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Ellen White, a Testimony
« on: July 06, 2017, 02:13:35 PM »
I do not claim as my own one bit of the property that I own. I owe twenty thousand dollars, which I have borrowed to invest in the Lord’s work. Of late years, comparatively few of my books have been sold in the United States. I must have money for running expenses, and I must pay my workers. The money that otherwise I should have to pay for rent, I now pay as interest on the money which I borrowed to secure this home. I am ready to let my place go as soon as the Lord signifies that this is His will, and that my work here is done. The lack of means does not worry me; for the Lord is my witness that His work has ever been dearer to me than my life.—Letter 43, 1903.
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Re: Ellen White, a Testimony
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Of late years, comparatively few of my books have been sold in the United States.
  That is a sad sad fact, that after 1888 the "SDA graymen" who were the movers and shakers gained ever more control over selling or not selling SOP books . 

It seems she had to be full of faith to write what God gave her to write, because pressure was ever mounting against the rulership of Scripture as it reads & SOP standing beside it explaining and giving the understanding and the sense in great detail.
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