Author Topic: SDA Sabbath School Lesson 11--4th Quarter 2016--Out of the Whirlwind  (Read 9390 times)

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Re: SDA Sabbath School Lesson 11--4th Quarter 2016--Out of the Whirlwind
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When God said that Job was righteous I do not believe He meant that Job was righteous because he never failed. He was talking about  Job's character. Job's character did not change when he was put under pressure. It was just revealed that he did not understand and he cried out  in pain because it did not maker sense to him.
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Re: SDA Sabbath School Lesson 11--4th Quarter 2016--Out of the Whirlwind
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Communications is difficult at the best of times when we are seeking to give Glory to God.

cp, explain your concern. What happens if what you say is not understood? Do sinners get to go to heaven, or are the righteous kept out when what you perceive as error is taught?

My concern leads to the idea that one way or another we are saved while continuing in sin. There are different aspects of this subject  (more than one) that when the subject is misunderstood  lead to this conclusion. One of them is that if we believe that being a sinner ( as in currently sinning) is because of what we are or what we contain ( a fallen nature) then it is easy to conclude that the 144,000 are sinners not just because of the past or because of any present choice but rather because Adam  sinned and because of the nature they inherited. If they are still in sin because of these things then people may conclude that we are saved IN sin and therefore let sin abound. Of course this subject is a very slippery slope. This is why I do not bring it up. You brought this into the lesson study.

Thank you, cp. You are right, I did introduce the subject. Many are lost because of the false teaching concerning conversion. Many have been taught they can sin and retain eternal life. One of the false teachings is just what you say. Desmond Ford taught that because we have sinful flesh, we cannot keep the law, thus we are saved when we sin. Many in the church do not believe the wages of sin is death. They think that God is too good to keep one from heaven because he sinned. They ignore all of Scripture and the fact that Adam and Eve only sinned once and lost eternal life. One known sin reveals a separation between man and God. Separated from God, man has no life. He that hath the Son hath life, he that hath not the Son, hath not life. We need Jesus in order to be saved.

Your concern about the teaching that says we are all sinners and guilty of sin because of our nature is valid. It is a false doctrine. But, let's look a little closer. If I agree with your concern, but say I am a repentant sinner, will that help. I mean to say by nature I am a sinner, but being a partaker of God's divine nature, I have escaped the corruption in my flesh and have life. In other words I am agreeing with you that having fallen flesh is not an excuse for sin. We may keep the flesh under if we will make a full surrender to Christ and allow Him to possess the mind and heart. One may keep the law perfectly as Job had been doing when God said he was perfect, even though Job still lived in sinful flesh. Thus you and I, have no excuse for sinning. Christ will give us the victory over every temptation if we will allow Him to take our sinful hearts and purify them. "A new heart will I give thee," and "I will not allow thee to be tempted beyond what you can  bear." These are conditional promises. They do not fail in the least. Why then do so many sin?
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