Author Topic: Relationship Between Politics in the world and church in Wash, Oregon, and Calif  (Read 997 times)

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After considering the rebellion taking place in the North Pacific Union and the Pacific Union, my mind was led to the politics in the world in California, Oregon, and Washington. Is there a relationship? If so, what is the relationship?

There is a direct relationship. I have not done the research on this, but I wonder if the number of divorces in these three states is similar to the divorces in the churches within these two unions? How about the number of abortions done in the worldly hospitals in these three states compared to the number of abortions done in Adventist hospitals in these two divisions? How do the citizens of these three states look at making women equal in all matters compare with the position of the leaders of the churches in these two unions? How do the worldly schools of higher education look at evolution compared to the schools of higher education in these two unions? What do the Leaders of these two unions think of homosexuality compared to the state legislators in these three states? Do they all think it proper to make homosexuals leaders in the world and in the church?

If there is a direct relationship between the unions and the states regarding morality, why would that be the case?
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