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September 6, 2016
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The Second Coming of Jesus.....Delayed
February 6, 2016

Noah preached the gospel and warned of impending disaster for 120 years, then the end came for all who were not in the ark. Why did God wait for 120 before destroying the wicked? That none would be lost that could be saved. We serve a long-suffering God whose grace abounds around us as thick as the air we breathe. This probationary period was not accepted by most. Some did respond and were laid to rest before God brought a flood of water that covered the entire Earth.

The time of the end began 218 years ago. The anti-typical Day of Atonement began almost 172 years ago. No matter how we look at it, God has delayed His coming for more than 120 years. Why so long? That none will be lost who can be saved. But, why is it taking so long? Noah preached for 120 years, why have we been here preaching the soon coming for 172 years?

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