (5BIO 119).  He was suffering from pernicious anemia, and she advised him to use raw or cooked eggs to get vitamin B-12 (12MR 168).

This is not necessarily a case of "Go thou and do likewise", but it's a useful data point for some people in some situations.

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Re: Vitamin D
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Yes, Brother Glen, at times it may be necessary to take measures which in the Garden would not have been necessary. We eat greens today, that were not given to man in the Garden. Generally, it is not necessary to use supplements. But, herbs were given for healing, and they are to be a blessing to humanity today. Rather than eat eggs when most are full of disease, it would be better to take a synthetic supplement if diagnosed with pernicious anemia.

We have worked with diabetics that need time to bring their lifestyle in harmony with natures laws and have their metabolism adjusted. In the meantime, they need to continue taking insulin. It does not take long for most to bring their blood sugar levels down to normal when living right.
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