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The young couple were boy-friend and girl-friend. Though his girl-friend was blind Bob worshipped the ground she walked on. One day Bob said, " I have good news for you. A pair of eyes are available and the surgeons think that they may be able to perform a successful transplant on you." Really?" she replied with great hope. In a few weeks the operation was performed and it was successful. The young lady could see for the first time in her life. She was awestruck by the new world that opened up to her. However, she was dissapointed to discover that her boy-friend, Bob was blind. She said, " I think I want to break up." Bob replied, "ok, my sweetheart. Take good care of my eyes."

Jesus gave not only his eyes for us that we might  see but He gave His body so that we might eternally ? How could anyone break up with someone like that ?

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